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Mr. Julian Barter
Apr 18, 2024
The experience with Tuin has been exemplary from ordering to delivery to support. Other companies could learn from this. The product is of excellent quality and surprised how well it went together. The shingles do take some time but the construction itself is only around a day! Email questions have been promptly answered and always helpful. I will definitely be using them again for other products.
Paul Jones
Jan 24, 2024
From ordering through to delivery everything was handled promptly and professionally with the guy delivering my cabin arriving when he said he would and managing to get a large package right to my front door. Building my cabin could not have been easier, with everything going together perfectly, even the doors went on without the need for any adjustment. The shingle roof looks brilliant, is simple to figure out but is about the hardest part of the job physically. All told the cabin took myself and my brother in law a day to erect, fitting the shingles the better part of two days on my own and a day for the floor.I am absolutely delighted with the finished cabin and can not recommend it and the service I received from Tuin enough.
Mr. Martin Adams
Jan 8, 2024
Fantastic cabin , can't stop looking out at it !
Really pleased at the quality of the wood and how solid it all is. Pretty simple to put together and any queries were answered almost instantly even out of hours. Had a slight problem with a split door panel on delivery but that was replaced with no hassle.
Great back up and advice.
Mr. Andrew Grubb
Nov 10, 2023
Fantastic product and service.
Very happy with my cabin.
Would highly recommend.
Mr. daniel mitchell
Aug 6, 2023
Really pleased with the Karen log cabin. The manufacturing of this product was great quality making it enjoyable to put together. Had done some research before purchasing so didn’t have many questions but any queries I did have were answered quickly and efficiently. Would 100% recommend the Karen and we look forward to making memories in ours!
May 22, 2023
excellent product, I was called 40 minutes before delivery,
Really well made, and very easy to build,
Mr. Lee Hepple
Jan 17, 2023
after seeing and reviewing a lot of other suppliers cabins i settled on the Karen, i thought the deal was too good to be true but have been very pleased with the whole experience from ordering to completion. it was easy to erect and managed to have it up with the roof on over the weekend. My one disappointment was that there were 2 lenghts of wood missing from the pack but thankfully an extra length was provided which needed the joints making prior to fitting, Tuin did offer to send missing parts out but i chose to use spare which was fine. The quality of the wood and the fitting of each part is excellent and for the cost compared to others ive been in is great. I would recommed this product.
Mr. Giedrius Serbintas
Jan 8, 2023
Nice one thank you. Good price product easy to assemble. Thank you.
Mathew Dempsey
Oct 14, 2022
Excellent service throughout the whole buying & installation process
David Thomas
Apr 19, 2022
Can’t fault this company! We bought a Karen 5m x 3m log cabin. The advice from everyone at Turin was exceptional. The cabin was delivered exactly where we wanted it despite our access being along a narrow road.
We are in Cornwall so asked our own local builder, Steve Hoon and his buddy, Jay, if they would install it for us. They laid the foundations, a traditional ring beam of reinforced concrete as the position was difficult to access for a concrete raft foundation. They installed the whole cabin and the shingles in very quick time and were most complimentary about the quality of the product, the simple instructions, the precise labelling of each part and the quality of the engineering. They commented that they hardly had to use the rubber mallets as the factory cutting was so good. I believe that was also due to the accuracy of the foundation which they had installed.
They are that impressed by this Tuin log cabin that they have already recommended the company to other customers and look forward to installing others in the local area.
I have no hesitation in recommending Tuin and our installers to anyone interested in a log cabin

