Wolfgang Log Cabin 5.3m x 3.0/4.5m - 45mm Logs

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Mr. kevin lockwood
Jan 17, 2024
What can I say, an excellent cabin, so easy to put together. Took me a a mate about 10 hours. A proper quality item delivery, excellent, nothing missing. Can recommend Tuin highly enough. Don't buy from anyone else!!
Mr. David Bickell
Aug 7, 2023
I recently brought a lodge from Tuin, very good service and the lodge went together without any issues. All complete and very pleased with the end result.
Lucy Morris
Mar 25, 2023
Wonderful Wolfgang
Abraham Botha
Jul 20, 2022
Very informative website. Easy online payment. Slick delivery. The assembly was by a professional builder who thoroughly enjoyed the project and we are now the proud owners of a very special summer house!
Mr. Richard Purulak
Jun 24, 2022
When spending a large sum of money, you’re always a little apprehensive, especially as you can’t view the product in person.

I couldn’t be more impressed with the whole process, but especially the log cabin. Everything went as planned, all lengths were cut perfectly and fitted exactly.

I am extremely happy and would and have recommended Tuin to anybody that asks!

Brilliant, brilliant log cabin! Money well spent!
Peter Kerr
Sep 25, 2021
Delivery and communication was brilliant throughout. build was effortless, I spent a good day marking and putting every log in to correct piles. Then I built the main frame on my own in around 2days,4days total including insulating and roof shingles. (although unpacking and carrying it into the back garden from the front myself was not effortless) Would not hesitate buying again or recommending. build quality is excellent. I will add some photos and videos if I can. Even had some flooring left over to build a tv unit frame and bar.
Carl Jennings
May 3, 2021
After much deliberation as to the style and size of our log cabin we ordered the Wolfgang on 27th December 2020 and took delivery on the 23rd March 2021 which we felt was brilliant given the upturn in demand due to Covid. In summary our expectations were very high after reading the numerous online customer reviews and we were not disappointed! Tuin are a fantastic company to deal with in every regard. The delivery driver was great and placed the cabin in exactly the spot we requested, the kit he had to take the cabin from the lorry to our driveway was extremely flexible to accommodate differing access situations. The cabin itself took me about three hours to unpack and sort into the various components. We had no missing pieces or damages. The product itself is wonderful, easy to work with as long as you get organised before you start building. We decided to go with the composite profiled foundation beams in the end and were so glad we did. Reviews are mixed on the website but so far we have no issues. The ones delivered to us were virtually black which look great against our dark grey porcelain tile base and we don’t have to worry about rot for the life of the cabin. We will have to wait to see how they weather and also if they remain watertight after applying a bead of clear silicon where required. In terms of the build itself the main point I would echo from numerous reviews and blogs on the Tuin website is that a 100% level base is key to a successful build. The build took me five days on my own but the roof covering was two days out of the five. We went for the straight black roof shingles and they look fantastic. We decided to put our own black guttering on which worked out quite a bit cheaper than the Tuin option. My only criticism of the cabin was that the fascia boards to mount the guttering on were not deep enough so I had to put some extension pieces on. Again, I would thoroughly recommend putting guttering on as it looks much better aesthetically and it obviously helps to protect the cabin. Three other minor points. Firstly the window catches cannot be mounted central to the window if you install the Georgian slats, you need to offset them slightly to enable the catch to lift up. Secondly, the apexes need to be dismantled for the Wolfgang unlike the cabin used on the Tuin installation video. Finally, I used screws to fix the ridge shingles as I felt the nails were a bit short to ensure they did not come off in high winds. To conclude, we are delighted with our Tuin log cabin, it has completed our garden
Mr. Tony Jones
Jun 11, 2020
After much deliberation as part f a revamp of the far end of our long thin typical London garden we ordeeed a Tuin log cabin. Unfortunately delivery clashed with the 2020 lockdown so we had to delay by over a month but Tuin customer service who were very understanding and helpful. When delivery took place I was expecting a large pallet and was absolutely right. It took 3 strong men 2 hours to carry it all through the house to the back garden. I am very impressed by the build quality and am also very happy to have turned to Tuin for our garden cabin
