Riho Log Cabin 3.2x3.2m

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Jun 17, 2023
Log cabin delivered on time as agreed. The driver professionally unloaded and placed the cabin where requested. The assembly took me 9 days (single person), but I also decided to insulate to floor and the roof, which took more time than anticipated. Annoyingly I have run out of two sheets of shingles (6 small squares) to complete installation of ridge cover. Luckily few years ago I purchased a gazebo from Tuin and had some leftover shingles in a garage, which matched the colour. There were not many cutoffs from shingles left, so suggest installing the shingles starter layer (the upside down tiles) on one side using cutoffs from the first roof side to save good quality shingles for ridge. Overall, I am very pleased with cabin as it is good quality product.
Graham Clarke
Apr 26, 2023
This is my second RiHo cabin,having erected the first at a previous house;so I had a pretty clear idea of what to expect. I was not disappointed. From the smooth ordering process, to the delivery direct from the Netherlands, all went extremely well. Tuin are well practiced at this, have no fear. The delivery driver was excellent, and placed the sizeable package exactly where I required it, all with a smile and genuine courtesy.
Erecting was exactly as before. I had prepared a level block work perimeter (stress on the level part!), so the cabin virtually flew up. Working solely alone I had the roof on within a couple of days. For anyone who doubts their ability to erect one of these cabins…don’t.
This is the second one I’ve built on my own. Yes, it can be hard work, but none of it is particularly difficult, and I’m rapidly approaching 70!!
Take a look at the finished result, I think you will agree it’s a fine addition to my garden space.
Next project, an Oval Sauna, but that has to wait for a while
Mr. Jack Stirton
Oct 27, 2022
Very well made easy to put up wether your are experienced or not. The only thing is the plans could be a bit more detailed but over all a very good product highly recommend buying from tuin
Mr. John M
Mar 25, 2022
Before starting the review I'd like to re-iterate the need for preperation. I was installing the cabin on an existing patio, I worked out it was not level enough for the install directly onto it, so I set about making a wooden frame consisting of double laminated 2x5s that were 3m in length. I made a double laminated square of timers bolted at 600mm centres with M12 stainless steel bolts with steel brackets at each corner mounted from the inside corners screwing both timbers together. To compensate for the slope of the patio I placed plastic adjustable risers under the wood and adjusted it until it was level. This took a day or so to get everything perfect. It's good to check it's square before bolting and screwing it. The log cabin arrived as expected, the driver helpfully put it at a convenient place in front of the house. I would recommend not keeping the foundational timber in storage too long as my timber merchant delivered the wood wet and as soon as it starts drying it starts to bend. Once the foundation was built I placed the starting logs in the timber and built-up the cabin. I was building in April and at times I had to cover the kit to avoid the wood getting wet, so would recommend you buy a 5mx5m tarp with elastic hooks to keep it down during winds. At night I put these over the build to protect it. Building the cabin up was pretty much ok once you get started, you just need to ensure the logs are sat on each other with a bash of the hammer, I checked level and square as I went. One mistake I made was to out the door round the wrong way(opening inwards) but it was easily rectified by taking the door off its hinges and taking the frame out and turning it around. Once the frame was done I put the purlins on the roof along with the gable ends. I noticed at this point that the gable end didn't quite meet the top wall logs, so a quick email to Tuin told me to plane the top to make it level. This seemed ok, but when the roof boards go on top it makes for a gap where they have to follow the slope. This has to be then filled. Once the structure was done the roof boards went on. It's easy for them to go off in the wrong direction if the board is slightly off square, so be careful to take your time. One the roof boards were on I insulated the roof by adding 4 boards of 25mm insulation by battening around with some 25mm timber at the outer edges and nailing through the insulation. On top of that went the shingles. I only had just enough shingles for the roof, I was literally down to my last usable bit. It took me a weekend to do the roof and insulation. I used 'fixall' black waterproof flexible roofing adhesive which worked well. Two tubes of that are fine.
I then made the floor by securing joist hangers to the outer timer frame and laying 2*5 timers with two rows of noggins in between. Make sure your joist spacing allows easy length cutting of the insulation board or you'll either buy too much or too little. I then used the 28mm floor pack provided which was a bit of a pain as the rows can easily get out of square. I used tongue tight screws through the tongues of the boards for a nail-free finish and it's been fine. To finish it all I varnished it with 4 layers of water based semi matt varnish. To finish the exterior I used Bedec's barn paint which is an acrylic paint which seems to flex well and be tough enough, I have done 3 coats at least on the exterior. On the interior I did 2 coats and an undercoat. The only problems I've had in the first year are the door sticking but an adjustment of the hunger fixed that. I had some water come through the side window but a silicon bead around the frame has sorted that. Hopefully you can see by the pictures (if it allows me to upload) a good grade cabin overall and excellent customer service when needed.
Mr. Paul Manning
Jan 18, 2021
Ordered the cabin about 3 weeks before Christmas and it was delivered amazingly quickly, in time to build during the holidays. Delivery was by forklift for the last half mile, from the closest point the articulated lorry could get. Cabin was perfectly packed with no damage. Took the advice on the website and built it myself. The main structure was really quick and largely complete in 2-3 days. The parts fitted together perfectly and easily. Quality was fantastic. Watched the video guide many times before building. Snow held up doing the shingles which added a couple of days. Very pleased with the finished cabin and would recommend to anyone.
Rob Charles
Oct 28, 2020
Bought this to replace a 30 year old garden shed to get more space for a gym and modelling workshop.