David Thomas.
Mr. Kenneth Knight
Mar 26, 2022
I received the Karen log cabin 1st class dropped off on the Main Street well wrapped went up very easy with the information given with it you didn’t need to be a trademan to build this cabin
Sam weatherstone
Feb 3, 2022
We bought this middle last Yr made it into a pub its lovely quality product had many a good night got a fire in for these colder months so used all Yr well worth it Happy customers
Mr. Basile Poulopoulos
Jan 12, 2022
Absolutely excellent: The product, the delivery and the subsequent support, all second to none.
Andrew Pick
Dec 14, 2021
Bought the cabin back at the beginning of the year and due to the usual demand we had to wait until May to have it delivered which was fine. This gave us time to sort out installation dates with a local carpenter who recommended Tuin for the cabin anyway. We were very pleased with the results and would recommend these cabins to anyone else for sure. The quality is excellent and even after a few months we still love the wooden smell! We protected ours on the outside with the expensive but excellent clear protectant as recommended by Tuin themselves. We're still working on the inside (use as a leisure room/pub) and will take our time getting it to look how we want.
Mr. Joe Lovatt
Nov 1, 2021
We recently purchased the Karen 5x3.2 log cabin, September 2021, and are absolutely blown away by how good it is.It is exactly what we needed in terms of size, structure and look. We took the option to add extras such as a floor (I recommend this as it is very good quality and removes the task of working out how much you need and arranging alternative delivery)and upgraded the foundation beams from the standard ones provided.The logs are clearly marked for ease of use and butt together perfectly which makes the installation enjoyable and stress free. The entire process from start to finish was a dream, even the delivery driver was perfect.He took the time to position the pallet exactly where I needed it and checked every part to ensure nothing was amiss, he even stopped for a cuppa and shared a few jokes.An absolute gentleman. All in all the log cabin is perfect, the price is most likely unbeatable for the quality, the communication is excellent and the delivery times(I looked elsewhere and no others could get close ) where first class. Very happy customer, thanks Tuin.
Mr. Paul Theijs
Oct 26, 2021
I only bought the Karen log cabin after I had given up on buying a cabin from a different supplier.

The cabin was delivered on the day and time that was agreed; everything complete in a big pallet.
We had done a concrete base two weeks before which gave us the perfect foundations to build the cabin. We made it bigger than the cabin footprint as the start of a seating area around the cabin.

The build itself went very smoothly and quickly with three of us working on it. The roof took a bit longer as I had to do that by myself. I love the instruction videos and the blog with good insulation tips for roof and floor. Tip: invest in a good and large tarpaulin to pull over the build while it is not yet closed. Not only will it keep the rain out but also stop the birds from messing.

As I'm writing this, the build is nearly finished. The cabin is painted but still needs the drains put up. Then there are electrics to do and decorating the interior. Getting there though.

I thoroughly recommend this product. If there is anything to comment on, it would be that I would have preferred the windows to have hinges at the sides instead of the top. I might change that by getting some different hinges. Apart from that I think it is a quality product and an experience to put together.
Sam weatherstone
Jun 21, 2021
Bought the karen log cabin over the moon with it
S Davies
Nov 22, 2020
Dear Tuin UK Team

Our garden is on quite a slope so we contacted Tuin enquiring how best to do the base. Tuin were very helpful and we followed your advice and had a wooden base built on short stilts which are set in concrete. Fortunately, the given measurements of 5 x 3.2 metres were very accurate so the building fitted perfectly on the base.

The delivery arrived exactly when Tuin said it would and we were very impressed by how well the driver manoeuvred "Karen" onto the driveway!

Actually erecting the building was relatively straightforward and apart from the shingles on the roof was completed in just one day. There are just a couple of points we would like to mention:

1) The Karen on your website shows the window hinges at the top, however, provided with the instructions was a photograph of a window showing the hinges on the side. We were therefore unsure which way up to put the windows. We sent an email to Tuin during construction. We received a very prompt reply and were advised to follow the photograph supplied, ie hinges on the side. We did this, but had to take the hinges off on one side and move them to a slightly different position as we wanted to open both windows out from the centre of the Karen.

2) It wasn't clear which way round the door frame base should go. It was a 50/50 chance but unfortunately we made the wrong decision! This meant the hole in the metal floor plate for the door bolt was in the wrong position, we would recommend sending it undrilled instead or put an arrow to show which way round it should be fitted. We are going to drill another hole in the right place and cover up the unwanted hole with a transition strip after we have laid the floor.

