Zutphen Modern Log Cabin 4.98x2.98m

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joe boast
Jan 25, 2024
great product,quality at a very good price...my neighbour has bought one after seeing what i've built.....with my brother following suit.After building the cabin I could only make a couple of suggestions to improve the process and it was all the information offered that drew me to this company.Definitely recommended.
Mr. N Carter
Nov 4, 2023
Bought from Tuin after doing a lot of research, happy to say that not only do they produce a good quality product, they have a very genuine human approach to us, the customer.
The delivery man, Martin was really nice and was not phased by a tricky delivery.
Still in the process of putting it together, so far so good. Would be good to have all the instruction video's and information together as you have to root around to find all of them.
Good Cabin, great company, communications and not forgetting the awesome people. Keep Smiling.
Mr. William Kiddell
Jun 27, 2023
Excellent product and easy to erect. Also the Easy lay roof covering was well worth the money and as it says very easy to lay.
Delivery driver could not be more helpful.
Would happily buy another.
Mr. Brian Holland
Mar 19, 2023
Excellent product, very quick and courteous service which cannot be faulted, delivery was made to Southampton for onward sending to Guernsey, all very stress free, managed to get everything unwrapped and checked, all appears good, however Please Please, give better construction instructions, I am very adept at DIY but even I have struggled , maybe an idiots guide to what part goes where would help and label them as such, I shall post again once finished, but I have no doubt even I have had to make decisions as to what goes where and I'm sure it doesn't, but all in all excellent and I will most certainly recommend this product and company without hesitation, just make it easier to build !!! Pleas
Mr. Graeme Watson
Nov 9, 2022
A very good sturdy easy to build great looking log cabin,
once I opened the packaging laid out all the logs into piles , which takes up quite a bit of room , I found the labels were bleached with the sun so where mostly unreadable and I found the instruction very poor , I got more help looking at the pictures and counting the logs ,I had watched a few videos 1st so the build started well and went quiet fast with only a few bent or twisted log that needed persuaded into place with the help of clamps screw and glue , the walls and roof was easy the Epdm rubber was harder as it was a windy day and the glue blow about a bit , the windows and doors were the hardest part as the instructions were poor , but after much head scratching I got then fitted , if I had more time I would have stained some of the parts before fitting like the finale surrounds/ fascia , I would highly recommend this cabin the only fault is that if the windows are open and then the doors opened fully the glass on he door hits the window frame, but in saying that I would buy another one in a minute .
Mr. B Helene
Aug 8, 2022
Ordering process was good, disappointed that I had opted for the free green diamond felt tiles upgrade which they subsequently run out of and substituted it for something else at the last minute.
The cabin was delivered on time and took three of us (two really as I didn’t really help much) a day to put up. Most of that time was spent trying to decipher the instructions, typical of all DIY instructions they only make sense to the designer or once you’ve put it up, to look back at them retrospectively. The build doesn’t need any specialist tools other than a mallet, a hammer and a screw driver.
Once built you have to struggle with the doors to get them to close, but I think that’s to be expected with wooden doors (shrinking and expanding) and the lock is also a struggle. All in all I would have to say other than the doors and the tile issues everything else is 10 out of 10 and I’m very happy with the end result.
Would I buy from Tuin again....Yes!
Mr. paul chase
Jul 9, 2022
Super pleased with the cabin, it looks great and is very well machined making erection as easy as is possible. Delivery was prompt and courteous. I honestly couldn’t be happier with it. Thanks Guys
Mr. Alan Shallom
Jan 1, 2022
We are delighted, with our Log Cabin, we did some research and price comparison and Tuin met our budget. The delivery updates were superb. The initial set up of the base was concrete which we had done 4 weeks prior to the erection of the cabin which took 2-3 days (it was a family affair, me the wife and the kids all built the Zutphen) we also brought the recommended paint/sealer via Tuin . recommendations. A couple of weeks later installed electrics and the cabin is an awesome addition to our Garden
David Gibbons
Oct 22, 2021
Overall our experience has been excellent:
- delivery to our house with limited access was fine using the on board forklift
- assembly was straight forward. The instructions plus on line videos are all that's needed
- included EPDM is good quality and much better than alternatives
For improvement:
- The EPDM did not stick with the included adhesive. The rubber is covered in a powder. There were no instructions on what to do with this. There is nowhere near enough spray on glue included to achieve a good bond. I had to remove the rubber and re-apply with new adhesives.
