Metal Roof Tiles

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David Spragg
Aug 17, 2019
The roof tiles are expensive but solid, heavy, well-made and watertight. Fitting was straight-forward and all the correct parts in a complex construction were present and correct. The surface finish looks great but it is easy to damage and scuff during handling (revealing bare metal beneath).
Mr. Stephen Bishopp
Apr 16, 2018
Good product. Not easy to calculate the correct number of parts but correct list for a Daisy Cabin is: 20 roof tiles, 5 ridge cappings, 8 bargeboards, 2capping ends,5 boxes screws. Some screws need to be 25mm long due to overlap of tiles.
Use of a quality roofing membrane is a good idea and a lot better than felt. Looks good and should last well.
Mr. Paul Wilson
Feb 13, 2018
Easy to put up and looks great. Pricy but hopefully no leaks for life! Felt underneath just in case!
Mr. Robert Forrest
Feb 12, 2018
Excellent product and well manufactured. Charcoal finish order and used as shed roofing. Easy to install follow the online video. Due to the granular finish, which is stable when walked on for fixing, it can get damaged in transit due to stacking. Let Tuin know and they are more than happy to replace any. Overall considered good value for money. Be sure to take your own measurements for quantities as I found I needed more sheets than using the guide. I cut a few sheets down to suit my roof area, but with the right tool (Oscillating Multi-Tool) with flat head. Found cutting from the rear side along seem left a clean cut, but protection of granular surface necessary. Would I purchase again for similar project...Yes. All accessories ideal and looks great and professional.
Mrs. Jan Erskine
Oct 18, 2017
We ordered the red roof tiles for the Peter cabin as it did say that no cutting was involved and they looked easy to fit also the long levity of the tile, we did have some problems fitting them on the Peter cabin and sort advice from Tuin. We eventually managed to fit them and they looked so good we ordered more for my little Irina cabin as it was to sit next to the Peter. Built the Irina yesterday and this time the tiles went on really easy (now we are experts !!!!!.) Both look fabulous and it was worth all the pain to fit the Metal Roof Tiles
Mr. Terence Price
Aug 22, 2017
Good delivery,very good quality
Easy to install 10 out of 10
Mr. Chris Keay
Jul 24, 2017
These are brilliant ! We have just installed them on our newly built cabin roof (insulated) we are quite exposed and shingles probably would just lift - these panels are very robust and rigid, so quick and easy to install, and look amazing!
Mr. Rossen Ivanov
Apr 6, 2017
Good Product fairly prised. Used it for a Garden shed. Easy to fit.
John Thorp
Jun 16, 2016
We purchased the metal roof tiles for the shed roof. found them very easy to fit and a very reasonable price.