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Peter Lovegrove
Jan 2, 2024
Many thanks for the fast delivery of my log cabin, couldn't ask for a nicer polite chap who delivered it and placed it where I wanted. The quality and service I have received is far better than any other company I have dealt with and wish to Thank everyone at Tuin.
Five star product and service....
Many Thanks
Will definitely buy again from Tuin.
Philip Edwards
Aug 9, 2023
I only read great reviews of Tuin's products online and I was so glad I made my purchase. Everything was as I could of hoped it would be - on time delivery with super helpful delivery man, great online videos and articles to help prepare for the assembly and it went together so well. Too well! I want to make another one, now :)
The cabin itself is of excellent quality and I am over the moon with it - I'm typing my review on my computer sat in my cabin right now.
A totally happy customer :)
Sue Farrell
Jun 4, 2023
Fantastic product and excellent customer service!
lily webb
Aug 16, 2022
Excellent product excellent customer service . Would use your company again and recommend you 100% always helpful and the log cabin is wonderful really can't praise you and your products enough will definately be back if we need anything else . Thank you
Dean Wild
Jul 15, 2022
Super quality product easy to assemble no spare parts many happy hours to be had in my new taproom
Mr. Gary Thomson
Oct 17, 2021
Fist class delivery on time and delivery driver very friendly and accommodating.
The cabin was well packaged and we were able to leave outside until installation.
The cabin was easily erected in one day by three men following the instructions provided and the online video. We are very pleased with the purchase and company as there are really easy to deal with.
The only negative thing we can say is the amount of resin that has seeped out of the wood apart from that there is a few cracks in a couple of the panels but overall we are pleased with the quality.
Antony Ball
Dec 19, 2020
As I approach retirement I wanted to have a workshop for future projects. I'd read reviews, different sizes & thicknesses and opted for a Tuin log cabin with the composite base.
Due to the tools I've accumulated over the last couple years (lathes,motorbike stands etc) there was going to be a fair amount of weight on the floor, so decided to lay the cabin on a concrete base. The base is 150mm deep and contains a few sheets of rebar. I put in a10mm SWA cable for the electric supply.
The cabin arrived earlier than originally scheduled and thanks to the skilled Dutch driver, having to park on the main road and then use his Moffat mountie to drive to the bottom of our cul-de-sac without damaging the 6m long pallet was a job in itself!
I turned 60 this year and consider myself fairly fit & practical and allowed myself a week's holiday to erect and make watertight (I had a mate on standby if required).
Prior to starting the build, I used an oil-based undercoat (Sandtex 10 year warrantee) to paint the bottom wood base ( that sits on the composite base).
Day 1 - Was slow progress due to the composite base pieces being warped. They are supplied 2m long and only 1 of the 8 was straight. After some consternation, I put a 45 deg mitre on each of the 8 ends and left a 25mm gap in the middle of each side. Then following the instructions, started to lay the wooden spars (shed walls).
Day 2 - The windows were supplied complete but, I had to glue & screw the door frame - it was absolutely square when put together. By the end of the day the cabin frame was completed, including the roof purlins ( using 2 sets of step ladders I slid them up from the them up bottom edge of the roof line).
Day 3 - Completed one side of the roof. Note: As the tongue & groove board sits on the edge of the apex purlin i decided to pre-drill 1.5mm holes to stop any chance of the wood splitting.
Day 4 - Completed the second side of the roof and undercoated all the edges of the roof by 150mm strip.
Day 5 - Working from the front edge of the cabin, put the shingles on one side of the roof. Note: I was a bit slow due to constant measuring to make sure the shingles were running square across the roof.
