Petit Corner Log Cabin 2x2m

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Greg Marks
Oct 15, 2023
John Tremlett
Aug 25, 2023
Excellent product,quality materials.competitivly priced.Prompt delivery,by a very helpful
driver. Highly recommended company.
Mr. Ian Cheek
Apr 22, 2023
I can not fault this company or its product. My complements to the delivery driver getting the shed to my drive.

Oct 14, 2022
We are very pleased with our new Petit Corner Log Cabin. It arrived at the agreed time and was complete (except for a broken pane in the door). To gain time, Tuin suggested that I arrange for the pane to be replaced and they would reimburse me. That's what I did and I was reimbursed. It took 2 people to construct the cabin in 1 day and finishing off laying the shingles took 1 more day for 1 person. We found the instructions provided to be easy to follow except that the door instructions were for a different type of door. However, we were able to work it out without too much trouble. We then applied the Sikkens wood preservative recommended by Tuin and that took 1 day for 1 person.
Mike Hardisty
Jun 23, 2022
Delivery went smoothly. The was pack was left on the drive for a few days before being covered with a tarpaulin. On opening the pack the rain had got in and all the plans and instructions were soaking wet and some planks were damp. The assembly of the side walls went smoothly but after fitting the last planks the rear wall plank was 10mm higher than the rest (no gaps in between the planks all driven home) so would not let the roof planks lay flat. The 10mm was planed off allowing roof planks to lay flat. The Shingle were fixed to the roof leaving just over 1 pack left. The supplied facia was not fitted but substituted with 4" x 1" to give a better fixing for a standard 112mm gutters.
Jun 22, 2022
A very good quality cabin . However for this particular cabin the instructions were a bit vague for both door frame & roof sections .
Took about 3 days for us to completely finish the construction.
Mr. David Carter
Dec 8, 2021
This review is a little belated so sorry for that. The whole process from ordering to delivery to implementation and building the shed was smooth and effective. The delivery guy fought his way through Gail force winds and rain to delivery on time. All the kit was there and a few extras for any mishaps. I have a minimal background in building , but the whole process was manageable . I had a few quires about the drawings but they where dealt with within 24 hours. I would have no hesitation of recommending this company
Thank you to Tuin for your help . David
Mrs. Jeanette Wichary
Oct 8, 2021
i have waited a long time for my summer house . Now it is coming soon . The staff at Tuin have been helpful and not their fault that it has taken so long . looking forward to its delivery
Andie Camper
Sep 23, 2021
I was fairly happy with the Tuin delivery and kit. I did read the instructions fully and consulted, I did my best to create a level base to build upon. The time spent doing so proved invaluable when putting the kit together. The worst bit to sort out was the door as little was available in the material or on the website for a single door at an angle as per this kit. I did manage to get it to fit but had to put some extra washers on the hinges to make it fit nicely. In general it went together simply as you went along once the base was level. I would however say I am good at building and woodwork and I think those not particularly well gifted with DIY skills would struggle. I am however happy with my "man cave" I wanted a place to keep my tools and have a workbench to do things on as I have no garage here. In fact the pallet was so solid I used that to make my work bench along with some other packing. If I should ever need another log cabin I would be prepared to buy one again from Tuin.
Doug Grout
Jul 25, 2021
Working in my kitchen for the last 14 months was not great , so I decided to look at the options for the Garden . So after many months of looking I decided to purchase teh Petit log cabin , Very good CS , Very good communication and great delivery and delivery driver . It took about 3 weekends ( the weather was rubbish for most of it , and to be fair my neighbours helped me for most of the process . It is just what I wanted , looks great and is large enough for a desk PC and all you need to work form home . Would recommend in many ways . Take your time and just think about location and what you want to use it for . Well done Tuin
Miss. Nadine Ingram
May 24, 2021
I purchased the small corner log cabin from Tuin earlier this year. The cabin certainly did not disappoint, it is fantastic in both quality, style and customer service. The delivery driver was also wonderful, friendly and professional. I paid a professional to build this for me and he was really impressed with the cabin in terms of quality and price. I followed the advice by Tuin and ordered their suggested products in order to seal and protect it too. It is a bit more expensive than some of your regular sealants but if you are spending that much on a cabin you need to look after it and you get what you pay for with some things. The sealant product was easy to use and then I followed this up with their recommended paint. I’ve applied several coats but that was my choice as I want to take the time to protect my shed and I had ample paint to do so. All round I would highly recommend Tuin and all of their products. A big thank you to all at Tuin.
malcolm john WATSON
Jul 20, 2020
The log cabin was well packed and easy to remove from packaging. A parts list was enclosed and it was straightforward to tick off parts as I removed them. The drawings were easy to follow. I did not rush and spent about 40hrs constructing the cabin.On line support very good. Every part of assembly was covered. I struggled at first with door frame assembly but soon sorted. The finished cabin is excellent and my wife is extremely pleased. I have hung a glass bead curtain across the door. We have put 2 bamboo chairs inside. I have also made a small table with the spare floorboards. Also a small box. We have relaxed inside during this glorious sunshine
Mr. Paul McKay
Mar 29, 2020
Because I had already built a Riina 3x3 cabin as an art studio for my wife, I thought it time to treat myself. There was an ideal space left in my garden that would take a Petit 2x2 cabin. This has a similar shape and has the same quality of timber as it’s bigger sister.
The site for the base was uneven and sloping so I built a ring foundation from 70x70 square treated timber supported at the lower ends by Tuin’s clever plastic screw jacks sitting on small paving slabs. Building the Petit was fast, simple and straightforward. Everything fitted and I insulated the roof and then the floor using 1200x450x50mm polyurethane slabs. I topped the roof with guttering, a downpipe and Tuin's black pyramid complete with brass ball. Like it’s bigger sister, the Riina cabin, it looks a treat. The only adverse comment I can make is, like the other Tuin cabins, the door opens outwards like a shed instead of inwards like a house. This will not be a problem for many people but for me, whose garden is exposed to the wind, it is. The door on the Riina has already been damaged when the wind blew it back against the post splitting the timber. The door on the Petit is narrower than its frame so I can remove it, turn the frame round and refit the door so it opens inwards. That solves one problem. The doors on the Riina are wider than the inside frame so they cannot be turned to open inwards. So I have fitted a stop rope from the base of the doorpost to the fascia board. When the door is open the top of the door comes to rest against the rope before it can hit the doorpost. This long rope now works as a spring and shock absorber.
Mr. Lee Climpson
Nov 5, 2019
This is a wonderful wooden cabin. It’s fits beautifully in the corner of our garden and is of a really high quality. I was very impressed when I was putting it together, although I have to admit I was surprised at the amount of work involved (I mistakenly thought it’d be more flat pack! It does take quite a bit of putting together!). It’s a real garden showpiece!
Oct 30, 2019
Very pleased with this log cabin. I'm in my 50's and it will be around when I'm well gone. Put the gutters on myself, easy. The staining took longer than a normal shed as lots of tiny bits to get into. Overall...Well pleased. Would of attempted to build it myself but just haven't got the time
Peter Hart
Sep 22, 2019
Excellent quality product and a good standard of manufacturing. I used a timber base with quick Jack's as the area was a slope. These made levelling a doddle.
The cabin took a total of 18hrs to erect, on my own, that also includes putting everything on the lawn in various groups. I used roof shingles for the pyramid roof, which look great, although I think a small pack of longer roofing nails is required for the ridge areas. All in all, I'm very pleased with the product/ service from start to finish. A☆
Mr. David Brown
Aug 12, 2019
Excellent product is a potting gardening shed for my wife. She is very pleased now it is painted and shelved.
It looks very good by the fish pond.

