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Charlene Lee Ling
Oct 16, 2023
Log cabin arrived on date as stated. Builders put it up & and sealed the wood. Painted grey it looks fabulous in my small garden.
I have one problem though. I wanted the door to open on the other side but my builders said that this was impossible as it meant taking the roof off etc. I was even prepared to purchase a new door to have it opening on the other side!! Oh well, I guess I'll have to live with the door opening in the middle of the terrace.
Claudia Poli
Oct 12, 2022
Excellent cabin. Well designed and built.
Mr. David Robson
Sep 15, 2022
This is the 3rd cabin we have had from Tuin
They are excellent quality at a very good price, straight forward to erect with good instructions first class web instruction and videos
The customer service was very good
Best advice I can give is put a good level base down it all falls into place then
Mr. adam norris
Mar 19, 2022
Very nice product. The cabin is of good quality timber and all the sections go together nicely. Easy to assemble and looks great!
Jessica Melton
Dec 28, 2021
The Onyx cabin is great for our garden. It was very easy to assemble and looks as expected.
Keith Meakins
Dec 14, 2021
We ordered a bespoke version of the Max Cabin in 2020 and it arrived in mid-January 2021, on the day specified. We received a call from the driver when he was about an hour away, so I had plenty of time to ensure I was home and ready to meet him. He offloaded the cabin and put it on my drive exactly as requested. He was careful, polite and friendly.
We built the cabin on a concrete base and 2 courses of blue brick to elevate it from the rising ground, the cabin dimensions were exactly as specified.
All parts were included, nothing damaged and nothing missing. My builder colleague (the brains of the outfit) and I completed the walls and roof build on day one. On day two we shingled the roof and hung the doors etc. Everything fitted well and went up at good speed. I then gave the cabin 3 coats of decoration both inside and out. We fitted a laminate floor on chipboard flooring to finish.
I was very impressed with the quality and fit of the components and pleased to find that we had no shortages and no hold ups. The instructions were clear and easy to follow.
Once the cabin was complete I realised I had to do something with my shed, it looked so scruffy in comparison. So I took it down, skipped it and ordered an Onyx Cabin as replacement.
The same high levels of service were repeated, a different driver, but again on time delivery with a phone call about an hour prior to arrival and another call when about 10 minutes away. Once again a careful offload and placement of pack just where I wanted it.
We repeated the construction exactly as before and again had received all components, no damage and no shortages. The cabin went up quickly and easily.
We are very happy with both cabins; one is recreational and the other is for storage of garden tools and equipment etc. They look really good together and we have had a number of complimentary comments.
I would like to say thank you to Tuin, the service from start to finish was very good, the product is very good and the website which I read thoroughly last winter whilst awaiting the first delivery was very helpful and informative. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending Tuin to anyone thinking of buying a Log Cabin. In fact we bought ours on the recommendation of my builder colleague who had bought one himself a couple of years previously, so more than one happy customer in this scenario.
Thank you once again, I’ll send a couple of photos with this email.
Regards Keith
Stuart Diprose
May 3, 2021
An excellent small building and great value, 2 people put it together in a day and felted the roof the next morning.

It would have been finished in a day, except we insulated the floor with 18mm plywood underneath, then 25mm celotex and the supplied floating floor on top, then added a sheet of vinyl flooring.

The whole project was trouble free and all the parts fitted neatly.
Sam Crofts
Apr 17, 2021
The cabin was delivered exactly on time and with good communication. Once received and unpacked everything was found in good order; assembly instructions were not detailed but there is a lot of great information on the website with videos etc. which made preparation and assembly easy. The door frame surround needed a small trim as it fouled the roof otherwise. Also the window latch could not be mounted directly to the window frame as it was too narrow but a simple addition of a small ledge using some of the spare wood worked great. I added underfloor insulation before installing my own flooring and also installed roof insulation prior to shingles. The shingles work great and again video tutorial is a godsend; only issue we had was we were about 2 shingle tiles short for the roof spine to work perfectly and had to use some off cuts. Overall I’m really pleased with the quality of the cabin now it’s up and in use; service and support from Tuin was excellent!
Jul 16, 2020
Excellent, order the Onyx log cabin, it was delivered by a friendly chap, who managed to get it on a pallet to the back of my garden, I put this up on my own as I have experience in the building trade, everything fit perfectly, I managed to put the main structure up in a day, I went 4 high and lowered the door and frame in, any higher you would need 2 people as it’s heavy, it appeared to pull away on the shorter runs of the timber but all pulls when put the timber in above the window, I nailed the timbers to roof bearings on the second day with a little time to start on the felt shingles, it’s a good idea to watch how to start the shingles on you tube, as your first stretch at the bottom need to be turned over with a slight over hang of 50mm for the drip, the shingles took me a day, but I wasn’t rushing, 3 days in total, now it is painted and looks absolutely fantastic, really impressed, it’s all racked out so I can store my kit and gardening equipment, going to buy a bigger cabin next year for a bar, it will certainly be from Tuin, I highly recommend them
Mr. Robert Champkins
Oct 16, 2019
I am really happy with the cabin and it was relatively simple to install. I did have issues when treating the cabin but this was solely down to me not reading the advice given by Tuin. The help and support given by Tuin soon got this rectified.
