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Perlund Log Cabin 3x3m

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Mrs. Stacy Robertson
Jun 25, 2023
Delivery on time, driver very polite.
Easy to put together, had up in one day, roof tiles on following day.
Lovely cabin would highly recommend we are very pleased.
Thank you
Mr. Stephen Stringer
Apr 7, 2023
The Perlund makes a great summerhouse. Delivery was easy, on time & the only criticism is the assembly instructions which might as well be non existent.
Bruce McLeod
Dec 17, 2022
The Perlund cabin arrived on time,very helpfull driver. We checked the parts list all was correct according to the list!!
Started the build, fairly straightforward, progressed to one side of the roof , recounted the boards left for other side!! one short. After a call to Tuin & email pic of roof , they agreed to have a board sent out. Trouble was it had to come from Holland, in the end Tuin were very helpfull & we have a very good cabin, time will tell on it`s durability . I hope management will take heed & keep a reasonable stock of spares in UK.

Bruce McLeod
Mr. Terry Sargent
Apr 29, 2022
Excellent buy delivered on time by very helpful driver, build quality was excellent everything fitted perfectly excellent quality very pleased with summer house.
Mr. Robert Hickson
Dec 19, 2021
Excellent product and service! Delivered on time (in difficult Covid times), all parts present and no damage. Construction was easy using the instructions and online video. Really good quality materials and the finished cabin is solid.
Mr. David Wright
Nov 30, 2021
Absolutely fantastic service from start to finish. Could not be happier with the log cabin. Amazing quality and easy to assemble. Good size and cannot recommend it more.
Paul Dineen
Oct 18, 2021
Excellent product. I chose the 28mm logs as delivery time was much shorter and these are more than adequate for the summerhouse size. Delivery was great with the driver happily manoeuvring the pallet to were I wanted it. Erection of the main walls was very easy, the whole family taking part. The roof and shingles took much longer to put together but if you watch the videos it's pretty straightforward. Very pleased with the look of the finished summerhouse.
David Moore
Apr 25, 2021
Its exactly what we expected. Instructions were not great but it was obvious how to build. 2 of us did it in half a day and it really looks the part.
Mr Richard G Holt
Mar 7, 2021
Excellent service from Start to finish. Phone call @6:30am on a Monday morning to say 30 mins away was a shock to the system but I was 1st drop off of the day and the Fork Lift delivered the packaged cabin from the lorry exactly where I wanted. Instructions were fine but additionally use the excellent blog and greater detail video's on the website (YouTube), there is nothing that isn't covered and all really useful. Back up/support is also really good, but I recommend reading the web pages on all aspects (base options, assembly, roof-tile fitment etc.) as they really are useful (thanks Richard)
Quality is excellent, I've recommended to many friends and colleagues since purchasing.
I went for the 3m x 3m 28mm thick Perlund and with an average £30 oil filled radiator, it is warm enough all year round (for recreational use, sheltered position but no roof or wall insulation, only under-floor). very satisfied and would use again
Brian Jenkyn
Feb 6, 2021
I am an active 73-year-old who in lockdown needed a new shed. I researched all the options and although I was originally looking at a corner shed selected a 3 x 3 metre ‘Perlund’ cabin from Tuin. The online videos, customer feedback and support material made my choice simple one.

My family of woodworm we’re all holding hands in my old shed so that came down very quickly and I was left with the preparation of a suitable base.

Given the added time for full wood preservation treatment I decided to go for an untreated unit. You should give thought to the practicality and cost as, on reflection, I would have liked to have had a pre-treated cabin for a winter build. Ordering online was a breeze and I added the composite beams (well worth it) and the flooring pack (wish I’d bought locally).
Delivery was perfect and the method very entertaining. By the time of delivery on the 20th of November I had almost completed the base and frame. Because of height issues and location constraints I decided to go for piers supporting a double frame, filled with hard foam insulation.
For me creating the level base was perhaps the hardest part of the whole build. I used a laser level at night to set the poles for the layout and squared it. Really chuffed when the pads were all level. Lined them with DPC for extra protection. The frame at 3 x 3 metres was too cumbersome to move on my own. A son, socially distanced, resolved this. Without doubt do not underestimate the benefits of ensuring a level and solid base. I lined the upper edge of the timber frame with the DPC even though I had a composite base. This will assist with water shedding. Aluminium sealing tape was a bit tricky to handle for the joints of insulating foam but made a sound finish.

