Sanstrov Log Cabin 3.8x5.9m

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George Woodward
Apr 24, 2024
The cabin was delivered on time and unloaded to within a few feet of the cabin base.The delivery driver could not have been more helpful and with his cleaver fork lift truck managed to get the package down a narrow lane. Excellent as the weight of the package was more than 1500kg. Unpacking revealed that the composite foundation beams were warped. A quick phone call to Tuin and new foundation beams were despatched next day. Build of the basic cabin was very quick. With the help of my son we were up to the roof after 6 hours. All parts fitted perfectly. I was impressed by the doors and windows which were complete and just slotted into place. Next the roof which took a day to complete and then the pine floor, two more days. The free supplied shingles were fitted and gave the cabin a very professional look.
This was a really good experience. I am not a "spring chicken" having retired some 10 years ago, but found the cabin easy to build and the support from Tuin was super. Definitely well worth the 5 stars I have given it.
Lorna Damant
Sep 4, 2023
Our cabin took a very long time to finish (due to weather) but not difficult or time consumning to put up.
It was unfortunately delivered in what I can only describe as a monsoon - we had a complicated delivery requirement so the lorry driver met us at a random barn, forklifted it onto a tractor and trailer, then the farmer took it up the hill to his top farm and across a field where he popped it over our fence using his telehandler.
It then sat under a tarp for 2 weeks waiting for the rain to stop long enough to complete the very rain delayed footings (we went with timber). We were very concerned at this point about the rain getting into the floorboards which were all packed on top but they turned out ok.
Cabin when unpacked went up quickly and easily in 2 days just with one person building it. I had to help to put in the top 3 roof lengths but that was all. Covered it back up with a tarp as rain had set in again.
Then we had another 3 week wait for the rain to stop long enough for a dry window and tiled the roof.
Painting and flooring took another 2-3 weeks of dodging rainstorms but it was finally opened with a grand launch party after 8 weeks.
We floored the veranda with artificial grass on top of floorboards - we're very happy with it.
Jon Richards
Jul 16, 2021
Agreed to build this Tuin log cabin for a friend, a bit apprehensive at first as only a keen DIY,er. However need not have worried. Having studied and read all the instructions had total faith. Made a few mistakes to start but quickly rectified. Built the Santrav in a day, with the floor and shingles to finish on day 2.
Gillian myers
Jul 17, 2018
Very happy with our log cabin looks lush
Howard parker
May 10, 2018
Delivery on time drop was difficult but the driver managed to get the 6m pallet on my drive. The build went to plan without many problems setup was the most difficult but once that was completed the rest went up easy. Roof also was no problem. The build is almost complete and it was built by our family who don’t have high levels of dIY skill. We are very pleased with our cabin and looking forward to spending lots of time out side this summer
Peter Wilson
Apr 27, 2018
Magnificent. That is my description of the whole buying experience with Tuin. Excellent pre sales, prompt delivery and wonderful product in terms of design, quality and materials.
I am thrilled to bits with the log cabin and now look forward to enjoying its facilities. Thank you Tuin.
Mr. Tom Few
Apr 27, 2018
Great cabin, good build quality.
Mr. David Smith
Sep 5, 2017
I have not had time to construct the cabin yet but would like to thank the Tuin team for their first class customer service and prompt delivery of my cabin. The cabin came well packaged and in good condition and the delivery company could not have been more helpfull and courteous. I have opened the package and found the components to be of good quality and well made and hopefully all complete.The only gripe would be the instructions which came with the package as they are not that comprehensive but you can always download the generic cabin build instructions from the web site. Generally a good experience and would have no hesitation recommending Tuin.
Dr. Ian Paton
Aug 4, 2017
I would rate this as 4.5. Customer service very good. Knowledgeable staff, helpful. Structure went up easily, but there are some fit issues between apex and roof/gaps at one point, ie the apex sits down about 1/4" one side so I will need to secure some quadrant to cover up the unsightly gap. Overall the cabin looks as expected very good. There are fit issues with the glazed door which will require adjustment to make the latch/lock secure but I am sure I can overcome this. The side door was fitted in line with the directions supplied by the help line - no instructions were supplied with the side door. My only reservation is the amount of structural timber which needs to be removed. All the fore/aft timbers need to be cut. The top and bottom timbers need to be virtually halved to give the required 30mm clearance, not so much of a problem with the bottom one as it can be screwed firmly to the foundation timber but the remaining top timber is no longer full depth and is now the only timber holding the front to the back end. I would suggest a slightly shorter door not requiring cutting the major top timber in any way. However, overall feels secure - time will tell.
Mr. Tony Booth
Jun 15, 2017
An excellent product but I was relieved that a builder assisted with the installation.The delivery was on time and Tuin were available to provide technical assistance.The floor boards were not fit for my purpose but Tuin immediately agreed a refund.
I will recommend the Tuin log cabin to our friends.
Mr. Andrew Marks
May 13, 2017
Perfect item 100 % happy
Delivery driver had broken forklift but used 2 wheels to move what a star all the way from Holland , so five stars for product and delivery
Will Curtis
May 7, 2017
This is an exceptional log cabin - both in terms of its design and the quality of materials. I'm by no means a DIY expert, but my dad and me constructed the cabin with very few difficulties. When we did get a bit stuck, the online support is outstanding - far and beyond what one might expect. I emailed on Easter Friday and again on Easter Monday and on both occasions received useful replies within a minute or two. I can't speak highly enough about either the service or the quality of the cabin.
I purchased the Sanstrov from the Rummage Sale. The price was excellent and reflected the fact that the pack had been stored outside and had some water penetration. Unfortunately it had also homed a family or two of furry creatures. They had gnawed some of the wood and had eaten through the accessories pack. Customer Services quickly forwarded the missing parts and a bit of wood filler did the trick so no major dramas there. All in all, a really positive experience. Thanks Tuin!
Mr. phil burns
Mar 10, 2017
From choosing the Sanstrov through to delivery and construction the whole process was problem free.

