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Graham shemmings
Feb 15, 2024
It does exactly as it says on the tin excellent product and service, couldn't ask for more
Aug 28, 2023
not installed yet but good and helpful service from Tuin. can't understand why the kit contains no instructions at all in English? Tuin send then when you ask.
Mr. Philip Hamilton-Grierson
Jul 7, 2023
The product that arrived was similar to but a different make from the one shown on the website. The awning itself was a darker (biscuity) colour rather than beige / sand. It also had slightly different dimensions (narrower) and three hanging wires as opposed to four. With the right power tools it was not too hard to install, it seems robust enough and does its job. My main disappointment is that the fabric came out of the pack quite crumpled and because it’s polyurethane I don’t think it will ever de-crease. Also the eyelets from which it hangs on the overhead wires were not evenly spaced, so when it is folded up it doesn’t hang evenly. Essentially, it does its job but it doesn’t look 100% sharp and elegant.
Mr. Peter Field
Jul 4, 2023
We are very pleased with this concertina shade and its wire mountings and pulley opening system. We had built our wooden pergola and the 3m width of this shade is ideal.
We were nervous of the instructions ( in UK) as all the written instructions are in Dutch, but having watched the video repeatedly we managed it without problem. Thus far the shade has been sturdy and tree debris brushes off the fabric pleats without problem
We wife has wanted a pergola for some time and this shade has leant an ideal finishing touch
Gerald Grech
Jun 28, 2023
Very pleased with excellent service and advice given to me when I called. Awning was delivered very quickly and excellent quality.
Information sheet would be helpful if available in English, but your video was very helpful. Well worth the money
Maxine Perry
Jun 9, 2023
I was very pleased with the quick delivery of the awning. It is now up and I am pleased with it. The instructions were all im dutch and it would be helpful if they were in English. It is providing much needed shade and is very effective.
Apr 4, 2023
Great value product. I was considering a retractable wall awning to go under my pergola but it was too expensive and required quite a bit of space under the frame. The Tuin at 5m was perfect for my needs and the brown colour goes well with the timber frame. Needs 2 people to set up but video provided was helpful. Would recommend.
Philip N Clarke
Oct 16, 2022
We had been searching for some time for a blind for a rather large skylight in our kitchen-dining room - on sunny days, the room was becoming unbearably hot. A blind company had quoted us around £8,000 for a motorised blind since the size (around 3m x 3m) meant that it would have to be a commercial quality installation. After some searching we found this retractable awning which seemed to be the right size and looked as if it would be a good aesthetic fit for the room. At £300 it seemed a bargain! We were not disappointed: installation was fine although the tensioning of the wires was a little tricky due to the sheer size. The blind has worked wonders and keeps the room much cooler in sunny conditions; it also looks great in the room and adds character. This isn't quite the intended purpose of the awning but it worked for us as a much cheaper alternative to a commercial blind. The blind company were extremely impressed when they saw it installed and now have your website details!
Miss. Jemma Smallman
Sep 7, 2022
This product was delivered quickly and was very easy to install. The fabric and wire components were good quality and easy to use.
Mr. Douglas Fernandes
Jul 28, 2022
The sliding awning was super easy to put up using the video instructions on my tablet. The product itself is of high quality and light in weight though very robust

It really compliments the pergola I built

Delivery did exceed the time though brexit could be the cause as the item was coming from Holland so I guess extra paperwork was in order.