I managed to slide a strong DPM underneath the inner frame. Glad I went with insulation as trying to tackle it after is clearly impossible. Tip. I mitre cut the sides and rear sections of the composite beam first and I then moved the rear beam to the front. This insured the width and squareness was maintained when the copy beam was inserted at the rear. Do not forget to screw through the first beam into the composite beam, by the door, as instructed.
Tip. Carefully remove the plastic from the pack as it will prove useful later on, should the weather turn! I relocated and sorted the pack to the garden making sure that all the wood was stacked flat as instructed. I encountered no warping etc.
I glued, squared and screwed the doorframe. Tip. Do not forget to install it after the erection of five beams height, making sure it is fully located down onto the base beam.

Assembling the sides of the cabin was a breeze and very satisfying indeed. As everyone says this can be easily done in a day. I did need further assistance for the apex sections front and back and also for the roof beams. They fitted perfectly , as did all the parts and then were screwed.

I purchased five more identical floor beams just over 3 metres to create additional strength to the floor. Annoyed though that the length of the flooring planks was 2.7 metre so required more work and time to fix. Some of the skirting was below par but sufficient supplied so not a real issue. Give thought to this inconvenience, I would order flooring locally for a full width. I chamfered the slight rise on the flooring by the door and worked my way back. I then carefully chamfered the last planks to minimise the gap to the wall to allow for ease of fitting and expansion.

Tip. I also chamfered half the roof planks ends so that they fitted at the apex providing a good fit. Work both sides securing all slats to the beams as you progress back. I managed to complete the whole roof nearly permanently fitting myself into the roof at the end!

On the 4th of December after careful negotiation I was allowed to bring the two doors into the hall, dismantle the trim and remove the glass. So much easier and safer to work without the glass. I then treated everything with three coats of Sadolin wood preservative. Allowing each coat to dry fully of course. I reinstalled the glass using modern glazing sealant. Glad the day of putty is over! There was a slight deflection on the bottom corner of one door but this straightened out after a few days.

Tip. Hang one door to the pre-drilled lock holes first, turning the hinges in or out to get a good fit. Then tackle the other door again turning the hinges in and out to align. Bit of a fiddle but got there without having to pack the door frame base, suggested as an alternative adjustment fix.

I fitted the roof edge trim together prior to installation and that made a final fit to the roof planks so much easier and neater.
Tip. I fitted a full length of DPC to the bottom edge of the roof, before fitting the tiles, to allow a drip edge to the guttering. A spacer was made from spare wood to ensure a perfect fit of the IKO tiles. Be very rigorous about accuracy with the tile alignment
Mrs. Eve Baillie
May 8, 2020
I purchased the Perlund log cabin and have been really pleased with it.

The kit was delivered as near as possible to my front door and a few days later was installed by recommended installers. Warren was marvellous and very quick.

I have been painting with the protective treatment occasionally since.

The log cabin is sturdy and I am sure will last for years. It is really attractive and has been much admired.

