Mini Modern flat roof Log Cabin 3x2m

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Alan Ewing
Aug 6, 2022
Great shed - but the instructions on how to build are absolutley dreadful none existent - the instructions I had where for a completely different shed - this includes the web-site. Where is information on how to setup Pent Roof and how to ensure water drainage is ok.
Robert Hinks
Nov 21, 2021
We are really pleased with our cabin, it is well built and super strong, delivery driver kept us up to date on drop off time.
The instructions aren't the easiest to understand, a help section would be good on how to rectify certain problems e.g. how to remove wrongly fitted boards without damaging the wood. The roof was a bit tricky to figure out, we changed the design a little to make it more suitable for us and fitted guttering to the back to help the water run away and not run down the back of the cabin. We would definitely recommend this company .
Charles Golden
Sep 15, 2016
Really delighted with the cabin. It all went together perfectly - took me two days to assemble fully including roof felt etc and building was very straightforwards even for an amateur! The quality of the product is excellent - with very little distortion or warping on the components at delivery. Overall I am really pleased and would thoroughly endorse this as providing great value for money, and a really good quality cabin.
Mr. Daniel Solomon
Jun 28, 2016
Short story: very happy indeed. Looks fantastic. Timber v high quality.

Long story: Pre and post support exceptional - it took us a while to decide on this particular model, and on the way we had lots of questions that were all responded to rapidly, accurately and helpfully.

Delivery was great: demountable forklift used to negotiate a horrid tight and very steep turn; glad it was only after safe delivery that the driver told us there was no brakes on the forklift!

Took us a couple of hours to unpack and organise into a garage. I had previously built a timber-frame base. The build took us (4 of us including 10 and 15 year old) a day to get walls and roof beams in.

Another full day to get the roof boarded - I stupidly started boarding on the front roof so that the grooves were uppermost - didn't matter as I was using EPDM.

An hour to fit and align the doors. Not yet fitted the floor.

The supplied instructions are a bit rubbish - ended up looking at a website instructions to work out the expected edging to the roof and the barge-boards, for example. Could learn a lot from lego, or just provide more close-ups of the expected finished result. Having said that, most is OK from the (simple) plans provided.

Location - we've put ours into a corner of the garden - looks great but access has been a pain - my fault and has added time to the build.
Mr Wood
Apr 24, 2016
An excellent product - the build quality is equivalent to similar products at twice the price. Ordering and delivery was easy. I
opted for an installer to build the cabin and Tuin were able to recommend several good installers once the order was completed. All in all the process was very simple and straightforward.
Mr. Gavin Sayer
Oct 6, 2015
Really pleased with my new cabin quality product, modern look and great value for money. Would not hesitate to purchase another product from Tuin, friendly, efficient and helpful staff, great service from ordering to delivery. Great after sales service to help advise on assembly, very impressed and would recommend to friends and family.
Sep 30, 2015
I bought this cabin for my small garden. It was exactly what I wanted which suit in my garden. Great log cabin.