Kennet Log Cabin With Side Porch 3.0x2.5m+2.5m

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Colin Oldfield
Dec 18, 2023
Very good quality product . Everything fits really well minimum of trimming and jiggling needed. Built cabin on my own over about four weeks , from laying concrete lintels to final roofing. I actually treated all the Timber before assembling as there was limited access to the rear and one side .really pleased with cabin , now fitting seats and electrics. It is essential to watch the online videos and not necessarily for the cabin you have purchased , little bits of information can be found for things that are puzzling you, for instance the window sills had me going until I spotted them in another video clip. Overall from purchase to delivery and quality very very good.
Mr. Stanley Walker
Oct 1, 2022
An excellent product. Easy to assemble, clear precise instructions. Tuin are a totally professional company who delivered a quick efficient service and I have no reservations in recommending both the company and the product.
Mrs. jane antley
Sep 20, 2022
I am very pleased with my cabin. It is just as I imagined it to be.
David George
Jun 28, 2022
We didn't get notified of the delivery the week before receipt, but the driver was excellent and delivered without problems in the dark. The finished product is very good, but the instructions aren't great for fitting the door and associated frame (had to work this out by elimination) and the instruction manual is for a square summerhouse, not our Kennet unit, so it took considerable working out, including how the canopy column should be fitted (no instruction). The two doors don't align properly - latch doesn't meet with the striker plate so will need modification. The assembled product looks good though
Mr. David Smith
May 17, 2022
The experience with Tuin from ordering to building my Kennet log cabin was 5 star excellent, as is the cabin quality.
Alfredo Staffa
Apr 23, 2022
Cabin was ordered and delivered as expected with no fuss and was a simple easy process. Tuin were always on hand to assist with any questions. The delivery was also an efficient process - slot booked and driver arrived as promised
Mr. Andrew Corder
Feb 10, 2022
We are very pleased with our new Summerhouse supplied by Tuin.
The product is excellent quality and looks outstanding.
This was the first time that we had taken on the challenge of building anything like this and it took us about 4 days to build the bulk of the building and then a couple of days to complete the roof.
Very pleased indeed!
Mrs Kathy Baylis
Jan 29, 2022
The log cabin was understandably delayed due to the pandemic. We were always kept completely informed. When it did arrive, it was well worth the wait. Excellent quality, a really good looking product with excellent customer service. Although it arrived in the winter, we are already making good use of our extra living space especially with the addition of a little outside log burner.

We have photos we would like to send but can't upload here.
Mrs. Wendy Ashley
Dec 24, 2021
Simple to order, delivery was first class (all the way from Holland) , great quality . The Summerhouse is Everything and more that we hoped for . *****
Mr. Alan Sills
Mar 9, 2021
First class delivery.
The odd length had some bow but overall a very good product.
Barry Jones
Jun 1, 2020
The whole Tuin experience was excellent from start to finish. The website was extensive with everything you could wish to know. The sales staff were pleasant and helpful in ensuring you got what you wanted, along with all the information needed to achieve an efficient delivery. The driver of the huge delivery lorry manoeuvred his associated fork lift into position to place the packaged building snugly onto our drive. Turin’s recommended installers arrived next morning and by 4pm the building was complete. The painting of the summerhouse took me a good few days and this helped me to appreciate the quality of the engineering involved in the manufacture of these buildings and I would not hesitate to recommend to anyone.
Mr. Barry Slater
Nov 11, 2019
First things first, I am not a talented carpenter, builder, diy expert etc, I am your normal run of the mill desk worker.

The Log Cabin was delivered on time and left as requested to the side of our drive. Shed base was already prepared in concrete by a friendly builder. Took me about 2 hours to single-handedly move piece by piece to the back garden; lay out logically and start to absorb instructions.

By end of first day, the cabin was up to waist height, was square (Pythagoras) and was solid. Very easy to make very fast progress building the walls. I was joined by a friend for Day 2, and we progressed up to full height, installed windows/door and installed roof rafters (the first time nails were required). To complete the roof boards took another full day and I'm in process of adding shingle tiles now (which will take another 2 days total). Safe estimation for a full build by a complete beginner ... 5 days. I am slow though and am enjoying getting it right.

Areas for improvement ... instructions really are basic, but actually enough once you get going. The door frame has to be constructed and in my opinion could be more robust. That said, now installed, it seems fine. The roof boards fit pretty well but anticipate some fine tuning (with a saw) to get just right (perhaps my corner angles were 89.5 degrees and not 90!). Shingles are very very gritty (they shed a lot), but look fantastic when on.

