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Mar 17, 2019
Lovely cabin, really easy to put up. However, instructions aren’t that clear on putting the shingles on/the finishing touches eg the slats on the windows/doors. But it is a lovely cabin.
Tuin reply: Thank you for your review. It's great to hear your have a lovely cabin. We try to give very comprehensive instructions here: these are linked from every cabin page and also sent with every order confirmation. There are videos on almost every aspect of install. We are sorry if these were not clear enough. Please let us know how the information can be improved.

Regarding the shingles each packet has comprehensive instructions on them, please also see the videos here: they are also in the main advice page linked above.

Thank you again for your review.
Dr Martin Thomas
Feb 20, 2019
We found you following a web search after a dire experience at a local competitors outlet, where they wanted my full contact details before even letting me in, and only then with a “chaperone” to show me around! All very high pressure, so no way! Dealing with you has been far more relaxed and pleasant, and your products look more upmarket anyway. We wanted a nice big summerhouse, and the Gijs originally caught my eye but once I saw the Torsten, nothing less would do. This is a really substantial product, and well worth the extra money even though it was more than we originally intended to spend on the structure itself. By the time you factor in the time and cost of proper site preparation including a decent concrete base and getting power out there, as well as that of the assembly itself, the difference is really not so great though. We also had an experienced team to put it up, leaving me time to do what I'm good at in order to pay for it, but it really didn't look at all difficult. My main recommendation, as they made to me, is to take the time to treat the wood with at least one coat before assembly, as that way you get it well into the joints and won't see any shrinkage lines if the wood dries. They weren't so keen on what they felt was the high threshold for the door, but it's no problem for us, and also gives the option of a decent wooden floor with maybe a bit of insulation underneath, although just the concrete is fine at least for now. The only issue we had during construction was that one of the logs had a couple of superfluous machining cutouts in it (clearly not intentional), but we managed to do some near-invisible mending using spare packing offcuts. In use, the cabin is really nice. The big verandah in particular is a great feature, as it lets us sit outside during the rain as well as the all-too-rare sunshine. We also added some paling-style “side fencing” to the two ends, which finishes it off very nicely. Thank goodness ...... ..... were so awful, otherwise we wouldn't have ended up with something so nice!
Martin Craven
Apr 11, 2016
Our new Garden Office and treatment room. A genuine alternative to renting or building an extension.

Superb quality, easy to assemble. Excellent support and customer service. The finished product looks amazing.

Very professional delivery service. The office comes flat packed on a lorry that has a fork lift on the back. Happy to share pics etc

Thank you very much. Highly recommended. Our friends all want one.

Martin and Jules
Paul Burgess
Dec 2, 2015
Torsten plus annexe and Gier ordered with delivery as agreed. Driver delivered them to my rear garden as requested. I have only constructed the Torsten so far but it is of good quality with no missing parts. Support services have been extremely helpful with speedy responses to my numerous queries. I am very pleased with my choice and feel I have made the right decision in buying from Tuin.
Mr. Nicholas Price
Jul 29, 2015
Dear Tuin
I would be delighted to give you my comments on our lovely Tuin Torsten garden house.
Perhaps I can start with a little bit of background to our Tuin project. Last October we bought a virtually derelict bungalow on a beautiful plot of over 1 acre situated on the North Downs in the middle of Hampshire, England. We bought the plot with planning permission to demolish the bungalow and build a custom- designed luxury 4-bedroom eco-home. We are now living in the derelict bungalow but have submitted a revised application to demolish half of the bungalow and build the house on the demolished footprint and some of the garden – we will live in the remainder of the bungalow during the build and will knock it down when the new house is finally habitable. As we progressed the planning process we realised that knocking down what currently is used as a dining room/study/ conservatory was going to make our daily lives challenging to say the least – particularly as I am a self-employed finance manager and do a lot of work from home! So we decided that a garden house wasn’t just a nice thing to do after we finished building the house but had an essential function to act as my home office during the build. And we found Tuin on the web offering just what we had in mind. So we ordered a Tuin Torsten log cabin.
I have just completed the project to a point where the cabin is watertight but still requires installation of the flooring, electrics and floor/roof insulation and final external treatment . I can honestly say that this is the biggest and BEST DIY project I have ever undertaken and the result has consistently exceeded our expectations.
Ordering the cabin was a breeze and the communication from Tuin in respect of the order was excellent. I do remember chuckling when I received a phone call from Holland to arrange delivery and the joke was that all good things come from Holland – clogs, tulips, Royal Dutch Bacon and now beautiful log cabins!
I was very impressed by the delivery itself. A 40ft articulated truck arrived down a very small country lane driven by a very professional and courteous driver. He had to reverse his truck some fifty meters which he did without once “snaking” the trailer and he then unloaded two huge pallets (each over 6m in length) using his demountable Moffett forklift with commensurate ease – very impressive.
I looked at the two enormous pallets now sitting on my drive and had to wonder if I had bitten off more than I could chew. But I went back to the Tuin website and the various written instructions and related video clips reinforced the Tuin view that anyone with basic DIY skills can build a Tuin cabin. So I booked the ground works contractor to construct the base. And I had another great customer-service experience as he knew exactly what he had to do, when to do it and he gave us a cabin footprint that was picture perfect and absolutely level.
So the day of reckoning arrived when I had to unpack the two imposing pallets and install the kit. Assisted by a friend’s 18 year old son (and I am nearly 55) we had the whole cabin up and watertight in 2 ½ days. The kit was brilliant and beautifully engineered. I had expected to find something missing or, worse, badly damaged in transit with the double glazed doors and windows being prime suspects, But every component was in the pack and virtually flawless. I was left with no shortfall or surplus in components, save two surplus roof boards and I was one pack short of roof shingles ( so I have still to finish the ridge tiles – which might be my fault by installing them with too great an overlap on each row).
My family have posted Tuin’s/My efforts on Facebook and ,around family and friends, the project and my DIY prowess appear to have gone viral.
We have still to complete the project which will include some very fancy external and internal wall lighting but what is already in situ is stunning.
So Tuin - you get 9 out of 10 for your performance . Why not ten out of ten? Well everybody benefits from a little constructive criticism, so here you go:
1) When scheduling delivery I was asked if I could take delivery of the kit on the following Thursday afternoon. When I said that this was difficult it became clear that timing of delivery was not really optional, so I agreed to the Thursday slot. I then received a phone call asking if I could accept delivery on Friday morning to which I agreed as that is what I asked for originally. On the Thursday afternoon at around 4.00pm I received a mobile phone call from the delivery driver informing me that he was just an hour away from making delivery. This caused a rush on my part as was Iwas also an hour away working on site for one of my clients.
2)I ordered composite material foundation beams in preference to their timber alternatives. They turned up looking like something off a banana boat – they were all bent/warped which could only have been the result of poo
Sandra Beves
Jun 10, 2014
My Torsten Log Cabin is exactly how I imagined it would be, looks amazing & is great quality for the price, I'm pleased I chose the 54mm double glazed one. I highly recommend it. The door & window handles could be better quality but overall a marvellous addition to our property. All our family, friends, & neighbours admire it. Thank you Tuin & your great team.