The weather was against us towards the end of the construction - we were putting the shingles on in torrential rain and wind! Luckily we had put an EPDM rubber roof on before the weather turned against us so the Karen was already water tight and we fitted the shingles over the top of the EPDM. It took several days for a dry period to treat the outside. We have now put 2 coats of preserver on and will put a third on in the new year. The next task is to put the window bars on and then lay the laminate floor. We are currently getting quotes for a patio around the summerhouse. Due to the slope of the garden, this is going to take a bit more work.

Once complete, we're looking forward to inviting friends and family around for drinks (COVID restrictions permitting of course!). We shall also use it for relaxing and reading. Where we have positioned it is a real suntrap so we're really looking forward to enjoying it next summer. We may even put a sofa bed in there!

We have used brown preservative on the outside and have green rectangle shingles on the roof. We are delighted with the overall look and are glad we chose a summerhouse with a canopy at the front as we can have the doors and windows open without the rain coming in.

Please see the attached photographs of the base, various stages of construction and the (almost) finished product! Once we have laid the laminate flooring, we will be happy to do a video walkaround.

We hope this helps.

Thank you Tuin - we will definitely recommend you!

Kind regards
S Davies
Mr. Paul Mason
Oct 26, 2020
What a fantastic log cabin! I did a lot of research before optining for the Tuin Karen cabin. Other manufacturers were cheaper, but there were many points about Tuin that I liked. The assistance documents were very clear. The delivery was faultless and guidance for the base was perfect. The build was simple and a credit to the quality of manufacture. Every joint was within 1mm and the overall dimension on a 5 x 3 building were within about 3 mm. I was so impressed I bought the additional lean-too. A definant recommendation.
Steve Lansley
Jul 24, 2020
I bought my Karen cabin during the lockdown period. Great communication even though they were short staffed. Email updates regularly and particularly impressed with the Dutch driver contact details given to me a few days of delivery. Delivery was prompt. Very impressed with my Cabin. It gave us lots to do during lockdown and as a family we love it. Thank you Tuin.
Anthony Eade
May 14, 2020
Could not recommend the cabin and service received from Tuin more highly.... Cabin is fantastic quality and was put up in just a day.... I made an amendment a week after ordering the cabin and the customer services department could not have been more helpful....
Mr. Paul Brown
Mar 3, 2020
We bought a Karen Log Cabin from Tuin.
We decided on Tuin over other suppliers because I liked the Idea of being able to do what we want with the floor and liked the Blog format that gives you Ideas and tips on how to do things.
The purchase experience was good and the delivery guy with the stacker truck managed to negotiate our tight drive entrance an put the palate exactly where we wanted it.
We inspected the cabin and found that some off the pieces has marker pen on them and one of the windows was very roughly made.
We got in touch with the support team and send them photos, they sent us new pieces and told us to carry on the build using the shoddy window and they would send us a replacement that we could swap when it arrived.
In fact when the replacement came it was worse that the original however the support people pulled out all the stops and we now have a 3rd acceptable window in our possession
We decided to treat all the pieces before we erected the cabin with Osmo Base coat which took about 4 days.
On reflection we should have started erecting the cabin and treated each piece as we put it in position as during the treatment time some of the pieces had started to warp, which we put right using the techniques described in the blog and a few i developed myself.
All went well until we came to putting the door frame together, the design of the door had been changed and the threshold was not as deep as we had been told during pre sales and our floor would be higher than the door threshold which would look terrible.
I contacted the Support and they said the design had been changed and they had not had their information updated, they suggested packing under the door frame to lift it up. I pointed out we would then have to cut a notch in the log above it the depth of the packer otherwise we would loose the expansion gap. We did this and it looks OK.
The rest of the build went well.
We decided to insulate the floor and roof.
We had a suspended timber frame floor so we cut 50mm insulation sheets to go between the joists.
With the agreement of our electrician on the roof we ran the cables for the lights we wanted in the cabin to where we wanted them and laid 30mm Insulation sheets on top of them.
The batons supplied to fix the barge boards were 30mm and we worked out we could put them on top of the roof to stop the insulation sliding down and the barge board still be below the T&G roof boards.
We think it looks good.
Just a note I cut the apex of the roof insulation at an angle so I did not have a gap at the top of the ridge
Finally we fitted the roof shingles which took 2 days.
We then went on holiday for 3 weeks.
We were going to treat the cabin with Saladin Oak treatment but when we came back from our holiday the colour of the cabin had gone from the white to a more mellow colour that we really liked so we swapped the the salodin for some Osmo Clear UV protection and used that to treat the cabin.
