Lukas Log Cabin 4.5m x 3.0m - 34mm Logs with Shed

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Mr. roland koci
Mar 3, 2024
I am very happy with my summer house, very good delivery, five star all way
Mr. Jay McKinlay
Feb 12, 2024
Excellent design easy to erect except one piece over the side window was missing but as extra timber had been supplied I was able to cut a piece to length single door frame was split but being a carpenter to trade it was easy to fix and not worth troubling you small problems seeing the amount of timber supplied floor timber could be better as can only be laid one way because wood is rough on one side with knots and sap but overall excellent product and value for money I was happy to recommend your customer service and products. I have painted it grey and white neighbours impressed and two will be putting in orders in the new year sincerely mr jay mckinlay
Mr. Peter Herd
Apr 22, 2023
It can be a bit of a minefield finding a quality log cabin & fortunately l chose Tuin . The whole process was simple , professional , the product was very good value & most importantly the Mrs is over the moon . Delivery was spot on & was kept informed , l built my own concrete base 100% level , dug out a path at same time . I also adapted cabin slightly to keep it under 8ft at a ridge so missed a whole top level of timbers , had electrics put on ive cut a doorway in to split shed side & put a saniflow loo in , will put a stud wall up to separate . The whole cabin was simple to build & POSs for one man so yes over all extremely impressed with quality , joints , windows & doors , l also layed kingspan insulation 50mm , floors going down at this very moment
Mr. Peter Herd
Apr 10, 2023
It can be a bit of a minefield finding a quality log cabin & fortunately l chose Tuin . The whole process was simple , professional , the product was very good value & most importantly the Mrs is over the moon . Delivery was spot on & was kept informed , l built my own concrete base 100% level , dug out a path at same time . I also adapted cabin slightly to keep it under 8ft at a ridge so missed a whole top level of timbers , had electrics put on ive cut a doorway in to split shed side & put a saniflow loo in , will put a stud wall up to separate . The whole cabin was simple to build & POSs for one man so yes over all extremely impressed with quality , joints , windows & doors , l also layed kingspan insulation 50mm , floors going down at this very moment
Christine Paton
Feb 26, 2023
Very pleased with recent purchase of Lukas log cabin with adjoining shed. Purchased online without having seen product. Good quality and service!
Mr. Alan Downie
Feb 2, 2023
After looking at many cabins I decided to spend the extra money to get a good quality cabin, I have not regretted that decision, cabin was delivered swiftly within two weeks, I set the parts out and started building within a few hours I was halfway through the walls, the logs went together perfect.
I had one log in the whole cabin with a slight warp but nothing to cause any issue, ha the window in upside down for a start, instruction wasn’t so detailed on the window and doors but easy to figure out if I had looked at the way the hinges were
I would recommend Tuin to anyone 5 stars
Mr. Adam Cairns
Jan 9, 2023
We purchased the Lima’s log cabin and myself and Dad put it up in a weekend (it took us 6 hours to level the floor with slivers as well).

The cabins will take an element of DIY skill and I wouldn’t say it’s for everyone but we were fine.

From order to now Tuin have been almost faultless and have advised very well on where we may encounter difficulties.

My advice to anyone buying is that the extra bit of money is totally worth it for the quality of the product. Read all of the blogs then read them again. You will encounter problems but the finished product is so good it’s all worth it.

Tuin made one mistake where they sent the wrong colour wood stain, they immediately apologised and sent new ones out free of charge and told me to keep the others. You can’t say fairer than that.
Mr. John Kenyon
Dec 10, 2022
Having bought cheap and bought twice previously with sheds from other suppliers I thought I'd invest a bit more. The result is a cabin that is rock-solid and of excellent quality. Fairly straightforward to put up. Lots of help online. The manual which came with the pack was okay - could have done with one or two finer details explained and it was sometimes tricky to identify which piece of wood was which - but overall, pretty good.
I'd highly recommend this cabin. Looks good and will last....
Miss. Sue Abbotts
Oct 20, 2022
Four of us built this cabin in a day . Starting around 8.30 finishing at 4 . I fitted the shingles the following day . I LOVE OUR CABIN .
The two friends that helped were so impressed with the price and quality of this cabin that they are now planning to buy one themselves .
I would encourage anybody to build there own cabin as it’s great fun and you get a real sense of achievement.
Thank you Tuin from a very happy customer .
Aug 6, 2022
Fantastic service to date all questions answered very promptly and some great advice. Cant wait to assemble the cabin. Will let you know how it goes.
Matthew Humphrey
Jul 12, 2022
Excellent experience from Tuin bought online at a fantastic price and delivered with no problems. Recommended to friends,family and neighbours very impressed with the quality and easy assemble.
I spent time on using wood treatment and three coats of silkens stain in light oak to finish which took time to do but will be worth it in the long run.
Well done to Tuin Team.
Steve smith
May 16, 2022
Good sized cabin, bought last may 2021, instructions o.k. and followable but could be better, would be better if all pieces where coded with a letter both on plan and on product as you have figure out by measuring yourself to figure out. Bought with a single glazed double windows, which I have problems with leaks, which I have had to adapt with various seals to prevent leaks. Perhaps should have bought double glazed unit. Good cabin very pleased apart from leaking windows.
Tuin reply: Thank you for your feedback and am pleased that overall it went well apart from some confusion with regards to the windows. Im glad the advice we offered allowed to you stop the problem.

Sealing the outside of the glass with silicone is sometimes required although in some cases simply treating the wood up to where the glass starts is enough

