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Feb 25, 2024
Chose tuin because they have blog about everything you need to know. Can't fault any aspect and if you follow their vids you'll have it up in no time . Just over a day and roof was on without help . Looks amazing :-)
Mr. ian whitney
Jan 4, 2024
Delivery and communications with Tuin have been excellent, The log cabin turned up on time and there were no faults or missing items, It went together swiftly and I am very impressed with the quality, It is a beautiful piece of garden furniture and we are very happy.
Dec 6, 2023
Absolutely superb engineering, excellent quality logs, all arrived well packed. Very helpful customer service and the whole build went together easily. I was most impressed by the mm perfect construction which gave me a simple job to put together.
Mr. Clive Webster
May 6, 2023
Great product great price
Aug 1, 2022
Was very pleased with the quality of the log cabin, good value for money compared to other suppliers. Instructions could be improved and one of the lengths of timber was too long. The biggest disappointment was the delivery which arrived one day earlier than informed and forced me to take a day off work.
Mr. Andrew Pidduck
Jul 15, 2022
I purchased this cabin after undertaking a lot of research and comparing it to other products that are similar on the open marketplace. The cabin was delivered in excellent time and with regular delivery updates. I was immediately very impressed with my choice and Tuin as a company. The cabin itself was very straight forward to construct and the supplied materials were of a very high quality. The cabin is completely watertight and looks stunning. I would highly recommend this cabin and also Tuin, so much so I am looking to buy another cabin from them in the near future.
Andrzej Kot
Jul 13, 2022
Generally good, Delivery good,one long section was faulty,had been machined wrongly.
My only real criticism is that the top log on each of the sides has tounge and groove profile cut in it, meaning that the roof boards don't fit too well. It would be better planed down at the roof angle.
However, the price is good so highly recommended.
Jun 12, 2022
ordered our log cabin, very easy to deal with Tuin, great communication, no problems at all with delivery, well packed , good quality, would highly recommend
Karen Graham
May 31, 2022
I am delighted with the quality of the Lulea log cabin.I was delighted with the service from Tuin from ordering to delivery, the staff were extremely helpful and delivered a 1st class service.I would highly recommend Tuin to anyone looking for a cabin or shed, their prices are fantastic and the quality of cabins are excellent, so much so I am hoping to order another one in the near future.The delivery driver was absolutely amazing and very well equipped. I highly recommend Tuin for your Logcabin, you will not be disappointed.
Andrzej Kot
May 24, 2022
Generally good, Delivery good,one long section was faulty,had been machined wrongly.
My only real criticism is that the top log on each of the sides has tounge and groove profile cut in it, meaning that the roof boards don't fit too well. It would be better planed down at the roof angle.
However, the price is good so highly recommended.
Mr. Luke Atkins
May 7, 2022
Log cabin was delivered on time with a good service. Was easy to put up after a few YouTube videos. The instructions could have been a little clearer. Very happy with the purchase
John Taylor
May 2, 2022
I purchased my cabin 12 months ago and wanted to see how good the product was before leaving a review. Very pleased with all aspects from the quality of timber construction to after sales service, Delivery was perfect and went exactly as described. I went for the shingles and they do make a real difference to the look of the finished product but they do take longer to install compared with a felt. I cannot stress enough that if you take time to read all the information that TUIN provide both the website and the paper instructions not once but twice and watch the videos on U tube the construction will be easy and a enjoyable experience.
Mr. Reece Martin
Apr 27, 2022
Fantastic service from ordering to delivery, the cabin is absolutely brilliant, fantastic quality, it went up in the afternoon with no problems at all, 100% happy with everything, thanks tuin.
Apr 19, 2022
Would I recommend this cabin? Most certainly yes. For the price, I feel I have something of very good quality. Delivery was excellent and pain free. There was very little damage to the wooden parts, only the odd little scrape here and there and no missing parts. In fact they included a spare additional plank, the longest in the kit. I assume this is if there are any breakages, I could have cut my own replacement without needing to wait for one to be shipped. It took me and a helper four days in total to complete, working approx. 8 hours a day. We took our time, and made sure everything we were doing was as good as it could be. If we had rushed, I think two days (for someone who's never built one before) is doable. This is assuming the base is pre-made and does not include painting or fitting out inside. Instructions could have been a lot clearer, there are parts such as the upper gable end roof trims which weren't even mentioned or numbered on the drawings and slight confusion on which way was up on the side window for example. Things like that really slowed us down as we had to keep consulting different videos and guides. I can't really fault the quality, other than the gable ends. I found the purlins sat too low in relation to the gable ends, one or the other had their slots cut too deep. This meant when running the roof boards along the purlins they would have had to step up about 10mm over the gable ends causing humps in the roof and gaps. We had to plane the walls down to match the height of the purlins. A bit of a faff we didn't expect. You will need wood glue for the door frame and also a pack of screws. Would have been a lot nicer if these were just included, considering everything else was. You will have plenty of roofing and clout nails left over, and we had 1 and a bit roofing shingle packs unused. We used some of the packing / pallet beams to run under along the roof behind the facia so we didn't have to nail the facia into the ends of the roofing boards and make things a little more secure for some guttering I will fit at a later date. It was quite difficult working close (0.5m) to a fence, so give yourself plenty of room if you can. I used two trestles set to about facia height for climbing on and off the roof. Easier than trying to balance on a ladder leant up the side, with no risk of damaging the edge of the roof. I also used them inside for putting the roofing boards on, which was easier than sitting on the roof.