Day 6 - Put the shingles on the second side of the roof and only measured from the bottom of each shingle - it was quicker and stayed square vertically & horizontally. I still had the gaps in the composite base- I cut the spare composite pieces to size and using a mallet to push into position from the inside. Note: The composite base was still not square but due to weight of the cabin now sitting on them I could push them square using a piece of wood & a mallet. I then used mastic on the outside to seal the composite base to the concrete.
Day 7: Undercoated the whole cabin.
Additional info/lesson's learnt:
- Use a good quality mastic around the base. The concrete base wasn't perfect - it dipped a couple of mm in places, so leaked in. I re-fitted the mastic using CT 1 bought from Wickes (£13 a tube) on the outside & inside of the composite base - it now appears ok - I can now seal the floor & paint.
- I erected the cabin in September on my own over 7 days and worked about 6hrs a day - I am a bit of a perfectionist, and as I had perfect weather (unusual for the Cheshire!), took my time.
- The warped composite base pieces weren't
really an issue - when the penny dropped about squaring them up once the cabin weight was sitting on them.
- When fitting the door hinges, screw them right in within a couple of mm - they are quite stiff, l used some silicon grease to assist.
Quality of the product: Absolutely perfect, it fitted together easily and I rarely had to look at the instructions. The kit was supplied with plenty of spares - I even have a 5mx40mm length spare.
I certainly made the right choice and would recommend - absolute quality.
Now to get on fitting the inside!
Mr. John Powell
Nov 22, 2020
My experience wit Tuin has been really good, great communication, very prompt response even in these Covid times. Delivery was spot on again great communication from the haulage firm. The assembly was straight forward, but thought the assembly instructions could be a little clearer. Overall i am very please with Rome product that i choose.
Sep 16, 2020
Hi I had my Rome Log cabin delivered on or about 27th March 2020 all delivered on time and very pleasant driver willing to help. This unfortunately meant we could not attend to the cabin owing to the lockdown. To top this my Mother in Law who lives at the property suffered sepsis and organ failure with the need for immediate surgery, thankfully on the road to recovery now. This has led to the situation where we could not commence erecting the building until last week 7th September 2020 and with no experience of these cabins whatsoever, both myself and a very good friend Richard (and I thank you for the help) laid a type 1 sub base with shed grid system and chipping fill in two and half days. We checked the levels and worried that opening the packs would mean the timbers would be ruined. On opening the pack there had been some water ingress which had swollen two planks but in general they looked pretty good. It took us two days to build the cabin and get the roof on with only the floor to lay the next day. The quality was exceptional and all planks fitted with the exception of the two which needed persuading but with no damage whatsoever we got these in. The product looks brilliant and surprisingly suffered no damage due to the length of time we allowed it to sit on the lawn. I love this and my only issue is down to me, which is I could have left out a couple of planks to reduce the height a little at eaves as this is a big unit and our garden is not large in the least. But I will get used to this and it will be very well used, probably not as I planned, as I have also found out last week that my daughter is having a baby. Now this is done and with suitable storage on site I have the next project of converting the house into a 4 bed from a 2 bed with an annexe for my mother in law to live. Onwards and upwards. Thank you Tuin for making a stressful period less stressful. Good luck with your cabins, great job. Ian
Mr. Alan Burrows
Apr 24, 2020
Excellent product. Solid construction, ease of assembly, looks brilliant when erected. truly value for money.
Mr. Steven Carroll
Jan 29, 2020
Just finished assembling my Rome log cabin. This is the second product I’ve bought from Tuin (first was a Classico gazebo). Everything was first class, from delivery to the product quality,
Richard H
Dec 24, 2019
Rome Log Cabin
I have long wanted and waited to be able to have my own log cabin as a man cave. Boy was it worth the wait, after lots of research and checking reviews I settled on my cabin from Tuin.