Please enjoy your building
Amanda Duncombe
Apr 12, 2022
We're really pleased with the quality of our new log cabin. It's been hard work installing it (and it's still in progress!) but it looks lovely. Whenever we had any queries before purchase Tuin were really helpful. The pallet was delivered on time as promised and the insulation kit (supplied by a separate company) was delivered the following day, so everything was ready to begin work at the weekend.
We read all the reviews beforehand and watched the installation videos. One of the tips we picked up was spending some time laying out out all the pieces when you unpack the pallet and this was well worth doing. (We'd bought a big tarpaulin to cover the pallet when delivered and also put this to good use for laying out the pieces).
The main build took just over 2 days, installing the roof boards most of a day, and the roof insulation and shingles another day. The roof boards may have taken longer as we opted to use screws (not supplied) instead of nails. We still have the floor to do and also the painting. (Kind of wishing we'd looked into the options for factory treated wood as that's going to be a big job!)
We haven't yet decided whether to install the cross pieces on the windows or leave them plain glass as they are on delivery and in the website pictures.
All in all would definitely recommend this cabin, and Tuin as a company. Just be prepared that installing it isn't a quick weekend job. We'd allowed 4 days but it wasn't quite long enough for our particular installation.
Mr. John Roan
Jan 20, 2022
To be honest I was a slightly dreading having to build the Lukas log cabin before it arrived as I’m no handyman or builder.
The blogs really helped put me at ease though as they are very thorough and clear. I had the base all set up waiting for the day of arrival and as per email I was contacted by the driver around 30 minutes before he turned up and I explained to him the nearest place he could park to unload as my house is in a very narrow road. 45 minutes later the entire kit is sitting in my driveway. So a cup of coffee later and after a quick check of the items delivered me and my friend got started with the build, by lunchtime walls were up and squared up and by the end of the day roof and doors on by the end of day 2 fully watertight and floor started. I would like to say that I had it finished that week but too be honest I keep adding or altering things. I must admit that it is probably the best thing I’ve bought and the quality of build compared to a few of my friends cabins is night and day so 5 stars all round for quality, price, build ease, instructions and even customer care when I needed to replace a pane of glass.
Quality rises to the top Tuin
Jo Russell
Dec 12, 2021
I am really happy with this cabin - it looks good and the wood smells wonderful! Construction was fairly straightforward once we had sorted the logs into types, although we did have one or two glitches. We had to contact the out of hours team with a couple of queries, but the response was really helpful and mostly very fast. It made me wonder why TUIN didn't include clearer and fuller instructions with the kit as this would have been less frustrating and quicker!
The delivery was super easy to arrange and went without a hitch. TUIN were an easy company to deal with, fair in all their dealings and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them. However, I am fast discovering that the cost of the cabin is only the beginning...!
Mr. Barry Allan
Oct 10, 2021
Delighted with this purchase. Delivery made with minimal fuss considering I live on an offshore island. Very simple to build and went up very quickly by myself in a few days. Instructions were clear and easy to follow. The cabin is very strong once built and I thoroughly enjoyed building it, great project.
Bob Noble
Jul 1, 2021
Very good product, delivered on time and favourably priced. As a proficient handyman some of the instructions were not always clear and required further research. Very satisfied overall.
christopher hague
Jan 13, 2021
There is limited access to my property. The delivery driver worked out the best option and without any fuss dropped the unit off in my driveway. What a star.
The building was easy to assemble and went up without a problem. I found it very useful to identify the various pieces for door surrounds etc. by measuring and counting, then writing their identification number on the end of each one. The extra back log was a little confusing.
I am now at the stage of fitting the shingles but it looks straight forward.
Overall an excellent product which not only is exstremely useful but adds to the general appearance of a property. I would not hesitate in recommending it to anyone who wants such an item.
Chris Hague
Jul 13, 2020
I started the Lucas log cabin at the beginning of the lock down and was pleased i had really good weather i did it on my on my own at my own pace and it took a few weeks from start to completion I had loads of digging out before i could lay the base for it ,once I started it was pretty straight forward building it which I enjoyed there was only one twisted board end so g clapped it overnight and that solved the problem ,I am really pleased with quality and design of the cabin it took a few months of research before I went ahead and placed the order after reading some brilliant reviews and can now see what they mean I have just finished laying the patio around it and are now just waiting for the furniture to complete the inside this is taking a lot longer to come due to the factory been closed down but once we get that in cant wait to start using it.Also the delivery driver was very friendly and helpfull all in all would highly recomend Tuin Cabins
Mr. stanley walker
Mar 10, 2020
Firstly I'd like to say how efficient the drive was delivering, putting it exactly where I wanted it, the build went up like Lego perfect. Well made and good quality. The diagram helped and was easy to understand.Roof and shingles worked out very well with spares left over. However the cylinder lock on the doors were not as easy to assemble, the screw holding it in place was not lined up correctly, making it difficult to alien. Otherwise a fantastic cabin, we love it, pride of place, we are well pleased. Well done Tuin.
Mr. John Sharpe
Feb 5, 2020
**BEST I’VE SEEN** and I’ve seen and researched a lot. From the very start to fitting the last piece every was 100% Tuin staff, delivery, product and even answering emails out of hours all were amazing.
As they say if your thinking about getting a cabin ensure you have a level base. I made sure my concrete base was level and in 1 day my wife and I had it built and the next day I put the shingle roof on, 2 days total and it was so rewarding to see an amazing structure in my garden. What a man cave I have.
Alan Iles
Feb 3, 2020
Lovely cabin, very enjoyable to build (like expensive lego for grown ups). The actual cabin went up very quickly, 2 beginners approx 2 full days. It's then taken another 3 days for me on my own to apply two coats of oil/stain and put in the flooring. Very happy with the end result.
Dean Johnson
Jan 15, 2020
Excellent. Delivered on time by very helpful driver. Fairly easy to assemble. Looks good and gives us extra space.
Mr. Ray Cull
Sep 26, 2019
Really good service. It took longer for us to assemble as we chose to paint each piece of wood with light oak preservative before assembling. Delivery was easy although a day earlier than originally requested. Some of the wood was split but there was additional pieces so that you could select the best wood when assembling. It took a bit of time to work out what bit was for what as when you opened the pack it was mixed to make the packaging more streamline but we got there eventually and we are very pleased with the quality and the result. Well worth the money.
gabriel mazilu
Jul 29, 2019
Very happy with my Lukas cabin/shed.
I was concerned about it being difficult to put together but when I started to open the pack and sort the bits, I realised was not too hard.
The instructions are understandable and I did not make any mistake reading them.
Well done for a good price and great quality cabin.
Colin Burke
Jul 25, 2019
The Lukas log cabin is brilliant. The quality of the materials supplied was first rate. I opted to build the cabin myself which was very straight forward from start to finish. The email support from the Tuin team was excellent and within the hour for the couple of enquiries I had during the build. Well done, and keep up the good work!
Jeff Blunsdon
Jun 11, 2019
We originally planned to get a large shed, but on investigation concluded that a cabin would serve us better.

The Tuin website is clear and easy to understand and made the process of looking through the different models and ordering an easy one. The free shingles offer is totally worthwhile and makes the cabin look superb. I opted for the profiled tanalised foundation beams and they set the cabin off nicely.

Delivery was painless, with good communications and a very friendly delivery driver who unload the cabin in less than 10 minutes.

All the wood is first class, it is cut to very good tolerances and fitted together beautifully. It really was as simple as putting together a 3D jigsaw.

The shingle fitting takes a while but is worth doing it properly as the look of the cabin is 100 times better than simple roofing felt.

The flooring went down a treat.

Overall this cabin has not disappointed in any way.