All in all, I have really enjoyed the build. The cabin is looking great and seems to be very robust. Now have to treat the timber for winter.
Mr. tony webb
Jun 29, 2019
My son, and son-in-law and myself built this cabin over two days , after we had looked at the Instructions and laid out the pieces of wood we found it was easy going. You need to take your time and it does help if your son in law is a carpenter but we got the cabin watertight after the second day. Instructions and laid out the pieces of wood we found it was easy going. As long as you have your base level the cabin goes up smoothly. These are made extremely well and the end result is a good strong Logcabin I highly recommend you look at their brochure and they are a very good price .
Jan 7, 2019
Overall, we are totally chuffed with the summer house and the final build; we think it is very good value for money.
It is now winter and so we have to finish painting the outside, getting the indoor furnished and the outside paving finished, but looking forward to doing this next spring.
I would say that the overall build was pretty straight forward although there are a couple of points I can raise.
The drop in window frames were very easy to install. With regards to the doors, looking at all the website information, I think at some point in the past Tuin have offered the door frame in the same format? The frame pieces supplied took some time to figure out (instructions are not the best) and I would say the quality/robustness does not match the rest of the supply.
We also were missing two lengths of roof support beams - we adapted in order to get the build finished (rather than contacting Tuin, which would have meant a delay in finishing).

We had a small issue when we found one of the long (5.0m) back wall boards had split in the middle at the interlock. When we explained this to your technical team, they would have been happy to send a replacement, but explained that one split board would not be a problem and so we took their advice and fitted it and it is fine - thank you.

We ran out of shingles, but ordered a pack and they arrived very quickly so that we could finish the roof - thank you.

All in all, very happy with the cabin. We don't have a big garden, but it fits in well and looks like it has always been there; I especially like the outdoor covered area - looking forward to using this for BBQ's (even in the rain!).

We can send photos if you advise how to do so.

Thank you,


Steve Walsh
Jan 21, 2018
We researched getting a log cabin for quite some months, we nearly bought a different cabin which would have been erected for us but the cost was twice as much, we didn't go for that and especially after reading the Tuin instructions of how to build the cabin and watching the video a couple of times we decided on the Kennet. We made a six inch thick concrete plinth because a hot tub will go under the open area, then ordered the cabin. Ordering was easy and the free roofing shingles were a billy bonus, the articulated lorry turned up earlier than expected and the delivery driver could not do enough, we had a delivery of stones at the same time and the Tuin chap unloaded the stones off the other lorry and placed them exactly where we wanted them, the Tuin package was huge. We unpacked it and placed all the bits on the second plinth we had made, it is six meters by two, the most important thing was to get the base absolutely level and square, the first set of logs were attached and after that the rest went on in very quick order, after a few hours we were up to eaves height. The next day we put the rafters on, a couple of sash clamps helped here to put the ridge beam in place and level, the purlins are all different lengths as I found out and most of them fix to the King pins, they fitted very well. The roof boards went on easily with very little cutting required but I did do some. The shingles went on very easily and the only thing I would say was when you are putting them on, the last few at the top near the ridge put them on in turn so that there is lots of interlocking of different planes as they come together, like a rose as richard says in his instructions. I cut two large circles for each end and attached them with copper nails as I had some. Now the painting is to be done inside and out, all in all it was as has been described, it's easy, not without the confusion at times when we didn't know how things went together such as the door frame but again, there was an instruction on the Tuin website and the support, we only used it once was very quick, within an hour.
All in all I would most definately recommend the Kennet, it's the proverbial dogs and looks superb.
Mr. Steve Timms
Aug 18, 2017
A+ fantastic addition to any garden. Highly recommended. Will use again on next project.
Mr. Donald Ostle
Aug 8, 2017
I wouldn't say it was easy to erect but my wife and I ,both mid sixties managed over a couple of weeks an almost professional job. Really pleased with the results.
Mr. Mark Little
May 30, 2017
Excellent product and service from start to finish! Delivery driver very helpful and give me a time on the day when he was due saves waiting in all day, the product was a lot stronger then I thought so will last me a very long time, the doors and windows are of good quality only down side are the instructions for the door had to google it to fully understand it. But apart from that am very pleased with it.
Mr. George Staniforth
May 15, 2017
We purchased the Kennet summerhouse havingread the reviews and studied the videos .
Great service from Tuin sales as we had to delay delivery by 2 weeks due to house completion delay.
The lorry driver was brilliant and very friendly nothing was too much for him.
I have yet to complete the build but the quality and service received has been second to none.
If you look at other suppliers , you will probably end up with a shed and veranda thats low quality and similar price, having researched summer houses for 1 month or so this is great for the price.
I now look forward to those long summer evenings with the BBQ parties and the chilled wine in the garden while i admire my handy work.
Mr. Ian Evison
Apr 11, 2017
Half way through fitting the shingles to the cabin and time for a rest so a good time to write the review whilst everything is still fresh in my mind. From order stage to delivery I was kept fully informed so a great start. The next stage is critical and set aside a good amount of time to check everything is as per packing list and lay out the pieces on the corresponding side of the base. Assembly was straight forward but I did stumble on the door frame assembly. The instructions given were inadequate and really need a refresh by Tuin. Apart from that and the rogue window sills of which there is no mention in the packing list or assembly instructions all went well. We chose to over the lap the first roof board 15mm from the rafter so the barge board fits nicely up underneath it and leaves a flush edge. Some fine trimming is needed with the final small roof board piece for the 8 corner packs. Overall we are over the moon with the quality and look of the cabin now assembled and I am sure it will give us many years of great service.
Malcolm bennett
Apr 9, 2017
I can't praise this company more, I don't think I have come across a company that is more helpful. Our cabin arrived on time when they said it would, the quality is first class, the build went just fine and I was able to assemble the cabin with the help of my wife. I recommend that you use this company over others selling a similar product.
Mr. Damian Lawlor
Sep 1, 2016
Without doubt the best purchase I've made in a long time, fantastic product and great finish, I chose Tuins recommended fitters who have gone above and beyond, this has completed the look of our garden and added a wow factor to friends who have seen it, brilliant all round.
Mr. Thomas Hardt
Jun 17, 2015
The Kennet log cabin is very nice. A good design, solid and visually appealing.
Adrian Jennings
Jan 19, 2015
Have given 5 star rating for quality of product, value for money and quality of telephone support.