The cabin has now been complete for 6 months and I would post some pictured but cant see a way of doing that.
We are pleased with cabin it adds to the look of the garden and gives us valuable space but we did have problems with the window and Door which might have phased someone who was not handy as us.
Mr. Joan Rydill
Jan 13, 2020
Our 'Karen 'is almost finished. It's taken longer than expected, because of the rain and bad weather since we had delivery in October. We have treated the outside with preservative and will continue to coat until we make a decision on the final finished colour. What we have not done is decide on the inside finish. We would really like a pale grey wash, which would show the wood through it. Is this a good idea and have you any suggestions of what to use. The finished room will be a teenage pad and 3 teenagers are desperate to make use of it real soon.
There will be no reason to hang around 'street corners' or be where they should not be! Many thanks Tuin.
Mr. Paul Scott
Sep 26, 2019
Finally got my cabin and patio finished this summer. So pleased with the result, thanks Tuin. Would be nice if there was a way we could add pictures to our reviews.
Alan W Whitty
Sep 9, 2019
Really pleased with my Karen log cabin. All quite straightforward to install. Delivery was brilliant . A few missing items were dispatched immediately and received the next day. Quality of the cabin is superb. The floor wasn't so good as there were a few split pieces but nothing I couldn't work around.The finish on the doors and windows could have been better as there were a few rough surfaces that needed sanding. Apart from that I was very impressed and please I have chosen Tuin. Thank you
Frank Crosswell
Aug 19, 2019
Great product. Easy to assemble. Would recommend.
Mr. Jeff Cosford
Jul 6, 2019
I've been researching log cabins ever since we made an offer on a bungalow without a garage or workshop.
Tuin had by far the best feedback from customers, and such informative website.
Delivery was uneventful, but there was a problem with my profile foundation beams - several were badly twisted. No need to worry, one email to Tuin and more arrived within a day.
The cabin itself was such a pleasure to build, I am sorry it is finished.
Mr Adams
Jun 12, 2019
We are very happy with our Karen log cabin, we searched through hundreds of sites and so many had such bad views then we came across Tuin. After speaking with them any concerns were put to bed, they were so helpful and the purchase was quick and easy. I have a shingle drive which was a concern but the delivery driver put the log cabin exactly where I wanted it to be. Our other major concern was the installation and finding a reliable reasonable option. We actually used one of Tuin's recommended installation teams and were very happy with the work carried out. I am very happy with the product and the installation. Now for the painting! I would recommend this company and their recommended installers!
May 23, 2019
very very good log cabin! I searched everywhere and Tuin is the best price and I service is great as well, you can find all the information that you need here, and the care free paint is brilliant!
Barry Rogers
Mar 4, 2019
The driver was more than accommodating when it came to putting the package in my preferred place on the drive.
I took the time to watch the installation video's on the Tuin website as I have never built one of these before and found them to be really informative and helpful. I would recommend to anyone planning to build a log cabin to watch these videos especially the shingle installation if that is what you go for.
It took me a couple of hours to unpack the logs etc and take through the back garden placing them in bundles of the right numbered logs close to the build which was really useful as well. The build went very well over a couple of days following the instruction paperwork with no problems whatsoever. The shingles went on well after that and look great. The cabin looks very nice and neat, the build was easy and I would have no hesitation in using Tuin again!
Mrs. Wendy Dann
Oct 28, 2018
I am really pleased with Karen log cabin and everything was so quick and easy from ordering to delivery. We live on a narrow country lane and the delivery man was so helpful they brought our cabin on a smaller trailer as the lorry was unable to get to us. We used one of the recommended installation companies and were very please with the work carried out on time & very quickly to a high standard. The product is excellent and of good quality I am very pleased with ordering from Tuin Ltd. Thanks very much Wendy.
Mr. John Beesley
Oct 1, 2018
We purchased our cabin 4 months ago and I have waited to write the review to make sure all was good with the cabin. Buying the cabin was an easy no hassle task and it has been the same right through to completion of the cabin. The delivery driver couldn’t do enough to make sure the delivery was put exactly where we wanted it. The cabin went together very easily and over the space of a few days with the help of my dad it went up seamlessly. The materials are very well made and solid and I am very impressed with the cabin. We have had no issues since it went up and we have had a few thunderstorms which haven’t caused any issues. I cannot say what the aftersales service is like as we have not needed them. I think that speaks volumes of this cabin. We are so pleased we purchased this cabin which looks great.
Mr. Joanne Fle
Sep 27, 2018
Great product and service! The Tuin Karen cabin was everything we wanted. The guys that put it together thought it was really well designed and easy to construct. The end result is perfect. No issues whatsoever. When we did contact customer service they responded promptly. Recommended!