I would certainly recommend Tuin.
Scott Hancock
Sep 23, 2019
Wanted a attractive wooden building for storage that looked better than a standard shed. Great range, easy to order and pay for, good value, really helpful delivery guy, really easy to assemble if base is correct, pleased all round, would buy again in the future !!!
Mr. Craig Newton
Jul 1, 2019
I love my cabin!
All the pieces were present and of high quality. No damaged planks.
Construction was straight forward. Working on my own, it took a day to get the walls and food beams up and and another to get the roof on. It all fit together perfectly.
A high quality product at a good price. And the instructions and advice on the Tuin website are second to none.
Desmond Walker
May 27, 2019
We are delighted with the purchase of our log cabin. The ordering of the cabin was straight forward and the delivery was prompt on the morning of my first delivery date. Communication regarding the delivery was excellent.
The cabin was packaged superbly, dry and damage free. I did my homework on building the cabin prior to its arrival reading instructions and watching the videos.
Building the cabin was a breeze, I think that the perlund must be one of the easiest builds, three sides same length with no windows was really straight forward. I did have one small set back and that was locating the Door threshold. I thought I had read all the instructions but I missed where it says about it being packaged with the door header. I contacted Tuin who resolved this quite quickly for me.
I started building at around midday and it was up and built by around 7pm. I put the shingle on the roof and put the flooring in on the second day. I used smooth sided decking boards for the flooring and insulated the floor also.
Our cabin looks a lot more expensive than what we paid. Local garden centre and and other outlets charge a lot more and the quality is no where near the same.
I'm amazed at the quality and strength of our cabin.
I would definitely recommend this cabin to anyone thinking of a purchase.
Mr. Clive Perriman
Jan 29, 2019
Ordering and delivery was straightforward, assembling took longer than expected but very pleased with the result , had lots of comments about the quality of the build. Excellent product will definitely recommend Tuin .
Mrs. Julie Wardley
Jan 21, 2019
We recently purchased our log cabin and are really impressed with the quality of the wood. We ordered the 28mm thickness and everything was well packed and delivered on time. We did have problems interpreting the instructions but made a call and the after sales help was excellent. The roof shingles went on well but we had problems with the roof trims and these were replaced within two days as they had been cut short. The cabin is a delight and very warm.
Mrs. Janet Boyden
Oct 13, 2017
We visited the factory to ensure that we were happy with the product before purchase. The staff at the factory were excellent, they were helpful and extremely knowledgeable about the products.
Delivery was good with the arrival in the timescale given and the product was well packed.
Construction of the summerhouse was quite straightforward although the paper instructions were quite basic the online video was good.
When we got going it was very simple to put together and would have taken only one day(excluding the shingles) had it not rained. It was completed within four days but could have been completed in two days had the weather been better.
Extremely satisfied with the summerhouse and would not hesitate to recommend it to others.
Alan Reynolds
Feb 7, 2017
Beautiful cabin that was relatively easy to put up. I had help so the job was done in a day! Everything slotted together nicely and the black shingles really make the cabin attractive! It was put up on a cold, rainy day which wasn't much fun and we need to wait a bit for drier weather before we treat the wood ! We ordered two cabins, the other for storage, we're looking forward to sitting in our new cabin once the weather improves!
Mr. Ken Goodwin
Jul 27, 2016
Extremely pleased with the cabin, which we purchased to use a s a windowless shed, very robust. Great delivery and customer service throughout. We are one pack of roof shingles short but it is being sorted out currently. Would highly recommend this company. Going to buy another bigger one very soon to use as a log cabin.
Mr. Keith Harrison
Sep 7, 2014
The choice of Tuin was obvious once I discovered their website - it seemed to me that they offered good advice, excellent products, and good value. I am pleased to say that having now finished the project, the impression given by the website has been fully borne out. I am more than satisfied with the Perlund cabin (and more importantly, so is my wife, it is primarily her little hideaway!).
The delivery was all arranged painlessly, the driver was excellent.
We had a few problems at the very start of construction with the foundation beams, but this was all sorted out with Richard very quickly. (my advice if you're thinking of upgrading from the standard foundation beams is to go for the top of the range composite material). From then on it was easy. The quality of the materials was excellent, allowing for the variables you get with real wood. There was a generous quantity of T&G roofing and flooring supplied, no question of skimping there.
I was so impressed by the after-sales service too. Any query or problem is dealt with either by phone or email, even at times of day when you wouldn't expect anybody to be available. What a great personal service from Richard and the team.
Brian Cockburn
Apr 29, 2013
The cabin is up an absolute dream to erect I am truly amazed at the quality as I have already bought from ******* and your item is far superior to there's I look forward to taking delivery of another, I cannot thank you enough for your excellent product and will recommend you to all