Mr. Steven MacDonald
Feb 28, 2022
Absolutely brilliant value for money. Delivery driver was very helpful. My brother is a joiner and has put up the cabin and said it was the best quality and the best he’s ever built . Definitely recommend Tuin as a top quality company
S Hannah
Dec 21, 2021
Spent a while trying to decide which cabin to purchase but finally settled on this one. Was a bit unsure as there was so much information within the Tuin site to read which was a little daunting to be honest and i've built many things over the years, but never a cabin. Placed the order and a week before my planned delivery I had a lovely call from the lady that Tuin use for their deliveries. Driver was absolutely brilliant, called in advance, parked away down the road then used his moffat forklift as a sideloader to drive up the streets and positioned right where I needed. I would say getting the base right was the hardest part. to support the cabin perimeter I went for the base pads for mm perfect levelling to support laminated CLA timbers held together with coach bolts. So much easy than levelling concrete. The cabin walls flew up. It took longer to assemble the framing around the window and slot into position than it did to put the walls together. The instructions for the window weren't very good but we got there. Everything slotted together really well, nice snug fits, great quality logs and I only had a couple of slight twists which straightened out nicely with a G clamp to lever them round and get them into position and locked in. Door hinges were a little tricky so be sure to square the frame. Don't underestimate the time to complete. I spent 9 days doing mine but also built an insulated floor and roof too. I spent ages trying to pick wood treatment and paint as Tuin only let you buy a minimum of two of the same colour. I ordered elsewhere as the phone lines were closed and was waiting days for answers to mails (due to covid affecting their office only). I treated inside and out with 15L of Barretine wood preserver which was two coats, then two coats of Sadolin classic All purpose woodstain (Northern Pike) followed by two coats of Sadolin extra durable woodstain Northern Pike and am really pleased with the quality of these for coverage. I also had the free shingles offer and these were amazing. I also stuck them down around the edges with some bitumen sealant which really does work well to cater for the the Scottish weather!!
Overall, great service, even with covid, from the team at Tuin and their hauliers. Had a wonderful time building the cabin come home office and really chuffed with the end result. The neighbours are envious with their converted sheds! it's great to sit outdoors on the many Zoom calls with the double doors open. Well recommended.
Jack McGarva
Dec 4, 2021
Good sturdy log cabin and easy to build would certainly recommend
Mr. Dee Cooper
Nov 1, 2021
My husband loves this shed easy to build, practical and spacious.
Claire Asendrych
Oct 10, 2021
We built our Lulea cabin in June 2021 and we love it, the cabin looks very pretty, myself and my husband love spending our evening’s and weekends when we can in there, it’s like a little retreat away from home especially since we both work from home. Thank you to Tuin for making the experience from ordering to finishing our project on the whole a fantastic and smooth experience. The communication was great and responses to little hiccups was prompt. The driver who brought the cabin, he was very nice and jolly and spent a few minutes with us chatting before he left. The wealth of information that is on website is fantastic and vast, we learned so much and was a great help in getting prepared for when it arrived. Our advice is to read as much of the information as possible, getting the base correct and level is vital and get your base measurements correct. Watch the videos and you will find some others on YouTube that may be helpful. Doing this before your cabin arrives helps a great deal as we found the instructions difficult to follow. So the preparation work before is essential especially if you are amateurs like we are. A professional would be able to put this up within a couple of days but it took us a week but we also added roof and floor insulation, so that added time on to the build. As recommended we then treated the cabin with two coats of Sadolin ‘Natural’, which is one of Tuins recommended brands. It’s expensive but well worth it. Oh, when unpacking the parts on arrival, do this carefully to avoid any breakages.
My husband did most of the work and who bravely got on top of the cabin to fit the shingles, my hero! The shingles do look great far better than normal shed felt. Hope you enjoy your Lulea cabin just as much as we do if you decide on this one.
Martin Best
Nov 14, 2020
Spent a long time looking for a reasonable priced cabin that tick all the boxes. The lulea cabin is a very well manufactured structure and treated correctly will last a life time. You can build it yourself but it helps to have two people to lift up the roof beams. As per other reviews the instruction are better of in the bin. Do all your homework whilst you are waiting for the delivery. Use the online help and videos and you will not have any problems with the build. I spent many hours researching and it paid of when it came to the build. Before laying any form of flooring make sure it is water tight. I had water ingress under the foundation beams. This was resolved using frame sealent on the outside. I did use a DPM but this still didnt seal it 100% For treatmeant of the wood i used Barrettine Premier Wood Preserver. Gave it 2 coats and then a coat of clear Barrettine Decking Oil, the water just bounces off.
The shuttering i used {100mm} for the concret base was then cleanded up and used as the foundation beams. I already had used slabs underneath and rubble so decided i did not need anything deeper than 100mm.
I could not be more than happy with the cabin and would not hesitant recommending Tuin, they are one of the top suppliers for cabins at a price to suit all.
Mr. Mark carrington
Aug 18, 2020
The service was excellent and the product was as described. only a small comment perhaps the instructions could be a bit clearer particularly with the novice in mind, would buy another product from this company and highly recommend to all.

