Nilsson Corner Log Cabin 3.5m x 3.5m - 45mm Logs

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Gemma Collyer
Aug 19, 2022
We purchased our Nilsson cabin in May of 2021, with a delivery date given to us for September.. After supply issues due to the pandemic, we finally received it in December. It wasn't the ideal time to receive it as the weather was shocking, but the customer service throughout was good. Any questions asked were always answered well and we were satisfied. Delivery driver was great, put the pallet exactly where we asked and was friendly. Putting together was interesting as in the weather we were dealt, not helped by the 'instructions' which weren't great, but to be honest once we sorted the parts into piles, we could figure it out and then just checked the instructions every now and again to confirm what we thought we needed to do. It went together really well, had a small issue getting the log above the door in, but we managed to rectify it easily. The roof went on fairly easily too, but was definitely the most challenging part. We ended up buying a finial for the top which were glad we did as it finishes the roof off beautifully and as we had a tiny leak at the very top of the peak, this rectified it. All in all, we are really happy with it. It's beautiful quality, solid, looks absolutely amazing and we would definitely buy from Tuin again. Thanks Tuin!
Tuin reply: Thanks Gemma for coming back with these lovely images, its always fascinating to see how they can be transformed when painted and complemented with furniture
Mrs Mair Bradshaw
Aug 10, 2022
We had a very good experience with Tuin from start to end! Delivery was brilliant and the build was as expected! My husband and our friend built the cabin up to roof height in 2 and a half hours!! The roof took a little longer!!
We absolutely love the space!!!!Solid!!
John Raybould
May 18, 2022
Our cabin arrived on time, and the driver was very skilled and helpful, having to park some distance away and negotiated a long narrow driverway to the back of the property. (Above and beyond) The quality of the wood is very good with few knots. It was easy to build, took two of us a day to get it to roof height and another day and a half to finish the build. Highly recommended.
Nick Bainbridge
Mar 14, 2022
The cabin was delivered to our drive. instructions were good,, cabin looks great and good quality
Mrs. Zoe Howarth
Feb 13, 2022
We ordered the Nilsson Corner Cabin to use as a garden gym. We found the whole process superb from start to finish. We had a few pre sales questions which were answered by the staff at Tuin, we were given a delivery date after placing our order which didn’t alter even due to various lockdowns. The delivery came on a very large truck with its own forklift which meant the driver was able to bring the kit to exactly where we wanted it. We found erecting the cabin to be very quick and easy and all together it took us about 4 days including fitting all of the shingles and the floor which was the slowest part. The cabin is very solid and weatherproof, we would thoroughly recommend it.
Tanya Erica Bainbridge
Dec 15, 2021
I bought this log cabin to create a space in my garden for me to work from home, and for my kids to hang out. I had no building skills, so had friends to help with the building, and actually I got stuck in and it was a really enjoyable experience, the delivery was delayed by 6 weeks which was a shame, but when the cabin arrived it was well packed, and the instructions possible to follow. It took us a solid three days to build the cabin, even the kids got involved putting the log panels together. I didn't buy the floor from Tuin, but put in insullation and floorboards, which makes it warmer, I would recommend this product, but you do need mates with building skills.... the size of the cabin and the wooden panels make a really cosy space.
Robin Matthews
Jul 23, 2021
I installed it in January 2021 winter time. It was easy to put up with additional insulation in the roof and floor. It heats up quickly when it’s cold out side. It’s probably the best thing I have ever had. The delivery driver was very helpful and staff were always there to help . Recommend to anyone.
Mrs. Irene Dalley
Jun 18, 2021
We spent a bit of time researching suppliers of cabins and settled on Tuin for our Nilsson log cabin. The cabin was delivered on time, the driver kept us informed and was polite and placed it exactly where we wanted it.
After unpacking the delivery we sorted all the parts and labelled them which made it less daunting and so much easier when assembling.

The instruction booklet wasn’t great but adequate.

