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Flow Log Cabin 5.95 x 4.0m

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Andrew Baker
Dec 19, 2023
The product arrived on time and the driver was extremely helpful, Windows and doors look good quality. Am yet to build but will provide update when complete
Kevin jones
Oct 3, 2023
Ordered and delivered in time frame given, Took a week before i could get it installed but very happy with the instructions and advise on how simple it was to install! good solid construction very happy and great value for money! Only criticism is was no mention in instructions to paint the doors and windows with wood treatment BEFORE installation!

Overall very happy!
Ms. Morgan
Jan 30, 2023
Excellent value for money, arrived exactly as promised, easy to assemble. Very happy :)
David Brown
Feb 27, 2022
Another well finished product from Tuin. Turned up well packed and dropped off by the install site.
Unit has gone together well. It will make a great garden office and we have insulated it.
This is the fourth unit that I have purchased now and am very pleased with the service and the product.
Mr. Eoin Bradley
Nov 10, 2021
I had been looking at options for an out building for over a year and happened to stumble across this excellent alternative to having two separate buildings. I was advised by my father to use Tuin due to the quality of the product which I can now verify is great.
The shed is a lovely piece to look at in the back of our garden and meets all expectations. The delivery date did change from when I originally bought it but there was eventually some good communication which allayed some of our frustration.
All in all a great product for a good price versus all other options of an external living and shed area all combined.
Mr Cliff Nicholls
Aug 3, 2021
We placed our order on 1st February and communication was good regarding the expected delivery date. Whilst waiting for delivery we arranged for a concrete slab and electrics and data cables to be laid and having all this done well in advance was a bonus. I also asked a number of questions of the Tuin team about insulating which were answered very well and viewed every available video on how to assemble the cabin which was time well spent.
The delivery was actually a day earlier than scheduled, and the very friendly driver parked up his HGV at the top of the narrow lane where we live and came down the lane on his forklift with our cabin and annex on a single big pallet!
We unpacked and sorted the pieces, and on a nice sunny day in early April commenced the build. As others have commented the instructions are rather generic and could be clearer for the first timer like me. I followed the advice using a big set square to check the building was square, and we used the profiled foundation beam – a top tip which would have saved us hours is where you have cabin like the flow with a very open front, and hence a break in the first row beams, use one of the rear wall pieces to check it is 100% square – this would have saved us some grief slightly later when despite my best efforts with the set square, I was about 3.5 cm out and had to do some adjustments before the windows and doors went in.
The quality of the timber pieces was extremely good, with all bar one piece slotting in very easily. The offending piece which turned out not to be cut properly was #12, which is the very long piece directly above the windows and doors. The cut out above the annex window was about 4cm too narrow, and it also was splitting. I am fairly handy, and once I realised what the issue was it was a simple case of chiselling out the extra material and gluing the cracks.
There were a couple of occasions during the build that it would have been nice to speak to someone to clarify various points such as the annex window, which was unexpectedly an opening window, I understand this is part of the normal service that had been suspended because of covid and the massive demand at present. Emails were eventually responded to, but by that time I had sorted the issues.
I did not order a floor or insulation from Tuin and locally sourced 40mm Quintherm (same as Celotex) board and constructed a fully insulated floor and roof using 2 x 2, and OSB. We upgraded to the EPDM membrane which I would recommend, it easy to fit although very heavy!
I am very pleased with the end result which we are using as a home office/den and Gym. It stays warm with only a small amount of heat from an electric rad, and also on the few hot days we have had it’s not too warm (it is facing north so not getting direct sun through the windows during the day, which is good I think). We bought the wood sealant from Tuin and have used Sadolin as recommended – the paint seemed to cost almost as much as the cabin!!
The quality of the wood and machining is excellent, and I would give Tuin 9.5 out of 10, docking half a mark because we could not contact them easily during the build.
The main build could easily be completed in 2-3 days, because of the insulation I did with the roof and floor it took about 7-8 days to get fully watertight.
Mr. Simon Harper
Apr 3, 2020
I've been very impressed both by the service from Tuin and the quality of the cabin. To start with the delivery...great communication about delivery time and when it arrived it was incredible how the guy managed to get the 6mtr pallet through our gateway onto the property, I had prepared myself for having to unpack it all on the roadside and carry it through bit by bit.
As it was I could leave the cabin unwrapped and finish building the timber base. I spent a lot of time on this, measuring, squaring up and reinforcing (great advice on the website) and it was well worth it as the cabin went up very easily. Me and teenage son got it done in 2 half days with a further half day to nail on roof boards (invest in knee pads!). I had one moment of doubt regarding placement of the roof boards but got very quick email reply from Sophie at Tuin sorting that.
We're halfway through adding the floor and roof insulation and just need a dry and windless day to put the EPDM down.
The cabin looks great, good sleek design and the preciseness of the machining of the logs made the whole build very satisfying.
Thanks to all at Tuin.
Mr. Nigel Ewen
Oct 17, 2019
Very happy with the Tuin Flow Cabin although there were issues, as you might expect. Not all bad. I was worried about the delivery as we live up a narrow street. When I called Tuin to check on the width of the load they said 6 metres. Now, that is quite wide. With cars parked on the road there was no way a 6 metre wide package was going up it. Fear not! because it turns out the little fork lift truck that comes with the lorry has special wheels that turn through 90 degrees and even 180 degrees so the load was not 6 metres wide but just the width of the fork lift truck itself. Whew! that was a relief.

