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Miss. Hannah Blondel
May 28, 2023
We have just finished building our 4x4m Lotte corner cabin. The instructions are good, until you get to the roof when I feel they could have been a bit more informative. We had to do a lot of searching on the website, videos were helpful but things like how to shingle the very top of the roof were hard to find. Although after some research we did manage. The customer service from TUIN was great, we were short of shingles so they have sent us some more which we are waiting to arrive. Their response time is very fast. We still have finishing touches to do but we are pretty much there now and we are very pleased with the result.
Mr. Christopher Mackerness
Jan 21, 2023
The purchase and delivery of the Log Cabin was very good throughout. Yet to be erected but I am sure it will look good upon completion
Richard Shuttleworth
Feb 25, 2022
Great cabin, brilliant quality and easy to put together. Delivery was delayed by the pandemic but it was worth the wait
Scott McKinven
Jan 31, 2022
Excellent product. Been delighted with the quality and ease of which to build. Great addition to the garden and have spent many hours in our new cabin.
John Sharman
Dec 15, 2021
The cabin was ordered in May and was delivered late October. It was well worth the wait and allowed me recovery time from digging out the 25 square metre area, refilling with ballast and laying 80 paving slabs.
The delivery was on time and safely placed, with the driver taking photos and checking that I was happy that there were no visible signs of damage.
The pallet was dismantled and placed in dry storage. The composite profile (Great decision!) was laid in the morning and the logs were laid up to mid window/door height in the afternoon. The walls were finished the following day.
A mate helped with the roof beams and planking in a whole day, finishing the apex with the help of a lamp. (Decided not to use the eight pointless triangles at the top, instead fashioning a square piece of pine to sit on the hexagon - a far better seal!)
The window latch fitting video prevented me from going mad, as did the well hidden mention about the spare wooden slats actually being optional Georgian window framing.
The roof shingle videos were also well watched before putting one felt nail in. Took me five full days on my own and cured my vertigo. Yeah, right !!
Two coats of Cuprinol inside and out, before it got too cold to hold the brushes and rollers. Another coat booked for the Spring.
It's now fully furnished and awaiting constant use over the festive season. Sending a photo history as soon as I work out how.
Thank you Tuin staff and support.
Mrs. Suzanne Bushell
Mar 14, 2021
From ordering to delivery the service was very good, The delivery driver was more than helpful and customer service always happy to help with any questions you may have. The cabin is excellent quality and looks fantastic.
Phil W
Jan 1, 2021
The Lotte cabin has been a great addition to the garden, and a great lockdown project. Whilst delivery was delayed by the initial restrictions, Tuin were very responsive to queries about the suitability of the existing foundations and gave advice freely about damp proofing and insulation. The online installation instructions, videos and blogs were extremely helpful.

All of the components were well packed, with no damage on delivery and proved to be of great quality (although the quantity was somewhat daunting!). I bought the profiled foundation beams, cutting these to the right angles and lengths proved to be one of the most nerve racking tasks on the whole build. The structure itself was straight forward to put up, the components fitted well and needed no alteration (other than cutting the roof boards to length). The basic structure took two of us three days, 1 for the walls/doors/windows, a shorter day to fit the roof beams and the 3rd day for the roof boards. We then insulated the roof with 60mm eurothane, installed wider than standard barge boards before adding the shingles, which took another few days. We installed a damp proof membrane and insulated the floor, but ran out of flooring boards, which Tuin quickly rectified. We used grey and white Embalan paint both inside and outside, which was easy to apply but needed 3 or 4 coats to give a really good finish over the bare wood. The results are great though, the rain just sits on the surface. To finish, we added LED lighting inside and out, and then completed the decking around the cabin.

As we’re now into winter, I can see the wood has expanded slightly, with some unpainted bits appearing above the windows, but no other issues. A quick read on the Tuin website shows me how to rectify this!

