Nysse Log Open Barn

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Mrs. Jo Kent
Apr 29, 2023
Having purchased an Angelo Shepherd Hut from Tuin two years ago and received an excellent product and amazing service we didn’t hesitate in ordering a Nysse Log Open Barn 6m x 6m recently. Everything from order to delivery went like clockwork, as with the first purchase the delivery driver was extremely helpful and skilful and the product excellent, we would highly recommend these products and this company.
Mr. Peter Coward
Dec 19, 2019
The Nysse car port is excellent quality and easy to assemble as the instructions were very clear. Dealing with Nysse was good - the communication re delivery was very clear and the delivery itself with a fork lift meant that the car port pack was placed exactly where we want it. Overall we were delighted with both the product and the service
Mike Weatherstone
Oct 8, 2019
A nice design which looks very attractive once erected.
This was built by two very accomplished and experienced guys who did a superb job. They overcame some difficulties such as a couple of warped and twisted beams, a small deficit of shingles and nails, but in the end an excellent job was made.
This is NOT a job for an amateur unless very skilled and is best left to people who know what they doing.
Delivery was super efficient (although we are very local to Turn in Norfolk) and Jamie at Tuin was very helpful.

All in all a good purchase
Mr. Lee Hancox
Aug 5, 2019
cant give enough praise for the whole process, from ordering to delivery and quality of product , im not a builder but after all the reading i did on the tuin website felt confident to build it myself. so glad i did , big sense of achievement when the final nail went in, cant recommend enough.
Graham J Hamilton
Mar 25, 2019
This construction was completed a year ago and it seems a good time to review the experience.
I ordered the kit on 16th September 2017 and it was delivered on 7th October. Because of the size of the delivery vehicle, it had to be unloaded almost half a mile from the site but this appeared no problem for the fork lift truck to transport the single package to the site.
There was some delay in getting a building warrant. The building warrant was issued on 4th December.
The main problem in getting started with the construction was weather. Frosts were frequent through December 2017 and January 2018 so that the work on the foundations started in late January. Footings were created on both sides and back using an accurately levelled continuous concrete base 250mm wide and 150mm in depth. On this base a layer of bricks followed by a course of breezeblocks, 100mm wide and 225m in height. This provided the minimum depth of 450mm required by planning. The excellent composite foundation beam was placed in top. The base logs were fixed through the foundation beams to the breezeblocks using 140mm through bolts. A 250 x 250 x 450mm deep concrete plug was located at the centre point of the entrance to support the front wooden pillar.
Despite having been lying covered in winter conditions for nearly four months the assembly of the logs proved no problem. Although the longest logs were quite heavy, I managed the assembly single-handed. The only occasion when a second person was required was in raising the central truss into position which was tricky. The accuracy of the machining of the timber is of a very high order. Only two of the roof boards were slightly short but otherwise sizes were correct. The holes drilled to accommodate the vertical metal rods at the corners, in the case of pieces 017 and 018, were incorrectly positioned and new holes had to be drilled to align the holes with those below.
Perhaps the most difficult part of the construction was fixing the tiles on the rear slope of the roof. This is steep and it is not easy to retain a safe position. There is a spare 6m log with the kit. After the first few rows of tiles were fitted from ground level, in order to provide some footing, this log was clamped to the purlins at each end and reinforced by ropes as a safety precaution. The log was moved up the roof to higher positions as the tiles were fitted. In addition, it was necessary to use a harness and safety rope secured to a tree on the opposite side of the carport. An indispensable aid in this connection was a rope locking device to allow movement across the roof.
The gable boards were not deep enough to cover the ends of the purlins and the gable tops were too narrow for both aesthetic and practical purposes. I increased the width of the gable boards by nailing the tops to them. There were sufficient spare roof boards to create wider substitute gable tops.
There was a surprising degree of settlement after the building was completed, but the adjustable front pillar foot was put to good use to keep the roof front level.
The planners asked for measures to guard against wind uplift, so I fixed three batons on each side as recommended by Tuin. Despite being in a windy part of the country (Black Isle) I do not foresee any such problem.
I used two coats of the clear Carefree Protect on the outside of the building. This does appear to be a high-quality treatment although expensive. It is not always easy to see where the clear liquid has been applied. I had intended to treat the inside of the building but so far have decided that it is unnecessary.
The whole project has been very rewarding. The design of the carport is very pleasing and gets many compliments. The videos and instructions are excellent. This is a highly recommended quality kit with a good service back-up.