M Carrington
Jun 13, 2020
Love our Lulea log cabin. The quality is excellent. We were intimidated when we received the wood and watched the video but once we started we were amazed how easy it was.
Mr. Andrew Bowes
Jun 3, 2020
I ordered the Lulea Log cabin after a lot of thinking which one to buy. The service was awesome and the delivery driver deserves a medal getting the 14 foot pallet down my road and on to the drive. The log cabin is awesome and very strong and warm inside, It took about 3 days to build but well worth it. Thank u tuin.
Miss. Kirsty Gray
Feb 2, 2020
Fantastic quality and well worth every penny. Gives us the extra room we need for hobbies and the children to play in
Mr. John Evans
Dec 14, 2019
I wanted to replace my existing old shiplap shed with something more substantial. I was fed up with thin, leaking roofs that needed new felt every few years and warping walls that let in the elements. As a result I decided to go for a log cabin, having seen several at garden centres but been unimpressed by the prices. I therefore spent some time on the internet and eventually came across Tuin’s website. There I found an extensive range of log cabins, very reasonably priced and a wealth of information on how to assemble them and what to look out for. The reviews were all good so Tuin seemed to tick all of the boxes.
Ordering and delivery
I decided to get some advice so called Tuin’s sales team and the lady I spoke to was extremely helpful. I had an idea what size I was looking for, around 10ft by 12ft, and on her recommendation eventually settled on a Lulea which is 3m by 4m, together with the flooring. Ordering online was straightforward and apart from a small hiccup that a phone call soon sorted, quickly received the confirmation for delivery about 5 weeks later. The later delivery was my choice, it could have come much sooner.
In the weeks before delivery I spent the time online trawling through the many pages of instructions, tips and videos. Be sure you do this as it will save you a lot of time later and ensure your construction runs smoothly. I had ordered the tanalised foundation beams so looked at the extensive diagrams to work out what size concrete base I would need. Good edge support is needed for the heavy walls yet still have the edges of the foundation beams overlap the base edge so that water drains away. Remember it is a floating floor so the log cabin is built on the concrete base not on a wooden floor like a normal garden shed. Although only a 4inch thick base was recommended (as a minimum) I went for a 6in thick base reinforced with mesh and a double mesh layer around the edges. I also put a damp course membrane under the concrete. Remember to take care to get the base perfectly level to save problems later.
A few days before delivery I received the invoice and once I’d paid received the delivery instructions taking particular note that the delivery would be on a pallet about 1m by 4.3m and the sort of access that the fork lift would require. We are fortunate enough to have enough space but suspect that many would need to have it left outside their property and would therefore have to unpack it quickly to avoid blocking the pavement. This is not something that will be done in 5 minutes.
I was then given a couple of hours time slot and a telephone number to call on the day for delivery queries. As promised I received a phone call from the driver about an hour before he arrived and then an enormous articulated lorry turned up. Fortunately opposite the drive to our property is a bus stop lay-by so he could park there without blocking the road. Luckily no buses came along that I saw while he was parked! We had cleared the cars from in front of our house so after an initial access inspection the driver quickly unloaded his fork lift, took off our pallet, trundled in and was gone, all in about 15 minutes. Be prepared for rubber wheel marks on your drive, forklifts turn on a sixpence and the wheels will leave marks. The driver told me this beforehand and it’s no problem, they easily come off with a jet wash.
Although I had help I could call on if needed, I had decided to do all of the construction myself including the unpacking. I’m reasonable at DIY, can cut a straight line, drill a hole in the right place and use an electric screwdriver. If you’ve had children and enjoyed Lego then you’re set, little else is needed. Having said that, me being nearly 70 didn’t help. Over the next few days I would ache everywhere, go out and buy some knee pads and sleep like a baby. Anyway it did me good and kept me agile. I was in no hurry and enjoyed it, however another pair of hands would have probably helped complete the task in under half the time as when you are by yourself a lot of time is wasted going up and down a ladder.

