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Cliff Doyle
Dec 21, 2023
A bit daunted at first at the thought of putting together this log cabin myself but rest assured , it's straight forward to build as long as you have a good solid level base and follow the instructions .
It took 2 of us around 3 hours to build the main cabin carcass it really was easy, then I took the next couple of days fitting the roof and the roof shingles . You really do get more satisfaction from completing it yourself , I absolutely love my Log cabin and spend many an hour in there chilling .
I would recommend Tuin to anybody and would definitely say " build it yourself " or pay me £700 and I will come and build it for you
trevor gordon
Nov 14, 2023
well what can i say first of all a big thank you to all your support team i had to phone them a couple of times and they were very polite and very professional in answering my queries.The delivery went very and driver was very helpful,once unpacked and sorted it took 2 hours to put up diagrams were very easy to follow,very well made and excellent value for the money
Mr. Andrew Morris
Apr 11, 2023
Always Wanted a Log Cabin
Found Tuin online looked at the reviews
So I ordered the ulrik.
Super company the delivery driver was immense couldn't do enough to get my cabin to my property.
I wanted to build A Pub In my garden
It's totally amazing to say the least.
Everyone's who comes in for a Pint To watch the football or rugby Loves it we've had Some Great Evenings with the Family and Friends.
Highly recommended.
Mr. Andrew White
Feb 4, 2023
We spent sometime deciding on who to supply our log cabin and made the journey to your showroom - a 500 trip to make sure!
From ordering to the excellent delivery service we cannot praise Tuin enough. We put the cabin together over a long weekend and the quality of the entire kit is first rate - every piece went together well. The competed log cabin looks great and I would not hesitate to recommend Tuin
Mr. Ben Loggin
Jan 7, 2023
Excellent customer service, friendly and efficient. Great product. Easy to erect and looks fantastic
Mr. Nigel Purcell-Herbert
Nov 12, 2022
Ordering was easy, with prompt delivery and good communication. The Dutch driver of the huge lorry the cabin came in was brilliant. It went a bit down hill from there because I was supplied with 2 identical gable ends whereas one should have had a cutout for the door, but I only found this out after cutting a slice off the top of the door frame to make it fit and building the cabin. Tuin responded quickly to my emails, but did not identify straight away that I had been supplied with a wrong part (as far as I was concerned the gable ends looked like the drawings and simply assumed the door frame was made wrong). However, Tuin recognised it was their mistake and were very accommodating in providing a solution. I was disappointed that the doors had no seals, while the window did. I can fit door seals myself of course, but it seems penny pinching to not supply them. The only real criticism is the the poor instructions and over reliance on customers finding the information they need on the Tuin website, which isn’t easy to find. I consider that I assembled the log cabin despite the instructions rather than with them!
Charlie deane
Apr 16, 2022
Excellent service and delivery. Cabin is great quality and looks brilliant had so many good comments
David Page
Apr 27, 2021
Purchased the Ulrik log cabin after many weeks of researching. Placed order in early February and asked for a delivery in first week of April. The cabin arrived on the day requested with no problems at all. The day after delivery the cabin was erected by myself and two helpers, none of us have any particular carpentry skills, but found the assembly was a simple process. My wife and myself have after one week now treated the cabin, using the carefree clear treatment, and whilst expensive this really is a great product. The clear carefree treatment changes the appearance of the cabin to a light golden colour which is extremely attractive. All in all I am extremely happy with a quality product, that was easy to assemble and make an attractive addition to the the garden,
Dr. Charles Wood
Feb 15, 2020
This is a very substantial cabin and I would consider it good value. There were one or two problems which Turn were very quick to help with and for which they sent me a small refund.
My only gripe is that despite our best endeavours the doors have small gaps around them which negates somewhat the lovely, tight fitting, double glazed windows.
I would certainly not hesitate to recommend Tuin yo anyone buying a log cabin - and in fact have done so already.
