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Mr. Vicky Jackson
Jan 4, 2024
5* service at all times, delivered on time, every piece of wood was measured perfectly, no large knots or warped, went up like a dream, couldn't be happier, would recommend to anyone
thanks Tuin
Sep 9, 2022
It was easy to research on your website the options we had. However, even easier because we were recommended by two different households that live in our village !! Everything came as promised and very well wrapped. Your recommended installers were able to install the cabin within a very short time and did an excellent job. Although it is now winter we have made it very cosy with sofas and rugs and a heater and spend time out there even in the cold weather. Glad we chose to have the floor too
Alex Grove
Sep 12, 2020
I had been meaning to build a cabin for a while and lockdown provided the perfect opportunity.

I ended up choosing a Tuin cabin because of their positive reviews, but mainly due to all the additional guidance that is provided on the website. This gave me the confidence that I could do this myself and allowed me to get all the extra materials (such as a damp proof course and membrane, insulation, roof sealant) and tools in prior to delivery of the cabin.

The Soren cabin fitted my needs for a home office since it had plenty of windows to give light, plenty of space, relatively thick logs (giving insulation in the winter) and was relatively easy to build.

Delivery was very easy; the driver parked on the road adjacent and brought the pallet to the road outside my house via a forklift truck and it was just a case of carrying everything round the back, which took an evening.

I had paid some local builders to extend an existing concrete base (with 3.5 tons of materials!), meaning I had a very flat starting surface. Following the online guides and included instructions I spent the first morning laying my damp proof course, the sacrificial logs on top and then the first actual logs. After these, the rest of the walls went up quickly, finishing that afternoon,

I spent my second day getting the roof beams in place and completed around half of the roof slats (these were time consuming when working alone!). My third day allowed me to finish the roof slats, add the facia boards and cut the roof insulation to size (per the Tuin online guide), ready for the shingles.

My fourth day I spent fitting the roof insulation and shingles, which were easy to fit if a little time consuming. The fifth day was fitting the doors, installing a damp proof membrane, laying the floor bearers, fitting insulation between them, running electric and ethernet cables around the floor bearers and finally fitting the floorboards. Since I wanted to use the cabin as an extra room I had opted for the thicker floorboards from Tuin and they look fantastic!

I used the clear protectant supplied by Tuin on the outside of the cabin, doors and inside window frames. It went on very easily, but took a couple of days to finish the four coats recommended by Tuin (I used four 2.5 litre tubs. The covering appears quite thick and it still looks as good as new after four months.

I spent another day fitting sockets, lighting and ethernet ports and hooking it all up to the steel wire armoured power and ethernet cable runs back to the house via a small MCB. After that I have been working out there every workday since; since it is in the shade it remained very cool throughout the hot spell and it has been great to look out onto the garden rather than working at my dining room table!

I have recently added guttering to both sides; I found the rain running off was hitting the bare earth on one side and causing a lot of mud to spray up the sides of the cabin. The guttering has greatly reduced this, and it now collects into a couple of water buts behind the cabin hooked up to an irrigation system. I also had a good amount of leftover wood, which I used to build a large shelving unit for the cabin, and a cupboard around the fuse box, router and burglar alarm to keep these hidden away.