Scott Proudfoot
Sep 13, 2019
I built my Onyx Cabin in July 2019. The cabin was delivered just over a week from my order. The delivery service is very reliable. I purchased this cabin for a garden bar and is spacious enough inside for its needs.
The built quality of the cabin is excellent and was easy enough to construct without any major issues. It took 3 of us two afternoons to build. The shingles are a good touch to the roof. Definitely looks better than roof felt.
I am very happy with the cabin and I would definitely recommend this cabin to anyone looking for a smaller sized cabin at a great price.
Scott Proudfoot
Sep 7, 2019
Cabin was delivered just over a week from order.
The packaging was good so there was no damage.
Straight forward to build its like mechano/lego, cabin is good quality. only issue I h I had was with the floor where the groove had not been fully routered so a bit of additional cutting required to get it to click together. In all happy with the purchase and build of my cabin
Mr. Iain Buchan
May 19, 2019
Very happy with Onyx2.6x2.0 Log Cabin. Delivery by truck was very good where the driver lifted the whole package into my drive by forklift attached to the truck. Once I opened it up and set out all the items into respective categories assembly was like a big Lego construction. I would say however, lifting the door into position I would only build about five high as you need to lift it up and in and it takes a few people to do this.No real problems assembling and took my time fitting the roof and shingles which sets the cabin off. Would recommend this product to others.
Mr. Stephen Newton
Jan 7, 2019
Postives easy to assemble and well constructed and looks good,negatives feel the side of roof could do with facia and soffits to finnish the ascetic and all wood should come treated as standard but as a small storage facility it’s good value
Mr. adrian O\'sullivan
Oct 29, 2018
I recently bought a log cabin for a HMO project in North London. There wasn’t enough room in the kitchen for two washing machines and two tumble dryers. So we made a laundry cabin in the back yard. Also room for storage of the hover and cleaning products.
Every thing came on time and undamaged
I erected the cabin in a day on my own. And spray painted it with cupanol and placed the shingles the next day. Very happy with it.
Pawel Jagiello
Aug 1, 2018
Don't know where to start... :) I'm really happy with my purchase from the day one. Delivery was exceptional as it was planned for Friday but I have received the phone call from delivery driver that if I want he can deliver on Thursday :) which was perfect for me. Log cabin arrived really well packed and non of the logs been damaged. It took me 2 days to assemble the log cabin by myself even that this is two man job :) I'm impressed with how easy it was to assemble and will recommend Tuin products to my friends. I am absolutely more than happy with the finished result, it is a quality building at a very competitive price, much cheaper than anything I could have bought locally.
Phil Tonks
Jun 29, 2018
Purchased the Onyx Log cabin and the process was faultless. Delivered directly from the Netherlands on the morning. Building was easy and full instructions on the internet with loads of great advice. Overall excellent and hard to improve.
Mr. Steven Wood
May 26, 2018
Excellent customer services by Tuin. We had to delay delivery and the team at Tuin was absolutely fantastic. This little cabin is a super quality product; especially the window and door. We organised the site going through the illustrated parts list and laid everything out ready to erect. So easy everything done and roof on in an afternoon. We placed on sturdy raised deck it looks fantastic. Excellent value log cabin.
May 10, 2018
Fast and efficient service some of the logs had crake data but managed to get round this sure the company would have replaced but needed to get shed erected it looks lovely thx tuin
David Pearce
Apr 24, 2018
My Onyx cabin was built as a small workshop for my aero-modelling hobby. I was pleased with the quality of the logs, very little warping and nothing that made it difficult to build. The door and window are very good quality too. The delivery driver, Otto, was brilliant and helpful and my neighbours were entertained as he manoeuvred his large artic up our road.
As I need to use this in poor weather I insulted the roof and floor with 50mm Celotex. On the roof I added a breathable membrane, then a box made from 50mm timbers, filled these with Cellotex and sheeted over with OSB before adding shingles.
This necessitated extending the facia and barge boards and I also added flashing tape over the joins in the facia and wood trims for a belt and braces job.
Regarding insulation, one weak point is the join between the side walls and roof boards. The top log isn’t flat or sloping so the point it touched the roof is narrow. But it was simple to improve this by using frame sealant and then adding some wood trims inside and out.
My emails to Tuin for help on a couple of points were all answered very quickly. I’m very pleased with my Onyx, as it comes it would make a lovely summerhouse, and with a little extra work and insulation is a great workshop.
Christopher Devis
Mar 4, 2018
A very easy company to deal with , ordering was easy, the delivery chap was very helpful and the product is good quality at a very good price
Andrew Mason
Feb 13, 2018
Excellent service , delivery superb, haven’t put it up yet but instructions look clear and relatively easy to follow. Onyx Log Cabin individual pieces feel substantial.
