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Mr. ed collins
Dec 29, 2023
Main structure excellent-easy to put up; and fantastic looking.
However, the inside handle of the door had a fascia that did not fit over the handle mechanism. I would like a new fascia please that fits.
Mr. David Moore
Sep 8, 2023
Wow from start to finish its been amazing.
Once you made the commitment to buy the log cabin it all flows very well.
So I ordered a Palma Log Cabin 4x4m to use as a work shop.
The base you put down needs to be level, I replaced a older shed so used that base. First mistake on my part. This cause some issues but we got there in the end.
The main structure walls can be done on your own, its a simple check the log, decide which side you would like in the cabin and lay the log on top of the last one.
Once all the walls are up and you have placed the door in, its all done in a 3 hour run.
You must check that its level and when you have most of the logs together make sure its square.
The roof I needed help with but once up you can run solo again.
The roof and laying the shingle take the time and take your time on the shingles. They make the cabin.
I have just finished placing the wooden floor and again its hard work but great result.

All in all from the original order to the amazing delivery, on time and very helpful to the amazing engineered logs and structure...… I can not fault any part of this log cabin.
The only sad part is once you have put one up and learned so much on what not to do or how you would do it slightly differently next time, you realise there may not be a next time !! so I'm currently trying to talk some friend in getting a cabin from Tuin.
Big well done team Tuin and thank you.
Julian Barker
May 25, 2023
Delivered ahead of schedule, using a forklift to bring it from the road conveniently into my driveway. All parts were present, which has not always been my experience with other suppliers. It's worth mentioning here, though, that the necessary screws are not supplied, other than for the floor kit, so you'll have to supply a number of different sizes. The logs fit together well and the process of building the walls is easy and rapid. On fitting the roof it became apparent that the side walls were a little high. If I were to do this again I would at least shave the tongues off the top logs. All parts are of good quality, with very little warping, and fit together readily. I would happily buy this or similar products from Tuin again.
Mr. John Keogh
Mar 31, 2023
So far so good. Looks good and is well constructed. Service and delivery was effficient.
Mr. Derek Patey
Sep 15, 2022
Very pleased with our Palma cabin. From ordering through to delivery all was very smooth, the delivery driver being especially helpful. Having never built a cabin the amount of timber initially is very daunting but the instructions were clear if a little sparse. Getting the base correct is key and they emphasise this on the website. With some help from my wife I had the cabin completed over 2-3 days. My only criticism would be that there is so much excellent information on the website you can miss some important tips, perhaps a check list for new builders to make sure you consider everything? One example is when we completed the cabin we then thought about possibly insulating the roof but it seems doing it internally isn't a great idea and it should go on externally prior to felting, a bit annoying having spent the day nailing on god knows how many felt shingles. That said still a 5 star experience.
Ray Quirk
Sep 7, 2022
Having not had anything this large delivered or having built anything like it, the prospect of the Palma cabin arriving was daunting, but the process was really smooth and Darren the driver was brilliant.
There is plenty of information on the Tuin site to help you face the task of making this giant Jenga set looking something like a cabin.
It does take some wading through but it’s essential to do it to ensure a good result.
There are far more pro’s than cons and our end result is as shown in the attached picture.
The pro’s in a nutshell are that this is a quality bit of kit and the support available is superb.
The nit picking cons to me would be that, unless you have the space to unpack all of the equipment and itemise it (and there’s a lot of it) it is not clear that there is a spare Purling in case of a damaged/warped one (which we had).
The other issue was that some of the items (for the door casing in our case) were right at the bottom of the stack and the included installation drawing wasn’t the best quality. This led to us having to back-fit the door frame which worked fine.
Timing is all and I was disappointed that the price dropped £850 before ours had even arrived. C’est La vie. Te lesson there is to wait until late August before buying.
Last con was the window glass which is not great quality for the price of the item.
Would definitely buy again.
Fraser Philip
Aug 7, 2022
When I purchased my Palma log cabin I chose Tuin mainly because of the ease in which I was able to navigate around their website, the choice was fantastic. In addition when I phoned up to enquire about a few of the choices that I had narrowed down the help I got was brilliant.
The hauliers that Tuin use are also first class and were very professional.
The building of the cabin was very straight forward and I managed to build it on my own (referring to the Tuin videos and guide). Now that it is built and treated I am extremely happy with the final outcome. Brilliant from start to finish. Thank you Tuin.
Mr. Sean Fleetwood
Nov 18, 2021
There are many log cabin providers out there selling what seem to be similar products but none we found were as helpful as Tuin.