As suggested I unpacked, sorted and identified all of the items in the pack before starting construction. This took an hour and a half, there are a lot of parts. Beware the very thin ends on the eves roofing section. It was pointed out in the notes that they snap of easily, they do! In moving it off the pallet I caught one end on the ground and off it came. No problem though, with some wood glue and clamps it was easily mended.
The first thing to do was assembling the bottom beams and then cut and position the foundation beams underneath, not the other way around. This is easier said than done when you are working alone. Cutting them is easy but if you then decide to screw the foundation beams to the bottom beams as recommended you have to get under the beams to drill and screw them. Not easy with a 4m x 3m frame moving arou
Sean C
Nov 29, 2019
I am very pleased with the product and all the supports that I have received from Tuin. in particular my installers, Warren and Stuart were amazing. I would recommend Tuin to anyone in the future.
Margaret Brady
Nov 26, 2019
Delighted with the Lulea cabin. My carpenter declared it very good quality, and said he would use Tuin himself when he needs a garden building. Good value for money and looks lovely.
Mr. Robert Bray
Oct 23, 2019
Delivered as expected. I then booked Philip Osario (recommended by Tuin) to come and erect the cabin. They arrived and in less than six hours the cabin was up and they had gone. Although all the blurb says they are easy to erect ( and it looked fairly easy) you do need to know what you are doing. You need more than just a rubber mallet . An electric saw and a few other bits of kit make the job easy. Philip and Roger do this every day and it was money well spent just getting the cabin up promptly. I am now painting the first coat of Wood preserver to ensure a long life. The cabin ticks all the boxes for us.
Chris Wakefield
Oct 17, 2019
Excellent item, very good communications with Tuin, after the purchase and also during the delivery process.
Very easy and stress free.
Mr. Jimmy Blacknell
Jun 28, 2019
Great little log cabin. Delivery was first rate. We live in a small village and an artic lorry would not get to us but the driver took the fork lift all the way down the lane to deliver to us. Quality is very good and assembly was very straight forward. Was missing a few bits and Tuin sent them out very quickly so no problem. Would definitely recommend!
LauraLee McWhinney
Jun 10, 2019
Fabulous quality, beautiful cabin, arrived a day earlier than planned. Perfectly wrapped package left safely on my driveway. Great company to deal with when I had an ordering query, easy to pay for by cheque.
3 of us managed to build it between 9am and 4pm, very clear instructions, beautifully planed wood, we spent another 2.5 hours the next day fitting the optional, internal floor. I got the roof shingles nailed on myself (5'2" female) over the next couple of evenings following online instructions from Tuin's site.
The door and window seals are midge proof which is essential where we live. Couldn't have asked for better in any way, would recommend 100%.
Mr. Michael Wilson
Apr 1, 2019
After a lot of searching, I finally came across TUIN website and was instantly sold on the idea of buying from them. The delivery was spot on with ash extremely helpful driver. It was an extremely large pallet however after sorting out the various sizes of wood, the build could begin. It went together easily and with no twists, warps or anything horrendous. Once piece of wood for the window had been manufactured up side down!! However after a quick chat on the telephone it was soon sorted, thankfully an extra length had been included in the original consignment which meant the project could continue after a wee bit of jigsaw work. Overall very pleased with my new workshop.
Mrs. Jean Thomas
Mar 2, 2019
Lovely log cabin, took a bit of time to erect, only because of ill health and bad weather.
Cabin now finished, very proud of it.
Mr. Craig Jones
Feb 17, 2019
The lulea log cabin is absolutely fantastic delivery driver arrived at the time he said and very helpful with unloading the cabins instructions are spot on and between 2 of us the cabin was up and water tight by the end of the second day, the instructions for the floor made sence however didn't seem sturdy enough we improvised and adapted. Absolutely over the moon couldn't be happier
Drew Newman
Feb 8, 2019
It took me just three days to erect my cabin, roof, shingles and floor. I was on my own and the process was easy and obvious. The main structure was free from any defects in the wood and of excellent quality. The doors and windows well made - though it helps if you realise there is a top and bottom to the window! - Schoolboy error!