We built the cabin on a concrete base and I would recommend this to everyone, but, check the base is totally flat and with 90 degree corners. Check this yourself and save yourself heartache later on. WE got some one to lay the base and we now have a drop of about 40mm across the 6 metre width. This means the guttering will only work one way. The rain water will only run from right to left. Not a huge issue but irritating.

I built it myself apart from lifting doors and windows into place which requires 2 people. 2 of us worked on this for the 1st day getting the structure up to door height with windows and doors fitted. I did the rest myself.

issue 1) The manufacturer had cut 4 of the 6 metre logs wrong and I had to delay construction while they shipped up replacement logs. This took around a week as they managed to source some within the UK. Could have taken a lot longer if they had to come from Holland. The kit comes with one spare uncut 6 metre log but my woodwork skills are not up to making the necessary detailed cuts.

issue 2) One of the 6 metre logs comes with many cuts already made in it. This log fits above the doors and windows at the front of the cabin. There is a weak point between where the middle wall joins and where the cut is for the floor to ceiling window. Take great care when fitting this log and try and use gentle shoogling, or rubber mallet to get everything to drop into place. I probably relied to much on a heavy hammer and hey presto, the log split. Not the end of the world but just irritating.

issue 3) The logs all warp a little. This is not an issue for most of the construction as the corners help to 'untwist' the wood and everything is cool, except for one corner. The left hand corner at the front next to the door. The left hand wall had bowed out a little approximately 2/3rds of the way up. This didn't cause a problem but everyone noticed it and thought I didn't know how to build a log cabin. The doorways are all loose and slot into place so the front left hand door frame was not available to pull the wall but into a straight line. After 6 months of looking at the wonky wall I decided on a fix. I attached a 1.2 metre long plank of wood (part of the packaging) to the inside wall and then using 2 carriage bolts slowly pulled the bulge in until the wall was straight. I'll leave the plank in place for a year or two and then remove it.

issue 4) not really an issue but if you buy the membrane for the roof don't use the spray on glue cans. They only work when there is no wind at all. Even a slight breeze stops them from working.

My experience was actually very positive and I would recommend these log cabins to everybody. You will end up with a very professional cabin. The quality is way better than anything I could find locally.
Mr. Martin Powell
Jan 6, 2019
Very happy with it.