5* service and a 5* product.
David Cowley
May 31, 2019
Amazing support from start to finish! Super pleased with the Lukas Cabin - quality is excellent and the 34 mm walls make it a nice solid building! If you want a decent log cabin that looks the part you wont find better value for money than Tuin!
Eva Galvelo
May 14, 2019
I’m really pleased with the purchase I made. Deliveref on time and have straightforward intructions as well as support available from the company anytime. Very good size and the storage is very useful.
Mr. Roger Anderson
Apr 19, 2019
Im very happy with my Lukas Log Cabin .
Tuin are a fantastic company to deal with ,
Very quick and efficient delivery .
The quality of the cabin is first class , and installation was quick and easy .
Happy customer !
Mr. Gair
Apr 16, 2019
Fantastic service from the moment I start to consider to buy a cabin. All question helpfully and quickly answered. Placing the order could not have been easier.
Delivery on time and driver very helpful and friendly. Have now built the cabin after the snow had melted. It was so easy and went together very well.
Took a couple of days to get it finished just need to paint it then sit back and enjoy the fruits of my labour. Very good quality product and service. I would highly recommend anyone wanting to get a log cabin to consider Tuin.
Thank you to all at Tuin
Mr. Derek Moir
Jan 28, 2019
I was impressed with the service and delivery when the cabin was delivered we had to carry all the items by hand as no room for fork lift with joiner friend we built the cabin in 3 days then spent another couple of days putting final touches to cabin and very happy with results
Josh fenton
Jan 23, 2019
Fantastic service friendly staff cabin was here on time delivery guys wear grate overall 5 *****
Mr. Tim Allen
Jan 15, 2019
Honestly? Tuin have been absolutely brilliant. I'm based in the North West Highlands, but delivery was fuss free and early just before Christmas with a really helpful driver - then the battle was on to get the thing erected in daylight (Sunrise at 9 sunset at 3.30 in the winter!) and a couple of us popped it up in literally 3 hours (Excluding the shingles) Couldn't be happier - and there will be photos to follow once I've painted it and done all my signs as this will be the booking office for boat trips in Gairloch.
If you are unsure - don't be. Great buy and great people.
Mr. Tony Allen
Jan 4, 2019
Excellent, high quality product that was easy to assemble with the aid of the plans sent with the log cabin and the video guides on the Tuin web site. The few remaining uncertainties were competently answered by the very rapid telephone responses by the Tuin support team. Thank you to all the Tuin team involved in the making, buying, delivery and installation support of this excellent log cabin. It was an enjoyable experience and we are very pleased with the final result.
Graham Farnfield
Nov 26, 2018
From the moment of ordering online to the final part of construction I could not have wished for a smoother experience. Delivery was as promised , fast offloading and friendly driver. As a product the cabin is excellent quality timber and was assembled with out any complications by three people inside a day, the roof shingles were added the next day. Many thanks Tuin .
Mr. Ian Vincent
Oct 10, 2018
My wife and I have recently moved to a new house and as an alternative to the larger double garage at our previous address I opted to build a shed in the garden. I selected Tuin after researching on the internet and was not disappointed, my son and I built our shed in two days including laying the shingles on the roof. Another day saw the insulated floor installed and another couple of days to paint it.

Everything went according to plan from the delivery when I asked for it and placed where I requested even though I couldn't actually be on site to the build which really was child's play.

I can thoroughly recommend Tuin as a company to deal with and my only slight quibble would be the amount of spare timber included with the shed which must in the long term have an adverse impact on cost, although having said that I thought the Lucas represented extremely good value for money.
B Hull
Sep 22, 2018
I was very pleased with the delivery and of the build quality of the Lukas cabin - went together well with no missing bits. It is also fair to say that I did regret my choice of cabin. I was really keen to get a combined storage /cabin so there was a limited choice in this size. Because of the rather sharp angles of the roof , inside the cabin it feels smaller than it need given its footprint . Obvious now but so difficult to visualise when choosing on the net. If I was purchasing again I would probably choose the flat roofed Helge . Also I would not go for the floorboards - which do look fantastic. It took my builder more time to fit these than large sheets of plywood ( also cheaper) which would have worked as I am covering with lino / carpet ( which Tuin do mention in their blog which I read too late!). I would also buy the guttering - I didn't at the time of purchase so had to rush to the DIY store so they could be fitted - however the downpipes are 'dangling' while I think of a fix due to not being able to affix to the walls because of the roof overhang .
Mrs. vladiana maris
Sep 16, 2018
this is the second time we buy a log cabin from tuin in 8 years, and they never disappoint. very easy process, quick delivery and the cabin is well made and quite straightforward to put together. they even sent free shingles for the roof, which were of a good quality. very pleased, would recommend without hesitation
Ms Debbie Ruddock
Aug 12, 2018
Really good product and would definitely recommend. The cabin has been very well designed and is of great quality. We very much enjoyed building ourselves with the help of some friends. My only criticism is that the instructions weren't detailed enough. They just show all the different aspects of the cabin, but not the sequence of build. Although most of it is obvious, without the details you can make a few mistakes along the way, for example with the door threshold. Also there was no detail in the instructions on the adjustments needed to erect the Lukas cabin in mirror image, which we were doing. It would have been helpful if an extra page could be added showing the adjustments.
Also I wish they could email you the instructions before delivery so you could have it all clear before arrival of the cabin. As they only include one set of instructions that you can only get to once you have unpacked most of the logs, you don't have enough time to study in detail when you have loads of friends waiting around to start the build.
It took us one day to get all the walls up and the next day to finish the roof. Very pleased with the end result and the cabin looks great in our garden. My compliments to Tuin for designing a great product.
Tuin reply: Thank you for your review, we highlight the installation advice page on your order confirmation page and also on each product page to help you prepare for what to expect during the build. We can of course also send out the plans via email on request.

We're really pleased to hear you're enjoying your building now you have erected it.

Mr. Martin Davis
Aug 2, 2018
The whole experience from the advice when ordering (I didn’t actually know what I wanted!) through the effortless delivery by the extremely helpful and professional driver through to the assembly (I only needed help lifting the purlings). I have advised everyone I speak to not to get a conventional shed, but to get one of these instead ~ I’ve even offered to help build it as I enjoyed doing mine! Exceeded my expectations:-)
Mr. Ken Carey
Jul 15, 2018
Fantastic service from Tuin largest truck ever in the village of Hightae with its wee country roads bit driver managed to get it to the gate on his forklift with its load which was as wide as our street. Lovely shed all the neighbours admire it. Great size and super design.
Tom Firmin
Jan 29, 2018
Delivery driver very helpful putting pallet on the driveway. Thought would give people a timing guide :
1) Opening pallet and moving wood to back garden 800kg of wood took 2 hours
2) Foundation beams very easy to lay on top of base 1 hour
3) Building main structure including roof panels - 9 hours mainly on my own. Definitely need decent mallet to knock logs in place and don't worry about warped ones as they will sort themselves out eventually with all the weight. Main nerves are putting doors on and to my pleasant surprise they were fine having checked and checked cabin was square and level. I left window and door frame until pretty late as can take out edge off window and place in late in the build and reattach outer frame. All logs slotted in, some more difficult than others
4) Roof shingles pretty painfully boring but two people completed in 5 hours
5) Wood treatment 3 hours

Still remaining is flooring to do this weekend but should be easy. Great product and glad I did it all, pretty satisfying when done !

