Manchester Log Cabin 4.4 x 4.4m with Shed

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Jun 26, 2020
Fabulous product that's been up for just over a year now. My own joiners installed in just 3 days over a hot Easter in 2019. The base was a big expense for me as we live on a slight slope. The concrete slab actually cost more than the cabin.....! Got a good quality stain too.....Electrics and data I did myself and we now have a lovely garden lounge/gym/cinema at the end of the garden. Thanks Tuin.....excellent product.
Mr. Stephen Costello
Jun 29, 2018
The service and product I received was excellent as I did have some issues with parts but they were actioned very well to my satisfaction in particular by Ben at Tuin so many thanks to him and his team
Mr. Stephen Cherry
Feb 26, 2018
Great product. Everything about the process was nice and easy and delivered as promised. Great communication and easy to move delivery back a week. The building is great quality. Would highly recommend. Great delivery service as well
Mr. Michael Thompson
Nov 22, 2017
The cabin was delivered early last week in two sizeable but neat packs, one of which could be stacked on the other. Each weighed over a tonne. The driver of the delivery lorry was very courteous and unloaded in quite a short time.
Installation started on Monday and after four days, is mainly complete, although some flooring is still to be completed. The very excellent installation team were one of the companies recommended by Tuin; they are local to me and they are clearly very experienced in what they do. The walls and roof timbers were up in the first day, but rain caused a delay on the second day, meaning that we could not do very much that day.
Two problems were encountered on the first day (and none others subsequently). The hinges for one of the doors are about 20 mm out of position, meaning that the installer has to work out how to reposition so that the doors close properly. The second problem was that the glass in two windows had been cracked in transit and had to be replaced. We were able to find a local firm to fix that and the repairs were carried out in a matter of hours. Tuin have agreed to refund.
We hope to have the whole building installed including flooring, electrical works (not Tuin responsibility) within a few days and look forward to using our new cabin.
Mr Edward Ramm
Nov 20, 2017
We are delighted with our cabin. From our first contact with Tuin we found them very helpful and informative.the cabin arrived as promised within the time scales, and was delivered by a helpful delivery person.He was able to place the pallets exactly were we requested.we had one Broken glass panel but we did not bother to report it because we were so pleased with the condition of the components supplied We felt we would replace the glass ourselves. We would strongly recommend prospective customers to study the blogs on line as they make more sense than the insructions supplied. But overall we are very satisfied customers.

Mrs. Patricia Grant
Sep 27, 2015
From delivery through to assembly the process was fantastic.
The lorry driver made an assessment to park at the end of our lane and brought the 2 large pallets of component parts to the garden by forklift. He was obviously happy working for Tuin and loved the product.
We are assembling ourselves, and after many queries by e-mail (which were all answered quickly) and a few phone calls we were able to get to roof height within 3 weekends. The engineering is fantastic - everything fits perfectly. The only thing I would change is to make the instruction for the double door and side panels more instructive, same with the beam connectors and how to put on the handles for the lovely double glazed tip and tilt windows. This is a small thing but it would save the frustration. I would only buy another cabin from Tuin now.
Joe Beverly
Jul 19, 2013
We are very pleased with this cabin. Arrived on time and the driver was very helpful. Tuin advice has been invaluable and they're good people to deal with.

The cabin took us a whole weekend to put up. The instructions could have been better but the plans were very good. Very happy with the purchase and would recommend.