Purchasing was straightforward and easy, lead times for delivery were quite long but this was not at Tuins fault and was communicated well.

Building the cabin was an experience. I have never built anything like this and neither had the friend I roped in to do it. However, with a bit of organisation, and assistance from the out of hours help email which was excellent and rapid, we got started and made good progress. In total in took 3 days to build and I was messing around tweaking things for a few days after. If I could give any advice, make sure, triple check the base is completely level... I made a mistake here so a lot of time was spent levelling the cabin.

We love it, it has now been fully wired up and carpeted and is our bar at the bottom of the garden. Cannot fault any part of it!

We insulated the floor and have a space heater in there which seems to be working well, as we continue to use it over winter we may have to re-evaluate and potentially insulate the roof too but hoping to avoid this if we can.

Overall, would gladly recommend Tuin and this cabin to anyone. If you have a bit of DIY skill I would suggest roping a friend or 2 in and giving the install a go, I found it quite fun!

As a bit of constructive advice for Tuin, a bit more of a detailed list of contents in the instructions would be quite useful :-)

Alun, Palma Cabin
Oct 15, 2021
Our Palma Cabin was delayed by around 6 weeks, this unfortunately meant we had difficulty getting someone to help with the build to begin with, and the reason I'm awarding 4 stars.
However now it's built we're getting frequent use and everone who comes over is really impressed. Cabin took just under a week to build, that was a few hours per day, and was reasonably easy considering we are DIY tradespeople. Tuin kept you reasonably updated and delivery driver was helpful.
Mr. ludwig bittmann
Jul 13, 2020
Happy with the cabin that was built up as my wife's gym. Delivery was on time, it was well packed on pallets and easy to sort out. If you take your time and go through the instructions, you won't have any problem building it. Nothing broken, it was complete and after I sorted the parts it was build in less than a day with little assistance of my daughter. Only issue I had was that the timber on the roof as it moved quite some mm weeks after fitting. Were I had no gap whilst putting the roof up, there may be a gap today and most of them warped. But all in all we are happy with the cabin and its used almost every day from my wife.
Mar 27, 2020
Excellent quality, looks great!! Delivery company very helpful when I needed to change date...all ran smoothly
Mr. Colin Smith
Mar 11, 2020
I purchased the Palma log cabin at the beginning of the year. I built it on my own in under 12 hours in total, the build quality is excellent and I didn’t have any issues whatsoever with the delivery or building of the cabin. I would well recommend this to anyone who wants a bit of extra space. The whole process from start to finish with Tuin was very easy.
David emery
Jan 31, 2020
From ordering to delivery was very easy no problems at all very pleased with the building all went together very well would recommended tuin to anyone in need of a new building excellent firm
Gregor Candlin
Jan 28, 2020