Tuin videos and support is great pl
Mr. Richard Morrison
Jan 27, 2018
From a recommendation from a neighbour to finishing off the final touches to the log cabin I can honestly say that this was not only worth the money we paid for it but enjoyed every aspect of the build. Ordering was easy and the delivery was spot on (you know that those guys know what they're doing when they check the access beforehand and place the package on your doorstep - literally). Worth putting the time and effort into a solid base which paid off when every log fitted perfectly. The how to build video is a must and showed the easiest way from setting out to where the nails go for the roofing. Just need to bring the rest of the garden up to scratch to match!
Mr. Les Burnett
Nov 9, 2017
Very, very impressed. My “package” was delivered bang on time and in excellent condition. I checked the contents and found everything in place. Sorted logs into respective piles and made the base and levelled it, which was a cinch using the adjustable base pads. The cabin then came together very quickly with the help of my 14 year old son. Took 4 days at around 7 hours a day. The finished article is a beauty to behold. I would highly recommend Tuin for the quality and service they have provided.
Ms. Sarah Hamlyn
Oct 18, 2017
We are over the moon with our new Lukas shed. it was put up by our builder who had not done one of these before and he found everything from the quality of the materials to the build information and support to be excellent.
It was very helpful to be advised to take the time to ensure the foundations were squared and level on all planes as this resulted in a quick and trouble free build.
If you are hesitating, don't - this shed is excellent quality and value.
Mr. Steve Harrod
Oct 13, 2017
Very very pleased with the cabin. Excellent service all round. We struggled a little with the assembly, a couple of mistakes made, but laughed them off in the end! Preserved, painted and guttering done on the outside, now the inside. Will email Tuin photo story once completed.
Would highly recommend this cabin, don't hesitate to order, the sooner you do the sooner it'll be yours.
Mr Dave Barron
Sep 22, 2017
Excellent product and first class customer service. A fully deserved 5 stars from a very happy customer. The Tuin staff are very knowledgeable and extremely helpful from the sales desk through to the delivery driver. The quality of the cabin is superb and assembly was very easy. The material lists and instructions were clear and the online blogs and videos very helpful. I would highly recommend Tuin.
Mr. Kleis de Jong
Aug 7, 2017
I recieved the Lucas log cabin. Assembly instructions were great and easy to read. Actual assembly was straight forward and could be a one man job. The quality of the unit is excellent and would recommend any one of the products in the range. I would also give 10/10 to the sales team for there advice and knowledge on all there products. Very happy, thank you
Campbell Livingstone
Aug 3, 2017
Great cabin, excellent product. All instructions and online tutorials were superb and easy to follow. We built the cabin in one day and put the shingles and floor the next day. From the friendly delivery driver to the completion of the cabin we are 100% happy with the cabin and service provided by Tuin.
Robert CROOK
Jul 24, 2017
Delivery on time straight from Holland driver was very good and placed cabin where I needed it spent couple of hours transferring to site of building I must say that the product has been a joy to put up and only a few pieces were not quite perfect fit but hey it's real wood
All said I am very very happy
Have and would recommend to anyone

