Riina Corner Log Cabin 3.0m x 3.0m - 58mm Logs

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Oct 3, 2023
Very impressive delivery, phone call as specified and delivery man excellent and careful.
Everything present and I damaged.
All being finished now with treatment after careful erecting.
Looking forward to sitting and admiring our purchase.
Definitely recommend to others
Bill Leivers
Sep 7, 2023
Just finished our Riina, and we already love it!
I built it 90% myself, a pretty fit 72 year old, which was a bit challenging at times, but overall a satisfying experience. The quality of the wood beams, windows etc is excellent and everything went together pretty easily, despite a few beams needing a bit more persuasion than others!
The blog is excellent, very comprehensive and a must read. Instructions with the cabin kit we’re next to useless tbh, resulting in us referring to the wrong diagram initially and fixing two beams in the wrong position. However, the blog does cover that, but I missed it - doh!
Most of the construction I handled on my own, but fixing roof beams and roof sections is definitely a two person job. I also enlisted help to fix the shingles (which are excellent by the way, and a free option) as I didn’t fancy climbing on top of the roof!
Also, big shout out for the online help. However often I contracted them, with however daft the question, they replied rapidly, helpfully and courteously. Help is from real people, with expert knowledge. A few of the generally excellent 28mm spruce floorboards were a little split, and had knot holes in them. I sent pics and replacements arrived quickly and at no cost.
Good job Tuin! If you’re thinking of building a log cabin, just do it, but definitely buy from Tuin!
Final comment about delivery. 40 ft truck arrived bright and early when expected, and the courteous and very funny Dutch driver had the kit unloaded in no time at all and dropped exactly where I needed it. Another accolade Tuin!
Eric Wright
Jul 1, 2023
The Riina Corner cabin is a good solid cabin and fairly straightforward to build. My only complaint was around the door area where I thought that the instructions could have been a little more clear and included some guidance saying to check the verticality of the two door bars after they are first installed
Mrs. Karen Pheasant
Apr 9, 2023
This was ordered specifically to house some furniture that I had inherited, that didn't 'go' with the rest of the furniture in the house, but which I did not want to lose from the family. Ordering and delivery was very simple, with everything arriving at the same time. It took my builders a while to unpack and work out exactly which bit was which, but once they had started, the whole thing went up pretty quickly. The fact that we coated each log individually before it was added no doubt slowed the whole thing down and if we had not bothered, then construction would have been even easier.
My builders declared it 9/10 (the doors were only just large enough, and rubber insulation strips have been deemed necessary to ensure a total seal - but they are fussy builders!!).
My builders' wife is now after one to use as a photography studio, my window cleaner has his eyes on one and all the neighbours have made nice comments.
The inherited furniture is now in situ and it is perfect for what was intended. The fact that if I want to sell my house I will be able to advertise it as 'suitable for a home office, etc.' as it is fully insulated with power and light is just another bonus.
I am very happy with this and have no problems with recommending this item and company to others.
Pippa Hope
Mar 19, 2023
We have not regretted our decision to buy this cabin for one second! The service of Tuin throughout this build has been impeccable and we are thrilled with the result. We are confident that the cabin is going to last as long as any you could buy. If you have a good base it appears you cant go far wrong. My partner and his friend achieved construction to roof height in about 6 hours. That includes all the windows and door in situ. Although both are competent at diy tasks, they are not professional handymen. The second day was a little slower to do the roof, not helped by difficult access to two sides and extreme heat. Painting with Sadolin SuperDec was a great recommendation from Tuin. It goes a long way and covers really well. We used scaffold boards to make our floor and the finished product is better than we ever anticipated. Word has gone round the village about our cabin, Tuin will be getting more orders I think. Friends and neighbours are impressed at the value for money and quality. We would totally recommend Tuin from our experience of purchasing their products.