D Fletcher
May 5, 2020
Easy enough to construct, it took 2 experienced DIYers 5 days working all day to get framework and roof constructed.
To get to the end of a fully functioning pub/cabin it took 2 working all day everyday a further 3 weeks. That included painting inside and out.
The instructions were sometimes a little lacking if you were a complete novice.
The component specification sheet was incorrectly labelled for part A8 (one of them should be A9, as 2 different items are specified as A8).
Some of the wood was very warped and split making it difficult for positioning and painting.
The glazing in the small windows slipped once installed, but still watertight.
Tip...check, check and double check foundation beams are square as instructed.
We cut a section of the store room wall out and made a bar behind it, adding a smaller internal wall in order to make a smaller store room.
Overall, 4/5 as we are mostly happy with the finished article as it met our needs.
Mr. Richard Mounsey
Jan 11, 2020
Great cabin, quick to put together (given the number of delivered items) and very square and durable.
Mr. Neil Patterson
Jan 3, 2020
Excellent product, delivered on time. Assembly very straightforward , would recommend fitting gutters just avoid the rain splashes wetting the bottom of the sides. Online support very good indeed.
Mr. Roderick Barton
Oct 17, 2019
The delivery went well but we had to set the alarm clock early. There is an awful lot of wood but so long as you follow the plan for installation there should be no problem. I would recommend a single course of bricks if erected on concrete, we used the first laid timbers as a guide for the bricks. I also used a DPC under the logs. It went up quickly and we finished the main structure in a day and a half. Use the online videos, they helped with the shingles in particular. The logs were cut to perfection, no problems with engaging the corners. Only one log was a little bowed, might be best to use these at the start. Highly recommend.
The Ashtons
Aug 6, 2019
We're not builders and this was a great project!
Friday evening, sorted, checked and labelled. Saturday, built cabin, Sunday tiles and first coat of colour on wood! Ta da. One gorgeous cabin.
Mr. Andrew iredale
Aug 5, 2019
Excellent log cabin
from ordering to deliver good service
also easy and straight forward to install
happy customer
Dave W
Jun 21, 2019
TBH when 1.4 tons of wood turns up on your doorstep it's reality biting you but ... my Wife and myself set out the base very carefully using DPM & DPC and measured it a few times whilst building up the logical layers. After that the construction and quality of the wood and the fit were fantastic. Along with the website/blog which has a wealth of information which you should pre-read. Now completed over 3 days it's a source of pride having done it myself. Lego for adults my neighbours said but they were not offering help. It rained while I was assembling and it does expand with moisture but it's a natural product and didn't stop me at all. Would definitely buy from them again if I move. The nosey neighbours were impressed and doubly impressed when they invaded the garden and saw the build quality. For an office worker it was a blast to finish something that will be around for years. Don't compromise, if in doubt check the blog and others examples.
Mr. Stephen Forrest
May 4, 2019
Outstanding quality with excellent service. After coming across a few issues with putting the log cabin together I rang for assistance and had to leave a message with my number. On both occasions my call was returned within the hour with excellent advice on how to solve my issues. Once erected and preserved the cabin looks amazing and is very solid. Shingles took longer than expected but are well worth the time spent. Really pleased with the quality and both the online and telephone advice.
Andy Fallon
Aug 29, 2018
So after many hours deliberating the type and size of our intended purchase, the wife convinced me to go for a Wolfgang Log Cabin by Tuin.
I was not so sure because my own thoughts were to go for something with a larger space both inside and outside (under cover).
I have been pleasantly surprised by the overall size inside and out being more than adequate for our needs.

The Wolfgang arrived and as promised the delivery driver gave us a call when approx. 60mins from our house.
When he arrived, the driver could not have been more helpful in placing the pallet exactly where we wanted, which was not an easy task.

The pallet was very large and to be honest slightly daunting, but once all was unpacked and organised it was quite a simple task to put it all together, just me and my wife.

During the unpacking a couple of issues came to light;

1) the incorrect foundation beams had been supplied (I had ordered composite but had received softwood)

2) there was some broken windows in the cabin door.