Ps you can't have to much help
Mr. Ryan Simmons
Jul 5, 2017
The Lukas Log Cabin really is a great product. Really well made and very easy to put together. The delivery was fantastic and on time. All parts were correct and packed well to ensure no damage in transport. We installed a concrete base and managed to erect the cabin including the roof in 12 hours. The videos and information on the web site really helps if you get stuck. Well done Tuin.
Andrew Stocker
Jun 23, 2017
I am very happy with the quality of the product, Ben at Tuin was very helpful when i had a slight problem with one of the logs, luckily there was a spare log in the pack which i was able to utilise. construction was straightforward. I am very pleased with the log cabin.
Jun 11, 2017
really pleased with the cabin, everything arrived as planed and very nice quality
Mrs. Joanna Wiggins
May 31, 2017
Absolutely delighted with our cabin. No complaints delivery went well and cabin is now up and really happy. Good quality & reasonable price too!
Mr. Halil Enver
Apr 11, 2017
Looks great built. Fairly easy to construct. Pleased I didn't pay someone and did it myself.
The kit is a lump and so if you are not ready to construct it you need to consider where it will be stored. Final product is good quality and looks the part.
Mr. Jeff Blythin
Mar 22, 2017
Excellent all round service from the support team to the driver. First class assembly video/blog, I would recommend a few viewings just to make sure you're familiar with everything. Assembly (3 people) took one day, highly recommend a level base, spare roof planks made a good floor for the smaller room. I have recommended TUIN to a few friends and so I am expecting to see more log cabin deliveries in the North Wales area over the next few months.
Mr & Mrs Van Eyck
Mar 17, 2017
Fantastic. Delivery arrived when expected, driver was brilliant, a couple of items were missing and he was on the case straight away and Customer Service were great as well and all was rectified. We managed to erect in a day thanks to the good instructions and some nosy neighbours checking our progress. Impeccable quality and looks amazing.
Thank you Tuin
Mr. Emil R Martinov
Jan 16, 2017
Amazing log cabin. It looks very nice and easy to put together. 2 of us managed to put it together in 3.5 hours.they send plenty of screws and nails with it and delivery was quick and smooth .
Mr. peter ribbins
Jan 5, 2017
Fantastic. If you take your time and read instructions first. Get the Base level and square ( it took me two and a half hours. I used the corner to corner method using a length of non stretch rope and a builders square ) then it goes together very easy. I would highly recommend them to anyone.
Mrs. Joanna Malandain
Dec 9, 2016
We are very pleased with our Lukas Log Cabin, which we purchased recently as a hub for our Sand Courts facility. The ordering, payment and delivery process was really good and particularly suited our needs as we were paying by purchase order and invoice, rather than payment card. The customer service team were ever so helpful with any queries that we had and kept us informed throughout. Thank you!
Mark Scott
Nov 3, 2016
Exceptional quality and excellent value for money. I was impressed with both the design and sound engineering that has gone into making this log cabin. Generally a good satisfying experience, in putting the cabin together, although it took me a lot longer than anticipated. I am not a professional builder but consider myself to be a reasonably competent DIYer. I found the hardest part of the construction was laying a substantial , 100% level, concrete base; after this my next biggest challenge was in nailing the shingles to the roofing boards - breaking new ground for me. The easiest part was building the body of the cabin itself - it all just slotted together like Lego bricks - very quick as well ! My biggest and only gripe is with the paper instructions which I found scant and confusing in parts - especially for myself, an amateur DIYer. I had to backtrack on several occasions when I subsequentally realised I had misinterpreted an instruction. I found the videos of greater assistance but the experts zipped through the construction at a rate of knots sometimes leaving the poor amateur perplexed at what to do. I suggest to any prospective purchaser that (i) take your time, no rush, (ii) thoroughly examine both the written and video instruction and (iii) contact the Tuin helpline if in doubt . However I don't wish to detract in any degree from my overriding conclusion that this log cabin represents exceptional quality and excellent value for money. I derived a lot of pleasure and job satisfaction putting it all together - with the substantial assistance of my wife - it is most definitely not a task you could undertake on your own ! Finally, the Tuin driver making delivery was a very friendly and helpful chap - definitely helps getting the log cabin construction off on the right foot !
Mr. Keith Pigott
Oct 13, 2016
Generally good, my main gripe concerns a phone call which I received around 8:00pm asking me to pay for the building again, I knew that had paid once so didn't understand why I was being asked to pay again this lead me to the think scam. The caller hung up I called them back but the call went to answer phone. Sorted it out the following day I asked three people for a receipt they all said no problem I'm still waiting. Delivery good, after sales service very good a faulty section was had been machined wrongly, replacement despatched by next day delivery part arrived as expected. Weather holding up completion at the moment . we have an issue with the locks but should be able to fix on site
Mr. Brett Morley
Sep 27, 2016
Delivery of my building and annexe arrived on time and was packed very well indeed. I identified all parts and moved them to the build area. This really helped with the build process. I am not confident with DIY, so deciding to build this myself with family help was a big deal for me. The instructions are at best ok, however the online help is really useful. I also had a 28mm annexe, the same applies here to the packing and movement of parts. My base is flat and the build went fine if a little slow at the beginning. For the annexe there were no divines supplied to attach to the main building which I found surprising - £20 later for coach bolts and nuts and bolts and some prompt online assistance and we had solved the issue. I would say that the instructions for the annexe were at best average. In total it took us about two and a half days to complete. I am really pleased with my building and am in the process of applying preservative and Sadolin opaque paint. I would definitely buy again and I am pleased I decided to self build, the help from my family was invaluable.
Mr. Alf Bush
Sep 1, 2016
In general the cabin was well built and finished. In particular the walls fitted together really well.
We chose the composite foundations and these had to be cut to allow the walls to stand on top - fairly straightforward although that aspect was not in the instructions. However, when we then erected the doors we found that further cuts were necessary to allow the doors to work. This was really awkward, because it had to be in situ and access was tricky.
The key item is the ‘log’ that goes right across the front and fixes the doors in position. This beam really binds the front together and it is critical that the doors are correctly aligned to open and close properly. Ahain, not mentioned in the instructions.
In contrast to the walls, doors and window, the roof was a standard package and needed a lot of cutting and fitting.
We also chose to install flooring. This stands proud above the door frame level and did not come with a protective edge. Since the flooring is quite soft wood, it was necessary to install that as an extra item.
Treating and painting was a big job and we would recommend that at least 2 coats of preservative were applied to each piece prior to assembly. Once assembled, you cannot get into all the nooks and crannies where the water would inevitably get into.
Despite the above, we do now have a solid good looking garden house which we hope to use for many years to come.
Mr. Ian Thurston
Aug 24, 2016
This was a very easy log cabin to build (my second), when I had a question it was very quickly responded to. Highly recommended.
Mr. kenneth tomkins
Aug 17, 2016
Excellent cabin, checked many other suppliers and kept coming back to Tuin. Info blogs are great for information. Only gripes are short floor bearers and the half log for the roof can only be only be used with the shed on the right of building ( I cut mine so I could have shed to the left ) may be Tuin could supply both handed logs as an option. Either way I would highly recommend Tuin cabins !
Dr. Zahida Shah
Aug 17, 2016
Overall a fantastic experience!

Very happy with the log cabin.
Arrived on a neat pallet. My builders assembled it in about 7 hours, and complemented the quality, price, sturdiness and ease of assembling. They had not seen a log cabin similar to this and will be recommending it to their customers, as will I to my friends and family.
Thank you Tuin for a fab item
Mr. Geoff Dann
Aug 13, 2016
So glad I found your company, really pleased with my cabin. Every thing went together perfectly. And when I did have any questions I got an email reply promptly. Would I recommend TUIN ? Value/Quality/Service 100% yes I would. I have passed your catalogue onto neighbours as they are very impressed.
Geoff Dann
Richard Levett
Jul 11, 2016
Very pleased with my lukas cabin. Ordering and delivery went smoothly. I built my own base using tuin adjustable pads, levelling was quite easy with pads supported on slabs. Had cabin erected by Philip and colleague they built it very quickly and made a good job. I've since made a small shed from leftover materials to match cabin! I'm now painting and kitting out my work shop. Very happy with quality,service and looks great. Glad we did our homework and found Tuin. Got a couple of family and friends considering getting one.
Mr. Paul Higgins
May 25, 2016
I'm not normally one to leave a review, but as its a fair amount of money I wanted to write an honest review. I ordered 2 summer houses from different supplies at the same time. Tuin arrived extremely fast and delivery was quick and easy with a fork lift, the 2nd one from the other company had to be taken off by hand! Whilst building this summerhouse, we did notice some elements were not cut correctly so had to bespoke it slightly. However, their customer service team offered to help and I am 100% satisfied with this product, their service and the cost. My son can now have his own soft play and sensory area with the double doors making it easy to get his wheel chair in and out.
Mrs. J Martines
May 9, 2016
Really pleased with the Lukas log cabin. The quality is excellent and delivery service was very efficient. Would highly recommend.
thakshanlal gunatunga
May 3, 2016
I have installed the log cabin and found it very simple with the instructions given. It sits very conveniently in my back yard. I would certainly recommend it.
Mike Davies
Apr 22, 2016
We opted for the Lukas Log Cabin primarily to provide additional storage for DIY equipment and Garden furniture. The whole purchase and delivery arrangement process was very straightforward and any questions were answered willingly and promptly by Tuin. The information on the Tuin website and the Installation guide provided with confirmation of the order were also very comprehensive and straightforward – don’t be daunted by the volume of reading material, it’s largely common sense!

In readiness for installation, I employed the services of a professional landscaper to lay paving slabs as a level base for the cabin, purely on the grounds that a) I didn’t have the tools, e.g. cement mixer and cutting disc to be able to do the job myself and b) I was happy to get someone else to do the grunt work!

Thereafter, I carried out the build on my own with no assistance and I would class myself as an enthusiastic DIYer only with no formal or practical skills experience. Thankfully, we have a large driveway since the pallet that the cabin was delivered on was a fair size. It took me the best part of a full day to move the entire contents from the front of the house to the rear where the cabin was to be constructed. A second pair of hands might have eased the exhaustion that I felt at the end this process!