Mr. Paul Owen
Feb 10, 2023
Looking for a garden office for year round use, we searched the net and decided a 3 x 3 corner cabin would be a perfect fit for our location. We decided on RIINA 58mm CORNER LOG CABIN 3M X 3M and it was the reviews and the excellent blogs and information by Richard that convinced us to go for Tuin, and my wife loves the cabin. Having found reviews of others so useful it's only fair that I leave one too. I agree with the other posters that Tuin are an excellent product and good value for money. The communication was also excellent too. I also concur with the other posters that the instructions are generic and far too vague especially the door frame and how to do the insulation. It all makes a lot more sense once you've built one, but as most owners are doing it for the first time and how many of these owners build more than one? My wife uses it every day as an office, and we fitted a 2.5kw air con unit which is brilliant. I would also endorse the comments on here that it's important to get the base and foundation beams spot on and most importantly to leave allowance for expansion and also on the advice on the treatments was good too. It is amazing how much the thing expands and contracts. Its like its still alive! My daughter and I built it, and it went together well.
The only criticism I would make to Tuin is that the doors let it down, while the widows are actually very good with tilt and turn windows. The doors don't shut firmly and we can't get them draft proof because there is only 1 latch, they are double glazed and we tried extra foam but this then makes them very hard to open and close. I would happily have paid more for better doors and they are not equal to the rest of the product which is otherwise excellent. Hope others find this review useful!
Mr. Stuart Owens
Jan 29, 2023
Amazing product. Goes together so easily and the instructions are pretty good to. Would definitely recommend!
martin evans
Sep 6, 2022
Delivery was good although I expected driver not to be able to get up drive he did.
Took me short day to prepare and full day to assemble. It's basically like a giant lego. If you store it properly and it doesn't warp its fine. Did need to use some clamps to put together last top side pieces. Pyramid roof bit of pain to align just loosely tacked in position and moved as needed toget inline with joists. Take your time!!
Plans I have engineering background so could figure out but some more info on screwsizes and how many for roof would help. On the whole would recommend
Sam J
May 8, 2022
Can't speak highly enough of the Riina cabin and Tuin. In a nutshell, I am confident (although not necessarily that capable) DIYer. Easily the biggest project I've done. I devoured all the blogs and videos on this site and took the plunge. No regrets. The quality is incredible. And if you follow the tutorials and videos and instructions you'll be fine. It's not easy but I don't think it requires skills much beyond sawing, drilling, hammering and common sense. There was one error in the instructions which caused some mild panic. I have flagged this to Tuin and hope it is sorted it out. The instructions could also be more detailed, but it's possible to follow them if you're patient and considered. I actually did miss something out but was able to resolve later on easily enough. It took me 2 full days to go from laying foundation beam to having the shingles on. Add on to that 3 coats of Embadecor stain and doing the flooring etc., but for the main i think it can be done in a weekend. This was also in late January in close to zero temps, short days and with snow on the roof which i was shovelling off to lay shingles. I went for 40mm insulation board on roof and under floor. Also skipped a beam at the top as it was getting too high but this then required some extra thinking on how to use the final beams as you effectuvely go off the instructions if you do this. Scratched my head a while but got it sorted. Am now settled in using as a home office with a 1kW panel heater. Love it. Desperate to do it all again.
Mr. Alan McCallum
Apr 28, 2022
Finally got round to purchasing my corner log cabin to go with my Gazebo. At the time of purchase the deal on the Riina was a no brainer. Saving of £930 certainly was the enticement to upgrade to the thicker walled model.
This delivery experience was just as good as previously. Was given my date and again the fantastic and very friendly delivery driver arrived half a day early after calling me and informing me this was a possibility.
Again a wonderful product the build quality of the log cabin is brilliant. Not to mention the really well engineered double glazed window units.
The build was easy I'm still putting the roof on as my spare time has been eaten up recently. But there as been no issues. It has been a really joyful project.
Looking forward to finishing the roof and adding guttering. Treating the outside and getting on with stove installation.
