Sheffield Log Cabin 5.4m x 5.4m - 58mm Logs with Veranda

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John McCurrach
Sep 17, 2018
I was a little apprehensive as I has never paid so much money for an online product. Also I had read almost the entire website and bloggs and could ot find a review form the product I wanted. However I proceded and all my concerns were put to bed as everything went to plan. From confirmations and delivery. Very big thanks to delivery company. Very helpful, patient and obliging. 2 x 6 Meter pallets parked in my driveway without drama. The kit instructions took a bit of time to digest but once we got started it was very easy. A few headaches were sorted by refering to the website and phone calls. The project is not finished yet but I am intending publishing a blog with photos soon. The kit is the Sheffield. The quality is excellent. Even for its size it is easy to assemble. A note of critisim perhaps would be some personal communication during the order and delivery process. In this modern time of scams etc £5,700 is a lot to part with without human contact.
John McCurrach
Pitlessie Fife