Timber Treatment of Larch / Douglas or Oak timber

This is just a teaser, have a look at this treatment we will shortly be launching:

This is a timber treatment primarily designed for larch and oak or douglas fir. It cleans prior to a proper treatment using something like our Carefree Protect Timber Treatment …. it looks damn impressive!!

I’m wondering if this will work on cleaning up a log cabin if it hasn’t been treated properly or for a long time when a cheap treatment has failed …. interesting …  I will come back with findings soon.

European Larch Timber

I love Larch, it has such a wonderful colour and feel to it, a really lovely hue of pinks, oranges and yellows. We’ve recently built a raised decking area on our show site incorporating Larch decking, steps and balustrade, we built it around one of the very popular Tourist Gazebos and it really has worked very well.

Tuin UK Show site

Larch decking and balustrade incorporated into one of our standard treated pine gazebos.

It looks gorgeous!  Larch does not need treating but I love the colour of it and to ensure we can see it for a very long time we’ve treated it with Clear Carefree Protectant.

Of course, being made from Larch you do not have to treat it, it is a very oily, resinous and dense wood that does not need any maintenance. It will weather eventually to a silvery grey and this process depends on its location, weather conditions and positioning. Of course if you would like to keep the gorgeous colour then it can be treated with a clear timber treatment as we have done.

On a recent to visit Tuindeco we went through the latest products for the coming season and I was really pleased to see as well as the stunning Larch Modular Garden Building Range they are also introducing a Gazebo range, all made from Larch. I have already ordered one and we’ll be putting it up on show soon, I’m sure sales of these will far exceed the pine ones, not only for its beauty but also its extensive longevity, strength and ease of care.

Larch is such a wonderful timber, it’s been used in construction for years and is also used with boat building, in Central Europe it has been long regarded as one of the best building timbers. It’s stronger than pine and is very popular with architects for external cladding and outdoor structures. Un-dried larch is particularly good for heavy structural work.

Larch is unusual amongst the softwoods as it is deciduous and sheds its pine needles in the Autumn. It also features in Lapp and Siberian folklore as the ‘World Tree’. The smoke from burning the timber is said to ward off evil spirits and is used as protection by their Shamans as well to induce visions (not recommended).

Properties of European Larch

Strength and its ability to withstand constantly changing wet and dry environments is its main desirable property, couple this with its natural rot resistant properties, wonderful colour and fine texture which make it lovely to work with and enjoy in your garden.

  • Larch is a deciduous, softwood, conifer tree, highly resinous, and a medium density wood (530 kg/m3)
  • Tuindeco Larch is sourced from Western Europe – PEFC or FSC. Environmentally sound and sustainable.
  • Being a  very dense wood it can resist constant changes from wet to dry with very little distortion, warping and shrinkage once dry. It can be prone to surface splits but this does not affect the strength, longevity or durability.
  • A strong timber and stronger than other conifers such as Spruce and Pine. It is 60% stiffer than European redwoods, 30% stronger in bending and compression, 40% harder. It does though have similar crushing and impact properties to that of pine and spruce.
  • Larch is faintly scented and has a wonderful straight grain with small knots. It is reddish, orangy, pinky in colour with contrasting white sap rings. It has fine texture and a high definition of grain.
  • Low maintenance and does not need treating, when allowed to weather if becomes a silvery grey colour. It is a good idea though to treat it where it is directly in contact with the ground.
  • Larch is in the durability class of 3 – 4. Durability is the measurement of a 50mm x 50mm cross section of timber left in the ground unprotected. Class 3 is 10 – 15 years. Class 4 is 5 – 10 years. When untreated and NOT in ground contact you can expect a life of 50 – 60 years. When treated and outdoors the life expectancy is 100 years.

Larch Limitations:

Like everything there are some limitations and foibles that it’s worth bearing in mind when you are working with Larch.

  • Due to its dense nature larch can split easily if you nail it without some preparation. Always drill a pilot hole before nailing or screwing to stop any splits being created.
  • Larch can leach slightly when new and can stain concrete surfaces. This is due to the high tannin content. It is a good idea to treat the timber when in contact with the ground
  • The Tannins can also react with iron and will produce and blue / black colour stain. Ideally always use non-ferrous nails and screws to guard against this.

Identification of the Larch Tree

A couple of useful videos to aid in the identification of a larch tree should you wish, the first one I found particularly useful!

For more information on Larch the Forestry Commision produce a nice leaflet on Larch for their visitors

Tuindeco Larch Timber Products

The ranges of timber are constantly expanding, numerous lengths, profile, and pieces are available for your own Larch construction project


Larch timber is available to complete any garden construction project in a huge variety of thickness, profiles and lengths.

Also available is an extensive range of Larch modular buildings in both flat roof and apex roofs.

Apex larch gaben building

Modular Larch Garden Buildings in three main styles and a myriad of possibilities, sizes and styles.

New for this season are Larch Gazebos: I can see these really taking off as these will make a stunning addition to any garden.

Larch timber gazebos

Larch timber gazebos

Larch Garden Buildings

UPDATED 15.2.14 The category is now live here:  Larch Garden Buildings and Larch Timber

For 2014 we’re launching a new range of buildings.  These may even rival our huge range of log cabins and to the tail end of last year there was an explosion in our Larch.  2014 we think will be huge for Larch and we have refined the offering to represent this.

Larch timber clad garden buildings

Larch timber clad garden buildings

Larch has the perfect properties for timber garden buildings.  It’s renowned for it’s tough, waterproof and durable qualities and is often used in boat building and exterior cladding of buildings.  The timber is resistant to rot, in central Europe it is considered to be one of the best wood materials for building houses.

Larch, as well as it’s resistance to rot without further treatment is also renowned for it’s lovely warm colour which many people are attracted to.

Larch clad cart barn.

Larch clad cart barn.

For 2014 ranges we are offering a number of options.

Design your own

First of all we can now supply you everything you need to make your own building. All the cladding, fixings, posts etc.

Design your own building and ask us for the materials:  We can supply either green and even with the bark on the cladding, or planed and dried.  We now also offer a painting service on all of the timber ranges.

Larch cladding, posts, fixings and framing.

Larch cladding, posts, fixings and framing.

Fully Bespoke Service

Like our log cabins, send us your proposed design and we can design and supply the building you require exactly to your requirements.  We’ll even install it for you.

Bespoke Larch building in green unplanned timber cladding complete with bark still on the boards.

Bespoke Larch building in green unplanned timber cladding complete with bark still on the boards.

Modular Larch Garden Buildings

We’re created modular sections which you can purchase in either green larch or dried and planed.  These are a modular system which starts with the basic structure of which can be added various components such as side walls, back and front walls, doors, windows, extensions etc.  These will be available for sale shortly through our catalogue, website and selected retailers.

Here’s a selection of pictures of the system available in either flat or apex roof.

Larch modular garden building in a pent roof style

Larch modular garden building in a pent roof style

Larch apex garden office

Larch apex garden office, a starter module with additional side walls, doors and windows.

Apex complex larch garden building

Apex complex larch garden building

Garage style cart lodge clad in larch using the modular system

Garage style cart lodge clad in larch using the modular system

Pent roof larch garden building complex

Pent roof larch garden building complex using our modular system of building.

We’re very excited about the buildings, they are entirely different and you’ll be hard pressed to find anything like these on the market, totally unique!  We shall shortly be displaying one of these on our show site in Norwich should you wish to come and view it along with other log cabins from our ranges.

Further details on all of these larch garden buildings will be available soon, in the meantime if you have any question please ask us.