Summers going to be great in the Garden but bring on Autumn we will be cozy and ready...
Honestly could not recommend Tuin and their products anymore.
Mr. Darren Morris
Apr 22, 2022
Amazing packing was perfectly done delivery amazing no complaints what so ever will recommend to anyone
Juste George - Beauty Crescent
Feb 27, 2022
I bought Riina cabin for my beauty salon in the garden. Even though Riina is only 3x3m I could fit everything what I need. I absolutely love it , my clients love it too.
Easy to put it together and it looks great. Thanks Tuin for making my dreams come true.
Mr. David Avery
Feb 1, 2022
What can I say ? Apart from a slight delay in delivery due to good ‘ ol Covid , about which I was informed well in advance , it all went like they said it would. The pack was on my drive with no fuss , despite being a bit tight for access. The build itself was straight forward enough and took two of us about 6 hours. I put my own floor in using 40 mm insulation and 80mm for the ceiling which I covered with some matching shiplap cladding. I put power in and so I have the obligatory Beer fridge and T V along with a small convection heater which has the place toasty even on the coldest nights. Any company that tells you it’s cheaper to sort your own floor out because it’s cheaper has got to be good and was a big part of my decision to buy from them. I was right about that and am extremely happy with me little man cave.
Dec 17, 2021
I am so delighted with my new Riina summerhouse. The whole process from order to build was a pleasure. The quality of the materials and assembly process was so enjoyable and a really great project to complete. I have been able to transform a corner of the garden into a new space which will work as an office and entertainment space. Every touch point with Tuin has been great from the internet order, to contact with customer services and the delivery driver. Well done Tuin!!
Paul B Jenkins
Dec 9, 2021
Our Riina cabin was delivered on time and no items missing it went together perfectly and now it painted its brilliant, I'm a time served carpenter and this is the best product I've ever assembled. we purchased two cabins at the same time a Sten and the Riina, the Sten was brilliant and the Riina even better.
Stephen Johnson
Oct 23, 2021
Brilliantly machined good quality timber which looks absolutely fabulous in the corner of our garden. The joints notched together perfectly making it a joy to erect. The whole thing took two of us a day for the walls, roof, doors and windows. The optional flooring and the insulation and additional boarding on the roof took a bit longer but now we have an extra room which can be used year round. The whole experience with Tuin was perfect and the building is a thing of beauty. I think the only thing I came across which could be improved is the advice on insulating the floor and roof on the website. I'm from a construction background and sourced details to avoid condensation issues in future elsewhere.
Mr. Ray Ford
Oct 4, 2021
This log cabin is fabulous! We employed someone to put it together for us as a they were also laying some decking etc.
The contractor didn’t have any problems at all and it was erected within 24 hours.
The quality is excellent and we would recommend you to anyone.
Everyone who has seen it has admired it and said it looks great.
Mr. Russell Gayler
May 28, 2021
This is the 3rd summer house I have bought from Tuin and the quality of the 58mm Riina didn’t disappoint. The finished article is excellent...... however there were a couple of issues the slightly disappointed/annoyed me which is why I docked it a star but this was to do with Tuin, not the actual summerhouse.
Firstly I needed to contact Tuin at the beginning about the location of the foundation beam under the door. The instructions and online videos weren’t applicable to the Riina. From previous experiences I knew that the best way to contact Tuin with queries was to email them. I emailed them on the first morning of fitting and didn’t get a response until 3 days later. I completely understand the effect the pandemic has had, but Tuin have got from a response within the hour to 3 days. Fortunately I didn’t wait 3 days and worked out that you actually needed to remove the lip from the foundation base to accommodate the door frame, but nowhere in the instructions or videos was this explained. The instructions could be better but the negatives certainly don’t outweigh the positives, an exceptional summer house that my parents are thrilled to bits with and I would still highly recommend Tuin.