Overall I am very happy with my new cabin and would - and have already + highly recommend it to anyone who will listen.
graham worton
Oct 3, 2018
Excellent service, driver was great, quality materials, i found instructions very easy to follow, had the lulea log cabin 3m x 4m took 2 days for me and my daughter to put together, 5hours the first day and 7 hours the second day, could not be more pleased.
Mr. Ben West
Sep 29, 2018
Really happy with my Lulea shed. I did lots of research before purchasing it and decided to go with Tuin as the price was good for the quality of shed. Delivery was good with a friendly driver and assembly took me and 2 others about a 1.5days.
Few issues with the door frame meaning door wouldn’t shut properly. Part of the frame that held the hinges was not attached straight (out by about 5mm). Really quick fix to rectify and door is now perfect.
Still lots of painting and organising until I have my dream shed, but am over the moon.
Mr. Laurence Parker
Sep 11, 2018
My Lulea log cabin was constructed fairly easily and fit together very well. I had no problems doing this on my own. The only slight problem I had was with the 18mm tongue and groove flooring that was not properly manufacured - many tongues and grooves were not aligned which left small steps in the flooring, however Tuin replaced these and the final result is very good. I would recommend this log cabin to anyone looking for a similar size
Mr. David Willcox
Sep 9, 2018
Excellent product and easy to install I actually managed to assemble it all on my own. I had one problem with a door but this was very quickly resolved with a replacement delivered within a few days that is what I call great customer service.
Jeff Morris
Aug 7, 2018
Great cabin
Ordered and received 3 weeks later as per schedule.
Cabin was easy to erect and loos absolutely lovely, I would highly recommend this company to anyone looking for a new shed / cabin that they want to last. The quality is outstanding .
Mr. Jamie Matthews
Jun 28, 2018
These cabins are so easy to put up I put my cabin out with the help of my two sons age 12 and 15 and I'm a novice when it comes to diy
I found the instructions that came with the cabin a little confusing to follow but there is help on the tuin website. the key is getting the base level and you can easy put 3x4 up in day.The roof tunnel and grove is time consuming but looks great once it's done .
I have recommended tuin to a few friend as delivery was on time, communication is great and the quality is very good
And I found the price to be excellent
jacqueline whalen
Jun 8, 2018
The Lulea log cabin is fantastic. Excellent value for money.
Delivery was very organised and actually arranged to come early. The driver called when he was on his way and was helpful once he arrived, placing the cabin conveniently for us.
It was well packaged and once unwrapped all the pieces were there and well labelled. I honestly couldn't believe how easy it was for my husband and I to assemble, the instruction video was superb, we referred back to it several times during the build. It took us longer to paint it than to build it!
I can't recommend Tuin enough, they were helpful all the way through the process and the finished product excellent quality.
Mr. Jon Woolgar
May 6, 2018
Delivery ....faultless. The cabin arrived when they said it would by truck from Holland with efficient and friendly service from the driver.
The Cabin......fantastic. The quality of the wood is first class. Construction was easy after having read all the excellent information on the Tuin website. Having viewed many other cabins at diferent show sites I believe that the Tuin product better and certainly very good value. We are delighted with the cabin and really enjoyed the DIY process of building it ourselves. We are 100% satisfied and if we had more room in our garden would happily buy another one!
Mrs. Jolanta Sleziene
Nov 30, 2017
Thank you so much, I love my cabin which was in full use the day after the three man brigade had finished the installation and treatment (one coat) in 1 day.
Stuart Gillanders
Nov 27, 2017
Great delivery time and just where I wanted it dropped by forklift. Took two of us a few days but I put 50mm insulation (foam board) in floor and ceiling. Fitted hardwood planks reclaimed from the 2012 Olympic volleyball court. Put tongue and groove boards on ceiling over frame added for insulation. I placed corrugated tin roof on then painted outside. The best paint is clear Demidekk primer then a coat of coloured demidekk ultimate, bombproof for 10 years. I am a trade painter and decorator.
Tom Smith
Nov 15, 2017
I would definitely commend the lulea cabin. I had a couple of issues with the tongue part of the tongue and groove breaking when using a mallet, 1 piece of wood was 3 inches too big and required cutting and the doors are too small for the gap and the door only locks when double locking it. Other than these small issues I am very happy with it, especially considering the price and quick delivery. The cabin is sturdy and solid, it was easy to put together myself with a bit of help with the rafters. I am very thankful for Richards articles too as they have been a massive help with building an insulated wall inside and insulating the roof and floor. Overall I am very Happy!
Jo Kellard
Sep 7, 2017
After doing tons of research on sheds and stumbling across the Tuin website we were thinking the way Tuin were describing their log cabins might be a little too good to be true, however, the log cabin is beyond our expectations! We are over the moon with it, in fact reluctantly putting 'shed' things in it because the quality is so great it's too good to use as a shed. It could easily be another living room! It went together very well, the instructions and plans were very good although putting the doors (and lesser extent window) in place does need logic to work it out and we got there eventually. We bought one of the recommended wood treatment products (can't remember which one as binned the empty tins) and can say it is much better than the cheaper product we bought from B&Q doing treatment coats. Now painted in colour it looks amazing! If we had to buy another 'room' for the garden (can't call it a's too nice) would definitely buy another one of these. Driver was a wonderful guy who even delivered a day early (giving us the option to stick with the original arrangement). Tuin staff were also really helpful with questions about the internal/external base size. Took us 1 day to put up, 1 day for shingles and 4 days treating/painting. Thank you Tuin, an excellent product and service 10/10 :-)
Mr. Paul Dawson
Aug 24, 2017
The whole experience from selection to assembly has been a pleasure. Was a little apprehensive about the delivery but the driver arrived on time and couldn't have been more obliging. Cabin transported 200 metres from drop off point by fork lift with no fuss. Quality of product excellent, fitted together like a dream, fittings good quality. Enjoyed putting it together as the individual pieces were well marked and came with good instructions. Would certainly recommend both Tuin and the cabin,Love it one happy man in shed. Shouldn't call it a shed it's far more!
Mr. Paul Hill
Apr 25, 2017
Cannot express how impressed we all are at the quality of this cabin. The wood is beautiful and cut to perfection. Delivery was great and exactly as described by the website, with our cabin being delivered by a truck that had come over from Holland with another dozen or so to unload.

