Barbara Log Cabin Gazebo 3.5 x 3.5m

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Steve Gumm
Jan 26, 2024
We purchased Our Barbara Gazebo and have been very happy with it. Delivery was exactly as advised with the use of a Moffett fork lift, the driver was helpful and friendly and the package was securely plastic wrapped so you could store it outside without it getting wet.
We took 2.5 days to assemble it but we were treating both edges of the wall timbers before assembling and taking it easy. The instructions were OK with the parts list and the technical drawing being the most useful. I would recommend laying out all the parts prior to assembly and reading Tuins roofing help section.
We took the plastic bearer option and am glad we did as it will make the Gazebo last longer. We liked the threaded pads that the vertical supports sit on as they reduce the chance of rot. We loved the standard EPDM roof material as it will last much longer and was far easier to use than the cheaper roofing felt offered by most other companies.
The roof timbers and Purlins are easily strong enough to support my 12.5 stone even to the, unsupported, front corner and all the timber was very dry – just like the planed wood from your DIY superstore.
We wrapped the EPDM rubber over the fascia and used mitred stud partitioning wood to cap the roof which wasn’t expensive and finishes the job nicely. Tuin do supply other options but this suited our project.
The complete structure is strong and went together easily – I compare it to our log cabin from another supplier which had sodden wet wood and a mare to assemble compared to this project.
We finished the job by fitting roller blinds to the inside of the windows in case the sun is too bright – chance would be a fine thing.
The structure should last for years and I would thoroughly recommend Tuin to anyone doing a similar project.
Steve Gumm
Oct 29, 2023
I have had recent experience with building a log cabin from another supplier as Tuin didn't do one the size I wanted. After building my Tuin Barbara gazebo, it became very apparent how good Tuins product is.
Delivery was on the first day in the time slot advised on purchase. The delivery fella arrived when he should have and was happy to ensure he placed the package where we wanted it.
The forklift delivery was a great bit of kit!
The total package was plastic wrapped so it could be left outside incase of wet weather. On unpacking it, all the timbers were straight and more importantly very dry...just like the planed timber you purchase from DIY shops, our previous purchase from another certainly wasn't.
We put it together reasonably easily, the timbers did fit together relatively easily. The instructions are a bit generic and relied mostly on the technical drawings and parts list for assembly.
The only confusing bit was the side support for the purlins as they shared the same part code as the non slotted wall planks but it wasn't too difficult to understand.
The support on Tuins web page are worth watching and the supplied "knocking blocks" for walloping the timbers together were appreciated.
The roofing material....WOW, getting an EPDM roofing instead of cheapo roofing felt was great and what brilliant material it is to work with. Most suppliers would charge a load more for this roofing material but it was the standard option and should be good for 25 years plus.
I wrapped the roofing sheet over the top of the fascia and used some stud partition timber to frame it after cutting the mitre corners. It all looked pretty good on completion.
We took the plastic bearer option as most wood rots from the base upwards so worth doing and budget in a decent wood preservative. Oil based is probably best.
We have also purchased blinds fitted inside the fascias for those really sunny days.
A great purchase and a very solid construction, standing on the roof is no problem, even on to the unsupported corner over the entrance and I am 12.5 stone.
You can tell...we really were happy with total purchase and product. Thank you.
Jun 4, 2023
Had this now for 2 years and still looks fab. Lots of compliments when we have friends over.
Mr. Nicholas Randall
Nov 8, 2022
Excellent product and really went together well. A welcome addition to our garden. Service from Tuin was brilliant.
Mrs. Amanda Barker
Mar 31, 2022
Very happy with our new cabin. Great quality product, and fantastic customer service throughout the whole process. We painted the main structure before we erected it, which made it ready to enjoy even quicker. Would definitely buy one again.
Luaan Graham
Feb 17, 2022
Great product. Delivered with care, and was kept up to date with any delays due to Covid. Took me and my neighbour 2 half-days to put up. Ordered the composite base, but didn't use it, as not cut to size and kept slipping around. Instructions could be better, but it was fun figuring them out. Very happy with the end result.