Mr. Alan Oldfield
Nov 2, 2020
The cabin was delivered and unloaded by the driver and placed exactly where I wanted it. The plans to build it were simple to follow and between them and many tips on the website it became an easy job to build the cabin. The cabin is of the highest quality and I am extremely pleased with the end result.
Mr. Derek French
Oct 29, 2020
Excellent, the glitch on the delivery was well handled. Very efficient and helpful. We are very pleased with our summerhouse. Quality and service very good.
Mr. Stephen Bush
Aug 1, 2020
This in Not Just a summerhouse! This is a TUIN RIINA CORNER LOG CABIN. Crafted in select cuts of 58mm interlocking spruce wall logs. Topped with luscious IKO shingles. Delivered with care by a very nice man with a Moffat. With a lavish web site, that answers all your questions. This is a superb TUIN Summerhouse!! If Carlsberg did Summerhouses .......
Mr. David Jarman
Apr 15, 2020
I am very pleased with Tuin and the Riina log cabin which seems ideal for a medium sized garden. Tuin answered all my questions promptly before making order and I decided to make a timber base placed on good slab foundations from previous shed.
I also used pads to get good level and they were easy to use. I gleaned all useful info from web site which was most informative.
The Riina arrived as promised and package placed in required position by brilliant lorry driver using fork lift. I decided to have recommended installer, Osorio log cabin installations, do the hard work and everything done in a day. A great job!
I used Carefree Protect grey on outside with white door and window frames. It took a while as 4 coats applied. It seems to be a good product. The cabin is brilliant and the quality is obvious. I insulated the floor and roof and am now finishing inside.
The whole experience has been great and I would highly recommend Tuin and Osorio installers.
Mr. Mark Baylis
Apr 7, 2020
I purchased a Riina cabin for a home office. The delivery was very straightforward with the courier advising of delivery time and then unloading the full package directly onto my drive. The build was simple following instructions provided. I have added insulation to floor and roof as per the blog suggestions, using kingspan as an alternative to Celotex as it was easier to source locally. The finish is excellent and i would highly recommend these cabins to anyone.
Mr. Scott Williams
Jan 6, 2020
Absolutely delighted with my Riina corner summerhouse. The quality of the product is excellent and it was so easy to build. I also would recommend using the carefree protectant coating as it looks wonderful and leaves an amazing candle wax finish on the summerhouse that looks as if it will protect if for ages. I searched for ages to find the right building for my garden and i am so happy with this one. Would definitely recommend to anyone.
Joanne Robinson
Nov 29, 2019
We had already paid a deposit on another log cabin with a different company when a neighbour showed us the cabin he bought from Tuin and was full of praise for the sales service and the product. We made enquiries with Tuin and decided on the Riina 3mx3m 58mm log cabin- the spec and quality and also value for money far exceeded what we were offered at the other company so we cancelled their order in favour of the offer made by Tuin- best decision we ever made- Sales/customer service team are 5*, quick to reply, knowledgeable, nothing was too much trouble from start to finish- absolutely superb service! The online assistance was equally quick, efficient and extremely helpful! We opted for the installation service from Tuin (which was a lot cheaper than the recommended sub contractors I got quotes from). Delivery was perfect, I was kept up to date on delivery times and the driver was very accommodating. The installation of the cabin was amazing- one expert fitter, fantastic job, lovely lad- brilliant at his job and also professional, polite, tidy and talked me through the job before he started- what a hard worker (I think he was called Roger but my hearing isn't great), he is a credit to Tuin and whatever you are paying the lad he deserves more.
Needless to say the whole experience was faultless, first class from start to finish, quality build by a craftsman- I love this cabin!!
Thank you to all at Tuin who made this process so easy and at a very competitive price.
Mr. Paul McKay
Nov 17, 2019
We bought the Riina cabin with its 58mm thick logs and double glazing as my wife needs an all year round studio for her art work. I have bought and assembled garden sheds in the past. I have also built several from scratch but none of them were as beautiful and solid as this one.