Mr. paul curran
Nov 18, 2019
Delivery was easy driver was helpful and polite. The cabin is great easy to assemble. The quality is good looks great
Mrs. Caroline Ramstead
Oct 11, 2019
What a cracking log cabin. simple construction although diagrams were not complete. it only mentions the frame of the cabin but nothing about the roof. that said a simple phone call and it was sorted. i took my time with building it and am very pleased with the outcome. Even the kids helped with the build and painting. i would recommend Tuin products and customer service and wouldn't hesitate to use again. i will write a more detailed review with pictures very soon.
thanks again.
Jason Richmond
Mar 21, 2019
Just taken delivery of our new log cabin
From the start to getting it delivered has been brilliant. The driver rang before to let me know he was 1 hour away and he done we to get on my drive so thumbs up to him.i haven't had time to put up yet but looking at what I have received it is good quality wood
If I can I will post pictures when built
Many thanks

Mr. Lin Coxall
Jan 7, 2019
Delivery by the guy from the Netherlands was friendly and helpful. It proved impossible to do anything other than kerbside delivery but I have some really helpful neighbours so it didn't take long to unpack and move to the construction site. The build was surprisingly easy and straightforward and was complete, apart from shingles, in less than two working days by two people. Your advice about a level base was essential and as my decking had warped slightly, appropriate and regular packing pieces were used under the composite bearers to accommodate for up to 20mm in places. The only slight hitch is a discrepancy with the fit of the doors to the tune of 1mm. Nothing that a little attention with a plane cannot solve. Currently fitting the shingles with my son crawling over the roof, not me! The video was useful to plan this part of the job as shingle were new to me. I will use thicker bearers for the floor boards with polystyrene insulation, topped of with carpet and underlay. Thank you for a quality product. I shall enjoy fitting out with power and lighting running from it's own RCD.
Mark Lewington
Jan 3, 2019
I spent 6 months researching products and opted for a Tuin Ulrick Log Cabin. Although all the reviews said they are easy to assemble, I wondered how easy it would be. I have never attempted anything like this at all and spoke to a local carpenter and checked his availability in case I needed him and I was out of my depth.
Well, the cabin arrived all packaged up early December. The delivery driver was brilliant. He couldnt do enough to help to make sure he dropped it in exactly the right spot.
After a few days I braved it and opened everything up. A mate of mine said he could help me as he had a few days off. Neither of us have done this before.
By the end of one day, the whole cabin was pretty well up. I nailed the roof on in the second day and on day three we nailed the shingles on between us. I lost track of how many times we commented to each other at the quality of the parts and just how easy it was to assemble.
I put the floor in on the fourth day and then spent a few days staining the whole thing.
It looks stunning. Far better than I ever imagined. I now use it as an office in all weathers.
The Tuin staff can not do enough. I had a window latch missing so I e-mailed them and it arrived first class the following day.
I would have been really annoyed with myself if I had paid someone to assemble it as it was so easy and I actually really enjoyed it.
Just Brilliant Tuin. Well done!!
Neill Wicks
Sep 20, 2018
I am totally and utterly amazed at my purchase. From order to delivery the service is impeccable didn't need to worry about a thing. Even though a couple of parts were missing not a problem one email and they were delivered next day. If you need a summerhouse or shed look no further the best money can buy.
Noel Phillips
Aug 14, 2018
The log cabin was bought back in February and was built over the Easter weekend. It has slowly been added to since, the last remaining job is to install electrics which needs to be run 50m from the house to the end of the garden.
