Viveka Log Cabin with Gazebo 7.50 x 4.20m - Double Glazed

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Robin Crumpton
Apr 25, 2019
I spent a long time looking for the perfect cabin. I found it with Tuin. The only failings were my not so perfect foundations and a bit of disappointment that the shingles spec changed after the order had been confirmed. Otherwise a truly magnificent structure with a lovely barn hipped roof which really sets it apart. I had the building up and roof panelled doors and all in 4 days on my own...truly a piece of cake...looking forward to many al fresco summers protected from the elements, rain or shine.
Ewan MacIntyre
Aug 22, 2018
The Viveka is a lovely cabin in nice proportions. Tuin have been consistently helpful with various installation questions.

The instructions could be better tailored to each cabin rather than generic, so you need to be prepared for a bit of head-scratching and not be in too much of a hurry.

We used a lot more Torx screws than those supplied, just to be sure the roof was nice and secure. Very happy with the plastic foundation beans.

My five star rating is for the product and the service. Instructions would get 3 stars - good enough to get the product built, but could be more detailed for each actual cabin.