My first impression when I opened the pack was the fine quality of the timber and the accuracy of the machining. This proved to be true as it was very easy and quick to build once I had spent time getting the base/ floor timber supporting structure assembled over the original brick foundation.
The cabin is surprisingly airy and roomy inside and because I did not want to block our view from the kitchen, I was able to omit 2 full height planks from the build. This has the effect of lowering the final height by a half-log all round, some 70mm or about 2 1/2”. I insulated under the floor and on top of the roof as recommended with 50mm thick Kingspan board. The shingles were also very easy to fit following your video then I finally fitted guttering bought locally.
My only criticisms are as follows; the paper building plan was just laid on the top of the components but not in a sealed bag. It was soaking wet when I finally opened the pack and took 36 hours to dry out.
The outer door frame, that has to be fitted early in the build, is different on the inside and outside, but it is not marked as to which is which. The enlarged drawing of the frame does not show this difference so in the end it was just a guess on my part as to how to fit it. Now that the cabin is finished I still do not know if it is right or wrong! Care also needs to be taken with the windows. Although it is obvious which is the inside and the outside, one is left handed and one right handed and again, no clue as to which should go where.
These are just minor irritations but I think the outer door frame needs a detailed enlarged drawing showing which is intended to be the inside face. Altogether a splendid log cabin and a bargain at the price.
Mark Perry
Nov 11, 2019
Amazingly well prepared components - makes construction snag-free. Finished cabin is exactly what I hoped for.
Gareth Lawrence
Nov 8, 2019
After much internet research I decided upon the Riina corner cabin which was to be used as my office.

I was impressed by the blogs, the information on cabins on the web site and the price compared to competitors.

I placed the order over the phone was not subject to a attempts to sell a range of extras.

The cabin arrived as scheduled. I had arranged with John Heard, a Tuin recommended installer, to build the cabin. John was very helpful and provided a wealth of advice on treating the cabin, points the electrician need to consider, fixings etc.

I'm very pleased with Tuin, the cabin, and the service that John provided.
Trudy Green
Sep 29, 2019
Fabulous service from Tuin. I have been looking for a Summerhouse/Sewing Room for about a year and each time I searched Tuin came out on top. So once the base was down I ordered the Riina Log Cabin. Delivery was as stated on the website and we were phoned to advise a rough time. The guys who put it up scratched there heads at first but had it up in a day. Roof shingles the following morning and floor the following day. The quality is second to none. We have just painted the outside using CAREFREE PROTECTANT TIMBER TREATMENT and it looks fantastic. Can’t wait to move in.
Steve Keenan
Jun 17, 2019
Overall this has been a most enjoyable and rewarding project.The Tuin site has loads of great information and I would highly recommend that you read/watch as much information as possible before starting. I would highly recommend Tuin log cabins as the build quality and advice /information and overall help is what makes this a great experience.That said there have been one or two issues with the 28 mm flooring where the tongue and groove had not been machined properly on some planks, but with a bit of carpentry skills you can resolve most issues. As with any wooden product it has its own characteristics and you need to work with it.That said, it is all explained on the website. It's a great product, delivered to your door and great fun to build.My advice is please make sure that your base is 100% before starting and the rest will follow. Get that wrong and you may struggle. Thanks You for a great log cabin everyone who's seen it has been impressed and it looks like it will last for a long time. My only feed back to Tuin is that I would have paid extra for a insulated roof if that had been an option.Many thanks for a great log cabin and a great quality product.
Ms. Janet Garner
May 13, 2019
This log cabin arrived on time, packed brilliantly. The quality is excellent - my husband is a carpenter and joiner and chose Tuin as he was impressed by how the quality appeared to be online - and he wasn't disappointed. He had the cabin erected in a couple of days - not including felting the roof. The instructions a little bit vague but the online video sorted out any problems. The price was also extremely competitive compared to ones we had seen in our local garden centres etc. Would certainly recommend.