Mr. Mark Scott
Sep 20, 2018
Karen Log Cabin
After reading lots of great reviews on Tuin I finally decided to Order, the customer service was amazing from ordering right through to the end, even the delivery driver was so helpful, the product is 5star if you are thinking of buying a cabin this is the company to use, nothing is to much trouble for them.
I put the Main cabin and roof boards up in a day on my own and the roof shingles on the next day, don’t hesitate get one now!!
Mr. Daniel Stanesby
Aug 26, 2018
Really pleased with my Karen log cabin. Very easy to build, fantastic quality, great service and communications from Tuin. I am already recommending to friends and family.
Paul Scott
Aug 15, 2018
Fantastic delivery at 0645, 3 day build, minimal head scratching and we are ridiculously happy with the result...thanks Tuin
Susan keighley
Aug 2, 2018
The Karen log Cabin we bought is fantastic,it so easy to assemble,and I know it will last for years,it’s not cheap wood,it’s really cosy inside and it’s cool in the hot weather,I’be recommend it to everyone I know that’s how much I love it,if anyone is looking for a summer house look no further the Tuin.
May 20, 2018
I am extremely impressed with the both the quality of the product (Karen log cabin) and the service from Tuin.
Everything, from the super helpful delivery driver, who called to ask if would be possible to deliver the log cabin a day early and had to park his truck over 500m from my drive and carry the 5m package along a busy road on his forklift, to the staff at Tuin who have answered my queries regarding assembling the cabin promptly and efficiently.
My neighbour, who is an engineer, has watched the cabin go up and has commented on both the quality of the materials and the ease with which an incompetent (me) has assembled it.
No material issues with the assembly. I do think that a single full length log at the front of the cabin incorporating the threshold to the door would make assembly easier and would ensure that the two sides of the front remain true. Other than that minor issue, I have no concerns.
I would thoroughly recommend Tuin to anyone thinking of purchasing a log cabin or shed.
Mr. Mark Cawley
May 17, 2018
This is the second Tuin log cabin I have bought from Tuin and again I am thoroughly impressed. The Karen is the larger of the two and with thicker walls. The service was great with prompt delivery (earlier than forecast). Build was easy and the finished product is everything we hoped it would be. i would recommend Tuin to anyone.
Apr 28, 2018
Just had delivery of cabin to my driveway.Very impressed with delivery driver Brian could not have been more helpfull, he even moved the floor and shingles under the carport for me. The main packaging did not go all the way underneath,just to the bottom edge. A few tear's but quickly covered with tape as it was about to rain. I will comment on cabin when it has been errected.
Mr. john bunnage
Mar 26, 2018
The quality of the website (It's layout, information, reviews and product details) were what first drew my attention to this company. Stands head and shoulders above the others. Purchasing was straightforward. The delivery was by articulated lorry and forklift offload, placed to the inch of where needed. On unpacking (after the snow had come and gone!) found that one piece had a detect in the wood grain. Excellent after sales customer care as after sending an email (on a Sunday morning), had reply within two hours and a new replacement part authorised (at 7.30 am on the Monday), made and delivered on Wednesday morning by courier. The quality of the product is great, 'banging' the joints together is easy enough and as long as you keep checking tongue and groves are lined up on the final bit (helps to have two) trouble free, looking forward to doing the roof. Definitely will (and have already) recommend to work mates and family.
The silver grey immersion treatment (applied before delivery) saved a lot of tedious painting time-money well the extra spent.
Paul Jones
Feb 12, 2018
I looked around at several manufacturers and cabins before settling on Tuin and the Karen log cabin. From phoning and ordering through to the delivery the service I received was first class, the delivery driver in particular doing a sterling job to get my cabin and the flooring pack right on my path. I had already spent some time digging out and then laying a concrete base so erecting the cabin was simple and quick, myself and my brother in law getting it done in under a day. The shingle roof looks superb and is simple to figure out but a lot of hard work to fit, taking a day and a half to complete, plus another half day to fit the flooring pack. After adding the wood preserver and stain and fitting the electrics I have an excellent summer house/man cave that will last for many many years. In conclusion an excellent product with top notch service that I cannot recommend highly enough.
Nicola Andrews
Dec 14, 2017
We have been very impressed with Tuin and would definitely recommend purchasing from them. Our Karen Log Cabin arrived on the day we were advised, the driver was very helpful and quickly and efficiently set to work putting the logs etc onto the drive. The cabin was pretty straight forward to put together, we had laid a concrete floor. It took 2 people all day, and then additional to put on the roof tiles and skylights. Overall very happy with our cabin, the after support has been very good too, I have called a couple of times for advise on paint etc. Thank you Tuin.
A Butterworth
Nov 18, 2017