The main part went up easy, the roof took a bit longer and the shingles took the longest. It took roughly 3 full days to erect and fit the shingles, another day to fit the floor and apply clear preservative and water repellent, 6 coats in total.
We purchased the composite foundations and started assembling the cabin on a level concrete base. We ensured the foundations were square, definitely key for a good build.
The components are machined to a high standard and fitted together very well. There were one or two long lengths that had a bend in them, which is to be expected due to the length, which we put closer to the bottom of the build as the weight would straighten them out and it did.
We didn’t use the window bars as they didn’t fit to our liking.
We were extremely lucky with weather completing the build and managing to fit the guttering a few days before we had a rainfall.
We have had electric lights and sockets fitted, drinks cooler and kettle are all in place.
On the whole we are very pleased with our cabin, already had a lot of pleasure sitting in it, absolutely love it.! We would highly recommend Tuin for a quality build.
Stuart Mitchell
Mar 9, 2021
Spent a bit of time looking at various suppliers and settled on Tuin for our Nilsson log cabin. The cabin was delivered exactly on time as stated when ordered online, even in the middle of the pandemic. ( unfortunately the floor I ordered didn't arrive, they offered us a refund straight away but I waited the extra 2 weeks as I was still waiting on our furniture coming anyway.
The instruction booklet that comes with it isn't great but it is adequate for helping you build it yourself.
There is plenty of helpful info on the site but it just takes a little while to sift through it.
The cabin itself is a quality bit of kit and I'm so glad we bought it,
I built it myself from scratch and didn't need to make any cuts to any pieces of log timber as the individual logs are machined so precisely.
I've already recommended tuin to a friend who has ordered theirs and is waiting on their delivery coming in the next few weeks.
Stuart 4/3/21
Stefan Franczuk
Nov 16, 2020
Absolutely love this cabin, very easy to put up in a couple of days with a day to finish everything off. It fits perfectly in a corner of my garden and I’m using it as an office. Great quality and very good customer service from Tuin. Would highly recommend
Mrs. Jill Boot
Sep 8, 2020
Absolutely fantastic product. It was really easy to put up and is a beautiful cabin. Great value for money.
Ken Farquhar
May 14, 2020
The delivery happened exactly as planned, very impressive. It has to be said that the amount of components looked very daunting. Fear not when sorted out it was very logical. I purchased the plastic foundation rail which is a great investment for the future longevity of the building. The building itself was easy to construct with only a few small issues with warped boards, nothing serious. When the building was half built I had a non related accident breaking three fingers in my hand. My wife and myself carried out the rest of the build between us (not going out due to Coronavirus) we are about to start erecting the roof construction, eating for the wind speed to drop. We don't anticipate any really big problems as the components are machined to a high standard and fit together very well. It was easy to get square and true, a level base is the key.
I will review the roof installation later but so far so good. Thoroughly recommend Tuin as a wooden building supplier.
Kevin Braham
Nov 13, 2019
So easy to order delivery on time.
An excellent product that was straightforward to build, just make sure foundation beams are level and square the build went so easy, the final build looks amazing .
Many Thanks to all at Tuin
John grant
Jul 29, 2019
Excellent delivery driver kept up-to-date by phone on delivery time . Got cabin where needed with fork lift . Great customer service when I realised had a missing floor pack . built cabin in a weekend with only d.i.y experience .I would highly recommend tuin .over the moon with overall product.
Mrs. Dawn Mackenzie
May 20, 2019
Highly recommend though think you need more time than some stated on site to erect cabin . Good service delivery on time quality of wood good , we built cabin in the heatwave that is ongoing after month of purchase putting it to good use would recommend that you use YouTube to get a better view on building work ,also good customer service when I realised hadn’t ordered my free shingle roof just sent email and they kindly updated my order immediately with my choice thanks Tuin
Mr. Russell Rennie
Jan 22, 2019
Frequent updates on delivery and delivery was as planned. Friendly driver who placed as best he could given our access restriction.