Both issues were quickly resolved by Tuin with replacement beams sent next day delivery, and the glass units which took a little longer but were very well packaged when they arrived.
Having now completed the build we have found the quality is second to none and has already received glowing comments from friends and family.
We would without doubt recommend Tuin for both the quality of product and the fantastic customer service, and should we ever require another garden building, Tuin would be our first choice.
Apr 29, 2018
Wonderful Wolfgang. I am so pleased with my log cabin, the quality of the wood and the way it fitted together was 1st class. It took only 2 days to finish the build, but a lot longer to paint and put the insulation and flooring down. Put I would highly recommend Tuin. Lucy
Derrick Pearson
Apr 14, 2018
Service was proffesional from ordering to deliver.Erection has taken a day and the unit does look a quality unit once erected.
Feb 9, 2018
I researched long and hard before deciding on Tuin. They are an exceptional company and the quality of their buildings are second to none.

My Wolfgang cabin was installed 9 years ago and, despite my terrible neglect of its upkeep, it is still as beautiful, sturdy, warm and watertight as it was on the very first day.

I've had 2 other buildings from Tuin since then ( another cabin and a metal shed) and, unlike a lot of companies, despite Tuin's huge success their attention to detail, quality and value for money still remains unequalled.

Mrs. Jan Samuel
Jan 20, 2018
Great product and great service. Love my Wolfgang cabin. Tuin lived up to all the great reviews from delivery to completion with fantastic support by phone and by email, both before and during the build. The first word out of friends' and family's mouths is usually "Wow!". It really has the wow factor. I have now given it 2 coats of Sadolin and am looking to enjoy it for many years to come. Friends of mine came to take a look and have now taken delivery of their own log cabin from Tuin. What more can I say!
Mr. Brian Rogerson
Jan 8, 2018
I rate this as an extremely good product. The delivery was perfect and even a day early. The cabin erected very easily once unpacked from the delivery and looks fabulous and we have already had nice comments about how well made it is. A very good product.
Mr. stu ingram
Sep 2, 2017
Delivery: on time following a call from the driver, the biggest pallet I've ever seen, friendly driver and expertly delivered.
The pallet was massive and well packaged, the instructions were confusing but the tuin website videos cleared up the confusion. The build: very straight forward once the foundations were down. Cons: a few warped boards but not overly, instructions could be clearer or more pictorial
Pros: well packed, good pre order information and follow up. Well constructed. Looks amazing, thanks tuin
Mr. Peter Martin
Jun 3, 2017
Wolfgang Log Cabin 5.3m x 3.0m/4.5m double glazed. The whole experience from order to delivery and installation has been positive with emails and queries responded to quickly and promptly providing a stress free process. On the day of delivery the driver kept me up to date his progress and was professional and efficient in its delivery which included parking around 0.5km away and then completing and manoeuvring a tight access along a road to a small cup-de-sac. I should mention that it is a big pallet so be under no illusion as its size and any manhandling or repositioning and make sure that it is in the right place. In my case I was fully aware that I would have to have a kerbside delivery and then carry individual pieces to the rear of my property which has limited access. The entire process of splitting the pallet and carrying separate components took around 4hours (and 23000 steps !)and unless you are a big lump like me I would suggest that it is a two man job particularly when moving the prefabricated door units as these are substantial.
The following day I had help from a couple of friends to speed things up. I had already constructed dug out and laid a concrete base the previous year onto which I set a heavy duty flat deck designed to take many times the loading of the Cabin and on this basis I cannot stress how important it is to have completed the enabling works and in providing a stable a level base to work on. As part of the build I had opted for the composite profiled foundation beams and whilst somewhat fiddly to work with I am glad that I did. Setting out is key as each beam has to be cut and trimmed to the appropriate length to provide a stable base for the interlocking beams to sit on. As with any project like this setting out measuring and remeasuring is paramount as is offering up the first layer and then remeasuring again to ensure that openings will fit and that all of the angles are correct. In this instance