Nora Hexagonal Log Cabin 3.54x3.12m

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Mrs. Kate Long
May 13, 2023
Great quality summer house which looks fantastic. It did arrive without any instructions which was challenging especially when many of the parts needed to be sized and cut. Delivery was well managed though some of the corresponding emails were lengthy and quite confusing. Overall though we are pleased with the end result.
Mr. Arthur Wright
Apr 14, 2023
Although we bought the Nora log cabin some weeks ago, l have not yet erected it yet as l still have to prepare the area and lay the concrete base. However, l have taken delivery of it and was impressed with the service given, not only by the transport company, but also by the helpful personnel at Tuin themselves as l called them a couple of times with questions about the product and to advise that l wouldn't be erecting the cabin for some time and therefore unable to check the contents as it is still as delivered and they told me to let them know if l find anything wrong. Overall l was very pleased.
Mr. Nigel Holgate
Jun 15, 2022
Very satisfied. The service was excellent. The cabin was delivered on time. The instructions were adequate but it was essential to read and absorb before starting the construction.
Supply of materials was very accurate - nothing missing and some spares.
One of the window latches broke off In my hand just after installation but two extra latches were supplied ( not sure whether this was intentional ) and so no problem.

The roof took me a few days as access can be tricky (hexagonal Nora roof) which slows the process down, particularly if choosing to insulate under the shingle.
The shingle is definitely worth fitting and looks great.
Stuart Walker
Feb 17, 2022
When I was looking for a summer house I spent a bit of time researching what was available on the market from local garden centres to the web. These all varied a lot in price and were generally produced with shiplap panels and not logs. A friend suggested I look at the Tuin summer houses and have not looked back from there.

Yes you may pay a bit more for the product but what you get is what you pay for. I was impressed from day 1 as the web site had everything I needed to know from dimensions, delivery and installation plus all the other user comments.

The actual experience was exactly as described, from the mails to the very helpful delivery driver and yes it was very straight forward to assemble. It even resulted in many conversations with my neighbours as they would come and see its progress regularly!