Very good value for the cost

Fitted a log store lean-to to the rear and fitted a Tuin floor.

Finished off with the roof brass ball finial it matches our Tuin Larch Gazebo

This is my 3rd Tuin build cannot recommend it highly enough
Jul 15, 2019
Easy to built, clear instructions (especially video), good quality wood, accurately cut
Clive Goldsmith
May 7, 2019
This is the second Tuin log cabin I have purchased in the last two years they are extremely robust will outlast many of their competitors
Mrs. Caroline Priscott
Oct 17, 2018
Fantastic log cabin and easy to install, although did take some time. Excellent quality wood and well machined. A very comprehensive kit which went together well.
Mr. Jeff King
Jul 12, 2018
I purchased the Petit Log Cabin for a small unloved corner of the Garden and it is stunning my wife referred to it as my mancave, but once completed I got a "ooooh this is nice" and thoughts of a mancave evaporated.

From placing the order to delivery the process was very smooth, any questions I had I emailed the Tuin team they were answered promptly and informatively.

Before I started and during the build I watched the Tuin youtube videos these are really good, the build would not have been as smooth without them. The Petit Corner log cabin is of good quality the main structure was put up in a morning the roof was a little trickier.

As a DIY'er the instructions for the roof and door frame need a bit more detail in my opinion but to be honest it wasn't anything I couldn't figure out with a bit of thought.