What can I say... the cabin is absolutely fantastic in every single way. This is my new home from home.

Having limited mobility and having to retire early from work due to battling cancer i was finally able to realise my dream of having a proper log cabin in my garden to use as a pc workshop / man cave.

The whole cabin is solid wind proof rain proof and gives a warm cosy feeling when you are in it.

I can now go to my cabin, tinker for a bit then relax within the confines of my home from home.

The materials and build leave you with an excellent superior quality addition to your garden or indeed wherever you decide to place your cabin.

I would highly recommend this company over any of the others on the market.

I only wish I was able to post pictures of my cabin so you could see for yourselves how good this cabin is - all my family and friends are amazed at how good this is and shocked by how reasonable the price is.
Mrs. debra barter
Nov 15, 2019
We are very very pleased with the Rome log cabin, easy to order, pick a date that suits you, very friendly staff and if you have ant problems they go the extra mile to help, if i needed another cabin, i would definitely come to TUIN again.
Derek Johnston
Jul 2, 2019
After unpacking the delivery and fighting “the fear” at the sheer quantity of bits and pieces, I set about the build.
As the Tuin web site suggests, I had invested a bit of time watching the online video tutorials before the delivery, and this was time well spent.
The cabin was an absolute dream to put together, and attracted attention from my neighbours who were impressed not only with the speed of the build, but also the quality of the cabin.
I can’t stress how easily the cabin went together. This is largely down to the quality of the wood and the precision engineering of each part.
I have already had enquiries from friends and relatives who are all blown away at the quality of the building.
I can’t recommend this cabin highly enough!
Steve Dean
Mar 23, 2019
Delighted with my purchase, everything from the order to the complete build went smoothly.
The online information is first class and I would recommend all DIYers to spend a couple of hours there before starting.
We approached it like a jigsaw, large sheet out on the garden and sized all the bits, made it a real easy build.
Just about to paint it, then I’m moving in haha
Dr. Eugenio Cillan
Nov 6, 2018
After few months I feel that I can give a review about this log cabin. The quality of the cabin is great, better than I was expection when we ordered. It will take you a few hours ( 2-3 days if you have the base of the cabin done prior delivery) but when it up its great. We are really happy with the purchase , only negative thin is that one of the door glasses cracked during installation. Otherwise very happy with purchase. I will recommend to anyone that is looking for a good affordable summerhouse
Graham Long
Sep 11, 2018
My wife has been so keen for a log cabin and we were pleasantly surprised by the value for money offered by Tuin. My whole experience from placing order to delivery was very good. The delivery driver did an outstanding job as my roads are narrow. All items are nicely packed and building the cabin was great fun. It is a welcome and rewarding addition to our home. Thank you
Mr. David Chapman
Jul 13, 2018
I purchased this cabin after many hours of research and making comparisons with other products on the market and made the decision to purchase the Rome cabin from Tuin. I have to say that it was the best thing I did, I have purchased many sheds and small structures over the years, and this one is in a class of it's own The company were superb in that they gave me a date and it arrived early how many do that! the driver was as accommodating as any driver I have known, and is a credit to his company, did not get his name but he was a big guy about six four and has three sugars in his coffee. Well done Tuin you have my vote every time, Dave Chapman
Mr. Tim Aldous
May 24, 2018
An absolutely stunning cabin , from ordering to delivery to erection couldn’t have gone any smoother. Ordering was easy and simple with good photos on offer to see what I was wanting to buy. Delivery was spot on one call from haulier and arranged date and time . Building cabin was pretty straight forward and went up with no trouble at all . Putting roof on and shingles was probably the hardest part but well worth it .
I’m very pleased with my cabin and tuin would recommend both to family and friends
Nov 6, 2017
Really pleased with our Rome Log Cabin, very good value for money and looks fab in our garden. We highly recommend your company!
Mr. kris dor
Sep 28, 2017
The cabin came well packed and although my driveway where I wanted it was up a small private road this was no problem for the driver who was able to fork lift it exactly where I wanted it.

The cabin itself was excellently packaged although one of the beams for the apex had the end snapped off in transit. Given the construction this was just put on before the roof panels were nailed in place and not really a problem.
The cabin was moved and constructed by me without any help in a day not including the roof tiles and went together like a dream, quite surprising just how easy it was to put together. The only issue was that the screws for the door frame had nowhere near enough length or grip to hold it all together so some slightly stronger screws were used as I couldn’t be bothered to wait for the glue to set. The doors and windows went together easily as did the locking mechanism. The instructions were easy to follow although I did put the foundation beams down side on rather than end on so the inside lip of the door frame needed removing which I resized afterwards.
The guides and help documents/website were crucial to read through before starting the build with some excellent advice like gaps and where not to screw and nail to ensure the cabin can expand/contract etc. Without these I would have definitely made a number of mistakes.

The roof tiles were time consuming overall and took 2 people a good half a day to install over a breathable membrane but look good and provide a great looking roof now this is finished. There were enough to finish the whole roof with spares. The weather boards at the front were used on front and back and the packing boards on the bottom of the package were cut in half long ways to add a trip piece on top both front and back as I wasn’t sure where the wood for this was.