Excellent cabin, extremely solid and good looking. Built the cabin on my own in two days (with a liitle help from my six year old son) Really easy and straight forward to erect. The customer service from Tuin is also excellent, they answered all my queries quickly and efficiently. Great advice from their website and blog, really like that all the advice is geared towards the customer having a great product for minimum cost rather than trying to sell all the extras. Even managed to make some storage racking from all the extra timber and pallet wood. Can't fault a thing.
Mr. Roy Austin
Nov 5, 2019
Many thanks to The team at Tuin.
We purchased our log cabin, delivery was quick and the delivery driver was most helpful, skilfully placing the very large pallet on our drive exactly where we wanted it. Assembly of the cabin was easy and straight forward with everything fitting perfectly.
We took advantage of the offer for free roof shingle which is much better then the standard roofing felt and well worth the effort. The finished cabin now treated and with a few of our own embellishments looks great.
Thank you once again for an excellent product and service.
Mr. Mark Rees
Aug 7, 2019
Delivery was great. The driver kept in touch with us throughout and used his forklift truck to deliver our Palma cabin down our lane and position it perfectly just as we asked.
The package(!) took a while to unpack but, with a bit of patience and help from the on-line tuition (and my neighbour) the cabin was put up easily.
I'm ready to put on the shingles now so my ride on mower will have a good shelter in plenty of time for the winter.
Charles Wood
Jul 9, 2019
Good quality but a little disappointed we still had to buy screws etc, should all be included in the price.
Not a cat in hells chance this could be constructed in a day.
Lee Johnson
Feb 16, 2019
I purchased the Palma Log Cabin in early January and it was constructed a week ago. Overall I am really pleased with the product, I think it looks great and I thought the price was positively comparable with a traditional ‘shed’ of a similar size and quality.
There were a couple of minor problems, there was no handle and lock with the delivery. Also we were short of shingles. The company maintain we didnt put them on correctly which I would dispute but perhaps we could agree to disagree.
However, every small issue was dealt with promptly and efficiently by the company, I have no complaints at all.
With regard to erecting it, I would suggest it would take two people if you have not done it before, the best part of 2.5/3 days. I had to get someone in as I have a broken shoulder and they were impressed by the quality of the material.
Overall I am impressed by what I have and very pleased with the after care by the firm.
I would add that the delivery guy (Paul I think, bearded and huge) was excellent, it didnt arrive until 1900Hrs and he couldnt have been more helpful, I needed it placed in a small garage and he was more than happy to help, nice bloke.
Mr. Jonathan Howard
Jan 23, 2019
Absolutely over the moon with my palma log cabin fantastic quality easy to build and tuin amazing to deal with would 100% recommend
Mr. Leslie Porter
Dec 9, 2018
My Palma log cabin was delivered by Harry, what a lovely man. He parked his lorry up about 1/2 a mile away and delivered my Log cabin on his forklift.
Harry was very helpful and positioned the unit exactly on my drive.
My log cabin is now 90% assembled, the floor needs to be fitted and wood treatment needs to be done after that.
What a fantastic building, following the assembly video made this job so easy it was just like a giant jigsaw. Main building and t&g roof on in 6hrs. shingles put on next day. Thanks for a great building, great service, great quality and fantastic price. From start to finish an excellent experience.