I'm so convinced with the product that I have bought another summer house for my work place!
Mr. Paul Harris
Feb 2, 2022
I am really pleased with my Nora log cabin in all aspects. I installed it with some help from my wife on to a level slab after watching all the videos and some common sense. The instructions are not the best. It took quite a while to erect. Being hexagonal, every roof board needed cutting both ends, noting that this is timber not steel and each triangle was slightly different. The composite sole plates came in standard lengths, it would have been far quicker if they had been delivered pre-cut as the logs were. As I did not fix them down, everything kept moving slightly until there was sufficient weight to hold it down. Basically it started to get in shape after 3 or 4 high were tapped down. I applied preserver to each log before installing for longevity but this was not a good idea as it made it more difficult to assemble. I did have some minor problems with a few shingle and the adhesive but Turn quickly replace FOC. I fitted insulation to the floor and roof which hopefully has made the cabin more useable during the year. The windows and doors are double glazed which was not clear on the web site. After about 9 months, everything looks good, there are a few cracks in a couple of logs but nothing to worry about. The bonus is that it also looks good in our back garden.
Bill Witcomb
Nov 19, 2021
After some initial delays with delivery despite it being advertised as "ex stock" our Nora cabin arrived on a very large truck with a very friendly and helpful driver. We built the cabin on a prepared plastic cellular base. The build was quite tricky and would have been helped if there were instructions related to a hexangonal building. It can be a lot trickier than rectangular build. Needed 2 people. We chose the free shingles which are a bit of a pain to fit but worth the effort. A lot of saw cutting required, definately needed a circular saw. Overall a very nice building far a reasonable price.
Mrs. Jill Rickman
Nov 2, 2021
Amazing Log Cabin, Very pleased with it, very good quality, thank you
Mr. Ian MacEachern
Oct 5, 2021
Brilliant purchase. All parts came in good condition (couple of spares too). Would definitely buy again and recommend
Mrs. Leigh Mounce
Jun 1, 2021
I was shocked when the cabin was delivered. So many bits and pieces! The delivery guy was efficient and amusing, and we set to. Luckily 2 friends joined us and we erected it without too much trouble. It was exciting seeing it grow before our very eyes! Quality was excellent and it will outlive me and my wife Ann, I’m quite sure. Putting the roof on was fun, and challenging for us, but we are getting on in years now. Luckily our friends brought a platform with them which was invaluable.
Sean Spence
Jun 18, 2020
We bought the Nora log cabin after researching many alternatives and reading the reviews on the Tuin website. It was delivered (on time) by a lorry with a fork lift truck and so the one pallet was placed exactly where we wanted it.
The materials are of very high quality, the instructions were a little generic. I would say that the construction of the doors could be improved, particularly the way the bottom has the timber tacked to the front rather than within the door. It probably took 3 to 4 man days to build and it took two people to construct the roof.
There wasn't enough timber delivered to complete the floor but this was quickly rectified by Tuin. I would highly recommend Tuin log cabins.
Mr. S Chatterjee
Aug 6, 2019
Excellent delivery. Superbly machined components. Need to be fairly adept at DIY joinery but great fun to build. Completed on my own. Roof does take some time to assemble due to number of board cuts. Sliding mitre saw essential. Shingle fitting also takes longer than you might imagine.
Because of the hexagonal pyramid shaped roof I used a tower scaffold platform with a roof ladder for safety. Invaluable and would recommend.
All in all would do it again. Most importantly my wife loves it!
Mr. pete dodimead
May 28, 2019
A well made summer house delivery and packaging were excellent however the instructions leave a lot to be desired and the thought of climbing on the roof off of a ladder with a circular saw filled me with thoughts of missing digits however it does look nice now it finished
Mr. David Mollon
Nov 5, 2018
Pleased with it but it was a lot more difficult than suggested. There was a surfeit of information but not enough specific to the Nora cabin. It took 3 of us a day to get the basic shell erected but only 2/3 of the roof boards completed. I completed this the following day on my own. It took me a couple of days to do the shingles and access was not easy. I believe the quality of the materials and fittings are good. I am pleased with the result but had I known what was entailed, I would have gone for a constructor who would have been familiar with the process.
Malcolm Mason
Oct 31, 2018
I have owned a Summer House previously, but the quality of manufacture on the Tuin Nora is way way beyond the earlier purchase from another company.
I had occasion to ring the company once during the sales process and was dealt with in an extremely friendly yet professional manner.
I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending both the product and the company. Many thanks
David Law
Oct 12, 2018
I first became aware of Tuin log cabins after a holiday friend impressed me with the photographs and praise he heaped upon me last summer.I was so smitten that I purchased the NORA and do not regret it in the slightest.I enjoyed the challenge of the build and now I can admire the fruits of my labour.PS I am 75 years of age and I assembled this all by myself,with a little help from the wife.
Mr & Mrs Bryden
Jul 17, 2018
What can we say. From the moment we placed the order to the after care upon delivery was amazing. We purchased nora hexagon log cabin. We were worried about the delivery as we live in a small town with narrow roads. All we can say was the delivery driver that morning made it look so easy, we were so impressed. The item itself was so well packaged which pleased my husband. Nothing was damaged. After reading the instructions and watching the helpful video's the cabin was up in no time. We are so pleased with the quality of the cabin and the appearance. It seems alot of money to part with at first but we can honestly say you get what you pay for. We wouldn't hesitate to recommend your company to others. Thank you so much for everything. X
Alan Peers
Jul 4, 2018
A brilliant piece of kit really well constructed quality materials and a truly great company to deal with.
Mr. martin newman
Jan 25, 2018
Couldn't recommend this Nora summerhouse more looks fantastic easy to put up did it on my own in a few days,delivered fast and the driver was very helpful put it exactly where I wanted it,the only downside was the instructions aren't very clear but every thing else is fantastic thank you tuin
Mr. Stephen Knite
Jan 2, 2018
We decided a Summer House would be a good idea for our garden ,so started to look at local suppliers but found we were disappointed with what was on offer. The next stage was Google and that's where we found Tuin. Very impressed with web site, lots of information and choice. We decided to order the Nora Hexagonal Log Cabin. This duly arrived on stated delivery day on a enormous lorry with fork lift truck attached to the back.
The driver was excellent in handling same and placed the plastic enclosed kit exactly as required.
Packaging was excellent and all parts were checked off with none missing. Now to start building, the walls, Windows and doors went up quickly and looked good. Then came the roof, hexagonal shape, 240 angled wood cuts to carry out, that's okay but along with installing the felt shingles how people install in two days I don't know.
Anyway we got there but found another pack of shingles were required, this is where Tuin excelled, an email to them, and within days they were delivered free of charge.
We now have a wonderful Summer House all painted up waiting for the floor to go in.
Downsides are none, Thoroughly recommend this company they are good.
Mr. Tony Hayman
Aug 30, 2017
what a grate cabin it comes with everything and so easy to put up but the roof was a bit of a challenge with six sides
and it needs a finial for the top but it fantastic i love it
Edward Perrott
Dec 26, 2016
It is all we expected and hoped for. A substantial summer house rather than the type of flimsy prefabricated item encountered frequently. A consequence is that construction takes skill, but is worthwhile. Delivery was very efficient, and sensibly managed.
Kourosh Saeb-Parsy
Dec 15, 2016
Really impressed with quality and service - as is everyone who sees the finished house. It looks amazing and strong - just about to go through the first winter and assuming it weathers ok, I am delighted with it. Highly recommended!
Mr. David Curtis
Jun 21, 2016
The decision to go for the Nora was probably one of the best we have made so far. We moved in to our home 2 years ago and have spent hours in the garden getting it how we wanted it and the Nora finishes it off a treat. It is a place of peace and tranquility and a place to hide from all that is going on outside. We love it, and the building of it was quite good fun too, we shared the jobs, well almost I built it and my partner Jennie started painting it and I finished painting it. Oh and Jennie made the refreshments. The Nora truly is a fantastic addition to our home
Mr. Keith Workman
Jan 14, 2016
Arrived on a big lorry that parked on the main road and delivered via a smaller truck
Have taken the wood out and stored it until the spring but the way it arrived it could have been left in the drive safely
Wood looks good and all pieces are marked for easy installation
Impressed by quality and price and looks really well made