The overall cabin now built feels really sturdy and looks really great, just got to finish painting and adjust the guttering. Overall this is an excellent cabin, it feels bigger than it looks and fits perfectly on the base now complete. Expensive for a shed….yes, but cheaper than any of the other suppliers of cabins we researched online and looked at locally. Truth is it is so much more than a shed and well worth the money we paid for it.
Mr. Keith Worden
Mar 5, 2017
quality cabin at a good price with excellent customer service, a 5mtr log was found to have been damaged this was replaced within 48hrs with no hesitation, great web site full of useful information.
Michael Baker
Feb 15, 2017
After much research and deliberation I ordered a Rome cabin from Tuin. I paid extra for delivery on a flat-bed lorry due to the narrow lanes hereabouts. Delivery date/time was confirmed and the fork-lift had no trouble with our sloping gravel drive. I had expected a 5 metre long pallet as the longest cabin wal, was 5 m but the pallet was maybe a half meter longer due to the excellent protective packaging.
It took me a good 1 1/2 hours to unpack and move the pieces to the build-site ( all of 12 metres away!).
As recommended, I laid the pieces out alongside the slab adjacent to where they would be needed, with the doors, windows, roofing and 'odd bits' in the garage until needed.
I had the concrete slab made to the exact footprint and laid a dpm on top of the foundation-beams (again following advise on the Tuin help pages). I made work for myself by mitre ing the corners for a smater look, next tie it will be square ends!
The actual build of this single-room 5 x 4m cabin was around 5 hours with my teenage-son helping. That's roof on but no floor. 2" insulation and shingles took 4 hours the next day - it was a bitter cold day!
Laying a dpm (as per ....) and 2" celotex-type insulation overlaid with 18mm osb took 2 hours next day.
So far it has had a base coat of Sikkens and two top coats and is looking fantastic. I have reserved many compliments and declarations of 'shed-envy' - shed??? They were soon corrected, cabin-envy please.
The build was as easy as Tuin say it can be. Yes the instructions are rather over-simplified, that's why Tuin recommend you watch the videos and read the blogs! My only small critics is that the barge-boaRd horozontal capping (shown for a different cabin in the video) is not supplied with the Rome. No big deal as I purchased the timber and fitted it myself as it does give a much neater finish to the shingle roof.
Oh one other problem, this cabin was for my son to use as an office - now my wife wants another plus sauna+hot-tub!! It will be another Tuin cabin for sure!
Miss. Jane Mitchell
Feb 5, 2017
We are absolutley made up with our recent purchase of this log cabin.We found Tuin very helpful with all our enquiries before hand.Delivery was smooth.We have insulated it and put electric to it and are now using it as a bedroom for our twentysomething son who refuses to leave home
Steve Harrington
Jan 20, 2017
Great cabin. Pros, brilliant company to deal with, easy to errect if you have basic DIY abilities. Cons, be prepared to make minor adjustments and add approx £200 to wood preservative costs. However, would I purchase from this company again? Definitely yes.
Andy Szeliga
Oct 23, 2016
Bought the Rome log cabin. Delivery arrived well packed with ALL the pieces and accessories present. Started putting the cabin together on my own in the morning and by mid afternoon it was complete bar the roof. All the beams/doors/windows fitted together very well and the whole job was quite easy. Even the wife was impressed with the finished cabin - too good to use as a workshop !
Oct 9, 2016
All pretty much as described on the wedsite.
Small complaint on delivery. I chose week xx thinking I would be able to name the day. Not so. Could be difficult for some one not having storage st the front of the house. Delivery driver was great.
The cabin is as described. It's not finished yet but it could have been easily. Assembly was easy and I did it all myself.
The other small complaint is what are the screws I have left for? The instructions don't make this clear.
Once again assembly is simple. Read the info on the website and there will be no problems.
debra lewis-arnott
Jul 20, 2016
The best purchase i have ever made, took a day to put up, so easy and looks beautiful, everyone at the office was very helpful b4 purchasing and roge the driver fantastic, nothing too much trouble. Any one that is looking for a beautiful summer house/log cabin, dont cut corners and buy cheap. Buy from turin fantastic value for money and built to last 10/10 overall
stuart herriot
Jul 3, 2016
absolutely brilliant purchase ever ,so easy to erect and guidance at the end of the phone and on line via a was first class and cant thank Roge enough..would recommend this company to anyone ...thank you
Ms. Elizabeth Black
Jul 1, 2016
Fantastic cabin. I am using it for dog grooming, great quality, loads of room, easy to build. Hardest part is the foundation...
Mr. Robert Sharpe
May 23, 2016
I purchased the Rome log cabin to use as a PT Fitness Studio in my garden.
I was amazed by how easy it was to put this together.
3 men who have never attempted anything like this before had the whole cabin (minus the shingles and flooring) put together within 4 and a half hours.
Everything fit perfectly together and we had no problems at all.

excellent product, would 100% recommend
Jan 8, 2016
My intent is to do a full review once the build is totally finished so this is my experience so far (about 90% done).