he placed the
Paul R
Oct 2, 2018
I was about to order a cabin from ******* when the Palma came up up with free shingles. It was a no brainer for me. Thicker walls, better roof material, quicker lead time etc.
I am so glad I did, it's great! The delivery was prompt, and the driver couldn't be any more accommodating getting it to my home.
It went up very well, but you need to watch and re-watch the Youtube videos to compliment the instruction book and drawings.
Would definitely recommend Tuin log cabins.
The only slight disappointment is that the very solid building is let down by the doors. It would be very easy to break in to it. Additional work required here.
Aug 12, 2018
I purchased a Palma log cabin in may from Tuin. I can tell anyone this company and these log cabins are the real deal. Quality in every aspect of business from sale to delivery. Fantastic prices and a cabin to suit everyone. Contact at every point of the transaction they even ring you when they are an hour away from droping the order at your door. Then to cap it all these cabins are really easy to build, no screws no brakets just slot together logs until the roof, which requires the knowledge of how to use a hammer. Definatley 100% use this company if you want a log cabin

Well done Tuin a pleasure doing business with you
Mr. philip clifford
Jul 16, 2018
i would like to say thank you to the Tuin team for all the online help and like to add that I'm 100 pleased with my cabin easy to erect and good quality wood that will last for years with the right preserver delivery was prompt and the driver was ferry helpful thanks Tuin
James Jack
Apr 30, 2018
Wow! Really sturdy cabin that I am confident will last for much much longer than my previous flimsy shed. Cutting is really accurate which made assembly a pleasure. Disappointed that I had to cut the profiled foundation beam to fit the door - all looked a bit mangled after I'd finished with it - I'd look for a different option than the profiled beam with this cabin next time. Overall very pleased.
frank morton
Apr 15, 2018
from start to finish, sales office delivery driver & the product, now built has been excellent, & have no hesitation in passing your details on cheers frank
Darren Wood
Mar 17, 2018
From start to finish the service was excellent, the benefit of having an out of hours email service while building the summerhouse was invaluable and the replies were always very quick. Delivery was quick and efficient and on time ! The product was well packaged and went together like a dream, it came with spare pieces just in case as well. Now all completed it looks fantastic - and the price was good too !
Luke hill
Mar 11, 2018
Very happy with my tuin cabin. Delivery was hassle free and came completely sealed so was protected from all the recent bad weather.
Fitting was simple and done just by myself in 2 days.
Also cabin looks great!
Mr. jacqueline bryan
Jan 13, 2018
Well pleased with the cabin.easy to put together and would recommend .
Darren Collins
Nov 1, 2017
Excellent quality cabin. Driver very nice and polite. cannot fault this company.
Mel Carnaby
Oct 21, 2017
Fantastic company to deal with. Delivery was the day promised. Easy to assemble l, no parts missing. Thank you Tuin
Paul B
Jul 26, 2017
Couldn't fault any aspect of the process! Delivery was prompt and arrived when promised, driver was super and managed to get the very large package into a really convenient position after manoevering through our very awkward drive/gate. We left the package sealed for a week until the slab base was completed (lots of digging, MOT and compacting) then hand carried the many parts to the back garden. The packaging was really good and everything was dry, undamaged and straight. We treated each piece of timber with preservative before assembly which took some time, but will hopefully be worthwhile. The assembly process was very straightforward and everything went together a treat, very impressed with doors, door fittings and door frame which were all of super quality. I installed protective underlay on the roof before fitting shingles, which made the roof watertight and allowed us a bit of breathing space. One tweak I made was fitting wooden packers beneath the side fascia boards to make them vertical, this allowed us to use standard gutter brackets (Wickes miniline is just the job, looks great and is very economical). Cabin was then painted with two coats of Cuprinol garden shades paint. Our cabin will be a "shed" so used OSB flooring panels on Tuin pressure treated floor beams with DPC beneath. Shingles were simple to fit (once I had studied a few video guides!) and had 6 left at the very precise but adequate quantity supplied, final touch was small section of slate paving outside the front.....very pleased with overall result and various Tuin links that were really useful. The quality of the parts and the machining was superb, overall cost was actually similar to a normal shed of similar size but quality and appearance far superior, so we thoroughly recommend Tuin...and expect (and hope) the new log cabin lasts far longer than I do!
Mr. Martin Sharples
Jun 16, 2017
Great service all the way. Ordered my cabin - nothing to pay until week before my chosen delivery date. Changed my mind 3 days later (for a smaller/cheaper model) - no problem. Brilliant delivery guy, so cheerful/helpful. Went together really well (we bought the Palma model), 1.5 days to complete including shingle roof, delighted with results. Always felt like I had made the right choice going to Tuin, and that makes the whole experience that much more rewarding (and without a premium price tag).
Hayley Buckingham
Jun 8, 2017
Very happy with device and the product. It was very easy to build and very good quality would Def recomend to people. Very happy with it all, amd very reasonably for the quality.
Mr. Peter Green
Mar 3, 2017
I bought the Palma 4x4m log cabin as I had seen one in a friends garden. All aspects of this purchase could not have been simpler. A great website where there is so much information and helpful staff if you have a question. I had my cabin delivered to a neighboring address, no problem. Getting the crated cabin from the road to the build site, no problem. Build instructions clear and easy to interpret if in doubt. Timber and machining first class. End result outstanding. Can't praise Tuin enough, especially when you consider the cost.
Mr. J Sims
Jan 16, 2017
Overall I'm very pleased with the Palma cabin!

I will get the minor negatives out of the way first as they are few, on delivery one of the tantalised floor bearers was broken, I emailed tuin and a new one was sent out within a couple of days, with under 6 months use the barrel in the door cylinder failed and came out completely with the key attached! again I contacted tuin and they sent me a replacement, now you just can't beat customer service like that.
Unfortunately today the replacement barrel has now broken & it will need replacing again, maybe some better quality hardware is needed as I have the cabin set up as my home workshop and use it daily and not as a typical shed.