Unfortunately we don't have any access to our rear garden so we had to unpack and carry every log through one by one, which took about an hour.

The cabin was delivered at about 11am, in the back garden by noon and then fully assembled with the roof boards on by 8pm. The supplied shingles took another day to put on.

The biggest job was coating it in three coats of Sadolin but it was worth it as it looks stunning.

I wouldn't hesitate buying another if I had the room, well don Tuin, 5/5 stars in all aspects of cost, quality, communications.

NB one tip - please take time to read all the installation videos on the website, as they give helpful advice about overcoming problems like twisted logs and putting the shingles on.
Brian Mason
Oct 27, 2016
The first thing i looked at was the price it looked to good to be true . I was wrong . This cabin is well designed build quality is first class .the imformation on the web site is brilliant it made the job of building the cabin easy .The free shingles made a real difference to the look of the cabin I would recomend this firm to anyone
T. Madden
Oct 24, 2016
We started the build in August 2015 and as this was one second build, we were somewhat more relaxed about the whole affair. The day before the build the kit was unpacked sorted and laid out into the various piles The build went very smoothly and it was easy and quick to get some email guidance from Richard to confirm how to finish the door. Day one ended about 2 in the afternoon with the walls up and a well-deserved G&T to enjoy the sunny afternoon. Day 2 saw the roof on and shingles attached and plenty of time to apply more wood preservative. Inside is very spacious with plenty of light from the door windows and the side windows. The cabin is very sturdy and solid and houses my workshop
A few weeks later, we had a ground works team in to sort out paving while we set about staining the cabin. One year on, grass has had time to grow back and the last shot shows the our latest edition with the 2014 build in the background which will used as more of a conventional summerhouse.
Mr. Andy Brown
Oct 13, 2016
Fantastic! These cabins are really superb, the quality is first class and the customer service is 5 star, nothing is too much trouble and the people on the phone are just brilliant, forget the rest these Tuin cabins really are the best.
Ms. Lynn Harris
Aug 5, 2016
The whole experience of buying our cabin from Tuin has been fantastic from ordering to delivery and erection. We were concerned that delivery may be a problem as we live on a narrow lane in a town with weight restriction. This was not a problem for the driver and he kept us updated on delivery time. We were amazed that our cabin came all the way from the Netherlands and was delivered exactly on time. Great job delivery driver who was courteous and cheerful. The joiner who erected our cabin was very complimentary on the quality and value. We are delighted with the cabin and have received many compliments from friends and neighbours. We would not hesitate to recommend Tuin and are now thinking of buying a second cabin. Thank you so much.
Mr. ian whitney
Jul 10, 2016
great Log cabin, highly recommended, The staff at Tuin have been very professional too,
Jul 5, 2016
Well built shed and great value when compared to the standard UK sheds!
I would recommend
Ronald Patrick Adams
Jun 2, 2016
Didn't have much choice of cabin due to the restricted sizes had to adhere to. Builder made the base 100% level and assembling the cabin didn't take any effort at all. Everybody was very impressed with the easy of installation.
Instructions were clear and I reported one broken corner on the apex, but the support staff pointed me to their blog where instructions were clear this wouldn't affect the build and even the cosmetics because of the way everything assembles. They were right ! Nobody notices :-) and the cabin is still standing and will stay up for a long time. Rock solid.
I used the composite foundation beams and they are truly amazing. No more worries of rain and water for me :-)

Recommended company to by from.
Thank you.
Apr 11, 2016
Very nice cabin and thoroughly enjoyable experience buying from Tuin.

Right after I placed my order, the Tuin team were very helpful with answering all my questions (I had my emails replied within 5 minutes on Sunday evening).

After the order was finalised, they passed my details to the hauler who contacted me straight away to agree the delivery date.

Delivery was right on time and the driver was very professional and helpful. He managed to steer his huge lorry right to my house and then offloaded the cabin using the fork lift onto my driveway right where I wanted it.

Cabin was thoroughly packaged, no parts were missing or damaged.

Assembling was surprising easy. It took me a day to adjust my timber base (was a bit out of square) , build the walls and put the roof beams in place. Another Saturday and I had my roof boards and shingles in place.

Most logs where straight and true and those that were bowed a bit were easy to correct using come clamps and rubber mallet. None of them had any finger joints.

Very happy and will recommend this company to everyone who wants a cabin.

Mr. tony whyte
Apr 3, 2016
Delivered without issue and on time. What I also like is the providing of spares/extras. Good quality product and erected it all in one day on my own.
Miss. Joan Macleod
Mar 31, 2016
Delighted with the cabin, As we are on the Isle of Harris in the Western Isles we did not think we would be able to buy this cabin, Tuin staff very helpful in getting cabin delivered to our courier in Inverness who transported it home for us, I cannot wait to get it kitted out inside to use as my workspace for my small business Island Stitches. Thank you.
Dr. Andrew Schofield
Mar 26, 2016
I'm really impressed with this log cabin and Tuin as a company. Looking for a building to use as a workshop I deliberated for some time between this and a sturdy shed. It turns out a sturdy shed would have cost as much if not more and I fancied the challenge of a new building method and liked the look of this cabin with its extended roof. The instructions supplied are a bit minimal but Richard’s blog provides good advice and do watch the videos. Assembly is actually pretty straight forward anyway. It took about half a day to build the main frame with just help only at the high parts. The roof and shingles took just over a day working alone but with someone passing the shingles up to me. They supply plenty of nails (for the roof you don’t need them for the walls), plenty of shingles spare roof boards and even a spare log. After sales service is excellent; Richard and Ben are really helpful via e-mail.
Mr. ronald berry
Mar 10, 2016
Excellent product, much better quality than what I thought.
Not too hard to erect with some guidance with the online video as instructions enclosed not very good .
Overall very pleased with my log cabin
Mr. Nick Jones
Mar 4, 2016
I am very pleased with the log cabin so far, although it is not quite finished yet. The ordering process was slick & the delivery was made exactly when requested. The delivery driver was excellent even though he had to park on a main road with the added complication of temporary traffic lights right outside the house.