I’m very pleased with the finished cabin. The quality has been great, the service exemplary and the build was relatively straight forward, needing only basic DIY skills and no specialist tools (although I could have really done with a longer step ladder for the apex of the roof beams). The online videos and blogs were extremely useful and I’m very pleased I spent the time going through these before starting the build. A thoroughly enjoyable experience throughout, and a great finished result.
Mr. Brian Monk
Apr 27, 2020
I had been looking for a corner cabin for quite a while and was relieved when I came across the Tuindeco website. They had plenty of choice and the information on the site was incredible. I was able to answer many questions I had by simply reading the many blog posts on the site.
When the Lotte cabin arrived I realised it would not go directly through my gate! However, the driver was very helpful and manoeuvred it into the best position possible for me.
I did get quite a bit of help to actually build the structure and was surprised how quickly it went up. The only issue was the pyramidal roof structure but even that wasn’t too bad. I was then left by myself to board the roof because of the corona virus social distancing. But, with the help of a taller stepladder this proved quite simple with the pre-cut lengths of timber, even though some of these did need shortening. Because of the continuing lockdown I have not been able to insulate and felt the roof but a tarpaulin over the roof has kept it watertight. I have used the carefree protect paint recommended by Tuindeco to paint both the exterior and interior and this seems to be a very good paint which is easy to apply.
The cabin has fulfilled all my expectations and, in fact, has given me a task to work on in these strange, disturbing times.
Mr. stephen irvine
Apr 20, 2020
This summer house is a wonderful investment. I had researched extensively and kept coming back to Tuin mainly because of the range and the endless support resources available whether it be written, video or customer faq’s.
The order process was easy and delivery was seamless even if the driver was a little grumpy!
I had prepared a concrete base and laid out the parts as near to it as possible as was suggested in one of the videos.
Starting with the composite foundation beams, which I would highly recommend, I laid out the footprint and started to plan the build. At this stage the instructions that come with it could and should be Clearer with a focus on getting started because the hard part is getting started, once the first few rows are in place though it’s plain sailing. My wife and I put the shell up in about 3 hours. The roof sections are straight forward and I completed the roof boards on my own.
I decided not to use the shingles that were supplied instead I wrapped the roof with a permavent and used slate. This is very time consuming with lots of cuts and definitively a labour of love but the result is stunning.
I have finished the roof with guttering all the way round.
We decided to fit a tongue and groove wood floor which, after watching the video support was straight forward.
We have stalled power and the electrician fit the sockets into the floor so they are flush and there is no conduit visible.
So in summery, all the parts were there, they went together seamlessly, they look great inside and out and you will not be disappointed. We are thrilled and highly recommend this summer house and Tuin.
Andrew Robertson
Oct 11, 2019
What a fantastic Cabin , anybody with a certain skill set can build this cabin , I have insulated the roof and floor as an extra as advised on the Tuin website and it is fab I highly recommend this company and product , ordering was easy , delivery was as promised and dead on time , very polite delivery driver , customer services excellent and product better than expected
Mr. Richard Waghorn
Aug 12, 2019
We are thrilled with our Lotte Corner Log Cabin. Delivery was as stated and the driver very helpful. The Cabin was very easy to build (which we did ourselves) and is really sturdy. We would definitely recommend Tuin.
Mar 11, 2019
We were very nervous at spending such a lot of money online on a product we had never heard of or seen. I made several calls to Tuin prior to ordering and although my questions were answered no further thoughts or advice was offered. It didn’t feel that they understood that abit of reassurance was required.
Online ordering was very simple. I would advise anyone buying by card to tell their CC company to expect the payment, we ended up paying by BACS to make life easier. Delivery went like clockwork with no problems. Tuin gave us a list of fitters. We used Osorio, Philip and his team erected the cabin and laid the floor in 5 hours. We would certainly recommend them.
So we have a cabin that was erected yesterday. We are very pleased with it in that it really is everything we expected it to be, no nasty suprises. Over to us now to enjoy it.
Mr. Raf B
Oct 30, 2018
Couldn't be happier with my new Lotte cabin.

Delivery date was provided to me 2 weeks in advance, and then confirmed via phone call few days before delivery. The delivery driver tried his best to accomodate my narrow driveway, and to put the pallet down where I wanted.

Building the cabin itself was rather easy ... Creating a flat, level base took roughly 3 hours using 4x4'' sleepers, and then to build the walls another 3hrs. All logs fit in perfectly, there maybe 2 or 3 logs which were slightly warped, but they stabilised once more layers were built. Instructions are okay-ish, they do show where all things go (apart from two lenghts of wood, which must have been used as packers inside the pallet). It could be perhaps printed in higher resolution/size, as counting the logs on the drawing is not the easiest.

Roof construction went rather quickly, but to cover it with the T&G boards took some time, as some of the boards needed to be cut to size. The most of the time was spent on putting the shingles on the roof - if you have 2-sided roof that might be quick and easy, but there is loads of cutting with "pyramid" roof. There was adequate amount of shingles provided.

The cabin looks absolutely lovely inside and outside - just waiting for the right weather to paint it with some Sikkens woodstain.

I only wish the option with double-glazed doors/windows was available -but hopefully it won't cost an arm and leg to replace the single panels.