we found that one of the measurements to the back wall was out by the thickness of a single beam (probably measured the wrong side of a mark) and as this was repeated on all of the beams it was a relatively simple case of adjusting positions of the foundation beams to take account of this (something that any competent diy'er should be capable of doing if attempting a build such as this. On setting out the angles to ensure that the cardinal points were square we also found that the measurement along the front entrance would be slightly short unless it was slightly out of square. Rather than skew the build we opted to keep the base square and then trim the lengths to suit the door opening so that the lengths above door height still fitted exactly into the cardinal points. The rest of the core build was simple going up at a startling rate with only two or three lengths that had to be notched slightly deeper so that they sat flush. The only minor mishap we had was that despite checking the items against the inventory the angled sections at the eaves did not appear to accommodate a left handed shed solution and only appeared to be for a right handed storage (as shown in the primary website picture) the solution was relatively simple in that we notched the end angled section and reversed the remaining beam to leave a small notched section near the roof support beam which we pieced in and filled prior to painting. I would however advise anyone looking to set this cabin out in a left hand storage configuration to make the people at Tuin aware of this to make sure that the same situation does not occur on your build or to at least consider this when making an inventory of the pieces as this could be more difficult for an average diy'er to rectify. To Tuins credit they were more than happy to have replaced the piece on the next working day however as I needed to complete the build on the weekend it was not an option. The remainder of the build was problem free and in total it took 2 long days to complete the build in its entirety including a warm deck and flooring with insulation. Overall this has been a trouble free build and the quality is fantastic. I would recommend this Cabin and Tuin to anyone. Enjoy your build.
Mr. Ronan O\'Donnell
Jun 2, 2017
I can now understand why there are so many 5star reviews for tuindeco products. Delighted with my purchase of a Wolfgang cabin. High quality workmanship and excellent service. I would highly recommend this company.
Chris Wood
Jun 1, 2017
Superb piece of engineering!
The only way it could have been easier is if it had been a pop-up version!
Would highly recommend this cabin
Mr. John Shanks
Jun 1, 2017
Great product delivered on time by a very pleasant driver 10 out 10 to tuin
Mr. Lindsay Russell
May 26, 2017
I must say how impressed I am with both the product and the service. The cabin was delivered on time by a very helpful and friendly driver. I had spent quite a bit of time watching the video on your website so, when I started assembling it, I felt like I knew exactly what I was doing. Its very refreshing these days to get something that arrives unbroken, with nothing missing. The assembly went really well and, working on my own, had the cabin built in 2 days (less the shingles and floor). I ended up being a pack of shingles short, but this was resolved with a short phone call to your very helpful staff and they were delivered the next day. Overall, I am very please with my purchase and would definitely recommend anyone to both this particular product and to your company.
Stephen Critchlow
May 12, 2017
The wolfgang cabin is a high quality product which was easy to install. We are very happy with the result.
Ms. Karen Campbell
Apr 26, 2017
Very pleased with excellent quality of this log cabin, easy to assemble, although found instructions a little brief in parts, however, having said this, the online instructions and video are far more detailed. Excellent customer service from Tuin, prompt delivery as planned, highly recommend both product and Tuin.
Mike Salmon
Jan 20, 2017
Extremely happy and impressed with the 5.3x3.0m-4.5m Wolfgang Log Cabin which we purchased and built over the Winter. Originally we were going to organise to have someone come in and build it for us, but landed up just being myself and my wife doing it over a couple of weekends.

The first Saturday we build the walls the the roof supports, the Sunday I put the roof boards on and then the following weekend I did the shingles and the next weekend was the floor boards. It probably took me a bit longer being a perfectionist and double checking every detail, but really was straight forward and simple to put together. Would recommend anyone doing it themselves if they enjoy a bit of outdoors and hands on work. I'm in no way in the building trade, but found it easy enough to do.

