Kris Pent Log Cabin 2.9x2m

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Ian Peters
Dec 4, 2023
Great value for money easy to erect love the finished product. thank you
Mr. Kev Fidler
Nov 25, 2021
Excellent customer service, polite in d ails about delivery and times!
Driver was very nice and even phoned when he was running late!
Cabin took 3 days to build due to weather but looks awesome, using it as a chill area and mini gym
Mr. Arif Ali
Oct 16, 2021
The cabin is exactly how I wanted it and it literally JUST fit into the area I made for it along with the unique height it offers. Great quality wood and cannot express how happy I am with my purchase and the trust I have with tuin
C Wood
Apr 23, 2020
This is the second Tuin log cabin we have bought. The quality of materials and accuracy of the parts is excellent. Start with a level base, follow the instructions and you can't go wrong.
Mr. Mick East
Dec 4, 2019
I chose Tuin after extensive online research and the positive customer reviews is what swayed my decision. I have not been disappointed. from initial contact with the sales team to delivery the service has been superb - prompt,polite and efficient.
i am part way through constructing the cabin and so far so good. the quality is superb and it is going together ok. will post images when complete. I have found Tuin to be a pleasure to deal with. thank you.
Dr. Michael Harmer
May 6, 2019
Really impressed with everything. The ordering was simple, the delivery date was rapid and was exactly as stated, the delivery driver was really helpful and obliging. The actual cabin is superb value for money and simple to construct (though a few more instructions might have been helpful). Any problems we had were overcome by looking at the various video downloads available. It is now painted up in Wild Thyme and looks amazing. Would totally recommend the company and the product to anyone especially given the great price.
Mr. Robin Kenyon
Nov 24, 2018
Apart from being an excellent, very well built cabin, I want to mention the delivery. I live on a new estate with a very narrow convoluted road up to my house. The driver managed to put the package outside my house in exactly the right place without me even being there. As you can see from my photographs the Kris cabin is perfect for a small garden and is so much better than a shed. I built it in a day and was so impressed when, after fitting the doors, they met correctly and the catch just clicked perfectly first time. Really great log cabin and I would recommend it to anyone.
Mr. Michael Fricker
Apr 11, 2018
Very happy with this cabin. Easy enough to erect. Well packed. Delivery no problem, very helpful driver.
Could do with a strip over the door to stop water running behind the door inside. I used a bit of spare wood for that. Door frame hinge slightly out of true. Had to use a lever to make true.
A good base will make erection so much easier. Would I buy again, if circumstances allow, yes.
Mr. Paul Blackburn
Feb 17, 2018
Impressed at all stages with the ordering through delivery through completion of the build.

Price seemed expensive when ordered but now constructed it seems good value and whilst the construction instructions are not great in printed form the notes on the website are useful and the kit beautifully intuitive to construct. But keep the wood dry pre construction.

Ordered composite profile base which was not delivered but rung through and thin arranged delivery within 24hours. Slightly inconvenient as prevented the immediate assembly, but dealt with quickly.

Ordered epdm roof and this was very easy to fit and much simpler than roofing felt.

Door frame assembly is quality.

When treated the cabin makes a fantastic focal point and storage/utility area in garden. Great quality and will last for years. Well worth spending more than a shed as it is in a totally different league.