Tuin reply: Thanks for coming back about your experience with us although that is a shame to hear regarding the amount of adhesive, We shall be investigating this with the allocation team based on your feedback. The number of tins sent in normally based off the m2 coverage.

We're pleased that overall the building went without a hitch
Mr. gary mitchell
Oct 14, 2021
Great company to deal with from day one told me delivery date and when I needed to pay for cabin .delivery was quick and easy took minutes as for assembly instructions very easy to follow just needed help putting roof rafters up other than that did it myself hardest part was carrying all the parts to where it was being assembled without rushing took me a day to put main building then next day to put the roof on and cover it .overall very pleased with finished cabin just got to paint it now would recommend Tuin log cabins to all my friends and relatives great quality and great service
Craig Davis
Sep 8, 2021
Great cabin, professionally delivered and self built, I'm very pleased with it.
May 21, 2021
Good quality timber installed on timber raised base which took me longer to construct than the cabin.The Cabin took 2 days to complete working on my own only needed help with 3 heavy roof purlins.
The instructions were ok apart from the detail on door and window construction maybe a photo would be clearer.
Every who has seen comments on how good it is and i feel it was good value.
Jon Galpin
May 1, 2021
We love our Zutphen. I managed to put this together on my own, the shell in a day and then finished off the next. Pretty easy and intuitive apart from the doors & windows, and the front facia. Like other reviewers mention though, take the time to look at the installation, and finished videos and they help fill in the gaps. A couple of coats of paint later and it looks even better! People who've seen it are impressed too - probably that a numpty like me could put something that looks so good together ;) A good experience and very pleased with the outcome.
Mr. Steve Wilcox
Oct 2, 2020
The Zutphen is perfect for our needs, half garden tool shed half workshop. Very straightforward to put up, it’s an intuitive design. Two of us put the walls up with windows and doors in five or six hours, completing the roof the next day. We altered the layout of the windows to give more light at the workshop end by putting them both on one side of the door. Great cabin!
Mrs. Denise Proud
May 15, 2020
Very pleased with this unit. One of the planks was split however we managed to repair it so not a problem.
Prompt delivery too!
Mr. Philip Manton
Dec 11, 2019
Delivery on time and good protective packaging. Excellent value, doors & windows hardware pre fitted. Only 2 wall boards difficult to install (warping) otherwise progress excellent. Dimensions of roof including front overhang need stating in specification, especially if your ordering your own roofing materials. Additional timber required to attach facia board to roofing, I used 40x20mm. Very pleased with final build.
Mr. Stephen Howells
Oct 2, 2019
Excellent service, back-up and quality of product. Arrived on time and despite a broken drainage beam upon arrival this was replaced within 24 hrs via courier. Main shell was erected in a day whilst roof, doors and windows were completed by end day 2. Instructions could be a little more clear but this did not impede the overall build time by much. Overall very satisfied with product and would not hesitate to recommend.
Margaret Hutchison
Sep 4, 2019
Amazing product very easy to install love it very sturdy not like one you'd buy in a superstore. My partner built this himself probably about 24 hours in total excluding the floor
Margaret Chaney
Jun 24, 2019
Excellent delivery, very helpful gentleman. Well packed.A bit daunting sorting out the pack but everything well marked. Phoned for advise but nobody there but phoned back, excellent customer service. As of yet haven't assembled as still sorting out base to ensure its level. Would recommend the company, very good quality and good price.
Mr P Zajicek
Oct 23, 2018
Awful, don't be persuaded by the notes on their website. I bought a cheaper log cabin ten years ago and this time i thought i would get the best i could afford. Their website goes on about how good the wood is they use in their log cabins, whereas in realty, it's just as bent and warped as everyone else's. Their website video says not to use any nails/screws when putting together, BUT THERE IS NO WAY YOU CAN DO THAT. The wood is so warped i had to put vertical bars all around to pull out the twists!
I bought a zutphen modern cabin and the instructions are nonexistent! Even the basic schematic is wrong (count the Logs!) I had no idea how to fit the windows (look at other people's photos).
Save your money and buy a cheaper log cabin From a UK company.
Mr. Karl Griffin
Sep 14, 2018
Delivery and product are both top quality. The delivery driver went above and beond ,
The cabin erected quickly and with ease due to well engineered timbers .
Very pleased with the size and design and have already recommended to others .
