Rudolf Horizontal Climbing Bars

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Mr. Sarah Burden
Sep 21, 2015
Children and husband alike loving our new exercise bars. The top beam is high enough for my husband and 15 year old to do proper chin ups, and the lower bar is great for my 10 year and 13 year old to practise their gymnastic moves. Good quality and fast delivery. Required a bit of digging to set the poles in the ground and then concrete but straighforward enough.
Mr. Andrew Gordon
Nov 15, 2014
Great product, good quality and delivered on time. Although delivery instructions said they would not deliver to the door they did. This is a heavy product so would have been awkward if they hadn't put it where I wanted.
Mr. Gregory Lloyd
Jul 3, 2013
Strong, sturdy bars I can be confident won't bend or break when my child swings on them. Posts are well, posts. Buyers should be aware that the posts will have "cracks" or "shakes" in them which is apparantly normal. Does not affect the strength of them, still strong enough. The post mix that comes with them is excellent. Starts setting within in minutes so you don't have to support the posts to keep them level. Be careful when digging the holes for the posts, the mix does not go that far. I used a post hole digger rather than a spade, makes for a smaller hole and less mix required.
I would recommend these swing bars.