The cabin looks mighty impressive and I do believe it is a quality item. However, I have had a few issues which it appears that not many others have experienced. A month after the cabin had been erected I stated noticing gaps between the logs around the height of the door, this was spreading from left to right as you look at the cabin. Some to and fro from Tuin and they believe that the door was preventing the logs from settling down. We then set about removing the doors and as soon as we had done so the cabin suddenly cracked down into position. This solved the majority of the gaps that had been forming but Tuin instructed that I had to then cut an expansion gap into the log above the door. This was not a particularly easy job as I only had to a hand saw. This was quite frustrating because having paid for a cabin that should just need assembling I shouldn't have to modify it. Tuin have stated that they don’t know why our cabin has needed more of an expansion gap, but I do not believe an expansion gap existed as it was just appeared to be normal grooved log, perhaps they had forgot to include this expansion gap log and delivered a normal log instead? One of Richards’s blogs actually highlights this with a competitor’s log cabin, unfortunately this has happened on one of theirs as well.
Moving onto the blogs, this is clearly a wealth of information however, there is no obvious contents page of how to find the blogs, as some blogs are linked within other blogs (and sometimes within comments section as well), care also needs to be taken as Richards’s replies in comments provides more in-depth information which may provide a different interpretation of the content of previous blogs. Therefore read all the blogs, read all the linked blogs from within the blogs and comments section and then read all the comments. This may make you do things differently than if you had just read the main blog on that particular subject.
Overall the cabin looks really good, I think 4 star review is fair given the issues we have had with the gaps appearing, we still have one small gap that needs sorting however. I will provide a picture review once the electrics are installed in September.
Ms. Sara Wells
Jul 25, 2018
I got this log cabin for a garden office and couldn't be more pleased. The size and quality are great. I found Tuin over the internet and they were helpful and the prices fantastic. Very pleased.
Mrs. Maggie Smith
May 28, 2018
We couldn’t recommend Tuin enough; from the speedy response to my query emails at the beginning all the way through a simple ordering process to delivery. My husband and I built the log cabin, it seems confusing when you look at ALL the bits and instructions but it’s so simple and goes up so quickly. There’s more than enough information on the website should you come unstuck. We’d use TUIN again should we ever want anything more for our garden!
Mr. Steven James
May 10, 2018
I must say i was reticent to start with ordering a log cabin online. However from the point of order right up to the final shingle going on the cabin i have been impressed with Tuin. The delivery was exceptional, excellent communication and the driver and forklift got the pallet as close to my base as possible up my long winding drive.
I managed to put this up over a few evenings and then 2 mornings to do the roof and floor. I am very impressed with the quality and the final look of the cabin. We had to make a few modifications to the purlins as the cuts didn't quite go deep enough but in the scheme of things it went up so well considering im not a DIY expert. The few calls i made to the support team were answered very well and quickly. If i had the space i would buy another as a workshop! Highly Recommended.
Apr 8, 2018
Wonderful cabin. Very straightforward to install. Quality is fantastic. Barely a bow or twist in any of the logs, all fit together very well. Absolutely delighted with it
Matt G
Mar 17, 2018
I installed this cabin over a 3day weekend on my own and it was very straightforward. The pieces slot together like a jigsaw and it was weirdly fun to build. The quality is fantastic and the packaging and delivery were fantastic. Honestly, the delivery is a huge selling point, it was put down right in front of my house despite it being a difficult and narrow road and the driver gave some good hints and tips on the build. I went for the 27mm flooring which was very solid (can jump up and down on it if I so desired).
Mrs. karen dunstone
Oct 28, 2017
placing the order so simple, delivered on time rang to confirm 5 days before, and then 2 hours before deliverery.quality is amazing we ordered 45mm 3.8 by 3.8 took awhile to unpack and put in order. Took my husband 4 days to put up but now finished. Just had our first get together amazing. Our only complaint would be the lock not brilliant on the door.
Mr. Andrew Mitchell
Sep 28, 2017
Absolutely brilliant!
It has taken me a long time to get round to writing this review, mainly because I received the cabin in June. Since then I have had a 15m brick wall to dismantle and rebuild plus digging out and laying the base.
Assembling the cabin has been a delight. My wife and I laid the parts out on our lawn in order. Whilst I began assembly my wife treated the joints of each component with Ballentine Wood Preserver. That way we are assured the timbers are well protected.
