Lynn Log Cabin 4.27x4.27m

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Mrs. Kerry Simpson
Oct 13, 2016
Unfortunately we have not yet installed our log cabin, so I am unable to comment on the quality or ease of construction. However, I would like to praise the delivery service which Tuin provided, it was excellent . The delivery driver was so helpful and even travelled half a mile down our country line in his forklift to leave the cabin on our driveway.
Chris Snook
Jul 22, 2014
We ordered a Lynn Hexagonal Cabin which was ideal for our garden in Portugal. The extra delivery charge was very reasonable and the fact that we were getting FREE shingles balanced this out. The only hiccup we had though was a third parties mishap, the cabin travelled all the way from Holland across Europe through Spain and most of Portugal before its final leg of journey, where the local transporters/carriers decided that they did not need to strap down and secure the load for the last 45kms of its journey. Anyone who knows Portuguese drivers will know thats a big mistake. Enough to say it arrived broke. All four windows were broken along with e double doors. The driver looked horrified as it came off the back of his truck. Photos were taken and the recieved document was duly signed up as broken on delivery. Now the good stuff, Richard at the English end and Gerard in Holland were fantastic in sorting out this problem. Horrified at first, they saw the photos and immediately got on the case. Replacement parts were ordered and sent on there way very quickly.
The cabin is now sitting proudly on its smart tiled base overlooking the chicken house, they try to make there way in for a cosy new laying spot but are all barred!
We could not have been happier with our Tuin product, and as for aftercare well as you see above it could not have been better.