Arrived on articulated truck and driver placed beside house using onboard forklift. The package was double wrapped in heavy gauge plastic. This turned out to be very helpful as building was delayed for 3 months because of COVID and the need to get a perfectly flat concrete base completed. Package was safely protected from storms and driving rain.

I built the cabin myself, and hardest part was setting out the composite bearers (email answered in 20 mins on a Sunday by TUIN!). Would recommend these for longevity.

Spare log lengths are included for use as a 'beater' - to place on top of the main logs to protect from your mallet / hammer blows. Unfortunately the instructions show this as 3 separate lengths, and so I ended up using the wrong log - and destroyed a main log. I had to get a replacement made by a local sawmill. I found the 'beater' log in the pile - it hadn't been cut into three short lengths as described in the instructions, hence my mistake.

Cabin took about 2 days to build by myself and it went together easily and without problems. The roof planks were installed, felted and then shingled - this took me 8 hours each side! It was exhausting on my own. The fixing nails were not included in the package and promised replacements didn't arrive, so bought locally.

I had to watch YouTube videos from the IKO shingle manufacturer to understand the best way to lay the shingles - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pUSGEmOZMyE . I found the shingles easiest to lay when ambient was 16C+.
I found the 3 tubes of bitumen adhesive included in the package to be not nearly enough, I bought 4 more tubes locally and used them on the roof.

Once built, I installed the floor with 25mm insulation underneath with joints sealed with expanding foam filler. I laid floorboards with 10mm gap between floor edge and walls. I left no gap between the boards, and this resulted in a lovely floor that was laid quickly. I put carpet tiles on top.

I primed and painted the exterior with Tikkurila Teho paint - matched to my own RAL paint code. I hand brushed the exterior, then sprayed top coat with follow up brush paint on endgrains.

I put 3 coats of danish oil on the interor logs, paying regular attention to the corners, which I am still coating to this day as the logs seem to absorb it.

Only issue I had was 'weepage' from one corner (solved with more danish oil and exterior paint) and weepage from one window during heavy rain that three times soaked the carpet tiles. This was solved with painting of the exterior window frames, danish oil in the interior frames and use of adhesive foam sealant on the frame. I think the wood was not properly sealed so water got in via capillary action.

Overall, this is a well made cabin and I am pleased with how it has turned out. Neighbours comment on how lovely it is - calling it a 'work of art'. I fear I may have caused issues as comments are now made on how other neighbours sheds and cabins 'could be as nice' as mine.
Mr. Ian Raitt
Mar 3, 2020
Purchased the Rino log cabin, arrived as per instructions given, driver was excellent and very helpful. The cabin was shrunk wrapped, excellent packaging and the quality was outstanding, all joints were perfect a few small imperfections easy repair. I have built a few cabins and the quality of this cabin is the best I have seen, locks and Windows very high quality. I would certainly recommend Tuin..
Stephen Ashford
Oct 17, 2017
Before I looked at Tuin I’d looked at lots of other sites and manufacturers. I live in the highlands of Scotland, on the coast, so I needed something sturdy, but I also wanted it to look good, and ideally have some sort of overhang for a bench so I could set up a sheltered spot to admire the view. The variety on the Tuin site, and the quality just blew me away. I compared several cabins, and in the end I went for Riho, it was the perfect size and was made of good thick logs.