Mr. Martin Bullen
Jul 6, 2018
Can’t fault this company brilliant service all the way from initial order through to the delivery. So easy to contact you and quick efficient responses- the cabin in perfect for the price - I’m personally wishing I’d have gone for the next grade up - thicker planks but that is my fault. The delivery was fantastic chap had wooden clogs on with steel top caps and was as cool as a cucumber - in our rush hour traffic- cabin very easy to erect- I am a carpenter by trade and extremely fussy- it did take me the best part of 4 days but I was keen to straighten out planks as I went along and did alter the frame round the doors and windows to my liking. So pleased I went with this company and would have no problem recommending them.
Apr 15, 2018
Really happy with my log cabin, delivery driver was fantastic and very fast drop off considering he had to deal with a narrow lane.Cabin went up very easy no problems at all finished erecting and felted roof in less than a day.Very happy with it and it looks great now with its 3 coats of Sikkens,ready for years of service.Thank you Tuin for great service.
Mr. Daren Caruana
Mar 13, 2018
The log cabin arrived in perfect condition, delivered by a very friendly delivery person exactly where we need it in our drive. The cabin pieces were all there. The instructions could have been a bit more detailed but the drawings are good and in the end once started it all made sense. Excellent service. Highly recommended.
Mr. Brian Camfield
Sep 17, 2017
I decided upon a Tuin log cabin as a result of the detailed advice on their website and helpful customer reviews. Delivery was on time and I was impressed by the care taken in packing all the components together and the weather protection.
I put a lot of effort into getting the concrete base right and this paid off when it came to the cabin build which was easy having remembered all of the tips on the Tuin advice videos. The one thing that would have been helpful to include in the instruction sheets is information about how the window framing goes together for the Zutphen cabin; it was simple but I had to work it out first - a diagram would have been really useful.
It took two of us just a day to get the basic construction completed but I left the floor and roof coverings for day two.
Everything went together well and quality was excellent. Thank you Tuin.
Kate hopkins
Aug 21, 2017
Bought this one a few years ago to use as a bedroom, brilliant cabin helped us sell our property by adding a lot of value to the sell.
Mr. Robert Batty
May 13, 2017
In my opinion, these are the finest cabins you can buy and I think they are reasonably priced too, especially when you consider a basic diy centre ship lap flimsy shed might cost around £500.
Delivery was excellent. I was surprised to see how close the driver got to my house with a 40ft articulated truck! And to add to the Dutch theme the driver wore clogs!!
When I first opened the package and saw the amount of timber you got I was a bit daunted about building it on my own. But once everything was in numbered piles it became more organised.
If anyone is stressing about building their cabin, don't. I am an electrician with a little building knowledge and I built this 5m x 3m 28mm log cabin on my own!! The only thing I needed help with was lifting the 3 pearling beams on to the tops of the walls, but only because they are big heavy things. So my dad helped for these.
My advice is to spend a good amount of time getting your base and foundation beams right and keep checking the levels after every log, my levels were bang on all the way up because I made sure it started that way at the bottom.
These cabins are excellent quality apart from a couple of rogue twisted logs and another one that was broken off at the corner join, but it's wood, so it can be manipulated in to place and repaired if it's not perfect.
I came to use tuin from recommendations from my customers who have asked me to install electrics in theirs. I would definitely recommend to others after my experience. A friend of mine is already choosing his for his summer project this year. I enjoyed building mine and so will he. It's something to be proud you built yourself when you get finished and you sit back and relax in it.
Thank you tuin.
Great product.
Mr. Daniel Cosgrove
May 2, 2017
I could not fault the service received from these guys from the point of purchase through to delivery, it was all excellent.
Mr. nick barber
Apr 26, 2017
good value for money, went together in two days. compared to a friends that was purchase at the same time its a million dollars.
Mr. Alistair Douglas
Mar 8, 2017
I ordered this as I wanted something a bit more aesthetic than a big shed and to use as a workshop. We also have a Tuin summerhouse in the garden which was here when we bought the house in January this year which we are very impressed with.
It arrived on time and was well packed. I had built a concrete block base, infilled with concrete to the exact dimensions supplied online.
Construction of the shell was completed by two of us in one day with the felt and floor being done the day after. I didn't order a floor but instead used tanellised joists and domestic chipboard flooring.
Like any construction, if you take the time to read the instructions it's quite straightforward with the only head scratching being the windowframe construction but once the penny dropped that it 'floats' within the wall it was all very simple.