Whilst waiting to build the cabin I have had ample time to research the assembly and have hardly had to read the instructions that came with the Ulrik whilst building it. I am now fixing the shingles and find the whole experience a pleasure.
Anyone who is thinking of purchasing a log cabin - get a Tuin. From the moment I shared a cup of tea with the wagon driver after he had skilfully unloaded it, to the moment I laid the foundation beams, to nailing the roof boards, the whole thing has been fun.
I reckon if I had to build one again I could do it on my own (with the odd hand) in a weekend.
Brilliant! Would highly recommend.
Mr. Steve Terrett
Sep 11, 2017
I shopped around for a log cabin but Tuin offered by far the best product at the best price and the free shingles offer was too good to miss. In addition the comprehensive website providing valuable guides on every aspect of the build from building a base to painting the finished cabin were invaluable.
I had been very concerned about the delivery of the cabin as my drive is raised and curved with a limited access surrounded by a brick wall. I had booked a day off work for the delivery and thought that I would be facing a kirb side delivery. As parking in my road can be restricted at times I felt that I would need to unpack the pallet and reload it manually on my drive.
Imagine my panic when I received a call at work the day before the delivery from the driver saying he was in the area and wanted to deliver the cabin in an hours time. I explained my concerns and that nobody was in and he immediatley put me at ease and said he would park up in my road and have a look. When he phoned me back after having a look he told me it would not be a problem at all, he was really laid back and obviously had seen it all before. He had parked about 5 minutes walk away as I had suggested he would not be able to turn his large lorry around in my quite tight road. My wife had just arrived home to see him driving the 5 metre package down the road on his Moffat forklift. My wife said it took him a couple of attempts but he amazingly managed to fit it on at an angle I thought impossible.
I cannot praise the delivery driver enough and was sorry I had not been there personally to thank him.
My Ulrik cabin is now erected, painted and ready to enjoy and I could not be happier with the quality and service Tuin provide.
Brian O'Connell
Apr 19, 2017
Finally got around to building the cabin after drafting in a couple of helpers. Took three of us (relatively competent DIYers) about 12 hours over two days to build. The main structure went together quite quickly, but it was the roof and floor that really took the time. Also the double doors took a considerable amount of time due to adjustments, but got there in the end. Overall, this is a very impressive cabin and looks great and well worth the effort. Don't be daunted by building it yourself as it is not as difficult as it seems, although my neighbours did learn a few new swear words, but hey, thats DIY. Highly recommended and great value. I looked at every other option before choosing Tuin, but was glad I did.
Mr. Darren Harvey
Mar 23, 2017
Ordered my cabin a month before and gave a delivery date the phone to confirm date and was delivered without a hitch.
Cabin is great quality and am very impressed. I had a few questions as I wanted to get the base right and they we re always quick and helpful in their response. It was very easy to put up the walls took about 2 hours to put up me and the wife and my friend helped me do the roof and shingle which took us a day to do
Would definitely recommend from start to first great product and service
Mrs. Mary Hughes
Feb 8, 2017
Prior to ordering my Ulrik 3.8m x 3.8m Cabin, I had a few questions about it and emailed Tuin. I always received a reply back. I ordered it for a certain week of delivery and received contact confirming delivery date. Delivery driver was very helpful and polite. Excellent looking and great quality Cabin and had plenty of nice comments about it. Fairly straight forward to build, 2 lads to half days work (in January) to get Up to putting roof on. I have recommend Tuin and the Cabin to others.
Mr Robert Fitzsimmons
Jan 7, 2017
I am over the moon with my cabin. Firstly the delivery river was really helpful and dropped my cabin as close to my garden as possible. When I opened the patch I was amazed at the quality of the materials.. The assembly instructions were a bit vague ( could have done with numbers )
But even so from start to finnish. All by myself I had the cabin built including the shingles on the roof in under 8 hours...