I would purchse again from Tuin
Lee Hilton
Jul 18, 2022
Excellent shade very simple wire system that works perfectly, the alli stiffeners are a must for stability. Recommended
Mrs. Madeleine Stamvik
Jul 6, 2022
We've purchased the Sliding Garden Shade Awning and fitting kit. A bit fiddly to put up, but the instructions are clear. The awning and kit is very good quality and looks great over our outdoor kitchen, being able to retract the awning when lightning the BBQ is a great bonus.
Mr. Bruce Siddorn
Aug 5, 2021
What a fabulous product. Comprehensive package of fittings, well manufactured components
clear fitting instructions (in fact it was the online video that made me select the product in the first place). All installed in a couple of hours and it’s totally fabulous. Thanks “team Tuin” !
Howard Barker
Jul 19, 2021
Absolutely brilliant! Exactly what I was looking for with no success elsewhere. Arrived promptly in good condition, was exactly as advertised and easy to assemble onto my diy pergola. Everyone says it looks great and adds greatly to our garden.
Chris Greenwood
Jul 9, 2021
Purchased a 5m x 3m Sliding Garden Shade Awning together with stainless steel wires, tensioner fixings and aluminium pleat stiffeners. Items were delivered in a handy carry/storage bag which was a little damaged on delivery although the contents were unscathed. Erected a timber support framework to suit our unique installation and purchased pulleys and rope for easy operation from a local DIY shop. Installation was fairly straightforward with the extended awning providing shade for our entire patio area as required yet can be opened to allow sunlight to patio plants. Pleased with the awning which is robust and discreet when retracted.
Eric Boa
Jul 8, 2021
High quality material and excellent design. It's 'water-repellent' rather than fully waterproof - but that's not been a major issue. My main comment is that the instructions are only in Dutch. Please provide a translation!
Mr. Peter Collins
Apr 10, 2020
Excellent quality and looks really good. Great comments from friends and visitors
Lesley Armstrong
Apr 6, 2020
Excellent service, product received within days of order. Easy to fix. N.B. I purchased fixing wires and rods only and adapted my own canvas.
Mrs. Clare Curtis
Aug 12, 2019
I bought this garden shade awning as it was so highly recommended by other reviewers. It arrived very quickly well wrapped and in perfect condition. It also included instructions in English as I had requested these when ordering. All the parts are easy to assemble.
We are waiting for our pergola to be built so we haven’t been able to hang it yet, but the awning fabric looks great and we have been able to mock up the assembly with the other parts.
We are delighted with our purchase and highly recommend this company.
Mr Ian Jones
Mar 24, 2019
It is very good.
But I was expecting the complete thing, the runners etc are detailed as parts you can buy but foolishly I thought his was for replacement and repair. So it did cost twice whatI expected.
But it is now up and working and we are very pleased with the result and it complements the Gazebo I built and makes the garden look complete.
Mr. John Zielinski
Sep 14, 2018
It’s a good company to deal with. Their product is absolutely incredible, we benefitted from it greatly during the recent heatwave. It’s very simple to build and very simple to work. We’ve had admiring comments from neighbours and friends. We definitely recommend it, it is awesome.
Mr. Peter Memmott
Sep 14, 2018
Really good product, I didn’t buy the timber frame as I’ve fitted it between our extension and conservatory. I’m a joiner so found it easy to adapt the cables, pulleys etc. I’ve also cut the material to the length I required, very simple but, if you try this ensure you seal the ends. I used a gas lighter just catch the ends and they melt, try it on a small area first. I’ve also hung it off the cables with spring clips which makes it easier to remove for winter. Only down side was the instructions didn’t come in English but if you contact Tuin they’ll email a copy.
Overall very happy with the product and customer service
Mr. Chris Turner
Aug 23, 2018
The awning was simple to erect. Although instructions were provided, the whole setup was simple to understand and easy to put together. We have been using it daily during the current heatwave and have found it to excellent in all aspects. I would gladly recommend this product.
Jul 29, 2018
I bought the Sliding Garden Shade Awning with the fastening set and the anti sag rods to attach to a pergola which I built myself over a deck and a section of garden. This was the only option is could find anywhere in the UK which just about met my (admittedly quite specific) requirements.

Overall I am happy with the quality, although it isn't quite perfect. Firstly, the plastic case which the shade comes in and is intended to be stored in when not in use, in winter for example (which I think is a great idea), was completely torn when it arrived, and the zip broke the second time I opened it. The other issue I encountered is that at one end of the shade, the centre row of eyelets are not actually in the centre of the shade, and are off by a few cms. This means that the shade doesn't slide as freely as it should on the wire and doesn't hang evenly at one end. I could move the wire at that end of the pergola off centre to match the shade, but then I would have to make sure that the shade is installed the correct way round every time.

The shade material seems good quality and nice and heavy duty. The anti sag rods do the job nicely and make a much bigger difference than I imagined. I had to cut mine down slightly but that's due to my pergola, not because they're incorrect. The hanging kit is spot on, although I wish the cables were terminated to stop them fraying. I tried wrapping tape around the ends but then they don't fit in the mounts. Just be careful not to snag the ends and they're fine though.

I plan to design my own opening and closing system as mine needs to gather in the middle rather than at one end.
Mr. Simon Chippindale
Jun 26, 2018
Sturdy cloth, well-made stainless fittings, sizes as advertised. But the build is tricky, there are places where several parts fit in the same place, how to get over this problem is not explained.

It's not obvious how to go about the assembly and erection so it is a pity that there are no instructions.
Not even instructions to be found by a web search.

