Liverpool Log Cabin - 5.4m x 5.4m - 58mm Logs

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Mr. Russell Woodward
Feb 22, 2024
I recently purchased a liverpool 5.4 x 5.4 cabin from tuin and would like to say the service and product exceeded my expectations, the cabin was delivered as close to the build site as possible , we started to unpack and sort the items out at 8,30 by 10 am we were ready to start assembly, we had watched the video a couple of times before hand and found this most helpful, by 2 pm we were up to the roof joists and then by 4 the ship lap roof was on , that was enough for one day it was time for a beer or 2 , the next at I was on my own and did the shingles and started on the floor , all that was left was the Fascias and guttering, all in all it was all done in 3 days with only the decking and staining left to do , 2 people first day then on my own for the other 2 , it was a enjoyable experience and quite straightforward , I am from a construction background but would say that anyone with basic DIY skills could manage a assembly , important to watch the video though , we did have a problem at the very start of the build we were 2 half logs missing but after emailing the out of hours team I was advised that these logs were tucked down the side of the window frame , all in all great product great service and looks fantastic in our garden would recommend tuin 100% ! Ps it is 100% critical that you get your base level ! I actually used tantalised sleepers , many thanks tuin for a great product ! Russ Nottingham
Mr. Allan Shipley
Dec 29, 2016
Hi thanks it was
Spot on when up in 4 days thanks Allan and Janet Shipley
Mr. Russell Woodward
Oct 17, 2016
I purchased the liverpool 5.4 x 5.4 cabin a couple of weeks ago, first of all I would like to say what great quality it is , the build went very well and was up in a day,leaving the floor and the shingles for the next day, hit a couple of snags at the beginning but after emailing turn out of hours they were resolved very easily! I would stress that as turn say it is most important that your base is 100% level ! I personally used tantalised sleepers which have worked very well ! Great company to deal with and would recommend 100% ,
Mr. michael mckeon
Aug 19, 2016
I have just completed my build to a log cabin liverpool 5.4x5.4, to be honest when the cabin was unpacked my thoughts were, I should have someone professional to build it, however I thought in for a penny in for a pound remarkably it was pretty easy to build and a pleasure knowing that I did it myself with a bit of help from a friend, the instructions could have been a bit clearer showing maybe a step by step guide, they were a little bit confusing, all in all what a beautiful cabin well impressed and very good value for money, I am now thinking of buying other products from this company
Matthew Winfield
Mar 16, 2016
Based on my experience l would readily recommend tuin to anyone looking for a quality log cabin. The service from start to finish was extremely efficient. The delivery was well organised, and delivered exactly where I required it. As I was building the log cabin myself I found the tuin web site and it's easily read guide invaluable, it virtually held my hand through the whole process from base to build.The building itself is amazing, it still staggers me how well machined it was and how such large pieces of wood slotted into place millimetre perfect. When I had a couple of issues while building, the technical team where on hand straight away to help ( even though it turned out that I had mis read the instructions) they were very patient. A small issue with the roof tiles was sorted out and additional tiles were received the very next day. I am in the process of finishing the cabin at the moment, but people who come and view it are wowed and cannot believe the value for money tuin offer. Highly recommend this firm, and thank the staff for their efficient handling of the order.
Mr. scott charleston
Nov 20, 2015
What a great experience. I thoroughly enjoyed building the Liverpool cabin. We erected ours with the cubby to the left, which turned out to be really easy- all drawings and pictures have it on the right. I did have to contact customer support (40mm expansion gap required between main cabin and cubby not obvious on the drawings) and could not fault their speed of response and advice.
I also utilised the pallet material (100x50x5500mm planks) to box in my foundation piers, which saved another trip to the tip and looks really smart in the final build.
All in all we are delighted with our cabin and the service from Tuin- can't wait for the cold winter nights to really try out our cabin with the log burner fired up!
Dot Mc Donnell
Jan 8, 2014
The log cabin is wonderful just what I, ve always wanted
Jayne Smyth
Mar 17, 2013
I was stunned at how many bits of wood there was but in the end it was easy to put together. It took us a few days to do it but we're pleased now it's up, time to paint it now.