I am an engineer and as such have a keen eye for detail. I have to say that I am very impressed with the quality of my cabin. I had a slight reservation, when looking on the web site, Tuin explains what to do if you have twisted or bowed logs. I did not experience any problems of this type with my cabin.The delivery was very efficient, on date and time. My son helped me build the cabin in one day.
I ordered the floor pack, this is my only disappointment. The floor bearers are in short lengths. Andrew immediately offered me a full refund, however I decided to purchase replacement floor bearers from my local timber merchant.
I would recommend Tuin cabins but give consideration to the floor packs.
Zoe Norton
Oct 20, 2017
Karen Log cabin
This is the second log cabin we have purchased from Tuin. Although there was a few weeks wait for the cabin ordered, as they were out of stock, Tuin never promised anything or took the payment until a delivery date was confirmed so you know exactly where you are with them. The Cabin arrived on time as arranged with a very helpful delivery driver who left the pallet with his fork lift exactly where we wanted it. Although I haven't erected the cabin yet I have moved it to the location where it will be erected. The goods are packed well with no damages or broken glass. Having had one previously I know what to expect and the erection of the cabin will be straight forward as the different items are well listed and the instruction simple to follow. I would thoroughly recommend this product and company. Zoe
Sep 4, 2017
Love the cabin and am really impressed by the overall quality of the product. Very sturdy make and amazingly clever packaging. All delivered on time.
Was relatively easy to put up and looks great.
Lorraine S
Jul 17, 2017
We'd seen similar log cabins elsewhere but chose Tuin because the feed back was mostly positive. We are not disappointed! Tuin provided over and beyond great customer service when my husband was rushed into hospital when delivery was due. Their communication was quick, personal and sympathetic to our situation. The log cabin arrived this week and on unpacking, the quality and manufacturing look fantastic! All's well now, so we begin the build today! A huge thank you to everyone involved in our purchase!
Mr. Joseph Levy
Jul 7, 2017
Great product, everything fits together so nicely. Spent my time preparing a raised foundation and most certainly - the key to an easy build is to ensure the foundation is absolutely square and level. It looks good, and looking forward to years of enjoyment. Oh yes, the roof shingles really sets off the appearance as well.
Mr Hughes Derby
Jun 18, 2017
Really happy with the Karen log cabin so easy to put together looks great everyone admires it too great space all year round .quality is excellent would recommend tuin if you thinking of buying one 100%
Mr. Andrew Murrey
Jun 14, 2017
Absolutely first class service. After searching the internet for weeks, the excellent reviews for Tuin made our decision. We cannot fault them in any way. From the day we ordered our Karen Log Cabin, the communication was brilliant and the delivery was exactly the week requested when we placed our order. Delivery was brilliant, the driver rang us when he was on his way and arrived exactly on time. He was very helpful when unloading our cabin. The instructions were clear and the videos are really helpful. Body of 5' x 3' cabin up in less than 1 day on my own, roof 1/2 day, the shingles took about 1 1/2 days on my own. Just cannot wait to fit electrics and floor so we can start to furnish. Overall extremely happy with our purchase and would not hesitate in recommending Tuin.
Mr. shaun day
Jun 1, 2017
After lots of online research I ordered the Karen log cabin from tuin.
The cabin was delivered on the day they said it would be with no issues and the driver was courteous.
After opening the package and moving all the parts from my drive into the back garden I then started to build the cabin.
All went well and after about 3 days (on my own) the cabin was completed.
It was fairly straight forward and easy to build and I was glad I did not pay for it to be built for me.
Tuin are an excellent company to deal with and I would definitely recommend them. A number of friends have also been impressed and are thinking about buying a cabin for themselves. I have told them that if they do they need to buy from tuin.
Karl Cowie
May 31, 2017
Excellent service and products from start to finish. We did much research into price, quality of product and reviews on company sites and Tuin stood out by far. The product arrived delivery driver was excellent very helpful and the cabin and window boxes were all excellent quality. Cabin was very easy to put together (husbands quote just like putting Lego together). The cabin looks amazing lots of complements and envy of friends who cannot believe the cost. Just a litle advise if you order window boxes just be aware you cannot then hook doors right back as the window boxes are in the way and the corner of the box then sits right on the window pane of the the door, but they do look really lovely when painted and planted up. All in all would highly recommend and an excellent experience and product, thank you very much Tuin
Mr. Steve Luckham
May 27, 2017
Let me start off by being honest, Tuin was not my first choice of cabin supplier. I had already signed up for another company but was getting concerned after questions on the base were not being answered. I went on-line to try and understand what I needed to do and found your site. I was astounded to find all the information I so disparately needed and some I hadn't thought of, it was all there in front of me. I was so impressed I cancelled my order and purchased a cabin from Tuin, (took a cancellation hit but worth every penny).