The cabin arrived on a 6M long pallet shrink wrapped in plastic. The delivery driver was very helpful although they missed our message and came between 3 and 4PM we live on a single track road opposite a school so it was backed up with kids for a good 20mins.

We spent the first two weeks preparing a base with about 7ton of MOT1 and 3ton of all in one ballast compacted down with a wacker plate, we laid 3" council flags on top leveled using a machinists bed level.

The kit took about 3 days to assemble without rushing, we had to trim the connections on 3 of the logs with a chisel to make them fit but its no trouble at all, just normal for such a large kit to be out by a few mil in places though the ends of all the logs sit nice and flush just remember to put them in the same orientation with all the numbering stickers and the same end.
We opted for the profiled foundation beams which meant chopping out a section for the threshold strips on the doors, we used some tanalised 2x4's first so the threshold has something to sit on, we put it on the wrong way round, the hole for the lock goes on the outside oops! The extra height also gives us space to use insulation under the floor.
Customer service is great which is the main reason we chose tuin over the competition. I'd highly recommend building this kit yourself even if you have the most rudimentary DIY skills. Just make sure the base is solid and very level everything else falls into place from there.
Mrs. Jennifer Hopcroft
Apr 30, 2018
After searching the web for months this cabin ticked all the boxes, ordering was easy online. Customer service team were great and helped moved forward my delivery date too. Cabin arrived when expected with good communication from the driver, we’ve just finished building and it looks great brilliant quality
Mr. Gareth Porter
Mar 3, 2018
Excellent piece of kit very simple to put together I had mine up in a day on my own .
The only drawback would be the roofing felt quality but I understand it’s all down to costing . And it’s not the end of the world to upgrade yourself .
Great customer service would highly recommend Tuin .
Mrs. Muriel N\'gatta
Feb 5, 2018
I am very much enjoying my Flow log cabin with my family and friends. It's very spacious and airy with plenty of sunlight. The roof covering was replaced with a different roof top. All glasses we intact, nothing broken and so is all fittings and nails. I was impressed with the help from the team with my queries and finances. Overall, value for money.
Mr. Tim Kay
Dec 23, 2017
I got this with the additional side cabin meaning three large pallets arrived. Once organised, most of the parts were easily found using the sheets supplied with the build instructions. Having watched various videos on the build process, I was reasonably aware of the many pitfalls and this saved me a lot of time. The most time consuming process was attaching the foundation pieces to the base logs. The size and length of drill required to utilize the supplied screws would have been very helpful. Once the part of the build was complete the actual construction was swift. A large mallet was essential as was a tool to "lever" the warped logs into place. There weren't many but they needed a little twist which I achieved with a large stillson-type wrench. Another thing I found too out late was the roofing planks have a different profile on opposite sides. The side shed profiles are identical, but these are not. The roof fits nicely but now with random profiles it looks a little odd. I had the easy roof option but cannot fit it until warmer weather returns so have put on a temporary roofing felt cover until next year. I'm reasonably skilled at diy but had never attempted anything like this. I didn't rush and it took me a day and a half to build and fit the roof. The floor took a little longer as I wanted to put insulation down and the planks need cutting to fit. I just need some time and a weather window to paint it now
All-in-all, big bang for your buck. I would recommend this product. It came with spare timber and fastenings and apart from a few minor issues assembled nicely due to the well-machined logs. Thanks Tuin!
mrs g attwood
Nov 28, 2017
We are really pleased with the cabin. We had problems with our builders ignoring our instructions, I repeatedly asked that they read the advice on the Tuin website before they started but they didn't and we have a few issues we are hoping that everything will work out in the long run but the cabin itself is great. The roof leaked straight away, again the builders fault but they added a load more bitumen or something to the felt joins so it is fine at the moment. With hindsight it would have been good if the roof had a slight pitch but as I say it's currently fine. So far we have used most of 2 x 2.5lt tins to give the outside one coat. We have decided we don't like the white (it's a big building so just seemed to make it look even bigger) so have bought grey for the next coat, hopefully with white trim and I will upload another pic when we are further along.
Very pleased with the delivery the guy was brilliant and took the delivery around the back lane with his forklift that was a relief as I hadn't fancied carrying it around, it's along way from the road!
Service from Tuin is great, it's a shame all companies don't look after their customers like this.
Austin mccormack
Nov 20, 2017
