Tongue and Groove 28mm Timber

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Mr. Iain Paterson
Jun 23, 2021
Great service and fantastic delivery. Unfortunately sizes are totally unclear am I ended up with a totally inadequate piece of wood. I think a bit more transparency in sizing would be good. Can’t fault otherwise.
Michael Kjenstad
Jun 10, 2021
Ordered sample. Arrived quickly and exactly what I was expecting. Quality of timber good. Will now order what I need to repair my summerhouse.
Mr. John Allen
Dec 20, 2020
I had to buy a sample, & payP&P. It took so long to arrive that in the meantime I made my own logs for the extension I had planned and now You ask me to review your service, Amazing cheek on your behalf. I really Did not want to give you even the 1 star I appear to need to give for you to accept my review.
Tuin reply: Thank you for your review, we are sorry the sample piece of wood did not arrive quickly enough. We did experience quite a few issues this year which affected our service at some points. We apologise for any inconvenience.
Mr. Paul Heminsley
Dec 18, 2020
The wood was perfect for my project to make a custom size external door. Great service, delivered on time.
Jim tracey
Jul 21, 2020
Part of the timber was delivered like a banana have tried contacting many time but the company has not bothered to reply I would use with caution very poor customer service
Tuin reply: Thank you for your review. We have had some difficulties during the pandemic with huge demand and lower staff levels as staff are sick or self isolate. We apologise for any inconvenience caused to you but are clearing the backlog and all emails will be responded to and any replacements needed will be sent.
Tim Reeve
Oct 14, 2018
This took longer to arrive at Tuin than expected so I collected the remaining part of the order. Tuin arranged free delivery of this timber when it arrived at Brooke a couple of days later. Excellent quality and service.
Andrew Schofield
Sep 9, 2018
Faultless through the whole process of ordering to taking delivery. The quality of the timber is excellent and it came well packaged. I would not hesitate to use Tuin again and would recommend them to anyone.
Richard Stock
Jul 13, 2018
I decided to build my own summerhouse to fit the space I had available, rather than buy one as a flat pack. I used 28mm treated tongue and groove from Tuin to build the walls onto my frame of recycled 4x2 joists. It would have been easier and probably cheaper, and certainly quicker to buy a flat pack but it didn't fit the space. the timber from Tuin was mostly very good straight and uniform but a few were warped. It was easy to select the few warped ones to use as short lengths. The ordering and delivery was easy and the staff were excellent. They even gave me helpful advice on the roof structure. I have already recommended Tuin to a friend.
Allan Linford
Jan 31, 2018
Needed some 28mm tongue and groove to replace some planks on my sons 2nd hand log cabin he had just bought.
They exactly matched the dimensions and image on their website with strong tapered T&G . Had to take a tiny amount off the tongue where I joined to the original logs/planks.
Very pleased as they are already treated and they had them waiting for me to collect.
Very easy to deal with, very polite.
Jan 8, 2018
A really good product . I'm using it for external shutters
Alan Frary
Oct 27, 2017
timber was of avery good quality,but I didn't get the 8- 4.2mtr. lengths I had ordered and wasn't told that had in fact been given 3.6 mtr lengths.Iwas told that I had been given an extra one for being a good customer.In fact I was 1.2 mtrs.short of total length that I ordered.This meant that I had to alter the design of the gates which were required to be 2.1mtrs high.NOT overly impressed to say the least.
Richard Ford
Oct 1, 2017
The timber arrived on time and was well packaged with no damage. It was good quality with only minimal warping on a couple of lengths, which was easily straightened during installation. I would recommend this product.
Don Wilkinson
Sep 20, 2017
Ordered the tongue and groove timber for a personal garden construction project. Due to the relatively low value of the goods I opted to collect the items. As you can imagine collecting long lengths of timber is not easy especially as I only needed them to be 1800mm for my project. No problem said Tuin you can cut them on site and even assisted by providing a quiet area and some saw benches for me to use. Great service that I would highly recommend.
About the product. It has proven to be a very high quality timber which I anticipate will have great weathering durability. Tuin even provided extra lengths free of charge should any damage have occurred during storage or transport on their site.
Ian Brooks
Aug 12, 2017
We wanted to install an acoustic fence between our house and the main road to reduce traffic noise. These are really expensive, but a little research tells us that they can be built by a DIY'er. To block the noise you need thick wooden boards with absolutely no gaps. Tuin 28mm tongue and groove boards are perfect. I bought 84 sq metres for a 42m fence, and I am very pleased with the timber. It's straight and all good, every piece slotted together well. The fence itself works very well, taking 10dB off the noise (halving it). Tuins service was very good. I always think the measure of s good company is how problems get solved. In my case there was a mix up over delivery and billing address', probably my fault. But it was solved on the day with no fuss. Perfect. We are very happy with the fence and very happy with the service.
Martin Drake
Nov 23, 2016
Very pleased with this timber, came well wrapped with extra end protection. al of it straight and true. Not having used this stuff before I was concerned whether the toungue and grooving would fit together easily over the 4.2metre length. All fears allayed it was a perfect easy fit, just like building with lego. Brilliant product many thanks
Graeme Clayton
Oct 10, 2016
Very good service, friendly and helpful with advice. The 28mm T&G is a great product, solid and true and I expect I'll be coming back for more.
Philip Venables
Apr 18, 2016
I recently ordered 7 lengths of 28mm tongue and groove timber. My order was excellently packed to prevent damage and arrived exactly on time.
Excellent service from Tuin.
Nov 29, 2015
I ordered second time your productiona and very happy with price , quality, communication and delivery.
Oct 13, 2015
We recently purchased 438m of 28mm thick tongue & groove timber in 3.6m & 4.2m lengths. It was all good quality, arrived well packed, when promised, and the delivery driver went out of his way using the fork lift to put the timber where required.
Mr. Darren Hollard
Aug 26, 2014
good quality timber, far superior to other tongue and groove that i checked out. delivery was very prompt also.