To conclude. You get what you pay for. Service excellent. Product excellent. Easy construction if you are half competent diy person.
Mr. Ian Morton
Oct 6, 2017
My wife & I are absolutely delighted with the quality & value for money of our log cabin - we found assembly very straight-forwards. I had pre prepared a wooden framework base from 150mm square treated timber, similar to that shown on the website . This worked very well.
I was also impressed by the quality of the door furniture. My only small criticism is that the doors are not reversible as it would have been better for us to have a left hand opening.
I am pleased I decided to upgrade to EPDM roofing, although the quantity of aerosol contact adhesive supplied was hardly enough - fortunately I already had similar adhesive to supplement the two cans supplied. I have since learnt there are other brush on emulsion products which in my opinion may have be easier to use, reserving the contact adhesive for the edges only.
Delivery was tricky as the very large lorry could not reach our village, so I met the driver with my boat trailer on a nearby trading estate where he could easily park and transfer the pallet onto the trailer. This had the added advantage that I could tow the whole package up my drive, otherwise I would have had to manually carry each item up the steep drive. The delivery driver was generally very helpful and particularly in getting the load balanced on the trailer which was near its maximum weight capacity. It is worth checking this sort of rating well in advance of delivery.
Overall the project went very well and I am very pleased.
Mr. Michael Kearney
Sep 30, 2017
This is our second purchase from Tuin uk, and we are extremely happy with delivery, customer see service/support and product.
This time we went for EPDM roofing, and after installing it really is a no-brainer. So easy to apply, no joins....Felt is a million times harder to fit.
Cabin was up in about 4 hours, roof took about 1.5 hours.
Mr. Graham ADGIE
Sep 7, 2016
Quality! Quality! Quality. I waited ages last year for an inferior product from a similar supplier which then needed replacement parts This was supplied on time as promised. Even the doors were pre-glazed and ready to hang.
Mr. Simon Baines
Sep 15, 2015
The cabin arrived promptly, and was largely of very good quality. The only minor quibbles were one joint which was slightly miss-aligned, and easily corrected, and that there were no screws provided for the door hinges. Otherwise an excellent product.
Mr. Allan Boothroyd
Jun 7, 2015
Our cabin was delivered on time by a very helpful driver. The cabin is well constructed from good quality timber and was remarkably easy to assemble.
My only negative comment would be that the assembly instructions were minimal. However, the process of assembly is simple and intuitive. Very good value for money.
Dec 29, 2013
Order and delivery couldn't have been easier. Unloaded and trundled down the road by forklift and placed at the front of my house. Then just a matter of unpacking and moving the wood!

Due to the time of year treating the wood was a bit of a logistical problem as the cold weather meant drying time was slow and the bits couldn't be left out over night. Underestimated how long it would take due to the drying time and number of pieces of wood but the treatment (SIkkens) went on easily due to the quality of the material.

Build also couldn't have been easier. The wood is cut to millimetre perfect and it slotted together without any problems. With the exception of dropping in the door frame it was a one person build and took less than a day. To construct the door frame I knocked the frame together, squared it up and put a screw in each corner to stop it falling apart again. Once the walls were complete I hung the doors and just gave the frame a few taps where necessary to square it up again. Then screwed through the frame into the walls to fix. Surprisingly simple!

Very pleased with the quality of the cabin and the ease of build.
John Kelly
Nov 18, 2013
Brilliant product. This is far superior to standard shiplap sheds from the local garden centre for not much more money. Was easy to assemble, one tip get the doors aligned correctly before completing the last few planks. Don't have any reservations about buying from Tuin, delivery driver was excellent and product is 1st class, well done.
Andy Rafalat
Nov 6, 2013
Having purchased wooden buildings before,I was a little worried about both quality and ease of construction. The package after having been efficiently delivered was easy to assemble, and the quality was very impressive.I am both pleased with the quality of the end product, a very solid cabin indeed, and the great value for the money paid. Well done Tuin!
David Anderson
Sep 24, 2013
Very pleased with the Kris Pent that Tuin supplied - after losing my home office (well, spare room!) to our new baby, this cabin has been exactly what I needed to accommodate my growing business. I'd recommend this product to anyone who needs a decent sized garden office for one.
Colin H
Aug 20, 2013
Very satisfied with the cabin - quality is excellent, and well designed. Delivery slightly problematic due to narrow access road, but delivery driver went out of his way to effect delivery without having to arrange specialised delivery method.

I erected the cabin myself - in general went well, but instructions could be clearer in two respects: 1) how to position profiled foundation beams (differs from regular foundation beam) 2) how to felt pent roof (differs from apex roof). I got there in the end, but it could be made clearer.