Mr. George Phillips
Dec 5, 2017
Great product, manufactured well.
the online guides made the install very straight forward.
would recommend to anyone considering a garden room / summerhouse
John Armin
Oct 27, 2017
Excellent service from Tuin and a top quality product. I have an extremely small garden so options were limited but I am extremely pleased with the end result.I now have a great little south facing workshop and a decked area to sit out in the sun. The instructional videos were a great help and as a result construction was straight forward and very enjoyable, The delivery driver could not have been more helpful and placed the pallet exactly were I wanted it. I have no hesitation in recommending Tuin, They were a pleasure to do business with.
Mr. James Millican
Oct 4, 2016
I ordered my onyx log cabin in August and it was delivered early on the day advised. Due to other commitments I was unable to build it right away but when I did it went up like a dream. Level foundation beams is key and the rest falls into place. The shingles finish off the roof and look great. The only criticism I have is the door handle which has already started to corrode after a couple of exposures to the rain and spoils the overall look of the front elevation, otherwise I am very pleased with the product. There has also been quite a bit of shed envy from friends and family.
Jason graves
Oct 2, 2016
Absolutely superb quality .
Delivery simple down our small country lane .
The log cabins instructions simple and easy to understand .
1 hour to load out sections, 3 hours to build with the roof covering to complete.
Myself and 8 year old daughter ( master painter) found this extremely easy to construct.
Extremely please with the product , delivery and service , thanks Tuin
Mr. Dave Wheeler
Aug 13, 2016
Excellent product with matching service from Tuin
Mr. David Weston
May 14, 2016
My wife celebrated a special birthday in April and we both wanted to mark it with something equally as special. As a keen crafter we decided the Onyx would make an excellent "She-Hut".This has given her some space of her own to be as creative as she likes in the piece and tranquility. The whole project was most enjoyable with easy to understand instructions and I have to say the after sales service was absolutely outstanding.
Mr. William Owen
Apr 19, 2016
This is a lovely, well made cabin. Really easy to put up with instructions. Feels like it will last longer than we own the garden it sits in! Good service too - we realised after delivery that we were missing one foundation beam and Tuin arranged for it to be sent out arriving the next morning so that we could put the cabin up over the weekend as planned. Appreciate all the advice on painting, constructing etc on the website.
john west
Feb 13, 2016
excellent little cabin ,simple to erect looks good in my garden ,delivery was spot on in fact driver phoned a day early to see if it was ok to deliverit
excellent little cabin,looks good in my garden, good value for money delivery was a day early driver phoned to see if it was ok he dropped it of where I wanted it over all I am very satisfied thank you tuin. am thinking of ordering a bigger one later on in the year look forward to it john .

Mr. Neil Kernahan
Oct 6, 2015
What a wonderful firm to deal with, all my initial queries were answered very efficiently and courteously.
Ordering was easy and I was able to choose a delivery date to fit in with our holidays.
The cabin arrived today as promised. As we live in a small Dales village with narrow access roads we worried a bit about delivery, we needn't have!
Steve the driver from Walpole's was fantastic, he parked on the outskirts of the village and on an amazing fork lift, negotiated narrow roads and delivered our cabin right to our door....thank you!
The Onyx cabin is beautifully made, it's all unpacked, checked and ready to assemble in a few weeks time. We hope to send some photographs later on as we assemble it.
Miss. Laura Gladwyn
Jan 31, 2015
Delivery came when expected, the overall quality of the cabin I'm very happy with however I was grateful that my brother is joiner as we found the instructions rather poor to follow and none of the wood was numbered up. for the first half hour we sorted out what was going where. I ordered the shingles for the roof I'm happy with the overall quality however the instructions that came with them where poor. We did find instruction on tuin website very helpful when putting the shingles on and would recommend looking at them if you get stuck.
Overall I'm happy with my purchase and the quality of the cabin.
Michele Gibb
Sep 19, 2014
I am delighted with the quality of my log cabin, it feels so solid. My son put it up by himself with a little help from a friend to fit the roof, the instructions were easy to follow, and all nails and screws were included. I am very pleased I chose to have roof shingles as it really finishes it off, one tip - it is much easier to cut the shingles with an old saw, don't use a good one as they will blunt it, and there is no need to order the shingle glue as all the tacks needed were supplied. We ran out of shingles at one point but more were dispatched straight away, really good service.
I will definitely recommend Tuin.
Mike Thomas
Oct 9, 2013
I have recently purchased and Constructed this cabin. The cabin itself, is of an excellent manufacture and is very easy to assemble. I would also say that the staff at Tuin were a real pleasure to deal with and could be contacted almost at any time of day / evening from enquiry stage, right the way through to after sales. In summary I would say it is a first class product backed up with a first class service!!!
Mr. Ron Goodwin
Jul 26, 2013
A great product!! My wife and I are both in our 90th decade and found assembly a piece of cake. The unit was assembled in one day. (minus the last two boards on the roof which required cutting to width.) A neighbour of ours bought a "shed" from a DIY. store. What a load of expensive firewood! the quality of our unit is quite amazing and our family are amazed at the quality - for the price. We would definitely recommend this shed (our office) to anyone who requires a quality unit which represents value for money. Thank you.