Mr. Brian Cox
Apr 16, 2019
The pre-sales service was second to none. As well as the very informative web site, the support team provided quick and full answers to all our questions.
On delivery day, our driver (a third party) positioned the cabin pack exactly where we wanted it. The cabin now it's finished looks brilliant - both externally, which is now in a beautiful duck egg blue type colour, and internally - the natural wood. I write this review sitting with our log burner heated cabin, which is amazingly warm; the insulation - floor and ceiling is well worth the extra investment.
Mr. Michael Hutchins
Mar 28, 2019
My wife is now the envy of all her friends having a spectacular place to work and do craft.
Mr. Steve Creamer
Mar 18, 2019
Excellent log cabin, delivery was as agreed & delivered by a very helpful driver, the quality of the cabin is by far the best I have seen & I looked at loads from other suppliers. The building went together very easily we only messed up on one log that we put in the wrong place easy enough to remedy. It 3 of us just a day to assemble & make it water tight. Overall a fantastic piece of kit.
Angus Walker
Feb 4, 2019
Great quality cabin and easy to put together. Huge amount of information re installation in the support section of the Tuin website. If we still had a problem we emailed Tuin and got almost instant responses, even on a Sunday! Would buy from Tuin again and have no hesitation recommending them.
Sarah Simpson
Jan 23, 2019
We are very pleased with our summer house. We have only just got it up so not fully finished inside yet as we are going to insulate it and need to get the floor down.
The summer house itself is lovely and looks really nice in our garden. We are really happy with the quality and the price was fantastic. I would recommend them as guests Tuin and would definitely by from them again.
Everyone I spoke to at Tuin were very helpful. Everything from before our purchase to delivery went very smoothly.
Great company and great product, highly recommend.
Mr. R Bishop
Sep 30, 2018
Arrived promptly. Log cabin was straightforward to assemble once you had read and re-read the instructions! Looks great and is much admired by all. Excellent after-sales service. Would recommend Tuin for product and service. Thank you
Mrs. sheila simpson
Jun 13, 2018
Delivery excellent - driver very pleasant prompt & helpful. Assembly was straightforward & I was able to do it myself apart from lifting the Windows into place where my son assisted.Only one problem was that a glass panel had slipped in the door. A service to rectify was offered & accepted! The overall quality of the cabin is outstanding & support from Tuin exceptional. Thank you for your product service & support. Initially i did a lot of research with many cabin companies before deciding on Tuin & I'm very glad I did that preparation!
May 1, 2018
What can I say? Well, it’s a big WOW from me. Professional from start to finish and the cabin is fantastic! LOVE IT!
Mr. Chris Furniss
Apr 23, 2018
We bought the Riina as its 58mm thick and will last a lifetime. We are amazed at how easy it was to put together and everything was in the pack that was promised. What is even more spectacular is the actual quality of the product; we shopped all over before going to Tuin to try and get what we wanted but, this is the best we found by a country mile. This is the summerhouse you always wanted and you will not be disappointed. I would highly recommend it to anyone.
Mr. jeff patrick
Apr 15, 2018
The cabin is really solid and well finished. I'm pleased we chose the model with the slightly 58mm thicker walls. My brother put it together for me :-) and it seemed to go together pretty well. The only criticism is the handle and lock. I would have preferred something of higher quality.

One thing to keep in mind is that there is a hell of a lot of surface area to paint!

It was extremely good value for money.
Tuin reply: Thank you for your review, we do offer higher quality locks and handles if required here: https://www.tuin.co.uk/Garden-Gate-Locks-and-Latches.html
Mr. Barry Twitchen
Mar 27, 2018
Ordering and payment were made easy. The delivery on the day went without a hitch, the driver placing the log cabin package exactly where I wanted it. Well packed and easy to unpack. Would benefit from having the instruction booklet more accessible rather than having to remove all the packaging to locate them. Checking for all the parts is relatively straight forward. We ordered the composite threshold base as we live by the sea. Cutting it to size could be better informed, the website video provides most of the information but only appears to show thin wall cabins. Ours is 55 mm and the angles differ! Erecting with two is easy although some of the instructions/drawings could be improved. In conclusion a great piece of kit. Well worth the money.
