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Dianne Log Cabin 5.78 x 4.50m

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Mr. Adrian Smart
Oct 18, 2023
This is my third cabin from Tuin and always found the quality superb
The only slight criticism is this last cabin has a paper label stuck to many of the parts great for identification but they need to be easy peel labels not paper as it took 1:1/2 hours to scrape them all off they just do not come off easy
Robert Hamill
May 7, 2023
This is a marvellous experience.
This was purchased for a pool table and other facilities for my retirement.
The width of timbers and floor is 2-3 times thicker than on most summer houses I have seen. The roof is so strong, that the 2 people building it walked about on it with no problems.
Because of the way it comes packed - it took my son and a next door neighbour a day to put up - neither are joiners. The roof took a 2nd day.
One of the best investments we have made. If you are thinking of cabin, or summerhouse, think TUIN - you won't be disappointed.
A lyons
Mar 18, 2023
It was a pleasure to do business with Tuin. We looked around obviously before the purchase and in the end went with the one with the best customer service reviews. We contacted them a couple of times regarding small issues and they were straight on it, sorting it out in a couple of minutes. It is always a worry parting with so much cash and not seeing the product but we are more than happy with the result. Thank you. The only minor issue was that the 2 longer logs that form the top of the long walls were not shaped. This caused some confusion but they are now fitted and looking wonderful.
Mr. Tom Wallace
Jan 26, 2023
Absolutely delighted with my purchase. We bought this to use as a floristry workshop for my wife's business; we work from home. 100% satisfied with the Dianne log cabin. Quality is superb, customer service and delivery is incredible. Tuin will always be my 'go to' for anything I need in the future. 5 stars from me. Tom
Dec 3, 2022
Great product customer service and delivery
Mr. Alan Davey
Oct 31, 2022
Over the moon with the cabin, delivery on the day stated and driver was very helpful. Construction was done by builder and went reasonably smoothly. Questions raised was answered quickly by Sophie. Great company to deal with and would use again.looking forward to finishing the access and kitting it out for Christmas
Mr. Daniel Reed
Jul 29, 2022
The whole process from ordering to delivery was effortless. Arrived when stated and with all the parts to make assembly really easy for myself. The product itself is brilliant strong robust and looks amazing. Cannot recommend enough
Mr. Peter Parker
Jul 26, 2022
Great product & service from Tuin and their delivery partners.

I'm writing this review quite awhile after the Log Cabin was delivered and built, almost a year in fact. As I type this review the Log cabin still isn't quite finished yet but, that's only because we've modified the interior (internal rooms, electrics & plumbing etc,) and I'm doing all the work myself as and when my health allows.

The ordering and delivery process was straightforward. the delivery was pushed back a bit as the original delivery was right in the middle of the covid pandemic and timber shortages were causing problems, however it did turn up on the revised delivery date, the communications with both Tuin and their delivery partners was great.

For me its the delivery service & customer service that marks Tuin out above it's competitors. The delivery driver managed to deliver the Dianne Log Cabin package (6m long by 1 ½ wide by 1m high) in length down a very narrow twisty entrance lane to our house using the Moffat fork lift truck (these are very clever fork trucks that can move forward backwards and sideways) much to the amazement of our neighbours! No other UK based cabin suppliers seem to offer such 'direct to your door' delivery, most only deliver kerbside and unload with a Hiab vehicle mounted crane, which would have meant unpacking and moving each individual piece of the cabin about 60m just to reach our driveway.

As for the build all the instructional blogs on the Tuin website and various YouTube videos were very informative, I'd built the base using Concrete blocks and a wooden substructure to stand the cabin on, well in advance of the delivery, partly due to the delay, but this paid off as it meant we were good to start the build as soon as we'd moved all the timber down to the bottom of the garden.

It took myself, my daughter and a couple of friends just an afternoon to build the cabin up to the roof and that included fixing about 1m worth of roof planks in place. The next day I completed installation of the remaining roof timbers. Another day & a half to fix all the Shingles in place, with another day in-between to fit and fix roof insulation in place, which is an extra feature we wanted to include and isn't part of the stock log cabin.

It took way more time to apply the 3 coats of timber treatment & 3 coats of paint to the cabin than it did to build it, as each coat required 24hours drying time.

I did have one problem whilst finishing the cabin and that was the door lock which jammed on only the second time I'd locked the cabin. It jammed in such a way that the key was jammed in the lock and I was locked out of the cabin. A quick email to the Tuin out of hours email address resulted in Tuin refunding me the cost of getting and locksmith out to remove and replace the original lock, which was obviously defective. All in all great service and great product and great value for money when I bought it. However, the prices of all the Cabins have gone up significantly over the last year.