Everything was cut to length with the exception of a couple of cuts for the window and door surrounds.
Brilliant and very impressed with the quality.
Treated with two coats of Ronseal oil so far with a third to go on.
Absolutely delighted with the product and the service and would highly recommend this product.
Mr. Stoo Kennedy
Aug 24, 2016
Excellent cabin. Instructions are a bit vague but overall really chuffed!
John Allison
May 7, 2016
Excellent product but I am not sure anyone could singlehandedly get this up in a day. Instructions are very limited and sorting the felt etc with no pre-cut boards is a little time consuming. I love Tuin but building a log cabin is hard work even when all tehe bits do fit together. I will be buying many more Tuin Cabins for my Camping Unplugged campsites
Mr. joel fearick
Feb 11, 2016
Bought this for the garden as I wanted some storage space but also wanted it to be safe. This product was easy to put together only took a day and very happy with the quality of the cabin. Would strongly recommend.
Mr. stuart ratcliffe
Nov 13, 2015
from the order process to the delivery and ultimately the building of the cabin this has been a stress free positive encounter with Tuin. We felt from the outset that we were dealing with a company that had high standards and we were not disapointed. The order arrived on time and our driver Christian off loaded with the minimum of fuss, the fork lift that he used was invaluable and he was extremely competent and i have to say very helpful as well.We built the cabin ourselves and after reading the great advice from tuin we paid extra attention to the base making sure it was all perfect before we started.
The cabin was up in a day and the roof went on before the end of that first day which is always a plus in rainy lancashire!We are delighted with the zutphen cabin we chose and the add on storage unit which we attached to the side which gives us even more storage space.I would have no hesitation recommending Tuin to anyone.
Sep 27, 2015
Excellent! Excellent! Excellent! The customer service was very good updates and tracking on web site. The delivery was very very good and the product surpassed all our expectations.Easily erected by one person the only slight niggle I would say the instructions could be a bit clearer but we found all the info. we needed on the website instructions. Thank you
Mr. chris morgan
Sep 23, 2015
The Zutphen is a great size and it can be used as a luxury shed or a log cabin. Its really sturdy once up and worth paying the additional cost over a standard shed of a similar size.
It is important to watch all the videos and understand how to construct it beforehand, however once its up it looks great.
Alan Mark
Sep 22, 2015
From ordering my log cabin to delivery date there has been no issues and everything passed without any hiccups. My cabin was delivered on the date provided. The instructions provided regarding the build of my cabin were helpful but to be honest the cabin was very easy to build from start to finish. I actually couldnt believe how easy the cabin went up and im so pleased with final result. Its solid and looks great. Cant fault Tuin in any way and very happy with my log cabin.
Jun 1, 2015
Very pleased with the delivery .Would recommend tuin to freinds
Mrs. Andrea Owen
Jan 2, 2015
Excellent service and product. Instructions difficult to follow for assembly, however delighted with finished result.
Mr. Alan Leslie
Jun 25, 2014
From the beginning of the purchese of log cabin their was a delay that I was told it was going to be available but then received email to say was delayed in Holland , I was willing to wait as this was the one I liked and looked a good size , was about 2 weeks delay and received the cabin pack whitch was delivered nice and neatly on my driveway we then carefully unpacked each piece and went off the list provided in pack as we looked at the assembly of the cabin was not an awful Lott of direction as to how you actually put it together to the example on what is provided ! Nevertheless we attempted it and started with foundation then we managed to get up to roof installation to find that the rafter beams were very warped and the profiled logs wire inadequate in measurement and had to be cut considerably to fit into place was very hard to get them to fit as we never expected them not to fit ! Also the doors beadin around glass in not the same size as the out side so when you look out looks uneven ? Also some of the logs and when I say some probably about 5 were warped and would not sit properly were in both sides but badly warped in middle so we followed advice as to were they get places from what is provided but apart from that have managed to get it all together roof and wooden floating floor and primed and painted , there was concern from me about the warped logs that don't sit as well as all the other logs and the doors look badly fitted as when you look out from inside the beading is bigger on outer side so that's a problem ? Have had to use flexible seal on the logs that were warped inside and out as no moisture can get in , to be honest it looks very nice and it's exactly what I wanted but there was quite a few faults that coursed problems and I was disappointed and feel that it was not good value when there is so many faults that we had to make do with when you have purchesed a new log cabin that you r extcited to make its just disappointing