Mr. Grahame Lees
Mar 4, 2018
We have had a faultless experience from ordering to delivery and advice from Tuin after ordering our Riina Cabin.
The quality is second to none and it does look excellent when erected. Took about 1.5 days to get upto placing shingles on due to weather, which has now stopped any further progress for now. The instructions are fine if a little vague in places but easy enough to work out and if needed there is plenty of online video help from Tuin.
The thicker logs do add to the quality of this cabin and being thicker we had no issues with any warped logs especially after being left outside in the poor weather for a week before build began.
Miss. Janine Birt
Nov 8, 2017
This really is a high quality product and I am absolutely delighted with the resulting cabin. The tilting, or full open window option is a very nice feature and the brass ball finial tops it nicely. Delivery was very efficient with an 8am drop off - our only concern was that the picture on the crate was not of our order and although the product name was the same, the number was slightly different which led to our confusion!(that might be a point worth noting?). But the driver got in touch with you and your delivery office was on the phone to check the details within minutes, to confirm we had the correct pack. All in all, absolutely delighted, thank you. We have already recommended you to people who have admired the Riina in our garden!
Mrs. Debbie Hogg
Oct 16, 2017
We are so pleased with our Riina corner log cabin and the service from Tuin. We would, and have been recommending Tuin. We wanted a warm and pleasant log cabin for our new salt therapy business and we've had so many compliments. We painted ours in Farrow & Ball French grey which is a lovely soft green colour. I will try to add a photo if not check out our main photo on www.norfolksalttherapy.co.uk which shows off our beautiful log cabin. We assembled it ourselves with the help of the YouTube videos and made a concrete base which we were very careful to get exact so any water runs off the sides and away. The good base I'm sure made it easier to put up. Thank you Tuin, very happy customers here.
Mrs. June Lamb
Oct 14, 2017
I am absolutely delighted with my purchase. The cabin is much better than expected and the quality is second to none. Every aspect of my dealings with this purchase has been great. The delivery was seamless and the gentlemen who delivered the cabin was polite and curious. I would absolutely recommend this company and my new home office looks stunning. Thank you.
Joel Nason
Aug 27, 2017
Initial impression is that this is a great quality product. Will need to wait awhile to decide how durable it is. Took me two days to erect on my own with a little help on the roof panels. Really nice cabin to be in! Only problem I had was that the doorway was a little tricky as you could get the three corners square but it was difficult to align the door and foundation piece as these are not at ninety degrees and the instructions were not much help. Just took extra time!
Mr. Robert Goode
Jun 7, 2017
What a delight finding Tuin, did not know what to expect ... and absolutely over the moon. The materials are well machined and the instruction straight forward. Solid interlocking and so sturdy. Windows and door pre assembled making it so easy. It's as easy as lego
Mr. Alan Yarrell
May 11, 2017
I originally ordered an Emma Corner Cabin, but was then made aware of the Riina which had just come out. As I want an outside office this looked ideal and Tuin were able to change the order to the Riina without any fuss. We were kept well informed and the cabin arrived early and was forked lifted onto the front garden. The cabin was put up by our carpenter/builder and apart from a couple of confusing aspects to the instructions, the parts fitted easily together. We had arranged to place the cabin on a concrete base and ordered the composite bearers which I think is a good idea.
The cabin looks excellent and is a real addition to our house and garden. I am not sure if I would have been able to tackle this myself, but the fitter said how well made it was and was a pleasure to put up. He also felt it was extremely good value. Friends and neighbours have also said how fantastic it is and cannot believe the price! Two have now said they want to order one for themselves.
I thoroughly recommend this quality product and am looking forward to using it.