Would I recommend Tuin as a supplier yes!
Do I rate the Dianne Log Cabin yes, in fact I'll be placing an order soon for a second Dianne Log cabin.
I also intend to create a video slideshow of the complete build and finishing of the log cabin once its finally complete, so watch this space for an update.
John Fleming
Jun 10, 2022
Have no complaints whatsoever. From ordering, arranging delivery and the delivery itself to the instructions and assembly and finally enjoying my cabin. Incredibly simple to build so long as your base is level. Customer service was faultless as any questions I had were answered quickly.

5 stars tuin!!
Mrs. susan Tovar
Apr 13, 2022
I am so pleased with my new cabin and also cannot thank Tuin enough for their brilliant service. Delivery could not have been easier even though it arrived on an icy snowy morning. It was very easy for my builder to install and he was pleased with it as well. He remarked on the good quality and the very reasonable price. My neighbours said it looks beautiful. I love the generous size and look forward to many hours of fun in my new cabin.
Mr. Simon Burns
Apr 12, 2022
Love love love this cabin. From ordering to delivery Tuin we’re a pleasure to deal with. Cabins up and just need to build the bar and put the sofa in and we’re ready.
Julie Heyes
Apr 2, 2022
Delivered on date specified by a really friendly Driver and the cabin is amazing. We used a recommended installer and they did and excellent job too.
Mr. Anthony O\'Sullivan
Jan 25, 2022
Great service. The delivery was painless and efficient. Everything fitted together well and I was very happy with the result. I would heartily recommend Tuin log cabins.
Apr 20, 2020
When the cabin first arrived I was a little worried as to how we were going to make it look like it did in the picture! It is so well designed that it went up quickly and easily. The cabin is so sturdy even with the concrete base we did ourselves. We are so pleased, everyone loves it. We've recommended you to our friends who are doing similar projects. Thank you Tuin!
Mr. Jon Hampton
Feb 14, 2020
Great service from Tuin. Cabin delivered by friendly and helpful driver with forklift. We treated all components before construction. Construction was simple and end product looks great. We built this 2 years ago, apart from a slight sagging of the main center beam, which hasn't caused any problems, the cabin is in pristine condition.
Mr. ray coleman
Oct 21, 2019
I took my time on picking the right cabin for my needs and size and needs think I’ve definitely made the right choice. The staff at tuin were there every time I needed their help. There was a small problem with the glass on 1 of the doors tuin couldn’t have done much more to help
I would definitely recommend this firm
Mr. Jeremy Whitlock
Oct 5, 2019
delivery of the cabin was good and the driver gave sensible advice about storage before building. Quality of the product is good and all components were of the correct quantity. Instructions are generally acceptable, however some require more detail. For example we assembled the door frame top rail around the wrong way and this only became apparent after we had completed the complete cabin and were trying to fit the doors. I only realised after making trimming to the frame and then called the tech help to be advised it may be round the wrong way. Once I had the top rail the correct way round I found the doors would not stop binding when closing so I had to refix the hinges as I had already adjusted to maximum. They do close now.
Everything else about the installation was relatively easy and we had some spare roof tiles as well.
Overall I am happy with the product just a bit frustrating about the doors.
Mr M Ellis
Jul 9, 2019
I had planned getting one of these for a long time. After much research and having measured my garden I figured out that this particular cabin - the Dianne - fitted the width almost perfectly. After a lot of prep work (getting a level base) I ordered the cabin. It arrived the day before it was supposed to (Tues instead of Wed) which was slightly disconcerting for my wife, as I wasn't in. But apparently the delivery went very smoothly and the cabin fitted on the drive.

I unpacked it the next day and separated everything out into piles of similar logs. I was planning to build it at the weekend but couldn't resist the following evening (Thursday) slotting a couple of logs together just to see what it was like. The next thing I knew I had built the sides as far as I could without having to put in to the door frame - all within a couple of hours. It was remarkably easy and providing you ensure things are level, the logs go together without a hitch.

The weekend came and (apart from the free shingles) I had the whole structure up by the Saturday afternoon. The only help I had was nailing in the tongue and groove roof strips, but in theory this can be done easily by one person.

I then spent a bit of time getting the roof right and put down some insulation and over-boarded with OSB. I could then get the shingles on.

I have now almost finished painting it with Sadolin, which is excellent. The painting took longer than the construction!

