Charlie Log Cabin Studio 4.5m x 3.5m

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Mrs. Karen Thomas
Feb 12, 2023
Excellent quality cabin and first class service from Tuin!
Mr. Howard Rose
Jul 3, 2022
The Charlie cabin is superb one of the best purchases I’ve done.
It is so bright and airy, the only problem is that it was meant to be my space but it’s so good my daughters have taken it over.
Last thing if I was buying another I would upgrade to the composite foundation beams as the tantalised ones I purchased were a bit warped.
Mr. John Wood
Jun 21, 2022
Delivery service was excellent, the driver was very helpful. The quality of the timber appears to be very good. The plan of drawings was very useful but the installation instruction booklet is a generic booklet and could be improved to include information for installing a pent roof with an EPDM roof covering. With that said,
there is lots of information on the Tuin website
and the web that can assist with the build/installation. I did have to purchase another can of rubber adhesive because I found that the 3 cans supplied were not enough. Overall, we are very happy with the final product and would recommend Tuin.
Mr. Colin Green
Dec 27, 2021
The Charlie log cabin was delivered on time, with precision accuracy on to my driveway. The cabin was built in approximately 2.5 days by our own joiner. He found the installation relatively easy and without any unexpected problems, although he did have to return after a couple of weeks to re hang the doors as they had dropped slightly, but this is to be expected due to the natural expansion and contraction of the wood. We are highly delighted with the log cabin which we treated immediately after installation with Barrettine products (a treatment and a water resistant product) which gives a lovely natural finish. The wood is of a high standard giving super insulation, although we have invested in an oil filled radiator to give a little extra warmth on chilly Scottish evenings. The Charlie feels very spacious inside, we are able to fit a large 3 seater sofa, 2 large arm chairs and a coffee table and leaving enough room for the dogs bed and the all important gin bar! To sum up I would definitely recommend Tuin, from the easy purchase, through to delivery and finally the cabin itself which has made a valuable addition to our garden. We are delighted! If we had 1 regret it would be that we should have done it years ago!
Mr. Andrew Stokes
Nov 11, 2021
It's a too often used, marketing cliche but the Charlie Cabin really does do exactly what it says on the TIN. It was delivered on time and presented in front of our terraced house with consummate ease by the excellent driver. Stripping the mountain of timber from the pallet and hauling it through to the garden took a couple of hours and if I'm honest was probably the hardest part of the whole project. With no time to waste the foundation beams were cut to size and laid square ready for the first logs to be placed on top. I had spent considerable time and effort to ensure that my concrete foundations were bubble perfect on the spirit level. `So the subsequent hour passed with no hold-ups , The system for slotting and securing each log to the log below it, is truly impressive and after a late lunch we were ready for doors and windows. A little light head-scratiching was involved in this but we were soon at roof level and slotting the rafters into position. Neighbourly decency prevented us from hammering in a hundred or so nails to fix the roof boards; so we called it a day at approximately 18:30. Not bad for the first day which started with the delivery at 09:00.

Not too early the next day, the hammering of nails commenced and by mid afternoon, with all roof boards secured the rubber roof membrane was dragged into place and fixed with the provided adhesive . This operation did require some additional muscle-power and I was glad to have my teenage son around.

So there we are; a very elegant outdoor space erected and water-proofed in less than two days, with little more than a rubber mallet and a half-decent saw.

Following the addition of a floating floor with damp proof membrane and 40mm insusaltioin we now have the perfect teenage hang-out cum studio cum guest bedroom at the end of our garden.
From the moment of ordering our Charlie Cabin right through to delivery the TUIN team have been excellent, always quick to respond, to even the most facile request or query.
I can heartily recommend this company and their products.
Apr 10, 2021
Excellent product, excellent service would highly recommend.

We built the cabin (3 of us) in 8 hours. Easy to follow instructions and a well put together kit. Points to note (recommendations):-

(1) Make sure your base is flat and square - cant imagine how hard this would have been without it. We built a raised wooden platform.

(2) If you have the EPDM roof, buy extra glue - you will need it.

(3) Put the door frame in place once you have 5-6 rows up, easier to square it up with the doors in this way.

(4) Make sure you have plenty of space for the materials prior to building, makes things infinitely quicker.

If you are thinking of buying a log cabin, highly recommend TUIN.
Arthur Gibson
Apr 3, 2021
Simply love it. My only regret is not going bigger. The quality is unmistakable. I’m a home diy’er and with my brother we built the structure over the course of 2 days. Had the days been longer I’m confident I could’ve done it in 1, but why rush. Sort the lengths out and then the process is simple and intuitive.

I didn’t need to contact tuin during the build but I did prior to delivery and even given the covid situation received great customer service. Helpful and customer focused.

I have zero complaints. Genuinely can’t compliment Tuin enough for the quality of the product and their customer service.

Shop around if you must but if quality and price is a factor in my opinion you can’t go wrong.
Steve Savill
Mar 22, 2021
All turned up on time & the driver unloaded onto my drive way, I was a little worried as i live in a small deadend road as the lorry was huge. But the driver was amazing. Once i got my head round it, the cabin went up very easy & looks great very happy....Now time to build the bar & fill it with beer.
Jayne Shields
Mar 19, 2021
This log cabin was purchased and delivered very easily + quickly without any hassle. Driver was very accomodating throughout delivery process, couldnt have been more helpful. It took us 2days 2 assemble log cabin, very easily put together with everything fitting perfectly with no damages. We purchased paint from Tuin aswell which we applied within a few days. We are over ghe moon with the Charlie log cabin, would highly reccommend.