Dealing with TUIN :
Couldn't have been better, I read the advice on the website a lot prior to the build and used the live chat facility and email when purchasing and deciding what to buy. All questions were answered in a polite friendly manner.

Delivery : Huge lorry arrived at 7am down a residential street, it was tricky for the driver but he was full of smiles despite the dark and parked about 50m from the house and proceeded to use the forklift to deliver to the door (shame I had to then carry it piece by piece into my inaccessible garden !)

Floor, cabin and shingles were in separate bundles, don't underestimate how much space you will need (on solid ground as the forklift cannot go on the lawn where I'd originally planned)

Quality :
Nothing to compare it to but it looks fantastic. I had already made a timber frame base so started the build on a saturday morning on my own and with occasional assistance from my 12 year old lad (not needed but good company) all 4 walls, the door , windows and roof joists were done the same day.
Sunday I got most of the roof on, the boards were a bit warped and there is a lot of nailing so it takes a bit of time.
Another weekend and it has taken about 8 hours for 2 of us to get the shingles on, I would be much quicker if I had to do another one as it's a bit of a learning process.

The Build :
Everything went together really well, I bought a couple of rubber mallets from screwfix and a hammer was pretty much all I have needed so far.
There is nothing that cannot be done single handed (I am reasonably strong and 6ft tall which helped) but if there are 2 of you I am sure it'd be even quicker.

Tips (to be expanded on later):
1) Lay out everything according to size of timber - make it easy to reach as you will build the walls really quickly
2) Add the doors and windows when it says to (about 5 layers), I didn't and had to lift them much higher to slot in than I should have - difficult on my own !
3) Screw the door hinges in all the way, I didn't and it works and looks ok until you realise there are gaps on the inside
4) Shingles - use a new stanley knife to cut them - and be careful they are heavy
5) Warped wood - only experienced on the roof - anticipate it'll take more time than you think to do a good job.
6) Insulation - I have used 50mm Celotex to insulate the roof (sandwich between shingle and wood). I've used 3KG of 65mm clout nails for this (loads more than I anticipated)
I didn't bother with glue or membrane - see info on website and make up your own mind.
I'll do a separate write up for the floor.
7) Watch the Youtube TUIN build a number of times if you are unsure, it has everything you need.

Overall :
I am delighted, I've experienced a few challenges but the building had gone together so quickly and with relative ease it's amazing. I've got some final trim and the floor to finish as well as whatever paint/sealer I am yet to choose but the structure is essentially complete and looks fab.
I would not hesitate to recommend (in fact I already have to a local school who are looking for a classroom) and if I ever need another I will use again.

Negatives ? hmmm ok but this is getting really picky:
1) Not had a reply from TUIN about the specific paint/finish to use from the recommended suppliers (I will chase this up)
2) Was advised to buy guttering locally as the stuff they sell doesn't fit - I'll do this but kinda felt weird seeing it on the website but not being able to order
3) Cant think of anything else - I am really happy with everything.

Mr. Harold Curley
Dec 8, 2015
Very friendly office staff, who were only too pleased to help at any time.The delivery was on time and the driver was very helpful and a skilled operator who placed the Cabin in the best place for me.
The quality of the wood and the fabrication of the joints are very high. The cabin was easy to assemble, Just have to make sure you get the base plate level & square.