I would highly recommend this product and this company.
I am one very happy man..
Stephanie howarth
Dec 29, 2016
A fantastic shed, delivered when said instructions
On paper we're so-so but there was a brilliant online video. Went up very easily, absolutely
Perfect, the only thing missing were the 2 diamonds that fix front and back, which were sent immediately I said..even though it was just before Christmas. Exelkent quality, excellent service highly recommended. Many thanks.
Mr. Steven Caines
Jul 17, 2016
Great quality cabin, delivery went well & although a pack of flooring slabs was missing this was soon put right.
Recommended fitters also very professional.
Mrs. Helen Rigg
May 22, 2016
Tuin are brilliant to deal with and the process was simple and fast. We couldn't be happier with our cabin, its good quality and sturdy, yet great value. We have happily recommended Tuin already.
Mark Smith
Apr 25, 2016
Tuin Ulrik log cabin review
Beautiful sunny Sunderland.

We bought this summerhouse after much consideration and checking out other options and we are glad we did.
It arrived on the day it was expected and we were called by the delivery driver before to give us an exact time of arrival.
The package was unloaded by the delivery driver using a forklift and dropped exactly where we wanted it.
We were a bit daunted at first by the package but found it easy to unpack and the instructions were easy to understand.
The building procedure was easy (just make sure your foundations are 100% level} and my wife and myself put it together over a weekend with no issues other than the roof beams were a little awkward to position (recommend 3 people for this )
It took us another 5-6 hours to put on the shingles because this was the first time we had done anything like this and another hour for barge boards etc.
We left it for 2 days before we treated the wood using good quality preservative etc
(Do not stint on this,it seems expensive but then the cabin is worth protecting) and tried both pressure spray and large brushes both simple and equally fast.

We then opted for natural wood floor on suitable joists (recommend at least 4" x 2" joists and no more than 16" apart for a good quality finish) remember to get electric cables and insulation installed before you lay floor.
We applied 3 coats of good quality floor varnish which took all day (roughen surface with 100 grit sandpaper between coats for a better finish.
The end result after approx 41/2 days work doing 5- 6 hours a day was a cabin which we are proud of and which lets us use more of the garden as outdoor living.
The quality of the materials and the thought put into the design make these an ideal choice and it looks as if it will be long lasting (unlike many cabins we had looked at before).
Don't be afraid to do it yourself because if we can do it then anyone can .
Mar 29, 2016
Great cabin, well worth the money, wouldn't hesitate to buy from them again.
John Harvey
Mar 17, 2015
really pleased with the whole process,delivery was brilliant the driver brought the pallet all the way up the drive on a forklift to exactly where i wanted. i didn't open the packaging for 10 days after delivery but everything was fine it all slotted together really well and so quick.the roof although pretty straight forward took me a lot longer about 5hrs including the shingles and barge boards i would get help next time.the finished cabin looks great ,we are looking forward to the summer now.i wouldn't hesitate to order from tuin again.
Mr. Bruce Johnstone
Mar 13, 2015
I recently bought the Ulrik cabin, and I must say I'm really impressed . The staff were very helpfull ,and explained to me all my options. The product is good , goes together easily , delivery was on time. I can honestly recommend this company for a great log cabin.
Mrs. J. Webster
Jul 26, 2013
Delivered within the stated time. Driver very helpful. Although the packaging appeared to be weatherproof, when opened the middle part of the stack was wet through. We were able to dry them out as the weather was good. Not sure how we would've coped in inclement weather? The assembly of the summer house was easily done by the 2 of us, although we did have the benefit of professional woodworking tools. The bolted door was badly twisted, There were barely enough shingles, in fact not enough for the recommended 2 layer1st row. Overall we were impressed with the quality of the wood given it's status. The machining of the joints were 1st rate. We are very happy now we have finished & painted it. We would recommend this product.