Overall I am extremely pleased with the quality and the ease of assembly.
Freda Phillips
Apr 19, 2018
Wonderful service from beginning to end, nothing was too much trouble. The log cabin was fitted today by Warren & it looks fantastic, so much so I cant stop looking at it. Would definately recommend Tuin & the Petit Corner Log Cabin.
Mr. Sandy Sanders
Jan 30, 2018
Delighted with the cabin. Some additional instructions re the fitting of the door posts and the method of connecting the roof supports at the apex would have been useful but the customer service support was excellent. Would thoroughly recommend both the company and the product.
Ms. Rachel Terry
Jan 13, 2018
The cabin looks great. I've no idea how easy it was to assemble as the landscape gardeners who recommended it did it for me, but it certainly looks very smart in my newly laid out garden.
Kim Ashburner
Aug 12, 2017
Star rating reflects our overall experience from service, build through to completion. Found the ordering and delivery of the item excellent and exactly as described on the website. We are also really pleased with the quality of the product and end result, a really smart looking addition to our garden. However the instruction included were very vague and often generic for all size cabins. My husband gradually worked out the construction through trial and error and by reading other reviews.
Mr. Ben Langham
May 23, 2017
Great log cabin! Really well constructed, instructions are really easy to understand, celery driver was very helpful and it all came packaged really nice. I really can't fault this product, definitely 5 star!!!!
Apr 18, 2017
Very happy with the Log Cabin and the service and advice provided.
Paul Bracegirdle
Nov 26, 2016
After a lot of research I decided Tuin looked the best and they didn't disappoint. I had to rearrange delivery due to my work and this was not a problem. Delivery I thought was going to be tricky down a narrow street but this all worked out fine. I ended up getting a carpenter to help construct the shed. There were a few moments of head scratching but easy enough once you get going. It's definitely a step up from an IKEA flat pack. The carpenter was very impressed with the shed as am I. A great addition to our back garden.
Mr. Keith Hartwell
Oct 12, 2016
brilliant cabin could not be better 5 star easy to erect what more can I say. thanks to driver who delivered it he was most helpful thanks
Mrs. Helen Geddes
Aug 17, 2016
I am delighted with my mini shed. It was delivered on time by a very friendly driver who gave me notice of my delivery time. Your customer service was very good with timescales adhered to.
My husband installed it on his own and said the instructions were easy to follow.
A very neat little corner summerhouse that I look forward to spending time in.
Mr. John Spackman
Jun 20, 2016
Pleased with our purchase ideal corner cabin for small table and two chairs or a different style garden shed
Quit straight forward for me follow plans take your time to work things out before you start. Only problem I had was the door frame once you work it out you wonder what all the fuss was about. Make sure your base is level and squire.
Good well thought out construction which made it easy for me as I wanted windows a different colour easy to remove by design no line marks with expansion.
Wood treatment
This is a mine field there is so much on offer I decided on Sadolin wood preserver 2 coats Sadolin Classic clear which they tinted 2 coats.
Take your time and decide what you want know, and how to apply in the future.
Delivery Was excellent they phoned the week before and told us they would deliver next week and what day the were spot on neighbours said how friendly and carefull the driver was that I support well done.
Tech support
Is excellient I phoned on a weekend with no reply left no message with in 15 minutes the phone rang it was tech support I could not ask for a better service and my problem was resolved.
Would I buy again
Yes I have just had another log cabin delivered.
Trevor Bassett
Jun 19, 2016
Bit of a strange review but never the less worthwhile as it shows the level of customer service. Due to circumstances I had to cancel my order for the log cabin at quite a late stage. This was no trouble for the staff at Tuin they were very efficient responding to my email out of normal hours reassuring me that I would get a full refund, which duly arrived.
Mr. Hugh Heslington
May 21, 2016
Finished cabin looks great. Main construction pretty simple. Afew niggles: Only 4 screws provided for the roof construction so had to nip out and get suitable ones to finish job. Instructions were generic and not specific to our cabin so abit of head scratching re triangle above door. Catch on one window faulty (quickly replaced, great customer service). Oversupply of roof shingles (probably meant for larger cabin). Flooring package a bit disappointing. Boards not a consistent width which made joins a pain.
Really pleased with end result and these moans are minor items. Well worth cost, time and effort.
Mr. Colin Sanders
Apr 18, 2016
Really pleased with delivery and overall quality of my log cabin. I found the build went very smoothly and was finished in three days with the help of my 9 year old grandson. Using a bit of common sense everything was straightforward.So pleased I opted for the Tuin log cabin.
Ms. Abi Brewin
Aug 6, 2015
excellent petit shed. good quality . helpful staff. informed of delivery. prompt arrival and helpful delivery driver. follow instructions and video full of advice. would recommended and would buy from here again. many thanks
Mr. Phillip Smith
Jun 6, 2015