The package was complete on the pallet and took a couple of hours to unpack & sort. Most of the pieces had numbered labels, though all the 8's were labelled as 7's which was slightly confusing.

Construction proved to be exactly as described on the website - the supplied manual was a bit too brief. Definitely read all the guidance before you start building & don't be daunted by the big pile of pieces - it all works out in the end! Squaring the base is key.

Mildly annoying was the use of torx headed screws for the door frame (which you have to screw together yourself), but I did manage to borrow the right bit from a friend - Phillips screws would have been more user friendly!

Total build time for the frame was about 6 hours, the roof boards took another 6 & the roof shingles took a day - but they look great & well worth the effort.

Materials quality is excellent and all the pieces lined up perfectly. The centre roof beam was slightly warped which made attaching the roof boards in a straight line a bit of a challenge.

Technical help from Tuin UK was excellent. I called 3 times (once before ordering & twice with build queries) and answers were always forthcoming. They even managed to supply some new roof trims as the ones supplied were a mixture of lengths & looked odd (phoned on Friday - delivered the next Tuesday).

Currently undertaking the treatment process - all the fascia's & trims on both sides before fixing them on & that's probably the most time consuming thing of all.
Mr. Paul Smith
Feb 24, 2016
In a word, brilliant. The delivery was positioned with thought however we had our doubts as where all the components were there!! They were. Amazing product and will recommend your products to anyone.
Mr. Ken Hodgson
Dec 11, 2015
Very pleased with the service and quality of product. The technical assistance was very good and the after sales service excellent.

Highly recommend without question.
Mr. Colin Kelly
Nov 24, 2015
Very pleased with Lulea 3x4 log cabin. Although I am a carpenter and could have installed it myself I was unable to due to a fractured shoulder, my son and grandson offered to help and in five hours they erected it leaving just the shingle roof left to do. All I had to do was supervise! The plans were easy to
follow and the quality of the wood is excellent. I would definitely recommend this company to anyone thinking of purchasing one
Nov 20, 2015
Very well prepared timber requiring no additional cutting, smothing, sanding or forcing during construction. Assembly was simple and quick taking two easy days for just myself. Lots of confidence in the product so am ordering another.
Patricia Magrath
Oct 22, 2015
Love our new cabin. The quality is excellent for the price I paid. The biggest problem I had was finding someone to build the cabin as the place where it was going to sit had a slope. The site was also monoblocked, Living in central Scotland didn't help as.the fitters I had phone numbers for lived down in Manchester and the top of Scotland. I contacted a landscaper named Brian who had done some work for me previously. The cabin sits on decking and feels so sturdy, Brian and Scott did a brilliant job. So if like me you live in the central belt of Scotland and need your cabin built I will leave details with the Tuin team. I'm so pleased I went with Tuin for my cabin, everything went smoothly from the delivery to the build. The quality speaks for itself.
Mr. Kevin Cornell
May 20, 2015
Despite the cabin arriving with straight cuts rather than angled corners Tuin arranged for a carpenter to rectify the issue. I'm very glad they did as cosmetically the cabin looks far better which has been commented on by any guest whose visited. Overall, aside from the odd length of wood with an imperfection I'm very pleased with the end result!
Mr. Peter Walton
Apr 23, 2015
excellent service and excellent product. Precision made for a great fit. If you do have the odd problem, Tuin are very helpful and quick to sort it out. Highly recommended
Mr. Colin Copeman
Mar 13, 2015
I purchased a Lulea Log Cabin from Tuin in January. The ordering and delivery process was very smooth and the cabin was delivered within the stated period and at the agreed delivery time. The delivery driver was also very helpful.
I installed the cabin with ease on a Saturday in January (partly in the rain) with the help of my son-in law and fitted the roof shingles the following day on my own. The timber floor took a further half day.
The installation was very easy (after studying the web instructions), all parts were present and we thoroughly enjoyed putting it together. The quality of the cabin and all parts provided e.g locks, window fittings etc is excellent and, based on my experience, I would certainly recommend this product and also self installation. Thank you Tuin for a great product and your professionalism.
Rob James
Mar 10, 2015
The good:
Delivery driver and pre-sales communication excellent! Dead easy to erect on a level concrete base with the tanalised bearers. It's sturdy and good value.
The not so good:
The shingles are much more of a challenge than the build and took a lot longer.
Good value for money.
Mrs. Kathryn Robertson
Feb 16, 2015
A little essay on the wonderful experience of purchasing a Lulea log cabin.Ordering was so easy,then the cabin was delivered on time in perfect condition.Then the fitter arrived just like clockwork to install my cabin, now named The Woody.They were first class and well worth using.The Lulea Cabin and the quality is second to none,more than enough shingles and spare wood too.I dont know how Tuin do it for the money.The finish is first class.I like lovely things and this cabin just oozes quality.Once you have dealt with Tuin,I guarantee you will be totally satisfied.Richard is a fountain of knowledge and goes out of his way to help and even phone out of office hours to talk through any queries.Thank you Richard and your team for being a five star service and Company. Oh and I have just purchased the Max Release Treatment as I have shopped around and I feel this will be by far the best treatment for Woody.
Steve Robson
Jan 27, 2015
Excellent quality cabin. Good value. Would recommend to others. First class!
carla galinsky
Jan 20, 2015
I have bought the Lulea log cabin last year and have been very happy with my purchase. The service was excellent and the delivery outstanding. I would pass this company on with flying colours. Thank you
Mr. Calum Scott
Dec 16, 2014
Looked around at various internet sellers and in person at a local log cabin supplier. I found the product i was looking for at Tuin to be a fair bit cheaper. The product was delivered on the day planned and i received a call in advance from the delivery driver arranging the delivery. The quality of cabin supplied looks very impressive although the build will need to wait until the spring(I purchased in December as there was an offer for free shingles saving over £300). The staff at Tuin have been very helpful with all queries- highly recommended.
Mr. Simon Hall
Dec 12, 2014
I believe these are the best products on the market for the price. The delivery times are good and realistic and the wood used is as good as you can expect. I am still unsure if its pine or spruce. - I am no expert in wood.
I am totally happy with this product, but watch out for these things;
The instructions are utterly hopeless, but this is addressed by their video and web pages. –Watch them while you await a delivery.
Identify EVERY bit of wood when you open the pack. Make sure you know what every bit does. I didn’t and assumed some of the wood was just “packing” and almost threw it away! –this lead to a mistake in my build.
Get your base 100% flat. Over 3 meters no more than 1 centimetre run out. Much more than this and you are in to shims
Expect that some tongues will be snapped or on a knot or will take extra care to fit. Even with a rubber mallet care is needed banging them in.
I was slightly disappointed to see a couple of joins in the wood, so a 4 meter plank had 2 joins as manufactured. This is not ideal.