Parts mostly easy to identify and laid out prior to building. The provided plans are however very basic. More detail can be sourced online from Tuin but takes a bit of looking for and in some instances is generic for all their log cabins with nothing particular for your chosen cabin. Much assumption is made on peoples knowledge level on building log cabins. Knocking the sections together is easy enough and explained but lots of other difficult or complicated bits just seems to say connect the parts!

I appreciate that there may not be many DIY absolute beginners/novices buying these cabins but still feel a better printed instruction sheet should be given.

With the help of my wife and son we managed to do the main erection over the equivalent of 2½ days. Installing the roof boards probably took as long the main cabin, likewise, fitting the weather membrane and diamond shingle took as long!

Had to leave for a few weeks after delivery prior to building though. On finally getting round to building I found that some of the internal floorboard packs were wet/stained. This was our fault for leaving so long outside unattended. Once the frame was built we left the floorboards inside for a few days and they dried okay with only minor staining (and which was fitted facing down).

A few hiccups in building but I’d still thoroughly recommend Tuin.

Now looking at getting a 2nd cabin (wife wanted a basic garden shed for tool storage but I’ll gladly pay the bit extra for a quality log cabin) and will feel a lot more confident in building and any short fallings in the provided instructions.
Mrs. Patricia Lash
Jan 21, 2019
These views are actually those of my husband who erected this cabin:

This was a sound purchase generally. From the outset communication was very good and the whole tone was friendly and co-operative. Delivery took place when promised and our particular driver went to considerable lengths to offload in less than easy circumstances, without complaint and with a very cheerful manner.
The pack itself was as advertised, all parts present and sensibly and logically stacked. Erection of the walls, window and door units was pretty straightforward and we had asked for two additional windows to capitalise on the view from our site, which required cutting some of the longer timbers to accommodate the units, again pretty straightforward.

Our cabin is essentially a square with a pyramid roof which was challenging and my only adverse comment is that though the installation advice and instructions are supposed to be specific to the unit, they were not related to this particular cabin but to log cabin construction generally and thus building the roof was a bit of trial and error. The videos which are available are helpful, of course, but again the video example of a pyramidic roof build is actually for a rectangular cabin with long central beam, unlike the one we purchased. We got there eventually but a guide to the best sequence for this roof might have speeded things up. Other than that this is a good product, reasonably priced, and relatively easy to construct if you have some DIY ability and good tools (portable work bench, good power saw and jig saw plus all the other listed tools are very useful). 9 out of 10!
Nov 5, 2018
I've conducted thorough investigations on line for log cabins and tuin always seemed to come out on top. So went ahead and ordered a Nilsson corner cabin. The whole experience could not have been simpler knowledgeble and helpful staff. In fact the whole experience was easy, not to forget the price being very competitive. The delivery went so well I didn't have to worry about a thing, the driver even put it at the bottom of my drive. The design and quality of the cabin is so good it only took myself one and a half days to erect it up to the roof line. The roof and shingles took a little longer. As the reviews say top quality product. Highly recommended.
Mr. Matthew Trollope
Jun 21, 2018
Excellent log cabin, my wife and I erected it in 2 days! Very important to have a flat base! Better instructions would have made it easier but that said we managed! Friends have seen it and will be ordering from Tuin aswell.
Miss. Helen Crapnell
Feb 24, 2018
I am so pleased with my Nielsen log cabin, the quality is outstanding. Spent over a year looking before I finally made my decision. The delivery driver arrived exactly when he said he would, he put it exactly where I asked as was very polite and helpful. I would not hesitate to recommend this company, photos will follow!
William Everitt
Oct 12, 2017
My cabin was delivered on time by a helpful driver, well wrapped and there is a lot of it. Im lucky to employ some very handy guys and they assembled it for me on a concrete base we laid. It was easy'ish to build but the roofing boards need to be cut on the angles of the roof. I think you need to be quite a good at diy to take the build on. If not I would suggest paying for the installation. My cabin is now finished and it is great. I paid for the stronger flooring and this feels very solid. I would have liked the option of double glazed windows. I would strongly recommend this cabin its very good and I think great value too. everyone who has seen it was surprised at the cost. We love it, the bar is going in soon, Cant wait
R Muir
Jul 9, 2017
First class service all round from purchase to the delivery of the cabin. As for the log cabin I am very pleased with the build quality and how everything fitted together. I got Ian one of your recommended installers to build the cabin for us.I would highly recommend him and I was left with a fantastic looking and very good value for money cabin. I've had a a lot of positive feed back from family and friends regarding the cabin.