The build was very straightforward and, working on my own, it took approximately one day to measure out and lay the foundation beams and construct the side walls; a second day to fix the purlins and roof timbers and a third day to attach the shingles. I wanted the cabin layout to be reversed to that shown on the plans, i.e. with the shed to the left, as opposed to on the right of the summer house. This required one purlin to be cut/planed but, otherwise, the handing of the layout didn’t present any problems.

We wanted floor boards in both rooms which Tuin supplied and I estimate that it took around a day to cut and lay the boards and to finish off with skirting. The flooring has received 3 coats of heavy duty satin varnish and so, hopefully, will be able to withstand everyday knocks and scrapes.

Overall, we are very pleased with the outcome and the quality of the product and I would urge anyone who feels daunted at the prospect of self-assembly, not to be deterred from giving it a go – you’ll be left with a great feeling of achievement when you see the end result!
David Keig
Apr 12, 2016
Me and my son put our Lucas log cabin together on Sunday,it takes about a day to construct the cabin extra time needed for the roof,its worth taking the time to lay all the parts out before you start follow the instructions and you should not go wrong.I have had sheds in the past but none of them have been to the high quality of this one, the machining of the joints and general finish is excellent
Gary Last
Mar 25, 2016
When it comes to a purchase of this magnitude, I am not one to flippantly go out and buy the first thing I come across (much to my Wife's annoyance), and therefore spent a great deal of time researching the multitude of companies offering log cabin products. The first thing that I noticed about the Tuin website was the completely 'open book' honesty from Richard in the many blog posts about the products, advice offered and cabin information in general, this isn't like a normal company I thought. This made the whole experience make you feel like you were being welcomed into a community rather than a 'wham bam thank you Ma'am' sales pitch. I am the kind of person that takes reviews with a pinch of salt - there are the moaners who generally have done something wrong themselves and blame everyone else and give an instant '1 star rating' coupled by a 'terrible company - avoid at all cost' - (not that I actually saw any of those) Then there are the people that simply write '5 stars - excellent' - not the best information for a potential purchaser. Anyway. My original plan was to build a glorified man cave, to detailed drawings I had drawn up my self. The reality of course being that trying to knock up a cabin single handed over an evening and weekend would of taken me a good half a life time.... not to mention that the quality of my attempt would of been far inferior. My design idea was for a split unit - half storage and half study space and the Lukas ticked all of the boxes - it was slightly smaller than my plan - but that wasn't an issue as additionally I opted for the 'storage cabin annex' which sits beautifully on the side of the Lukas. Due to the completely uneven floor at the bottom of the garden, I opted to build a wooden foundation using piers cemented in at 900mm as support. Again, this work was done evenings and weekends. I occasionally had to stop as I was unsure of some dimensions and I had some questions - I fired off an email and to my amazement got the answer out of hours, pretty much instantly! BRILLIANT! I could carry on working (which for the foundation work was a bonus, but my take away and wine night completely ruined). Due to my career, I am away from home for long periods and this scuppered my plans to have the foundation complete prior to planned delivery date, so I asked if I could postpone for a week - and you guessed it - yep no problem. I breathed a sigh of relief! A week later - I had a phone call telling me the exact day that the cabin would be delivered and that the driver would ring ahead when he is an hour away. The foundation now complete and the driver on his way - an ENORMOUS lorry rolled up outside and the cabin was professionally placed on our drive, all before lunch time. Living in a mid terraced house makes egress to the back garden particularly difficult as there are a multitude of tight 90 degree turns to make to get there. I had pre planned (with the assistance of some friends) - that each individual component of the cabin would be passed from the front to the rear through the windows and via the kitchen. This worked a treat as all items passed with ease through an opening 1000mm high and 400mm wide. Cabin delivered, and passed out to the back - time was now kicking around the 14:00 mark and thus the build could begin. By 17:00 the next day, the cabin was completely erected (other than painting and shingles - was my plan for this Easter weekend, but Mother nature has different ideas). The pieces slotted together with ease - and I had grave concerns when my Father in Law rolled up to 'assist' - big bag of screws in one hand a drill in the other. 'What are you doing?' I asked. 'Helping you with your shed....' was his reply. On correcting him that it was NOT a shed and that he wouldn't require any of the stuff he had bought - he guffawed at the thought (thanks Richard for the heads up in one of your posts on the website). Yet when it was all together and I was sat atop the roof nailing in the boards - to say that he was impressed I think was an understatement. The plans were pretty simple to follow - kind of like the ones you get from a Swedish flat packed furniture know the one. If you can follow those - you can put up a log cabin. Although the video on the website was an amazing reference tool. To briefly summarise (before I run out of characters) - I am over the moon impressed with the quality of the cabin. Customer service throughout the entire process has been second to none. I can't wait to finally complete the cabin and start to enjoy it. I would recommend Tuin, Richard and his expert team to absolutely anyone. Many thanks for making this process simply brilliant - and for bragging rights for me (to the wife) that taking the time to find the correct company to purchase from is well worth it !!! If there was a sixth star, I would award it as it is more than deserved!
Fraser Blain
Mar 19, 2016
Fantastic service from beginning to end with delivery to our private drive in a small village from a very courteous driver. Tunis customer service is excellent. They even ring you back if they see that you've tried to call. Very happy with the quality of the cabin. Instructions could however be written and structured better however it all comes together in the end. Took two days to erect properly with two people. One piece of wood missing so had to have a piece made as erection couldn't wait for another piece to be sent.
Slight split in the door which I plan to sort out with Tuin. I'm confident that they will arrange a replacement if necessary
Mr. Chris Asquith
Mar 5, 2016
Ordered Lukas cabin as I needed shed space and a workshop. Arrived on the date promised and my wife and I set to unpacking and sorting the pieces. Time well spent as next day we started assembly, really easy to erect and cabin and roof were up by end of day one.Day two saw the shingles fitted and day three the floors. Quality of pieces and machining were excellent and it fitted together with just a tap of the mallet. Instructions on the site were really useful and a broken pane of glass was resolved without fuss. All my neighbours now have shed envy.
Mr. James Pearson
Feb 7, 2016
I am very pleased with the Tuin experience, great communication,efficient and professional, my cabin was delivered in just one week!
I shopped around and believe Tuin to be the best quality and value available.
The website is excellent and easy to navigate, there is an answer to every conceivable query, which gives confidence.
If you are considering a Tuin product, you can buy with confidence, they deliver exactly what they promise. Well done Tuin.
Dean Smith
Jan 14, 2016
Very pleased with the log cabin.
I put this together in a day other than the roof as I decided to add 50mm celotex to insulate the roof before boarding over and laying the shingles. I was surprised to find extra bits left over. Normally you would find bits missing so I was very surprised and happy to purchase from Tuin. I paid extra for the composite profiles around the bottom and mitred these to fit well. I would not hesitate to use Tuin again and have already recommended them to a few people who have seen and have commented on how nice the log cabin is. I was very happy with all of Tuins advice online and would suggest anyone to have a read as its full of useful information. Even being a Tradesmen myself, there is always lots to learn. Many thanks again to all at Tuin
Mr. Stephen Chamberlain
Jan 6, 2016
really pleased with the cabin delivery and service excellent would definitely use again
J Young
Nov 20, 2015
Well I dont quite know what to say as I today received the aluminum cover for the log cabin only a few days after I sent you my email. You certainly have your customer service sorted it is absolutely brilliant. I cannot praise your team enough for throughout the time since the cabin arrived you have consistently replied to any queries promptly have given concern that the information supplied was helpful and this in an age when it is becoming more and more difficult to find any organization capable of supplying the simplest of products without some sort of problem. The machining of the cabin logs is incredible for there have been no faults and the whole thing went together absolutely spot on. You have not even charged me for the lock covers and as I stated in my email they were mislaid by my builders incompetence. Your team and the Management responsible for the organization deserve the highest praise!
Mr. Alexander fowler
Nov 8, 2015
I ordered my lukas cabin mid sep & it arrived early October all packaged up. I had all ready watched a short video on how to layout and build. After i had laid it all out that's when the panick set in, I thought what have I done, the video said it was easy. They were right, along with my son Ross we had the cabin complete other than the shingles. Started 9.15am finished 4:30pm. The shingles took us another 1.5hrs. I am delighted with my new cabin, worth every penny.
Mr. Craig Moyes
Sep 5, 2015
Service was excellent, great quality product and easy to assemble.
Mr. iliyan gizdov
Jul 27, 2015
I have bought my lukas log cabin from Tuin June 2015 and
I am very happy with the quality and the way they deal with customers.No pressure from sales and delivery was on time .Everything was packed very well except one crack window but I went to local glass shop and they cut one for me and Tuin refund the money very quick.
Highly recommend if you want a log cabin.
Mr. Jane Halpin
Jun 21, 2015
From the moment we first contacted Tuin they were extremely helpful. They answered all my questions and I knew this was definitely the company to buy the log cabin from. The delivery was smooth and again extremely friend man who delivered. Now the actual log cabin Is amazing!!! It took us a while to move the wood through to the rear garden maybe 2 evenings. To assemble is very easy and trust me when I say if we could do it anyone can do it. Each part slots perfectly into each other and after a while you don't really need the manual. Th first day it took us 8 hours to build from base to roof. The next day was fitting shingle and doing flooring. The quality of this cabin is very good sturdy safe and strong you could not ask for more from it. The kids especially love there room using it as storage and a play room. Thank you Tuin. This is the best value for money item we have bought
Mr. Paul Cooper
May 23, 2015
From the very beginning on ordering my Lukas Log Cabin, right up to the finished project I have been really impressed by the standard of support offered by Tuin.The delivery driver placed the components on my front lawn exactly as I requested on delivery. Although it was film wrapped to prevent damage I did have some damaged shingles, these were replaced without question by the Tuin team. I would like to mention Richard and Jocelyn who were especially helpful. Installation of the cabin was straightforward and everything went together smoothly, due to the craftsmanship of the cutting and quality of the timber. Windows and doors slotted in precisely down to perfect fitting catches and locks. After fixing the roof in place, the shingles gave a wonderful patterned finish which exudes quality. The separate shed and summerhouse sections are a prefect design for my requirements. I have been raving about the cabin to all of my friends and can't recommend it highly enough. Thank you Tuin for such a high quality product at a reasonable price.
Mr. Simeon Bradshaw
Apr 25, 2015
Really happy with the quality of the cabin and the service. Delivery was ahead of schedule and very professional. Took two days to build and another few days to add floor and treat the cabin. Looks brilliant, very happy.
Mr. Michael Woollacott
Apr 22, 2015
I have spent a long time looking for a Cabin with a shed. Probably a couple of years in fact.
The sticking point was finding one that was within the 2.5Mtr height. I then came across the Tuin web site and the Lucas log cabin at 2.34Mtr height. I then spent some time reading the very useful blogs and videos within the support area of the Tuin web site before ordering.