Mr. Harold Curley
Nov 29, 2015
Very friendly office staff, who were only too pleased to help no matter what time it is.The delivery was on time and the driver was very helpful and skilled operator who placed the Cabin in the best place for me The quality of the wood and the fabrication of the joints are very good. The cabin was quick & easy to assemble. Just make sure the base is level & square.
Julie Smith
Nov 22, 2015
Our experience with Tuin has been excellent from start to finish. The delivery went very smooth despite us living down a very narrow country lane. The Cabin was up in no time at all, we took a little extra time to insulate the floor and the roof, we have treated the outside and it's almost finished, we love it, just what we wanted. Our neighbours keep coming to check on progress.
Mar 14, 2015
Delivered on time despite our remote location
Easy to assemble, quality excellent & advice from superb
Ron Walker
Mar 8, 2015
I was looking for a building that would act as a Halfway House for my Golf Club, after trawling through the internet I decided on the Rome Log Cabin, my choice has been rewarded, what a great structure. All of my friends team are extremely impressed with the simplicity of the assembly and the stability of the Cabin. I have had some purpose built anchors manufactured as it is located in a very exposed location. Thank you Tuin.
Mr. Gary Myle
Jan 27, 2015
Very friendly office staff, who were only too pleased to help with all our enquiries,
The delivery was prompt and the driver was very helpful and skilled operator who placed the Cabin in the best place for us.
The quality of the wood and the fabrication of the joints are very high. The ease of construction was excellent and those that assisted in the build were exceedingly impressed with the whole package and have recommended your products to many others.
Nick Clements
Jan 24, 2015
Fantastic product fantastic price and understandable instructions! What more could a customer want?
Mr. Alan Archer
Jan 6, 2015
I purchased the Rome log cabin after doing my research of all the other major companies and decided that the Tuin Rome was the one for me, My decision was helped by the speed that any questions I emailed before deciding were answered almost immediately, regardless of what day or what time it was,
The cabin is of excellent quality, as others have mentioned, just make sure you read the instructions thoroughly before starting. I would highly recommend having the shingles, they really finish it off a treat, I went for the blue ones and am so pleased I did, it looks great.
I cannot recommend Tuin enough, I think they are fantastic value for money and customer service that is second to none in my opinion, which is a thing of the past these days unfortunately, I had a couple of queries whilst putting the cabin up and they were dealt with very quickly and helpfully.

Thank you very much Richard and team.
Mr. John Rolls
Dec 18, 2014
Haven't yet built the cabin, but first impressions of the product are great. All unpacked checked and stored in my garage waiting for spring to assemble.
can't wait to see it all constructed
Thanks Tuin
Mr. alan jackson
Dec 2, 2014
Overall I think that my cabin was a great buy and is the envy of all my neighbours and friends.
Nov 20, 2014
The cabin arrived arrived on the back of a 40ft trailer flatpacked and palletised. We were lucky enough to have space to unload using the forklift attached to the trailer which took no time at all. Once we studied the plans and sorted the components we were able to start putting it up straight away. It is preferable to download and study the plans before delivery. With all the components labelled cut and drilled in all the right places the cabin was assembled in three days weather permitting. The free roof shingles looked a daunting prospect but once you get your measurements and lay them out before fixing they are not so bad but still took over a day to fix but looked good when completed. We are very pleased with the cabin and hope to have many years enjoying it.
Andy and Tracy Kay
Aug 16, 2014
We looked for ages for a log cabin and found the Tuin site by accident. we immediately order the Rome cabin. When it arrived we were both impressed with the way it was delivered and packed. We then set about buildiing on our desiganted spot. Again were both suitably impressed with how easy it was to put together and the quality of the finish. The final product looks awesome and have had numerous comments on how good it looks. I have yet to finish the shingle roof and will display the pictures as we built it. We would both and have recommend Tuin to anybody. This is a brilliant cabin and well worth the money. And when Tracy found the tilt and turn windows, that was the icing on the cake. Thank you Tuin this time next year my garden pub will be open.
Mr. Mark Goacher
Jul 28, 2014
Very pleased with the quality of the cabin. Extremely good value when you compare to an equivalent size 'shed' which would use paper thin timber for the walls and cost the same. Delivery was excellent with the forklift able to get the 5m package around our very tight drive! Installation has been pretty straightforward even after the cabin has been sat on the drive in it's packaging for 6 months or more - although getting the base right first is key! Excellent help via email when required - thanks.
Mr. duncan macpherson
Jul 26, 2013
What a quality product I received on time, On budget. I managed to build my cabin in two days. The process looks scary to start when you receive your pallet with numerous different lengths of log and comonent parts! The only issue I had was on the second night I started to fit roof felt, it soon became apparent that I hadn't been sent enough to finish! Then the heavens opened - oh s&*t and had to fit a taupolin over the rest of roof. I emailed the company website quite late, but to my amazement someone from the company rang straight back and said more felt would be out ASAP. All in all a fantastic logcabin and company to deal with.
Brian Sherry
Jul 9, 2013
I chose to buy the Rome log cabin from Tuin after much online research, however I was still apprehensive as for me this was a "considered purchase". I need not have worried the guys at Tuin have been a pleasure to deal with, the cabin was delivered on time, the price is amazing and the cabin is real quality. The instructions (in parts) are little bit unclear, but by referencing the excellent web site and emailing Tuin for clarification on a couple of points, I constructed the cabin with no drama,s.The finished cabin looks amazing and I have no hesitation in recommending Tuin,Quality Company, Quality Cabin.