Gives us a lot of satisfaction every time we use the log cabin knowing we built it and put our effort into it. Will recommend Tuin to anyone looking to build a cabin.
Mr. Jeff Wood
Dec 20, 2016
After a long time spent looking for a good quality log cabin, we are immensely pleased to have finally decided on the Wolfgang from Tuin. At about half the price a local company wanted for a smaller cabin with much thinner logs, we now have something which looks amazing and and has already had 2 visiting tradesmen enthusing over its quality. As other have noted, the instructions could have been a little more comprehensive, but even so, 2 of us converted what was a massive pallet load of tightly packed timber at 8am into a structure completed up to the roof purlins by 4pm when bad light stopped play. I recommend building yourself, as the sense of achievement on finishing is immense.
Rob Willcox
Nov 21, 2016
Arrived on time and in good condition. Instructions needed close scrutiny but once understood the erection of the chalet was very straightforward. Guidance on Tuin site was extremely helpful and we managed to complete the cabin in just a couple of days. Would totally recommend this product.
Mr. Martyn Pratt
Aug 6, 2016
What a great space! We took delivery of our cabin from the very helpful driver at 9.30am and within 3 hours, my wife and I carried every single piece through our house and had laid it out neatly on the rear lawn. Laying the different parts out and cross checking them against the component list is really useful as it gives you a feel for what goes where when constructing the cabin. By the end of that day, we'd managed to build up to the window level, and we completed the build the following day. So, in 2 days we'd transformed our garden and built a brilliant looking, and very useful space. We particularly like the 2 rooms in the cabin, using the long side room for storing all those garden tools etc that previously cluttered the garage, whilst leaving the other room for my garden office. The project was made infinitely easier by the very detailed and clear information on the Tuin website and I cannot recommended enough that purchasers read and view every bit of this before starting the build. It really will make things easier and save you lots of time! Thanks Richard and team for a great product that really does exactly what is says on the tin.....unlike some other suppliers!
Lee Darbyshire
Jul 13, 2016
Buying a product via Tuin has proved a pleasant experience. Being a business owner for many years I can confidently say their professionalism and quality of product and service has been extremely impressive and up there with the best!
The delivery driver was helpful and flexible when presented with a challenging drop off!
Mr. Stephen Daggers
Jun 18, 2016
After searching the internet for log cabins I found Tuin site, I was very impressed with the information, blogs and reviews available. From enquiry, to order and delivery, what a great service.
Once everything was laid out, the build was straight forward, main structure up in one day and a coat of impregnation fluid applied, following day roof shingles fitted. Over the next few days when time permitted, guttering and insulated floor fitted plus 3 coats of paint. very impressed with the quality.
Thanks to all at Tuin
Mr. George Wilson
May 10, 2016
The whole order and delivery process was very smooth and painless. Putting up the cabin and shed was very straightforward once we had worked out to put everything in piles of equal sizes! It only took 2 of us 2 days to erect including the felt shingles. Everyone who has seen the photographs are extremely interested in the product. The only down side was that a few of the logs were warped - we put these at the top and once the top beams were in place they fitted ok.
Apr 18, 2016
Excellent service from ordering to delivery to installation.
Fabulous company to deal with and the cabin was up within a day ! Looks fab and has made a great difference to our garden.
Tony Milner
Apr 8, 2016
The superior quality of the Cabin is matched only by the help and support you receive from Tuin themselves, particularly Richard and Ben who replied to my e-mails promptly and at any time day or night, even on a Sunday.

I ordered the Cabin for delivery 5 weeks in advance believing it would take this time to remove existing structure and to prepare the base but this was done far quicker than I had anticipated so I asked Tuin to bring the delivery forward 2 weeks which they did.

Haulage Company had a few issues and the Cabin was eventually delivered after the third time of promising delivery.

Having unpacked the massive pallet the adjustable post support, the shingles and the support post were missing. Tuin arranged for the shingles and post support to be delivered the next day and asked me to re-check for the support post. When I confirmed that was missing Tuin went out of their way to get me a replacement the very next day so there were no hold ups with the build. Excellent service by Wayne.

I would advise anyone wishing to build the Cabin themselves to watch as many of the Tuin instruction Videos as possible, they are invaluable. With hindsight I can echo Richards comments "building a cabin is easy" gets you brownie points with the wife too.

It took my wife and I a day to get to the point that we fitted the purlins and then the rain came so we left the T&G roof boards and the shingles until day 2.

The only thing I would suggest they change is the instruction manual that comes with the Cabin. It is an A5 size, muli-language booklet which means the character size is small and difficult to read, particularly the section that details how you assemble the double door frame, this was the most awkward bit of the build for me.

Overall very happy with the entire experience.

Thanks Tuin.

