Elizabeth Log Cabin 4.5m x 3m

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Mr B.
Jun 4, 2022
The Tuin Elizabeth cabin is fantastic! It fitted my requirements perfectly and the whole process with Tuin was without fault. The sales team were extremely helpful when additional information was required, the delivery driver was on time and very helpful and the product itself is of excellent quality! I wouldn't hesitate to recommend others to purchase the Elizabeth cabin or another that is supplied by Tuin.
Rev. Samuel Burnett
Apr 29, 2022
This is my second Log Cabin from Tuin and as expected it is amazing, the ordering was quick and easy, the delivery was on time and the cabin it’s self is top quality! So fun to build, the whole family got involved! It was easy to build with super helpful instructions and online support! Thank you again Tuin, I would happily encourage anyone to get one of these cabins!
Andrew Barrott
Jan 18, 2022
A really good product. Covid not withstanding, once delivered (Expertly into a communal car park) it went up in 3 days with just 2 amateurs. No problems since and it is now a very adequate studio workshop for working from home.
Helene Barrott
Jul 26, 2021
I ordered this early in lockdown 2020 after issues with supply ( again due to covid) on my original choice (LUKAS). After a few months wait , enough time for the base to be constructed and electrics to be run etc...it arrived. Due to our location in a cul-de-sac with only footpath access the driver brilliantly delivered our huge package into the communal car park. The following day we unloaded the whole lot into our garden. It took 3 days for us to build the whole thing. 3 people on day 1 and just the 2 of us to do the rest...finishing up day 3 with the roof and trim complete. Over the next few weeks we made our alterations and decorated it. This is my studio for my work and is a great working environment. It managed the winter with no issues and is now settled in beautifully. Im so glad I stuck with this choice....totally brilliant.
Mr. David Beaumont
May 30, 2021
Just finished installation of my Elizabeth cabin, all in all I'm happy with the result, it is a significant undertaking and, as with anything, having gone through the experience I'm more competent, just don't underestimate the effort involved, has taken me 2 months of of weekends but outcome is worthwhile. Instructions are a tad high-level.
Mr. Kevin O\'Hara
Oct 6, 2020
I ordered the Elizabeth cabin, the larger of two similar cabins thankfully the extra height id a must for me im 6ft 2ins, the we ordered in April and it arrive 3/4wks later, a daunting delivery when its on your doorstep and you only had 4xbypass op last September, but im made of stern stuff and pressed on. Anyway the base had already been laid with interlocking plastic thingy's over hard core, so the cabin went around the back and with the help of my son the construction was easy and straightforward, no problems or lost or missing parts, quality straight timber always helps. We opted for a shingle roof which looks great if not harder to put on but no problems with that, in hindsight I would have got the better flooring timber as the one supplied wasn't great in condition or quality but it still went down...just!! We treated the cabin after construction with some very expensive s*** without any issues and it has now settled down really well with a lovely natural colour, we got the electrics fitted and now it is my second home for my fishing and hunting gear and spare time, we will see what the winter brings but so far it is brilliant, shame cant show you the photos it was an experience, thankfully in great weather. great bit of kit love it:-)
Neil Smith
Apr 7, 2020
We are so delighted with our Elizabeth log cabin. The cabin itself is perfectly sized for our needs with a good size shed section and a spacious office for working from home. We used a Tuin recommended fitter and they did a perfect job that took just a single day. Building a cabin is probably a job that any fit person could achieve with a bit of patience, but having them do it really took all the stress away! What was really amazing was the delivery service - I still marvel at how calmly and professionally the driver negotiated the roadworks and traffic to deliver our perfectly packaged cabin exactly where we wanted it with inch-perfect precision - a huge credit to the company. All in all I can highly recommend both the quality of the cabin, and more generally Tuin as an exceptional company to deal with.