Southampton Log Cabin 5.4 x 5.4m

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Garth Way
Jul 12, 2023
Thanks to the delivery man for taking it the last 500m!
Terry Morton
Dec 30, 2020
very pleased with the southampton cabin. the delivery driver was very helpful and made life easy. I had builders put the shed together. they said there was no problems and it was a great system. better than others they had worked on.
used as a bar/games room so has kept the family sane through the lockdown.
Very impressed with Tuin as a company and will recomend to others.
Mick Stevens
Jun 18, 2019
I bought a Southampton Log cabin from Tuin in July 2016, it's been erected and used for almost 3 years now. The delivery was excellent, the forklift having to move the pallet about 400m from where the lorry could access. Once delivered it took a couple of months for us to get the base and other stuff sorted, but the actual build of the cabin took less than 4 hours. I added under floor insulation and constructed a secondary roof and insulated as well.

We've had a few shingles blow off in the high winds the last couple of years but with plenty of spares we've replaced the ones that got too damaged. I recommend some strong glue or gutter fix type solvent to secure exposed elevations. The cabin has been water tight and retains warmth from the oil radiator we use.

After 3 years we've had no issues apart from the shingles. I'd recommend so much we're about to buy another cabin from Tuin!
Mr. William Christie
May 19, 2019
Got the Southampton log cabin delivered mid April 2019, looked at numerous other companies and decided to opt for Tuin as they had good reviews and don't take any money until your delivery date is confirmed ,I think there was a small delay but I didn't mind as I liked the look of there cabins and the communication was excellent.The cabin was delivered on time and my wife said the bloke couldn't have been more helpful.It was a hard shift moving the 2 pallets of wood and separating into different parts but that was as hard as it got,most part where easy to identify and it took 2 of us about 2 hrs to do this .My base was a wooden one and I got it as level as I could. The walls and roof fitted together very easily as did the doors and windows ,anybody with some diy experience can do this. The roof was finished with shingles which gives a far superior finish and I think will last a long time.Im delighted with my log cabin and glad I built it myself and I'd say go for it a pick a Tuin one the quality of the Southampton Cabin with 58mm wall is fantastic for the price and I would definitely recommend.
Mr. Martin Hall
Jun 4, 2018
I bought a Southampton log cabin from Tuin in March of 2018 and it has proved to be an excellent decision.
The cabin is of excellent quality and is now an impressive element of my property.
Delivery, down a rather awkward drive, was exactly as described on the website – the driver could not have been more helpful or efficient.
Overall instructions were excellent however I did struggle with the doorframe. Sadly the instructions were a little thin/contradictory and the frame pieces were not marked up as I had been led to believe. It has now all gone together and it was actually quite easy to remove and adjust the frame before the higher logs went on (my fault for not making sure it was right before I put it in!). I would recommend trying to find a photo of a completed unit.
The help video on the website was excellent and very informative; it really made the task seem familiar despite not building a cabin or using shingles before.
I experienced very little in terms of warped/ twisted or split logs – they slotted together easier than some children’s building toys! I am over 60 and completed the shed myself with the exception of a little initial sorting which my wife helped with (she also helped with the door frame) and the placement of the apexes/purlins for which I enrolled the family for some muscle!
I had ordered the curved shingles, which look excellent now on; although I felt they were not ideal for the ridge. I contacted Tuin and their representative, Ben, agreed they were harder to use for the ridge but generously provided me with a pack of the hexagonal tiles which are ideal for the task (for the cost of a series of photos! I also ordered more stain for future years).
I ordered and used the composite profiled foundation beams. If I were to start over I do not think I would use these – they were a little warped and have continued to move/expand/contract making a need for further silicone seals – they do look good though!
I ordered the Embadecor timber stain from Tuin – this seemed extremely expensive but I felt their advice had been so good I would try it for the first coats. Although it seemed very thin it has covered very well and four small (2.5 ltr.) tins have covered the entire outside of the shed twice and the window and door frames inside as well; it also seems very weatherproof. I have also been very happy with the choice of colour – rustic oak – which has brought out the grain/knots attractively.
The shed has now been completed for several weeks – there has been some movement (as Tuin said there would be) – to date there has not been any movement that is too concerning. The logs have dried out and moved a little (hot May after a very wet early spring).
I would thoroughly recommend this company and the Southampton Cabin, I am very happy with the product, the service and the support.
Thank you Tuin, particularly Ben who was very helpful with some enquires I raised.
Mr. Malcolm Schrantz
Jun 9, 2017
Very pleased with my purchase of the Southampton log cabin. Delivery went well, packaging and quality of items great. Plans and online instructions easy to follow. Has taken about a week for two non skilled individuals to put up and roof (could have been quicker if weather had not hindered roof shingles being added). Would recommend that your base is in place before delivery and to set out items in order of how they will be built as these eased process of building. Many thanks tuin.
Mr. richard davies
Apr 2, 2016
A very well built cabin. Superb quality. Tuin has all the fitting info on the website which guided me through this build. The cabin was delivered with a broken window but the fault was rectified with no problems. Highly recommend the company.
Dave Cox
Apr 17, 2014
From the first email contact right through to the delivery, I have been very impressed with your friendly and efficient service, including your patience while I faffed about the delivery dates! In an age when customer service is sadly lacking, you have shown what good service is all about. Also, I must say that the cabin is absolutely top-quality and building it was a pleasure. I have sent a picture of the finished cabin.

I will definitely be recommending you to all my associates and friends.