Overall I am very happy with this cabin; I have never tried a project of this magnitude before, but Tuin’s service was great, especially delivery and all the online guidance and advice. The product was easy to install, everything fitting together perfectly and pretty easy instructions to follow. The shingles especially make it look like a proper building, and are much more attractive than your standard shed felt. I think the best bit for me is the smell of the wood; I don’t think I’ll ever tire of opening it up every morning and getting that wonderful scent.
Neil Gregory
Feb 11, 2020
Extremely pleased with our summer house, good quality and looks great. Great delivery service, with the large package taken exactly where we wanted it placed.
Mr. Wayne Kelham
Aug 14, 2019
Superb cabin, it really did slot together. Everything was just as they said it would be. Very pleased quality is excellent and the service perfect. Amazing value for money!
Sian Jenkins
Jul 25, 2019
The cabin was delivered on time by a very helpful driver and it was well wrapped. Took our time to read the instructions and watch the videos so putti g it together was quite easy. It was just me and my husband. I was the brains and he was the brawn. It took 2 days. It looks fabulous a really good quality but I do think the facias let it down a bit just a minor point, maybe they could make something a bit more ornate of a better standard to match the rest of the cabin. In the middle of painting it now and looking forward to getting some fancy stuff in there. Highly recommend it for price and quality
Mr. Steven Reardon
May 7, 2019
The staff are very polite and informative with some great advice, I was impressed from the start, The cabin arrived on time and the driver was helpful and friendly, I found the build easy and fast, we had one twisted log that took a bit of a fight to get straight but besides that I am happy with the product and the instructions were easy to follow
Tony Dando
Dec 9, 2018
I bought the Soren cabin back in June, all went together so easily, done most of the assembly myself except for the bits above head height which my partner helped me with, all went together so easily, Very good quality, so so pleased with it.
The guys at Tuin are so helpfully.
Don't look anywhere else guys, it really does do what it says on the tin.
Thanks Tuin
Jul 13, 2018
Great product, great price.
Any problems we had our calls / emails were answered exceptionally quickly
Mr. Michael Bates
May 24, 2017
Absolutely delighted with the cabin that we have bought. The service information and support that we were given during the and after of our cabin has been second to none.

went to a number of different suppiler and did a lot of research and would definetly recommend the cabin great quaity and very easy to install and as they say YOU can do it on you own but happy to support.

The cabin it self is everything we wanted and has been better than we could have possibly hoped.

Have friends who have now cant wait to order there own.