The delivery was made on a wet morning in April at around 8.00am. Because of the size of the Pallet 4.5Mtrs * 0.5 * 0.5 the delivery was placed on the road outside of my house. It then took me until 1.30pm to move all of the logs around to the back of the house all laid out in piles of the same type.

I started build at around 2.00pm and reached roof height by 5.30pm. No problems at all in the build, in fact it went up just like the video.

In all it took 2 full days to finish the build and fit the roofing shingles.

I am so pleased with the finished building the quality of the wood is superb. I had a couple of minor issues, not enough roofing shingles, a part missing from the guttering kit but these were dealt with by the support team, next day delivery.

All in all this is one of the best buying experiences I have had. The quality of the product is excellent. The delivery service is second to none and the support staff are very friendly.They really do listen and go out of their way to resolve any problems.
Mr. Martin Plant
Feb 1, 2015
I searched the web for weeks before deciding on this purchase. I was a little concerned because it cost so much less than seemingly equivalent products from other suppliers. Turns out I made a good choice. The staff were very knowledgeable, the service and delivery excellent and the after sales service (we had one small issue with a door lock, which was quickly resolved) was all that you could hope for. The cabin itself is extremely well manufactured. We put it together in the cold and the rain and it slotted together like a dream. Most importantly the timber is really good quality much much better than the floorboard quality you'd get from your local wood yard. I would recommend this product and this company to anyone.
One thing though, I should have felted the roof before fixing the roof tiles (as their staff suggested). I live on the coast where it's rather blustery.
Paul Chapman
Feb 1, 2015
Arrived on time, fairly straightforward to put together. Had to make a few adjustments to a couple of the joints. Shingles were short on the roof but on contacting Tuin they sent replacements out straight away. Couple of bits of wood left over, not sure where they should have gone! With high-insight would have gone for plastic bearers. Finished product looks good and happy with the end result. Once painted and decking in place an asset to the garden
Mike Sprad
Jan 30, 2015
Fantastic! The cabin is really well made and the kit was very easy to assemble. Tuin were also really helpful during the build when I had a couple of queries (couldn't find a key for the door....) and needed a few extra shingles (because I'd made an error). Really highly recommended. Assembly of the main cabin walls took most of a day, then another day for roof and shingles. Painting it took 2 days! But really pleased, looks lovely, great quality, helpful company, good value. Thank you!
Mr. Steven McHenry
Jan 23, 2015
A great log cabin with adjoining shed. I bought the 35mm cabin. Sturdy construction pieces.
In building the cabin I read the blod and watched th YouTube videos which was a great help. My wife and I erected this cabin in two days by following the plan supplied. Don't waste your money getting someone to build it for you, it really is quite easy if you follow the plan. Make sure your base is totally level and your foundation beams square and you can't go wrong.
I did not take the floor pack but got my own timber and made a raft floor for each room topped off with celotex insulation boards and loft boarding with skirting boards. I also put a DPM over the whole base. The roof shingles are easy to apply but watch you don't over space them.
A great log cabin, highly recommended company who do help you at asking
Mr. james reece
Nov 4, 2014
Fantastic service. Cabin turned up quicker than I thought, great PROACTIVE communication all the way through. I am an average DIY'er at best and with the help of a friend managed to get this cabin up apart from the roof shingles in 9 hours using the informative blogs and video. I would highly recommend Tuin to friends and family.
Mr. Luis Araujo
Oct 4, 2014
After looking around for a log cabin we found the Lucas, from Tuin. Just what we wanted two rooms, a shed for the lawn mower and a cabin for the dart board with space for a fridge full of beer.