The flow cabin is fantastic really enjoyed me and my wife installed the cabin with ease following your instruction which were great it design is excellent have painted the cabin which just makes it look stunning the service from Tuin was great from start to finish will definitely recommended many thanks.
Mr. Ashley Campbell
Oct 5, 2017
We decided to look for a log cabin due to a number of reasons, the main being I want somewhere I can have my running machine which is currently in a shed where I’ve been in danger of impaling myself on a garden fork or lawn mower if I were to stumble off. I also have a multi gym which is in the loft gathering dust, it’s set up but with two young children the only time I can use it is when they are in bed and they’re is a risk of waking them. I’ve recently also taken up the guitar which once again, due to children and there sleep has been impossible to spend time playing. The last reason is we are on the verge of converting our loft into 2 bedrooms and so although my wife and I have had a good clear out, we still have memories and useful bits and bids (that haven’t been used for 6 years) to store. With these things in mind we decided we needed to go fairly big and with the benefit of a decent size 2nd room the Flow log cabin from Tuin was the perfect buy. It’s not cheap however when you compare it to other similar products on the market it is extremely competitive. I now have the cabin installed in our garden, we do have a large garden but initially the 6 Mx 4 M construction looked huge but, it’s lovely. It is absolute quality, the wood is beautiful, all the joins fit perfectly and although I didn’t build it, the main construction, roof and roof insulation was done in a day by two men. The two men were recommended by Tuin as one of there preferred Installers. They were Osorio log cabin installations. Phillips quote was easily the most competitive, he answered emails immediately, told me exactly what screws, insulation and board was required and gave me a date just a week after the delivery date and the. Managed to fit me in earlier. Although I wasn’t there when they constructed the cabin my parents were and they both commented on the chaps politeness, hard working, speed and quality of there work which is now in our garden awaiting for electricians to do their part. These guys as I said were recommend by Tuin who themselves have also been fantastic with advice, information and not trying to do the mass sales pitch on every occasion. There sales team wee extremely responsive and helpful through the whole process. I’ve also found the web site information refreshing, once again there is no hard sale in every paragraph just great advise and in some cases steaming you towards not buying certain things from them or going for slightly cheaper options. I have to say that throughout this process due to the competitiveness of the cabins, I’ve almost been waiting for something to not go quite right but it hasn’t and I can see it won’t, it’s simply a fantastic product, a better price, great delivery (on time, informative and helpful) brilliantly constructed and I’m extremely happy and would most certainly recommend. Here’s to Running, working out and Playing the guitar with a few cheeky drinks!
Mr Baxendale
Aug 4, 2017
We purchased the Flow Cabin which is split into two decent size room - 2m & 4m. This gave us the option of having a small gym with 3 machines and an office space in the garden.
The advice available via the Tuin web site is excellent with a host of Q & A's mainly dealt with by Richard who I've contacted a couple of times via e mail with questions and had a very prompt response.
Delivery was on time with plenty of notice from Tuin and the delivery driver. It all happened exactly as they said it would. The driver (Mark) was very polite and positioned the large pallet where we wanted it. The packaging was in good order and everything was as it should be.
Take time to read the simple instructions, they don't cover everything but to be absolutely honest it wasn't that difficult to work out as all the pieces are marked with a number which corresponds to the numbers in the instructions. Just separate the various numbered parts into piles and using the instructions sheets you build one row at a time, when you have done 5 rows or so you get to know what goes where and it all gets much easier to follow.
Take time (follow the advice) to get your base right. I had to make a small adjustment to one corner of my concrete pad. Once that was done and the base plate in situ ( I used the plastic composite option which isn't going to rot and is very stable).
It took my wife and I 6 hours to erect the walls, doors and windows of the 6m x 4m cabin and the following day a further 3 hrs to fit the roof (without the weatherproofing) on my own. It went up really quickly and we had no issues. It might seem strange erecting a cabin without using any screws but it's so well engineered it just doesn't need them! The doors went up first time, level and locked first time. The windows are double glazed and went in with no issues and the door handles and locks are of a good quality and come with 3 keys. The internal door to the second room also locks which is great.
I followed Richard's advice and used 50mm foam insulation boards on top of the roof and further opted to use the new easy roof membrane which looks very easy to use.