Thank you TUIN
Mr. Dave Parkin
Jun 7, 2017
Chose the Nilsson 45mm log cabin for quite an exposed spot here in Scotland.
The cabin is very straightforward to build - the roof boards and shingles taking the longest time, although 4 coats of Sikkens stain later, this took ages.
Quality of cabin is exceptional and satisfyingly solid.
Only minor niggle is we would have liked the option to add double glazing.
Delivery company was excellent.
Would highly recommend this cabin to anyone, and worth the extra for the thicker logs.
Tim Curtis-Weight
Feb 5, 2017
Excellent quality , the machining of the parts was all spot on , the wood is a lot better than pine. The instructions are good and logically laid out , I would definitely recommend a Tuin cabin and would buy another one in the future. A very happy customer. ps delivery was on time as well.
Mrs V Mitchell
Nov 26, 2016
Regarding the Nilsson Log Cabin. My husband is a joiner to trade,and he was very impressed with how everything just fitted so nicely together! " Just like a glove" We would like to recommend these log cabins,to anyone thinking on buying.
Happy Customer
Nov 25, 2016
Excellent service by Tuin great cabin cant wait
to get the hot tub in there now!!!
R A Phipps
Sep 4, 2016
Very pleased with the cabin. It is sturdy and a good size inside. The internal height gives a further feeling of space. If I were to improve it I'd personally like wider windows with a double glazed option and the bolts fixing one door to be sturdier offering a bit more security. Also glass in bottom panel of door.
Tony Barber
Aug 22, 2016
Delivery on time and driver very polite and helpful placing package on the drive exactly as requested.
I've spent a lot of time on the base for my cabin as the location slopes considerably. I am building this
project on my own and decided to do things slowly but thoroughly. Several of the logs and other cabin pieces were twisted/bowed etc but after reading and watching the information on your website,these have now all been satisfactorily incorporated in the building. I have just installed the rafters and kingpin and will hopefully complete the roof this week. The overall appearance is quite impressive and solid looking so far. I am taking photos at strategic points during this project which I can send in to you later on if you would like them. They may be of interest especially the base configuration incorporating wooden beams and concrete blocks. Please let me know if you want me to send them to you when I have completed the project.
isabella watson
Jul 19, 2015
I am delighted with my Nilsson log cabin. The service is excellent and the quality is second to none. Price cannot be beaten. What more can I ask for.
Ian Wilkinson
Mar 10, 2015
Have not yet started to assemble the cabin. Using Sikkens HLS base and Filter 7plus top coats. Like painting with water but a beautiful end result and chosen to do base and 1 top coat before assembly. Just finished the base coat and selectively sanded areas of the components. Should be starting assembly the weekend after next but so far delighted with what I have and despite your comment that getting wet will not affect the assembly I have chosen to keep it dry until then. Ask me again at the beginning of April!
Nov 2, 2014
Quality, and Product, not a problem.
Mr. Gary Burgess
Sep 22, 2014
I cannot fault the quality of the cabin. It fitted together perfectly. The quality is outstanding. The basic instructions were self-explanatory showing the main cabin construction. Fitting the door was the challenge as there were no specific instructions..