Overall, very, very happy, whole family looks forward to spend some time in this summerhouse.
Mr. Andrew O\'Connor
May 8, 2018
Delivery of the cabin was on time and the day I wanted.The driver of the fork lift was very helpful and put the pallet exactly where I wanted it.The Lotte corner cabin I purchased is not the easiest of cabins to build but with the help of the Tuin helpline, we managed to solve any problems we encountered. It took two of us two full days to build (three people in fact on the first day) and I am very pleased with the result. Still need to fix all the roof shingles and install the floating floor, also paint the building, so overall the project will stretch over a few weekends but my advice is never to rush the work as there is a fair amount to do and can be a bit stressful, depending on your skill levels.
Mr. David Clarkson
Feb 2, 2018
This is a great cabin. Well designed and relatively straight forward to erect. The materials are really good Generally the paper plans and build instructions are OK but the online video guides are really useful. The team at Tuin were brilliant and also always on hand by email to give extra advice. We have already recommended Tuin to family and friends
Jess & Joel Paterson
Aug 18, 2017
Overall we are delighted with our cabin. Excellent build quality, easy to assemble, great service and looks good. Just got the roof tiles to do and to pick a colour to paint it!
Nov 29, 2016
This is the third log cabin I have erected, it has drawing to show how all the parts fit together and makes fir a enjoyable experience. The planks are so precisely machined and fit together tightly. The windows and door are a doddle to fit. My wife and I erected the walls in an afternoon, it's just like a big jigsaw. The roof is a bit more involved, having to cut all the roof darling timbers. The shingles look great when fitted and leaves the building weather tight. I would buy another of the log cabins. My only gripe was that the glass was not available double glazed. I am retrofitting doubl glazed units to mine.
Karen Anderson
Aug 13, 2016
The Lotte corner cabin is excellent, the quality is superb. I would highly recommend this cabin if you have a large corner to fit it into, we are using ours for a gym. Also the service from Tuin was brilliant, the lock on the door was broken and we needed extra shingles for the roof. They arranged for them to be delivered the next day, answering my emails immediately.
Mr. nick edwards
Jul 30, 2016
Delivery was on time & as many others have the driver was skilled & courteous so all was well. The quality of the cabin is exceptional & the build has been without any problems. The instructions are easy to follow, think IKEA but better. The screw packs are generic which meant that they were not long enough for my build but it's no big deal. The build has taken me quite some time as I am an engineer so I am not used to working to building tolerances. Consequently I have probably worried too much about trivia & I decided to treat all the wood prior to build with clear preservative which really added to the time taken. Also I am assembling it single handedly. The cabin is built on a perimeter base of half patio slabs set in a sharp sand mortar bed & as it's good & level the whole structure almost squared itself when the final logs were fitted. All told I am very happy & would recommend this product.
Mrs. Jayne Jones
Mar 6, 2016
Arrived on time and well packed. Instructions easy to understand and it is good value for money as well as looking good.
Mr. Scott Fisher
Jun 1, 2015
I live in a difficult spot to delivery and it arrived with little problems. The delivery was wonderful and the driver very helpful. Everything looks like it will go very much to plan. Would recommend.
Michael Felton
Feb 1, 2015
Could not fault the service from start to finish. Excellent website, easy to order, delivered on time by a helpful driver. Cabin quality is outstanding and there is assistance readily available if you have problems with installation. Went together like a dream and you could not get a cigarette paper between the joins. Thats how good the manufacturing is. Really looks impressive and must have added value to the property far exceeding the cost. Would recommend the floor and composite foundation beams. Don't waste your time looking elsewhere, you will not beat this product for quality or price.
Mr. Alan Bateman
Sep 6, 2014
At first I was a bit apprehensive about buying a log cabin on line, but having read the excellent reviews I decided to purchase the Lotte log cabin.

Delivery was on time, the driver being very helpful,placing the package exactly where I wanted it.
There were a few minor problems encountered during the construction of the cabin, but most of these were soon sorted with an e-mail to Richard. The quality of the cabin is very good and we are very pleased with the finished product.
Mr. Tracey Hazel
Jul 21, 2014
Originally we were looking at summerhouses but decided to go for a log cabin instead. So glad we did. The product is great quality, looks fantastic, delivery was easy with the pallet arriving at the time agreed. Thank you for great customer service and a fantastic product.
Erica Kermode
Jun 13, 2014
I was a little anxious about ordering a log cabin without having seen one "in the flesh" However my Lotte cabin has lived up to expectations. It is remarkably solid. It was straightforward to put together. The machined logs are very accurate. We found that having a compressed air nailer helped enormously when fitting the roof and you will need quite tall ladders especially when fitting the roof.

When we got a bit stuck or needed some advice, Richard from Tuin responded to our pleas for help, even on a Sunday. So overall, excellent product, excellent service and excellent value for money. Friends have seen our cabin and are so impressed they are thinking of ordering one too!