We chose to fit our own floor using an 18mm ply board. Again I used 50mm foam insulation and 50mm x 25mm joists.

All in all we are hugely impressed with the service from Tuin, the delivery and the quality of the product and I'd recommend anybody to have a go yourself. You just need a little patience to begin with and a decent rubber mallet or two.

I fully intended to build my own garden office from scratch, spent hours researching and costing it but when you source the materials, the double glazed windows, doors etc, it just didn't make economic sense and would have cost around £ 750 to £1000 more than the cost of this cabin from Tuin.

I have basic DIY skills and no carpentry skills to speak of but as long as you get the base right and follow the numbers it's straight forward and actually quite enjoyable.

I'd happily recommend the company, my wife loves the catalogue they gave me on delivery which has thousands of products to mull over. We will be using them again I'm sure.
Jenny Brown
Jun 12, 2017
The quality of the cabin is top class. Easy to build. Much more impressive in the flesh than in the photo. Really pleased with the result. Would definitely purchase again and have recommended to neighbour who wants to buy one too. Thank you Tuin.
Mr. Mike Burnett
May 25, 2017
Tuin :: Tuindeco. Excellent delivery service and driver very helpful. When I eventually opened up the pack I had no instructions. It only took 1 email to Tuin and within 5 minuets they were emailed to me. After studying them for some time I couldn't quite work out how to actually start. Again I emailed and minuets later I received a phone call from a chap called Tom who talked me through what I needed to know. After that the cabin was up within the day and roof on and sealed up the next day. Very impressed with the cabin and how straight forward it was to erect. And so was all my neighbours close by. I would strongly recommend these products to anyone thinking of investing in one.
Tim Brigg
May 25, 2017
Having checked out other websites, we decided Tuin offere the best range and prices.
The whole order and delivery process was perfect. The delivery driver was brilliant (old school gentleman - with a wonderful Norfolk accent!).
Richard, is also extremely helpful, answering an questions as soon as he can, either via the blog or email, and the website itself is packed with info, videos and advice.
I would say with just 2 of us, the Flow cabin has probably taken 3 full days, but I imagine it could be done a little quicker. Remember though, if you are fitting your own floor with a view to insulating it, much like the roof, then this will take longer.
The only "difficult" part was getting the purlins in which are understandably a tight fit, so there's a bit of hammering (with a mallet) to do there!
We haven't treated the wood yet, but we will be using Sikkens as recommended by Richard and other reviewers.
All good so far, and would definitely recommend Tuin.
Mr. Peter Blackburn
Mar 22, 2017
What an excellent product, came when they said, went together easy and quality was amazing, would recommend to anyone FANTASTIC
Mr. Grant Mottram
Mar 3, 2017
From order to delivery everything was seemless and the quality of the service was excellent. All of my queries were handled very quickly. The delivery was on time (7.00am) and the chap was very efficient and set the cabin down most conveniently in my drive. I managed to get the walls up and the roof boards on at the end of day one and completed on day two. I have average DIY skills and found the instruction videos and the plans more than adequate. I was so impressed with the quality of the cuts and notches. Every log went into place with a thump of the mallet and nothing more. Let's see how it looks in ten years!