Mr. Daniel Parry
Mar 31, 2016
What can I say? Everything about Tuin and my cabin has been brilliant. The order process was easy as was delivery. I also found assembly really easy. It's just like a big Lego set! The Tuin website is also brilliant, loads of great blogs and videos. Brilliant company with brilliant products... I just wish I had space for more cabins!
Joanne Sexton
Mar 23, 2016
I am delighted I chose this cabin it is lovely. Bigger than I expected and it looks amazing. I was given a list of highly recommended installers and Warren built my cabin form me. I would highIy recommend him he was punctual polite and I was really impressed with his work. Tuin I would definitely recommend you and I would also like to say that no matter who I called at your offices, everyone was extremely helpful.
Ms. Grace Agar
Feb 28, 2016
Massively happy with our Wolfgang log cabin!
The delivery is in one big pallet. Driver was helpful and gave some advice on installtion. It took 4 days to build, including the roof shingles and solid pine floor. It is so well made, everything just slots into place.
It looks amazing at the bottom of our garden. Going to get electric fitted next.
Only problem is deciding what colour to paint it!
Feb 25, 2016
I am so pleased with my log cabin and Tuin!! First class customer service,
The delivery was spot on and the man was so very helpful, I had know idea fork lifts could go sideways up a slope with such a heavy load, amazing!
Huge thanks to all !
Mr. Derek Shearer
Feb 25, 2016
I am so pleased to have purchased this product as the quality is visible above all and after sales service is second to none,I would not hesitate in recommending Tuin to anyone.
Mrs Georgina James
Jan 15, 2016
A fantastic service from start to finish! We can not recommend this company and their products enough. The customer service is second to none, something we lack in this country. FANTASTIC!
Georgina James
Dec 17, 2015

I just wanted to give some feedback! My husband and I could not believe the outstanding customer service tuin had given us and in this day and age it's hard to find! We would like to thank you for speedy service, fabulous response times, fantastic product and customer service!