Mrs. elaine beager
Aug 24, 2015
the service I received from tuin was excellent right from the start,the delivery man had to go out of his way just to get to us as roads were not suitable for hgv but he did not moan at all was nice and were the customer care team. the installation was done by warren young who was one of the recommended men tuin supplied details for ,this was all excellent standard.would highly recommend anyone to buy from tuin
Mr. Philip Cooper
Jul 8, 2015
Great looking cabin. Painted it lavender and cream. Quality is very high and service from the Tuin team very good. My only negative comments would be the instructions provided had been generic for a square cabin which made parts of the construction a little tricky and confusing. Did call the after hours support team who was able to help.
Mr. Philip Cooper
Jun 30, 2015
Beautiful and high quality log cabin. Took quite sometime to decide on the right log cabin due to the shape of our garden and have to say it looks great. Delivery and after sales service from Tuin was excellent.
My only criticism is the instructions were very generic and not specific to the hexagonal shape and thus at times very confusing.
Miss. jayne webster
Jun 10, 2015
Really love my Nora summer house it looks great now it is finished. We built it up ourselves and once we had worked out which pieces were for the base we were able to build the main structure really quickly. We did spend quite a few hours trying to work out how to start as we had not realised that each piece of wood had a small white sticker with a number on it. The instructions should have mentioned this. The base is really important to be level as all the walls just slot into place and if not level would cause problems so do keep checking the level. The roof and the floor did take quite a long time to cut the piece due to the heptagonal shape so you do need to have some good power tools and patience. But now it is finished it looks amazing and having the higher pitch make it feel really spacious. The wood quality is very good and how the windows and door fit into place was really simple. Only one slight complaint are the hinges on one of the main doors are slightly bent but does not seem to have a problem when closing and the door does lock really smoothly. so overall really pleased that I bought from Tuin plus delivery was very good thank you oh and also the web site and videos showing how to build was really helpful to keep referring to as we were building.
Dr. panikos sissou
Mar 23, 2015
Absolutely beautiful log cabin. Really stands out in the garden. Particularly attractive with the black shingle tiles and with the higher roof it makes the inside feel so airy. I look forward to painting it next week. Philip, who was recommended to build the cabin for us, did an excellent job.
Andrew Cope
Sep 2, 2014
Having researched various suppliers we decided to purchase a cabin from Tuin, the decision on which one to choose was difficult but we were limited on space due to a corner location and decided to go for the Nora hexagonal cabin. One ordered online the communications were excellent from Tuin and also the delivery company. When the driver called to confirm his arrival time I checked on the size of the vehicle with him as we are on a private drive a fair distance from the main road, he couldn't have been more helpful by bringing the cabin to exact where we wanted it with the forklift.

Once the cabin was unpacked and checked over, I set about treating each and every timber with two coats of clear preservative before starting construction, this took a couple of days due to the changeable weather. As we were constructing a timber base using 150mm c16 treated timber this couldn't be started until the cabin was onsite so it could be made to fit exactly, but when the first rows of logs were put in place the true quality of the construction could be seen.

Unfortunately the instructions could be a little clearer and by mistake I installed the windows inside out (thinking they must open outwards) however they could be taken apart and reversed without taking the cabin down.

Construction from above the base took two full days including 'under-felting' the roof. I've just completed the first coat of external timber treatment and have the shingles to add, but having used these before know this isn't too difficult...

So far it's looking great and as soon as the floor has been finished and internal fitting out the cabin will certainly be in use daily.

Many thanks - excellent product from a great supplier!