I am a competent DIY'er and I like to think of average intelligence. I think 4 stars fairly represents this product. Clearer instruction's, no spliced joins and more options for windows and doors etc would have made for 5 stars.
I do recommend this product. I would buy another.
Mr. david satterthwaite
Oct 9, 2014
fairly easy to assemble despite brief instructions. not quite finished yet, but very happy so far.
ken Mulley
Jul 24, 2014
I ordered a Lulea cabin 3 metre by 4 metre from Tuin,
From the very beginning both Karen and Richard were very helpful and guided me through the process of ordering and installation
While we had a minor problem caused by the carrier however,
Karen at Tuin immediatly resolved the issue above and beyond my satisfaction.
The cabin quality is excellent as is Tuins service level, I had the Cabin installed by Len Miles who is one of Tuins approved installers.. The installation went like clockwork with courtessy and a smile all the way through.
I have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending Tuin to anybody.. whats more theyre very competative..! which proves that competaive prices and service can really go hand in hand.. Thanks Karen Thanks Richard and, Thanks Len
mr hickman
Jun 17, 2014
All positve here, firstly delivered within the agreed 2 week period, easy to assemble, amazed by accuracy of wood dimensions and slotting grooves. excellent communication throughout and quality of wood has been admired by many others who also stop by to see the new log cabin, really impressed and already considering other products from
May 13, 2014
i recently purchased the lulea I'm extremely happy with it, Karen was excellent to deal with super efficient and very helpful. no complaints at all the shingles finish off the cabin.. very happy
Apr 17, 2014
It's not just the product but also the vendor that is of concern with quality. Karen has been great, the driver, Steve was excellent and Richard has replied very quickly to my comments. The only other company I considered seriously was ****** ***** and there was sufficient negative feedback to put me off. Plus they don't offer pressure preserving. As many others have said, the instructions could be more comprehensive for self-builders. I'm a part time technical author so this is not an unqualified view. In particular I missed detailed instructions about how you determine the correct lengths for the profiled foundation beams. Easy enough for me using a full log in the front on top of the half logs either side of the door opening but I'm sure it would have some people struggling.
Mr. Gary Whitfield
Dec 9, 2013
Excellent quality cabin ,, timber nice and thick should last for ever love the shingles really sets off the was superb fast too and no hassles what so ever ...will send some pics in soon I would def buy again and recommend to anyone at this
Dec 2, 2013
Very efficient delivery, overall very pleased with the cabin and service I received.