This a great looking cabin/shed and it is exactly what we wanted to fit in with our new garden. Good quality materials and a good look all round. Delivery was fine and as described.
Ms. Susan Morris
Apr 2, 2015
This is an excellent quality product and the customer service was outstanding. We built the cabin ourselves and the staff were more than happy to help when we needed some clarification during the building process. We took advantage of the free shingles offer and they look great. Would highly recommend!
Rob Withers
Dec 22, 2014
This is a well designed and manufactured log cabin, it sets a standard that must be difficult to beat at a most competitive price, The kit contains everything required and only basic skills and tools are needed to build it. The Tuin team were very supportive from the pre-order stage to delivery and are available to answer questions should any questions arise during construction. I am delighted I chose the Petite version of this design as it is amply big enough. This little cabin fulfils all of our needs and I wish I had a spare corner in the garden to construct an additional alternative style from their delightful product range. This product is highly recommended. Thank you Tuin Team.
Mrs. Elaine Roberts
Oct 3, 2014
Ordering and communications were excellent. Delivery was brilliant, Paul was excellent driver who updated me as to his whereabouts and when he expected to deliver, this assisted greatly with my own timings.
Petit log cabin - whilst only being the smallest of the corner cabins we were surprised at the amount of materials which had to be unpacked and moved to the rear garden for treating ahead of assembly. Perhaps my husband should have allowed more time for this but he was very keen to get started! Once the base had been sorted and levelled assembly was very straightforward and working on his own my husband put the whole structure together within a day. Looks as good as it does in the picture. Extremely pleased with the choice and materials provided. Instructions provided were perhaps a bit 'thin' however newly uploaded videos were a great help. He is now @ the stage of looking forward to applying the roof shingles which will make it look a real attractive addition to the garden. Whilst being the smallest of the corner sheds it does fit in extreely well within the limited space we have. Overall a very satisfying product to build. Would definitely recommend the company.
Darren Livesey
Jun 3, 2014
This product is great and takes around a day to put together. Just like a Lego set all interlocks together. I have converted mine into a sauna and looks great would recommend this cabin.
Claire Crane
Jun 3, 2014
I was delighted when my cabin turned up, the service was great, and I keenly unloaded the palette and laid it in the hall to wait for the good weather to come to assemble. The wood was good quality and was as I expected for the money paid.
On close expectation of the pallet I discovered that my window boxes had been left off the order, so I immediately contacted Tuin (out of hours) to notify them of the missing part. Amazingly it wasn't an answer phone machine but Richard who reassured me he would sort it and he did. The day arrived when the weather was good and we were free to build the cabin,we made great progress after a quick email to the help desk to find out which way the composite base bits should go. Any way we got going with me collecting the timber and my brother and partner fitting them together, I got the selecting job as I was very familiar with the parts as had been painting the cabin in the house, as I wanted to achieve a two tone finish and was aware my cutting in skills were not up to the job - so I hadn't been idle. BUT I stupidly should of checked off the timbers as I painted them as I would have discovered a crucial piece missing!. So we had been at it for 4 hours and then discovered a missing piece just below the window and a special piece. I contacted Tuin and again received very helpful advice, we looked to see if the part had been mislaid but discovered we had 2 of another part, that we should of only had one of and worked out there was an error. We discussed at length working it out by cutting a new piece but discovered there were no spare pieces to get us out of trouble so we redesigned to give up. The cabin is now covered up and waiting for the missing piece. Tuin provide a great customer service on the cabin, discovering what the problem was and how they would resolve, we now just have to wait for that day when availability, inclination and weather come together to finish the cabin, oh and for the missing part to arrive from Tuin
Sue Hill
Dec 3, 2013
Recently purchased the petit corner log cabin as a birthday present for my husband.
From the beginning to the end the service was excellent, when I had a query the response was quick and informative.
The Cabin was relatively easy to build and I am a complete novice!!
The cabin looks lovely and we are very pleased with the finish. I would certainly recommend having roof shingles and finial as they enhance the look.
Overall I would rate this as 5 out of 5 stars.
My only comment to improve the service is to have clearer instruction booklet, at times it was confusing, however knowing I could ring up for advise was invaluable and solved the problem. Richard was so patient and helpful.
Peter Ainsley
Jul 23, 2013
Very nice people to deal with, helped me a lot to decide on my unusual base. Delivery on time and an excellent man to help move it. Now it is up I'm very, very pleased with it. Yes it's small but I love it. I ordered the tiles afterwards, it does need them as the felt supplied did not look good and yes you can put tiles over felt so I was advised.