Style 5/5, component quality 4/5, effort made by manufacturer to make for a good customer experience 0/5.
Ritchie Cunningham
May 10, 2018
Instructions were poor and online diagrams no better. I bought the frame as well. I worked it out myself and so far seems fine. The opening and shutting of the awning sometimes need assistance from a pole as there is friction on the wire lines to overcome. Looks good in my garden.
David Thomas
Apr 21, 2018
I am delighted with the awning. The fabric is sturdy but the open weave means it is not too heavy and gives an ideal amount of shade. The wire mounting system is simple and effective. The purchasing and delivery process was excellent. Delivery was quick and I was kept fully informed of progess at every stage.
Mar 27, 2018
arrived ,quickly and was well packaged.Had an issue with a faulty part but was sent a replacement straight away.Good custumer services,yes the instructions are in german but yet again good c.r. sent an e-mail in English, easy to erect and will work great when we get some sun,,good tip to make the shade easily detachable for winter storage use swivel spring snap hooks to attach shade to wires,can be purchased for only 0.70p each.
Mr. Nick Hawnt
Oct 26, 2017
Great product, great price, highly recommend- have pictures if helpfull
Mrs. Brenda Boucher
Oct 19, 2017
Fantastic service . Kept informed from placing the order to receiving it . Would define recommend this company 100%
Mr. Steve Smith
Oct 18, 2017
Really good quality product & great customer service before and after.
Fitting is a bit of a challenge and best done with two people but the finished result is worth the effort - we've created a lovely outdoor space to shelter from the elements.
Mr. Henry Strutt
Sep 9, 2017
This is a good, sturdy, well-made product. I bought the awning, the straightening rods and the pulley mechanism. I erected it using my own posts. It looks smart, the pulley mechanism works well to open and close the product. Because it can be folded back, it is ok to leave it out in rough weather - unlike other non-retractable awnings it should not break or blow away. The pulley mechanism came with instructions in German, but a call to the Company produced a quick email with English instructions - ideally these should be enclosed automatically for UK deliveries.
Mr. K R Griffiths
Aug 19, 2017
The sliding shade is a two person 'job' to fit and if the shade curtain is 'cut' with a plastic heat cutter and the cut end is heat glued as a hem it can be made to measure if the pergola is shorter than 5 metres, overall a good product
Mr. Paul Bird
Aug 18, 2017
Great customer service, advising when in stock, and fast delivery. Great material, and with fastening Kit, Closing Kit, and Sag rails, produced a very strong quality result.
Only slight issue, the 3 lines of eyelets, although all in line, were not centalised and evenly spaced across the 3m width. Easily dealt with, but could cause an issue in some installs.
But would still strongly recommend to anyone.
Jerry Townhill
Aug 15, 2017
Excellent product - we are really pleased with it now that it is erected. Very sturdy. Neat looking. Easy to operate the draw cord which opens and closes the shade. The delivery driver was polite and helpful when it came to unloading and placing it where we wanted it - all the pieces were strapped to a pallet and he had a small fork lift truck on the lorry. Everything needed was in the kit - including screws - and it was easily assembled. It was a bit more than the average DIY job - although the wood was cut to length the pieces needed drilling. Also it's a two person job because of the height and making sure the posts are vertical. It took two people a day to do. One drawback is that the instructions are in Dutch - however we translated them by computer and found that they don't say much! There is an excellent diagram that shows all the dimensions.
Mr. frank whitcombe
Aug 4, 2017
Great product. I'm glad I bought the whole package including stainless steel wire, cording set to open and close it and poles. Ten times better than a sun umbrella.
Mr. Adam Croot
Jul 30, 2017
Good quality heavy duty fabric, well made with no frayed edges.