As for Warren our installation man, well we just couldn't fault! Friendly, reliable and hassle free! Which again is rare!
Mr. John Clarke
Oct 31, 2015
The service and communication from Tuin was excellent. The cabin kit arrived at the agreed time and date. It had to be left outside the road, which was not a surprise and three hours later, all of the pieces were inside the garden and covered, ready for the installer. It was completed in just under 2 days and looks great. l love the Wolfgang cabin which I used to replace a wooden garage. It is a great space and the storage part is very practical. It is a substantial building but blends in extremely well and has already had lots of compliments from neighbours. It took many weeks to decide which cabin to have and which would fit in the space and this has turned out to be perfect. Now painted and waiting for electrics to be installed to complete everything.
Mr. Stewart Key
Jun 12, 2015
What can i say! it is absolutely fantastic. I received a phone call a week before to agree a delivery date. Then a phone call on the morning of the delivery telling me the driver was 30 mins away and by 8.30 a.m., exactly 30 minutes later he was outside with the cabin on his fork lift. From there on in things got even better! I felt like a pioneer about to build my log cabin. It was dream to build the timber was perfect and the cuts made to perfection. I felt like i was a kid again with my own building set. It was a dream to build and is now our dream log cabin, forget about man cave the wife has decided its that nice its hers and we both agree its so much better and cosy than a conservatory. A fantastic indoor room outside. Thanks Tuin for making me feel like a pioneer in the wild frontier building my own log cabin. You don't just make log cabins, you make dreams too!!! 100% satisfied from start to finish. Just wish i had another one to build now.
Fulton Family
May 11, 2015
I can whole heartedly recommend Tuin, the Wolfgang and the overall service. I have had this cabin for two years now, it was the first building we had constructed and was a family job, me, my Dad, Wife, and two kids. The instructions were great, we had a couple of questions, but Tuin and specifically Richard were great at guiding us through. The Cabin looks good as new after two years. WE built it on a slope, so needed to put a brick base down to level it. The guys at Tuin sent is exact plans so we could have this ready for the cabin coming. Arrived early in the morning, driver was very helpful and we built it over a weekend. Give yourself time, as the website advice says, go at a steady pace, and enjoy the build.
Mr. peter wootton
Feb 28, 2015
This is a lovely cabin. The quality of the building materials is fantastic. Took me a couple of days to build which included insulation the flooring and the roof shingles.
I encountered no problems or broken parts. If you decide to buy this cabin, be aware that it can be built left or right handed. For this reason the pack includes three spare 'top' logs (the ones with the tongues cut off at an angle). This did confuse me until I realised what they were as I was worried that I'd built it wrong.
Communication and service has been brilliant and I would recommend buying from this company. All staff have been really friendly, helpful and knowledgable and if you do get into a pickle they will help you out.
Thanks Tuin!
Mrs Heine
Feb 10, 2015
I wanted to let you know that my log cabin was built yesterday by Len Miles, and it is absolutely beautiful. Today it’s being treated, so that it is all ready for the summer. It’s causing quite a stir amongst my neighbours and that takes some doing…..
Your service throughout has been absolutely amazing, and the product that you sell can’t be faulted. Len has done a wonderful job, and the quality of his work easily matches the quality of your product.
Thank you for excellent value for money, and first class service throughout – if I had more space, I’d buy another one!
Toby Fox
Jan 31, 2015
Great customer service, really helpful and answered all my questions. Fast delivery and a high quality product. Very very satisfied. Thanks Tuin!!!!
Dec 17, 2014
The staff at Tuin are very helpful and certainly know their stuff. The cabin arrived and was very well made and easy to assemble. I'm really happy with my beautiful log cabin and I would definitely recommend Tuin.
Leslie Cooper
Oct 4, 2014
I will be sending you pictures from start to finish.
Superb initial service and advice. The office girls new exactly want I wanted.
Super-fast delivery and the truck driver was helpful and polite
Len and team brilliant in building the cabin
All in all the best service I have received and what a beautiful cabin. The quality of wood and finish is very good.Many thanks xxxxxxxxxxx
Les Hunter
Jun 14, 2014
Having researched many log cabins using the internet, I came across your site.
The amount of information supplied was far in excess of any other site I have found, there is no hard sell just facts that assist in every way.
I was looking for a log cabin for a very long time to use as an art studio I liked the dimensions and style of the Wolfgang but it didn't quite fit the requirements I had in mind. A couple of emails (which where answered very quickly) later and all was resolved. I now have an art studio which is perfect in every way.
I can only praise the excellent pre and after sales service both for there kindness and professionalism
I intended to build the cabin myself with help from my friend but was a little dubious as to whether we could manage to do it, but with encouraging comments posted on the blog by Richard we undertook a very simple and satisfying build safe in the knowledge that help was only a phone call away. The studio is now nearing completion with just internal fittings,electrics and water to finish off, I am looking forward to moving out of the living room into my own space.
Thank you Tuin for your help and advice throughout the process and long may you continue.
I would recommend you without reservation
Alan Huelin
Apr 22, 2014
We decided to replace our old shed which stored garden tools etc with something that could accommodate both the storage requirement and somewhere nice to sit in, and also store the garden furniture in the winter. We spent a considerable amount of time reviewing different websites to ensure we chose the right product. I did have concerns that the storage area would not be wide enough, however, the shelving racks are in and there is plenty of room to move about. I must add the overhang is wide enough to sit under. We live in Jersey so there was the added worry of getting the log cabin shipped across the channel, but the whole purchase went extremely smoothly mainly due to the exceptional customer service from everybody we had contact with, particularly the ladies in the office, as I did have a few queries before I made the purchase. It is everything we had hoped for. The guys that put it together were also very impressed with the quality particularly when I told them how much it cost. During construction I had a couple of queries and they were answered very quickly, and the person on the other end knew what they were talking about. I have no hesitation in recommending the product and the supplier.
Anne Hope
Nov 11, 2013
We bought this cabin from you and over the last three weekends have worked removing our old garage and putting up this cabin. We are absolutely thrilled, the cabin looks fantastic. Everyone who has seen it is amazed at how solid and 'cabin' like it is (not posh shed!). I am proud to use it as a therapy room and show it to my clients. It is a beautiful space to be in. The help you have when trying to select from everything available on the web was knowledgeable and I didn't feel pressurised. You also got back to me very quickly each time I had another question. I would recommend your products for cost, quality and service. Thank you.