That's the so called bad points...
Other than that all I can say is I'm over the moon with the value for money, quality, & ease of construction & I'm sure the cabin will last for years to come with very little maintenance other than a lick of paint every few years.

I shopped around to see what other brands had to offer before choosing tuin and I'm glad I did, there customer service has been great and I couldn't recommend them enough to anyone &
If you get one of these cabins I'm sure you won't be disappointed.
Dec 3, 2016
So far so good! All the wood was good quality. I was expecting a few banana-shaped bits, and plenty of 'finger joints' in the lengths, but not only was everything dead straight, it was all continuous lengths of wood. In addition, the double tongue-and-groove seemed to make the whole thing very strong.

Tiling the roof took quite a while, and I did run out of nails for that bit, but in general it was all very straightforward. The only criticism I could make is that the printed instructions are a bit crap. Didn't bother me particularly, as the Youtube video was good and I'm fairly confident with this sort of thing, but I couldn't help wonder why it hasn't been worth a few hours of time from someone at Tuin to rewrite the English instructions with a bit more detail.

In summary, it all went together well, and seems like excellent value in terms of the size and quality of building I've got for considerably less than £2000. Would definitely recommend.
Mr. Keith Fell
Sep 11, 2016
Firstly the quality of all the timber, especially the logs is impressive, perfectly fitting joints and a lovely smooth finish, the only problem i encountered with the cabin build was that the gable ends were 5mm proud of the side logs, but soon sorted that with the electric planer. The roof boards ended up fitting millimetre perfect, bearing testament to the meticulous and laborious levelling of the slab base, well worth the effort. The online videos are invaluable for locating the trim positions, (not mentioned in the instruction booklet) and very helpful in the shingle fitting, (watched multiple times), and Richards tip for turning the first shingles over makes for a neat finish, with the top surface showing below, also i found myself taking my time to truly extract every enjoyable moment, for what was a rewarding build experience. I am overall very impressed with the product quality and level of service and i will certainly be highly recommending Tuin to all and insundry.
Mr. Lee Campey
Sep 7, 2016
The Palma log cabin is and looks amazing very high standard of quality, if you have quite good diy knowledge with two people this is a breeze to put up. Delivery was delayed due to missing ferry but was kept up to date with information. Delivery driver was cheery bloke and did his best to help.

Many thanks Tuin you will be highly recommended by me.
jeffrey warren
Aug 23, 2016
first of all I will start with the delivery, the guy was fantastic he managed to get the package on the drive safe from traffic first class, it stopped on drive 3 weeks until I got the time to move in the garage again well packaged no leakage. All parts intact, quality was brill very well manufactured and went up a dream well done tuin and also fantastic service thanks jeff
Mrs. June Allenby
Jul 25, 2016
Brilliant delivery, nothing was too much trouble. Cabin looks great. Instuctions easy to follow. Would definitely recommend.
Mr. Robert Sansom
Jul 19, 2016
Excellent service and quality, and the quantities were very good we had more than enough roof shingles and roofing boards, the tongue and grove floor boards that came with it not all of them were the best condition but overall we are very pleased with our Palma 4m x 4m and would no hesitation in coming back again. Thank you very much.
Mr. Gavin Wakely
Jun 14, 2016
we are very very impressed with with both the service and product easy to order turned up a day earlier then expected and easy to use instructions and the end result is amazing and so was the price, thoroughly recommend
Mr. N. Owen
Mar 8, 2016
Update to my previous comment.
I have now assembled the cabin. Easy job, took me on my own about 2.5 days approx. Very good quality, one or two slightly warped pieces of wood but easily corrected as explained in Tuin's videos. One slight issue which I got over was that the gable ends were slightly proud of the purlins which left slight gaps and meant the roof line was a little uneven. I could have planed the gables or packed up the purlins but just went ahead and laid the roof - hardly noticeable but thought I should mention it.
Very good quality cabin. No complaints at all.
One construction tip - personal choice really but I chose to clamp the roof shingles at the lower edge under the piece of wood provided, to reduce the risk of them being blown up should we ever get a bad enough storm.