The Kennet Log Cabin supplied has exceeded expectations and was delivered on time as requested.

The only complaint I would have is that the estimated two day 'DIY' skill level to erect is way off the mark, and the initial (very basic instructions) were not good. The telephone support helpline was exellent as was the additional instructions that were sent when requested (why not include them as a matter of course?).
We had a number of friends who were tradesmen help to construct and it still took several days to complete, mainly due to the roof construction.

Having said that well worth the pain in the end!!

Would absolutely recommend the product but don't expect to put it up over the weekend!!
Mr. Tony Maskill-Rogan
Dec 18, 2014
This is a fantastic cabin and easy to build. I found the instructions a bit rubbish though if you prefer written instructions. Tuin it might be useful to review erection instructions especially how the weatherproof boards are laid for the cabin to sit on, I got my the wrong way round and too late to change. The roof trusses could be numbered with instructions on their positions. Specific details on how the roof tiles are laid including the flashings. And final details to finish the building off i.e. how to lay the floor, fix bargeboards etc. This does sound like a negative review but on the contrary just my views on how the build instructions could be improved. I would definitely by another though
Mrs. Louise Rudall
Dec 14, 2014
We're really pleased with our log cabin, it looks great.
It was quick to put up as we'd already made a wooden deck to sit it on, in fact it went up in a day.
The tricky bit has been getting the shingles on, so we ensured we put a waterproof membrane on first. All that's left to do is the floor inside the cabin.
The service and info from The supplier was excellent. NB it arrives on a huge articulated lorry, so definitely check your access is good.
Richard Rawson
Oct 27, 2013
Overall we love this cabin, it's perfect for what we wanted as a mix of indoor space & an outdoor shaded area. We built it ourselves and are delighted with the quality of the kit, but there were some tricky bits !
Delivery was brilliant - just make sure you have room to unload & store a 5 mtr wide pallet ! Check & sort all the timbers by type/length as it makes assembly much easier.
The foundation timbers & walls go up quickly & easy.
Roof timbers are tricky as they go in all directions & didn't look like they would fit - until they were all put in place & pulled everything together.
The roof boards were all precut to shape - helpful as the roof has a lot of angles & corners.
The infill panel over the doors is another area where the instructions were inadequate - I ended up putting in battens to secure this to as there was no obvious way of fixing it in place without these. We fitted a waterproof membrane before the shingles to waterproof the cabin asap - a good move in the end as 3 weeks on I still haven't finished the shingles - what a pain they are !
Overall : Great fun - but not as easy as it should have been!