The order and delivery was straightforward and hassle free. The cabin was well packed, and the instructions and on-line tutorials good quality and easy to follow. I prepared the site and poured a concrete base – securing the base frame as per Tuins instructions. And the cabin went up easily. My wife and I put it up in a day, and it took me one further day to shingle the roof. I had no experience of this before so I was pleased with the ease and speed of it all. The door was so easy to install and adjust, something I worried about – the thought in the design really shines through.

Because I’d left the cabin in the packaging for a few weeks I think a couple of the logs had taken on a bit of water and slightly bent, but it was still easy to slot them together and the cabin pulled itself together very nicely. The guttering is excellent and really helps with drainage around the cabin – a real must!

I’ve had the cabin in place for a year now – it’s perfect. The shingles look good and are really hard wearing and sturdy, the cabin looks as good as the day it was painted and it feels safe in even the strongest gales. It’s so good I’ve bought more from Tuin, a Grande Gazebo, and an Emma log cabin. I’m also about to buy a Jos cabin as my final outbuilding for the garden. I’d always look to Tuin first for any outdoor structure, and recommend them without hesitation.
Miss. emma woodcock
May 23, 2017
Cabin looks super at the end of the garden, and fits within the height of not requiring planning permission. Impressed by the quality. Instructions could be clearer, the guy constructing it had to call several times, and the helpline was great, straight through and talked him through it. Excellent customer service.
Mr. Graham Clarke
Jan 31, 2017
My experience of a Turn cabin, where to start? Whilst researching,the Tuin brand kept cropping up.I'm naturally cautious of glowing testimonials, but couldn't find anything but good words for the brand,so I made my choice;a RiHo 3.2. It duly arrived, on time, and I was left with a big package to move, and sort. Lots of timber! The plan was to erect over my Xmas holiday. I had already prepped the base, and knew the importance of it being level and square. The benefit becomes obvious when you start to erect, as it basically fell together. We are talking precision machined joints here. The joints naturally want to sit square. If you are struggling, something is out of square,or level, or both! I was on my own, but had no problems and it flew up. The roof took a little longer, as I both insulated and boarded over before fixing the shingles. A word on shingles. If they were not free,I would buy them. Yes,they are that good!! I have also fitted an insulated floor, and a small wood burner. In essence, the cabin is all but finished. I am just waiting for the weather to warm a little to apply the treatment. Everyone who has seen the cabin is enthralled by it, and I've received nothing but compliments. I'm delighted with it, and happily state its worth every penny spent on it. As for Tuin,there is no hype whatsoever. They sell a first class product, and are staffed by first class people who do everything they can to help. Follow the advise on the website, and you will not go wrong. I am delighted to give my complete endorsement,and thanks, for an excellent product.
Mr. Gary Rolinson
Feb 14, 2016
We have had our RIHO log cabin approximentaly 6 weeks Warren Young fitted the cabin in a day with one of his mates Fitted 50mm lnsulation to floor and roof then finished off with roof shingles we have had electric light fitted 4 single sockets 50 inch TV and sound bar fitted in 3 settee 4 drawer unit Lino fitted to the floor outside light our escape pod
Quality 5 Price 5 Fitting service 5 should have had one of these years ago the best money I've spent in years I'd highly recommend this company from the 1st phone call to delivery if you make a purchase use Warren Young he lives in Essex we live in Dudley West Midlands he stated he would be at ours for 8am and he was leaving his home at 4am in the morning outstanding gentleman who knows his job on the morning of the job there where 100s of pieces of timber everywhere at the end of the day nothing we had a quality outstanding log cabin that's used every day thank you all
Miss. MELISSA Dennis
Dec 5, 2014
This product is fantastic, and we are really pleased with it. The service and delivery were organised. It could not be easier to construct and we are delighted with the look.