The cabin is very high quality and Warren Young and his mate Stuart(recommended by Tuin) provided an excellent construction service at a very competitive price.

The cabin now has electricity, heating and Wi-Fi and feels like a well appointed holiday home in our back garden

The team at Tuin are most helpful and I heartily recommend choosing this company as the services and products they provide are second to none
Mike Tilley
Mar 9, 2017
Every aspect from initial communication to delivery was handled expertly. Obviously customer care has high priority throughout making a glitch free purchase of a quality product easy. Special praise for the delivery which was on time, quick and very efficiently done. The log cabin materials are packed to resist bad weather until the construction can be completed and the wood itself is of the highest quality and should last for many years. Overall very pleased that I chose Tuin for my purchase.
Mr. William Kelly
Oct 13, 2016
This is a really good product! Once we got the many parts organised, construction went pretty smoothly. I've built a log cabin before (from a different supplier) so I had a little experience, which helps. One difference I noticed right away was that the corners of the Tuin cabin fitted together much more tightly than the other. There are absolutely no gaps and everything feels very solid. The only small thing I would alter is the way the support columns that hold up the roof of the open area are fixed. They are only fixed at the top, with the bottom just resting on the handrail. The threaded adjusters were fine, but the other ends just seemed to rely on friction. Not a big thing and easily fixed with a bit of woodworking! (I mounted the supports upside down and made slots in the ends to fit over the roof beam). To be honest, anyone tackling the build of a log cabin should expect to have to do a bit of "adjustment" here and there! It's part of the pleasure of doing the job yourself. So, overall an excellent product with huge amounts of really helpful information available on the website. Would I recommend Tuin? Absolutely!
Mrs F Fenik
Jun 27, 2016
Top quality product and service I would highly recommend this company.
Miss. Tracey Tuffin
Jan 17, 2016
Our cabin was delivered in May 2015, and we built it ourselves with help from some very lovely friends. We really enjoyed the experience, and are so proud of the results. Amazing quality cabin and we are totally in love with it.
Time-wise it's hard to say how long it took - the actual build was pretty quick, completed in about a day and a half. The finishing (roof shingles, treating, painting) took several weeks around full time jobs.
Doing it all yourself isn't for the faint hearted, but given the chance to do it all again, I wouldn't change a thing. The end result is that we have a fantastic quality cabin that has become the perfect retreat, and has been the setting for some lovely parties too. Everyone should have one!