Overall I am really happy with the cabin. It has gone together beautifully and whilst the instructions are a little light, there is a lot of really useful information on the website. Take the time to watch the video and you won't go wrong.
Neil Burrows
Jun 2, 2019
Would definitely recommend, great communication and arrived on time, the delivery driver was very nice and accommodating when asked to deliver round the back of my property
Emilie Shaw
Dec 31, 2018
We spent months looking for a cabin that was the right size and right spec for us! Tuin and there delivery partners were amazing, from our initial enquiry to the delivery of the cabin. It’s so rare that you call and each team member you talk to is so knowledgeable and honest. We had so many questions and all with straight forward answers. There is no doubt in my mind that I would highly recommend Tuin. The delivery comes straight from Holland and they were polite and really easy to arrange the delivery with and were there when they said they would be. The cabin was also very easy to build with just 2 to build the main structure in less than a day.

A BIG thank you from one happy customer
Mr. Sam James
Jun 9, 2018
Very pleased, looks great and is every bit as spacious as I hoped it would be. I bought the 28mm floating floor kit as well and this went down very well.
Mr. John Deeming
Jan 31, 2018
Really pleased with the cabin and how easy everything was from the order to delivery. The driver was great, the cabin is amazing, brilliant quality and good value. It was so easy to put up! Everyone has commented on it and I would highly recommend Tuin to anyone thinking of purchasing one. Thank you to everyone!
Simon Chaplin
Dec 5, 2017
Diane cabin erected at my pub for pool table. The quality is quite unbelievable and it went up in 5 hours.. 2 chaps came thats all. Go for the scew bases then you dont even need to level out or concrete, so simple
Mrs. Melanie Snook
Oct 20, 2017
After a mix up with the payment process everything was fantastic the product is amazing and better than I thought it was going to be great quality and great customer service I would highly recommend to my friends and family
Mr Clarke
Oct 4, 2017
Very impressed with this excellent cabin.
Each quality timber went together with a firm tap. My wife and I laid the timber out in size order and we managed the construction together. I had one or two technical questions which were responded to very quickly. Very impressed with the support team at Tuin.
Thomas Mellish
Jun 27, 2017
The cabin looks fantastic and really was as easy to build as the website says.
The main issue I have is that fittings such as the window latches and hinges, or door locks are really poor quality which I was not expecting after spending so much money-surely some slightly better fittings wouldn't cost that much more and would have made the experience that much better.

However, I am very happy with the end result and cannot wait to get the man shed up and running properly.
Tuin reply: Thank you for your review, in comparison to other competitors products I think you will agree this is at the top of the range for timber and quality. We do agree though, and also state this, that the furniture is of a middle of the road standard. This is reflected in the costs and understood, like with your home, personal preference prevails. Better quality fittings can of course be sourced locally to suit your needs, brass, chrome, stainless, higher security etc can be bought and this is what some of our customers will do if they are not satisfied with those supplied. We can of course supply better fittings at cost but this will not still account for your own preference. The price would be higher and generally this is very unnecessary.

Price increases are not generally appreciated based on ancillaries which maybe replaced due to preferences. However, if you or other customers require higher quality furniture we can of course offer this at cost. Please ask us for details.

We are really pleased to hear your are happy with your Dianne Log Cabin and hope you will follow up your review with you final thoughts once complete.
David Shepherd
Jun 1, 2017
After looking at all the other cabin suppliers that come up in google I kept coming back to Tuin as what they had to offer fitted my requirements exactly. I wanted a cabin to use as an office so I didn't need a cabin full of windows. The Dianne cabin seemed perfect and it was very well priced. The order process was very easy and I was kept informed at all times of the delivery. The lorry driver phoned me to let me know when he was arriving on the day of the delivery. When he arrived he couldn't do enough to make sure that the pallet (which was 6m long) was put exactly where I wanted using his pallet truck. The pallet was very well protected and packed. The build of the cabin was super easy and myself and a friend had it all built in a day. Every length of wood fitted perfectly and and there were no missing pieces or damaged lengths. Like all projects, make sure you prepare properly i.e. your foundations, floor and have all your different sections separated into their individual lengths and you'll find that the cabin goes up in no time at all. Very easy build that anyone can do.
May 17, 2017
I have to say I did a lot research of cabins ,and these were by far cheaper than other competitors which made me worried ,but everything has been excellent ,easy to erect (whole day ) and I'm totally impressed with quality and quickness of delivery ,
Professional company to deal with ,and would recommend highly !!