It's a very simple product, so not much more that I can say othe than I would buy it again.
Mr. James Horan
Jul 29, 2017
A great product, the perfect shade for the garden. Order and delivery was quick and efficient.
The instructions made assembly very easy.
I would highly recommend this product.
Mr. Paul Cooke
Jul 3, 2017
We weren't sure what to expect from the garden shade awning as its always difficult to buy on line and be guided by pictures only. However we were really pleased with our purchase. Its exactly what we wanted for our gazebo and looks really nice in the garden. We also bought the rods and pulley system and was quite simple to put up. The customer service we received was also excellent.
Mr. Phillip Darby
Jun 19, 2017
We recently purchased a Tuin garden awning to fit to our rustic pagoda. It is perfect to meet our need to share the rear of the house and provide a large shaded area throughout the day. The ordering and delivery were as stated and timely only negative was instructions in German which should of been provided in English for U.K. Customers. We would recommend this product and was fairly simple to fit for two people. Thanks
Mrs. Hazel Barker
Jun 17, 2017
Love it. Awning was easy to install on a pergola that we built to our own design. The awning is very easy to use. Opens or closes within seconds with minimal effort. Friends that have visited say how great it is and could we let them have the website details. So maybe some more orders to follow.
Harald Behmer
May 20, 2017
Having searchrd online for something like that I proceeded to order and was impressed with thd quality of the items, fhe simplicity of assembly and the whole custkmer service experience. The commnication aas excellent and I was informed at zll times about progress and status of the order.
Mr kevin reah
May 19, 2017
I am very pleased with my sunshade I got it was easy to put up and looks great the customer service was excellent and I would recommend you
Mr. Kevin Bradly
May 17, 2017
Product arrived promptly as promised. I then shipped it out to Portugal where I was going to install it at our apartment. Luckily a friend was driving there and the 3m rods fitted into the car, but the rest of the awning fitted into a suitcase that I took on the flight.
Fitted the awning on the first day and the closing system and pulleys on the 2nd.
I had already google-translated the instructions from Dutch to English before I went out, so everything went smoothly.
Very happy with the product, but would be nice if there was English instructions.
Mr. Peter Spencer
Apr 16, 2017
The sliding awning is the prefect solution to shading our glass verandah on the rear of our newbuild house. Co-incidentally it was the exact size and fitting was a simple two-man job taking three hours. When not in use it folds neatly and unobtrusively away.We are delighted with the product. Highly recommended (though an English translation of the Dutch instructions would have been helpful!)
Mrs F
Jan 11, 2017
Just erected one of the planed larch pergolas with sliding canopy in ivory and it's fabulous. Beautiful wood and canopy creates shade without making it dark. Be warned that delivery lorry is enormous, got stuck in our road but very helpful driver got the forklift off the back of the lorry to do the rest of the journey. Would be 5 stars if it was less expensive.
Mr. Alex Macrae
Nov 18, 2016
I ordered the awning complete with fixings, poles and timber structure. All excellent quality and easy to construct. We received the items within the days that it said on the website.
Can't wait to put to use once spring arrives.
Mr. Fiona Payne
Oct 13, 2016
Firstly, I have not put it up yet. Plants still growing up pergola. Have new wood ready to dismantle pergola but now too late in the season to put up awning. Have tried it on the ground for size and I think it will look amazing when erected. Pity I can't read German ??? The instructions are not in English but will persevere and let you know the outcome. It looks great on the ground.
Andy Rymarz
Oct 4, 2016
Ordered the shade awning after discussing it with the sales rep as it actually was to cover in my pond looks absolutely brilliant and the idea is I could take it off for the winter and storage so won't get ruined will be delivered this week looking forward to erecting it over my pond to cause some
Well deserved Shade.
Mr. Gary Gabriel
Sep 16, 2016
I bought this awning to go over my hot tub and it works a treat!
After reading other reviews, I decided to purchase the suspension wire kit and pulley system.
I'm so pleased I did, it was extremely easy to fit to a wooden pergola frame I had previously built and all the components are of extremely high quality.
Highly recommended!
You won't be disappointed.
Mr. paul comey
Aug 24, 2016
Brilliant product,Exactly what I wanted great quality at an excellent price
Mr. Stephan Marshall
Jul 22, 2016
Very prompt and complete delivery from Tuin. The sliding awning shade was very easy to construct and operate. Instruction manual not in English , but pictorials sufficed. The finished product has rcvd all positive feedback from family and friends.
Mr. David Robinson
May 13, 2016
This is an excellent product, it's well made and at a great price. Delivery was very quick, only about 3 days from ordering and the closing system I purchased at the same time was easy to fit and works very well
Philip Shaw
May 11, 2016
The structure (larch) and shade work well and look great. Unfortunately some of the timber was split all the way through and had to be repaired prior to erection. Tuin offered to replace the worst piece but due to time constraints it had to be repaired.
In all it took one day for two people to fabricate and erect the frame given the right tools.
Overall I am pleased with the shade.
Mr. Alan Ambridge
Feb 28, 2016
An excellent product, well made and looks to be very durable.
The service from the Tuin team is faultless.
Mr. David Gainsford
Aug 14, 2015
I have been looking for this type and shape of Sun Shade for a long time. I have had many types and makes of sun shades but I have found this one to be the very best. The delivery was a little bit slow but that could have been the Royal Mail, shame on you ! To be perfectly honest I am that impressed with the size and quality I will be purchasing another one, that's a fact. My intention is to create shade across the back of the house and outwards over my Hot Tub in the garden. I feel that the price is a little bit over the top but today you get what you pay for and trust me I've had some quality stuff go pear shaped. Love the German products they sell but need more on your web site.
Mr. William DOOGAN
Aug 9, 2015
Bought a sunscreen for hottub 3 years ago. The screen only lasted one season and I could not get a replacement. I was left with a metal frame with 4 posts. I was preparing to buy a retractable awning when I came across this shade by accident. Never heard of company either. It looked like it would do the job and the fast responses to my queries helped. It arrived fast and well packed. It fits absolutely brilliant. In fact its part wasted. I am only using about 50% of its extendable length. Once Id drilled my frame it went up in minutes. I am so pleased with it that I am now thinking of buying another to complete a project that was going to be done with an awning. This is a cheaper, more reliable and versatile product. Im so pleased with myself for finding it. I would also recommend buying the fitting kit. By the time I bought my own bolts and and wire I could have saved both money and hassle finding things. The holes also allow water to get away