Bill Thomson
Mar 28, 2017
Very happy with product, delivery went without a hitch and driver was most helpful. The assembly of the log cabin went without any dramas, everything fitted as it should. One thing though, tile quantity was tight , only had 3 half tiles left.The cabin is not quite finished yet , but will send you pictures when completed, I think you'll like it.
Mrs. Valerie Burwood
Jan 23, 2017
We deliberated for many months about getting a Summer House and undertook weeks of research on suitable suppliers but we kept coming back to Tuin because of their quality and choice of product, the price, supporting information and the glowing reviews of their customer service. We eventually took the plunge and are pleased to say that Tuin lived up to expectations. Delivery was going to be tricky because access was via single track roads and a rough lane and one piece of advice to anyone facing the same situation is to do some homework and find places an artic lorry can park, reverse and turn as close to the property as possible and have a Plan A, Plan B and Plan C ! On the day parking and turning the artic lorry went OK but the little truck couldn't make it up the steep hill. We finally managed delivery with Plan C but having thought about and developed alternative plans avoided a great deal of time, stress and hassle on the day. The available support information and tutorials meant we were able to get a suitable base in place before delivery and when the cabin arrived we felt confident that we knew what to do. There was some damage to some of the components (it looked as if the package had been hit by the prongs of the fork lift truck) but Customer Services were excellent and had every thing sorted out quickly. Two of us erected the cabin over 3 days without any major problems and the help of the 'out of hours' service, who responded within minutes, and it is greatly admired by people passing by the garden. The only small quibble I have is that the flooring does not appear to be anywhere near the quality of the cabin itself and if I had known I probably would have sourced it from elsewhere. Overall, an excellent product for an extremely competitive price and an excellent company to deal with - don't bother looking elsewhere !
Mr. Nicholas Hudson
Aug 7, 2016
A really pleasant buying experience - great product great service and a company with good old fashioned values. As to the build itself - took exactly 17 hours with me and a helper who was a shop fitter /chippie by trade which helped as he had some lovely kit! we needed to make 2 quick calls to Tuin to confirm what we were doing was right (the top roof beam did not slot in enough and we had to chisel out a further 5mm on both ends and the eaves did not look like the ones shown in the video). All sorted by quick friendly advice - nothing was too much trouble, Its like ikea furniture - once you get a grip of the fixings its so much easier the next time. The slab base was not as level as I thought (not Tuins fault) so had to pack it a bit to get the foundation beams level. This was a pain as it meant the floor beams also had to be packed up too in places. We both didnt fully get the idea of the floor beam stucture in general but we sorted it. Cant say I really enjoyted that part of the job. All in all a very pleasant and fulfilling job. Just got to paint it now !
Main Tip - Like they say - Get that base really level !
Mr. G Bull
Jul 8, 2016
Having reviewed various log cabin designs and visited most of the garden centres in my local county. I kept on being drawn to the Tuin site from mainly other customer reviews thinking is this to good to be true, also the very comprehensive web site with all off the hints and tips. Finally we took the plunge and engaged Tuin ordering the Soren log cabin having built a 4x4mtr base this was the ideal solution. The delivery was seamless and on time be aware you need an area at least 5mtrs long to store the package dropped off by a mini fork lift truck from the rear of the truck. Identifying the parts is a doddle and once the bearers laid out and the first row of logs installed you will be amazed how quick this goes up. I started building one Friday afternoon and was fitting the shingles on the roof on the Sunday being helped by my son over the weekend. The end result looks fantastic I have painted the outside with Cuprinol coloured paints recommended for log cabins cream with black highlights around doors and windows. In fact it has taken longer to paint/treat the wood than build however it has been an enjoyable experience and now I have my man cave and home office, you can gauge from my review I would thoroughly recommend Tuin if you are considering making this kind of purchase
Mrs. Julie McLean
Jul 7, 2016
Like many I spent a lot of time researching log cabins on the net and locally until I found Tuin. So pleased I did! The ordering and delivery of product was faultless. Packing was brilliant. Once unpacked everything was clearly labeled and the walls went up really quickly. Do make sure base is truely level as we did have some problems which we resolved by using slate! The builder thought it was excellent quality and nothing missing or damaged. With the shingles this is easily half the price of a local garden centre co. Do take time to watch videos on site as really useful. So pleased with it and can't wait to put some treatment on it. Will recommend to anyone.
Mr. peter schneider
Jun 22, 2016
We are very very pleased with this log cabin, it is excellent quality, easy to follow assembly instructions and the delivery was spot on as were the sales staff. We would highly recommend this company to anyone. Many thanks to all involved.
Mr. Ronald Taylor
Jan 19, 2016
Very pleased with the log cabin. Assembly instructions did not mention hard wood base pieces but soon worked out their purpose. Great structure & assembly straightforward. Delivery was fast & efficient service with amazing equipment to place cabin pack exactly where we asked.
Mr. Ronald Taylor
Sep 18, 2015
Excellent product my only concern was the doors and windows construction which I feel could be easier to install if designed as similar the annexe door construction
Mr. Carl Brown
Jun 28, 2015
Ordered the Soren cabin and delivered two weeks later payment was not taken until delivery date given as stated.The delivery driver and his machine were brilliant put the large pallet exactly where we wanted on the drive if you are careful unwrapping the pallet you get a large plastic sheet ideal to put on the lawn to set all the pieces on ready for the build.We ordered the impregnated profiled base as an extra.The build itself was fairly straight forward although it was confused slightly by extra logs on the pallet but soon sorted, you have to put the window cladding on as you build so you can slot the window and doors in as you build. They reply to all emails very quickly. Finished the build had to sent for extra window boards as not enough supplied to do the tops and bottoms of the doors and windows and timber under the eaves to hang the facia off even using some of the odd bits of packing timber but Tuin sent it in a couple of days. Just finished fitting the roofing shingles and coating with stain and it really looks good.
Built by just my wife and myself it's quite easy to do we are both in our mid sixties and once finished very satisfying.