Service from Tuin is great it does install a great deal of confidence when they only take payment after the goods were despatched. The delivery company true to their word. They called twice, once to arrange a time and day and once to confirm (a day before delivery). I was kept in the loop as far as buyers remorse is concerned I had none.

The cabin arrived at the agreed time. The driver cool as a cucumber drove a great big lorry down a residential street right up to our drive. He got on his forklift without any fuss dropped all our goods on our drive. Yes he did deserve his cup of tea.

The best part of all is looking at our cabin standing proud in our garden........ OK I jumped the gun, we had to erect it first. With some friends and a lot of fun it was up in two days. Someone has said it is like Lego blocks, yes it is. The instructions are a bit vague for someone who only does this once, if I had to build another it would be so easy having the experience of doing it once before. Don't worry Tuin have since posted more information regarding the building of log cabins. The roof covering does take a little longer, we got the IKO roof shingles the extra work is well worth the finished look.

On Inspection (opening the pack) we found one pain of glass cracked. One call to Tuin and we were advised to get a glassier to repair and get reimbursement from Tuin, we have decided not to bother just the response from Tuin was enough for us. We calculated we would run out of roof shingles when half way installing them. A email to Tuin and they sent more, no questions asked. As far a s quality is concerned I believe we got the best.

I would recommend to anybody, the whole experience was all so easy and enjoyable. The score is be one hundred and eighty which is equal to a five star.

Tuin and us, we all win.

David Woodford
Sep 16, 2014
Just a note of thanks to you and the team at Tuin.
The whole 'Tuin' experience has been a very pleasurable one.
With your guidance, we chose a cabin that fitted our needs perfectly.
I read and re-read your blogs, and when the cabin was delivered last Wednesday, it had an air of 'De Ja Veaux' with it. The driver of the artic delivery vehicle had to park a couple of hundred yards down the road but that did not deter him at all. Using his fork lift, he made delivery exactly where we wanted it. Of course, he enjoyed a well deserved cup of tea and a home made bread roll and cheese afterwards. I felt this was a small reward for his gallant efforts.
We unpacked the logs on Thursday and commenced the build late that afternoon. The walls and roof were completed on Friday and the first coat of timber preservative was applied both inside and out. On Saturday, we applied a coat of light oak stain to all external timbers and fitted the felt underlay on the roof, in readiness to apply the shingles.
Rather pleased that we did that, because on Saturday night it absolutely hammered down with rain.
Thanks to your blogs the build was completed very quickly and I am very impressed with the quality of the timbers and joints. Corners all fit exactly and the roof sits very tightly in all corners.
We had visited many garden centres and looked at quite a few summer houses before deciding on a log cabin. A log cabin from Tuin to be more specific. The quality of this cabin far exceeds any of the summerhouses we looked at, and size for size actually worked out cheaper thanks to the Tuin sale price.
Once again Richard,
Thank you for 'steering' me in the right direction.
Mrs. Deborah Barker Boyd
Aug 22, 2014
I spent a lot of time researching log cabins before deciding on Tuin and was very pleased with the quality of the cabin and its value for money. I was kept fully informed about delivery and the driver was excellent, placing the material exactly where I wanted. The cabin took a builder friend just over 2 days to erect and he was impressed with the labelling of the logs to aid construction. Now it is up I am in the process of wood treating it with preservative and then a clear waterproof protective paint which I am hoping will keep it looking good for years. I am a very satisfied customer indeed!
Jun 14, 2014
Excellent value product and build quality, one item unfortunately had a cut out for a joint on the wrong side but a little cut soon fixed the issue. I would suggest you make sure you have a couple of tarps available as you really need to unpack the kit and lay it out in order to aid build so may need to cover parts at night time or in case of rain. Neighbour has already been on web site looking for his own purchase !
Mr. Mark Laws
Jun 3, 2014
Due to the wet weather I have not yet built our cabin. The email sales service was great, they held on to our cabin until we could take delivery and only took payment when it was delivered. The delivery was fantastic the driver was really helpful and a wizz on the forklift. All the parts are there most are numbered a great relief, the wood looks straight and is smooth and clean. All I need now is a dry spell, (summer?) and we can get it built.
Andrew Dibben
May 8, 2014
Wanting a 2-room cabin, we chose the Lukas over other designs after much thought, partly because the overall height is lower than the 2.6m Planning Regs rule. The 34mm log thickness of this model was a bonus at no more cost.

The quantity of wood filling our yard after unpacking was huge! Construction was not difficult though, with every part numbered with a yellow sticker, whose number matched those on the drawings. After laying the concrete pad, this was a doddle! A day's work saw most of the building in place, with doors and window slotted in.

I rang Tuin once for clarification of a construction detail; they were extremely helpful, and the affable Richard called me back to give me guidance. Emailing brings a very swift response from him. The instructions are quite brief, and look as though they have been translated from the Dutch. Here is one gem: "You use the added selt nails and then you burn them or you use the roof shingles kit (optional)".

The quality of the timber is superb, and the accuracy of the corner joints is remarkable. A little persuasion with a hammer and a spare piece of log was needed at times, the joints being that tight, but everything fitted perfectly. Wood being wood, the occasional piece has a bit of a twist to it, but they all slotted together in the end.

The height of the cabin being that bit more than our old shed, means my stepladder can hang on the higher wall of the shed room, clear of the floor. I had trouble just getting it in to the former shed! There are acres of wall space for hooks, shelves, etc, and things can be screwed in anywhere because of the log thickness. The roof beams are very substantial: 43mm x 145mm; I am thinking of hanging my panel saws along them, completely out of the way!

I put 50mm Celotex insulation on top of the tongued & grooved ceiling boards, and 50mm rockwool slabs below the floorboards. They are very easily cut with a sharp carving knife. Tuin's website has very helpful articles about fitting such things, which can be accessed from the 'Blog' tab.

We really love the red hexagonal shingles that came with the cabin!
We now have a very pretty cabin, that should last for decades.