You do get a number of odds and ends of timber, some of it is spare but most is used around the roof edging and there is no explanation of this anywhere. I found out what went where by watching the videos carefully and could see where the various pieces went.

I hope this is helpful to future builders of the cabin.

Mr. Andrew Young
Feb 16, 2016
Firstly, please take my word that you will not find a better value log cabin anywhere on the web - I looked for one till my eyeballs nearly popped.
Secondly, rest assured that the quality of the product is very good - it is, the milling of the timber is accurate and joints actually fit just as they should - tightly.
Thirdly, the delivery lorry is indeed very big - its an artic so keep this in mind; that said the delivery man could not have been more helpful.
In short, I can honestly recommend Tuin without a single reservation, just wish I had bought the lean-to store shed as well.
Mr. Roy Johnstone
Oct 17, 2015
Excellent service. Delivered on time. Well made. Split on door was replaced within 2 days of advising. Need to watch video a couple of times before assembling. Paper plans could be better but with a bit of diy skills wasn't a problem to put up. Took approx 6hrs to put up myself. Would highly recommend.
Mr. Paul Nicolai
Aug 14, 2015
I bought a Palma 4 by 4 m log cabin, to be used as garden equipment storage. I had a good level concrete base laid by a builder, having read the website instructions. The delivery truck driver was very helpful and made every effort to deliver the cabin close to the house on the drive. I built the cabin in 2 days without any help, it all fitted beautifully. There were no instructions included, but the online video was very helpful. A bit more information about fitting the door frame would have been helpful. I have finished the cabin with Sikkens cetol filter 7 paint (olive green), which makes the cabin blend in with my garden very nicely. I was very impressed with the quality of the engineering, a couple of logs were slightly bent but still fitted well. It was a joy to put together, and I agree with the website's comment that fitting the cabin is easy. I can do average diy jobs around the house, but no special skills were required to build the cabin. A heavy (1 kg) white rubber mallet helps. I fully recommend the cabins from, excellent quality, very competitive price, and outstanding service.
Mr. N Owen
Jul 8, 2015
Haven't started assembly yet but in terms of communication and delivery - first class.
The driver had to park his very big lorry about a quarter of a mile away and use the fork lift to bring the shed package into our garden.
No issues at all - one or two nicks in the plastic but as Tuin say a bit of waterproof tape on those and it's watertight.
I will try to update this review, or leave a new one when I assemble it.
Mr. JOnathan Bennett
Jun 19, 2015
Even though stored as delivered for 5 months it has gone together well. Struggled a bit with the trimming pieces for the roof not shown on the diagrams. Good value product.pleased with result.
Kevin Vaughan
May 12, 2015
Recently built 1 of there's stunning log cabins for a client and was so impressed with the product I decided to purchase a suitable log cabin for myself , the quality is second to none and the pictures don't do it credit , having now built two , I would highly recommend to anyone out there to purchase any of there's excellent products
Mrs. Carol Davis
Jan 25, 2015
Excellent service from information before ordereing to delivery, Husband built the cabin on his own he is 70 years old.He was well impressed with the quality of the timber and easy assemble of the cabin.Thank you Tuin team would recomend Tuin product to to others.*****
Gary Callon
Oct 15, 2014
Absolutely fantastic! An amazing cabin! Did it all by myself in a weekend, a little help actually, but not much, thanks again already planning for number two! X
Miss. Kezia Macrae
Oct 6, 2014
Very good value and quality product. The cabin was delivered on time and the driver was very helpful. It took a while to unwrap the pieces and familiarise myself with them. The cabin itself was very easy to put up and took me and my partner a couple of days. The free shingles give it a professional appearance and it looks more expensive than it was. Customer services were helpful when I email with queries. Overall a very good experience, i would definately recommend to others.
J millar
Jan 29, 2014
Very in-pressed in the quality of the Palma cabin, was really enjoyable to build it and watch it take shape.everything fitted together perfectly. Roof shingle was a little tricky but got there in the end. I have already been using it when guests are over and we all love it.