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Mika Log Cabin 3.8x3m

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Mrs. Gaskin
Dec 26, 2023
The Mirka Log cabin quality was quite satisfactory for the price. It was lucky I have put up 2 previous log cabins as the window frames were not supplied with any instructions, just some various woody bits all unlabelled. A simple drawing would have been good. Just don't be tempted to screw the frames to the Logs, only to the window itself to allow for movement. A pity that there was absolutely no instructions on this enclosed with the delivery. The instructions for putting up the cabin itself were OK. Also the roof shingles were a few short to allow for the ridge tiling. Fortunately I had some identical left over from a log cabin I put up last year. I also had exactly one roof board extra, plus a few floor boards over which was compensation to me, though if I did not have the spare shingles that would have annoyed me. In conclusion attention to detail was lacking for which a star is lost, but overall I was pleased with the cabin and service thus 4 stars are given.
Mr. Paul Talbot
Jan 25, 2023
I have to say the whole experience from order to delivery to support during the build was excellent. After I had made my original order I had to make a number of changes. This was not a problem and revised order information was sent to me straight away. The delivery was excellent. The driver had to park his lorry in the next street and transported the pallet using a fork lift truck. The driver was very pleasant And placed the pallet exactly where I had instructed.

I unpacked the pallet organising the logs into groups using the numbered labels. The build was a lot more straight forward than I thought. The only criticism I would have is that the instructions are not detailed enough regarding the fitting of the windows and door. However I received a very response to my message from the support team who gave me advice over the phone in this regard. As you can see from the pictures it is a great addition to the garden. I would encourage anyone who has some good diy skills to build yourself. It gave me a great deal of satisfaction. We are very pleased with our Mike log cabin and I would not hesitate to recommend Tuin to anyone. Thank you.
Mr. nigel pomphrey
Jul 10, 2022
Excellent product
Fast delivery easy to assemble and looks great
Mike Sadler
Oct 11, 2021
After much internet searching i finally decided to purchase the Mika log cabin.
The cost was within budget and the delivery time meant i would have it installed for the latter end of the summer.
As soon as the order was placed i ordered the base material. my garden is on a slope so had to build a raise deck for the cabin to sit on.
Not long after the base was built the cabin was delivered. The driver was very polite and dropped the large pallet on my drive.
The next day i took to unwrapping the pallet and sorting the pieces by size, shape etc. This is important and will make the assembly so much easier!
First i laid the base pieces and spent a little bit of time ensuring i had it perfectly square. Again this is important and will make the assembly easier! Once i was confident that i had a good square base me and my partner set about assembling the cabin.
The assembly was more straight forward than i imagined and had the walls and roof supports up by the evening. Now my experience with this part of the assembly is that the instructions aren’t the best and i often just resorted to looking at the picture to see where the windows went etc.
Door took two attempts as i assembled it upside down first time and the window height i could only determine by looking at the picture! (Remember”a picture paints a thousand words”)
Don’t expect all the pieces of timber to straight and true, they’re not! There are some pieces what are so warped that you think, this is never going to work!
I suggest if you can spot these pieces early in the build, place them as low down as you can. As you build up the pieces above will eventually straighten the warped pieces out.
There a lot of pieces of timber that are left over when the build is complete. they’re packing pieces but do look like parts that should be in the assembly.
The roof assembly was done on day two of the build, again this was fairly straight forward and completed in a few hours. Most was done from inside the cabin with the aid of some step ladders.
Day three, i took to laying the shingled roof. Again very straight forward but i did do a lot of YouTubing before i started, just to learn the art of shingle laying!
At this point you are going to have to have a head for heights and prepare to walk, sit, kneel in some awkward positions because most of the time you will be on the roof.
So that’s it! in three days i had a water tight log cabin, it's now fully treated with the wood preserver that i purchased from Tuin, has an insulated floor laid and full electrics installed.
I’m very pleased with my purchase and people that have seen it, have all complemented it and added that it is real value for money.
I’m no spring chicken, 62 years of age but still managed to get this fully assembled in three days.A younger me might have done it a little quicker but i’ve enjoyed the experience and lets face it, there was no rush to assemble it.

Mr. Matt Thomas
Jan 25, 2021
I am soo very glad that I bought this product from Tuin. The continued communication from purchase to after delivery was great and very helpful. When the lorry arrived I was a little concerned but the driver was excellent and with his onboard forklift dropped the flatpack right where I wanted it.
The Mika log cabin was the perfect size for my garden and the window and door layout seemed to offer the right balance of light and security. It took me (alone) two 6hr sessions to get it fully assembled and then it probably took me another 2 days to get all the shingles nailed down ( the snow). It looks great and it's all so well made that it's cosy, wind tight, and dry inside. A quality product!!
Richard McLean
Nov 22, 2020
Best value for money in the uk I wish I could put some pictures up to show you how good it looks built it myself in a couple off days
Jul 20, 2018
Lovely garden house, take about 15 hours to put together + few hours to paint
Mr. Joe Mellon
Apr 27, 2017
The quality is very good, everything fitted together easily I carried out the whole construction alone. Ordering and deliver painless. I build a very good base that was perfectly level this along with the precise joints of the log cabin supplied made the build a breeze. I also enjoyed fitting the free shingles never used the before but they go on really easy and make a great job.
Brian Lock
Feb 5, 2017
First class delivery service, on time and delivered with a fork lift truck attached to the lorry. I love the quality of the cabin. Extreemly good value compared to other similar products. Lots of good comments from my neighbours.
Mr. Andrew Lindsay
Nov 28, 2016
Purchased the mika log cabin and more than exceeded my expectations. The first thing you realise about tuin is the customer service it's up there with the best. Quick to answer questions and more than happy to help. The cabin was excellent and after reading and watching the blogs and videos it was pretty straight forward erecting. Extras I added my self was guttering which personally I think you need. Overall a superb cabin by a great company
edward white
Oct 13, 2016
I am very pleased with my purchase of a Mika Log Cabin.All went to plan from day one from order to delivery which was on time with an efficient driver,The roof shingles which were free with order were an added bonus and look great. I would definitely recommend Tuin Log Cabins.