Working now with Tuin was a breath of fresh air, the knowledge and project guidance gained from Tuin gave me new found confidence, you showed me - I can do this, I was ready for delivery.
The vehicle pulled up outside my home the driver was so friendly, I was expecting a kerb side drop but the driver asked me "what's best for you - and I will do my best to accommodated", his driving skills with the moffet were outstanding.
Using your instructions and video directions it went together like a dream and looks great. It took me 3 days to put it all together and complete the roof. Importantly I thoroughly enjoyed myself doing it relaxed in the knowledge that your guides were so good and also if something did go wrong you were there if needed. Thank you
Mr. nasir khawaja
May 23, 2017
I am very pleased I made this purchase. I had been looking for a while - but the price and quality on the Tuin site could not be matched. I'm having some building work done, so got the guys to put it together. They commented on its great quality and I was impressed with the finished product. Everyone who has seen it has said they also want to get one. An overall Great purchase !
Mrs. Susan Howarth
Mar 23, 2017
Brilliant product and outstanding service from start to finish. Quick responses to questions ensured we chose the right one for our needs and reassured us of the company. Have recommended them to friends and neighbours
Ed Hughes
Feb 22, 2017
Absolutely delighted with my Karen cabin. Easy to erect, quality product and is everything I was hoping for. Well done Tuin.
Mr. Christopher Bull
Feb 12, 2017
Great customer service when one of the components was damaged, great value for money, excellent quality product and easy to assemble quickly! We are really pleased with it so far - just need to add the roof in the next few days and then do the finishing in the next few weeks!
Mr. Richard Lawless
Feb 1, 2017
Like most of us probably do going from one website to another searching for the best deal and quality, well I would personally go straight to tuin as the delivery, quality of build and ease of build were second to none. To build the Karen log cabin took 3 of us 2 days and one more day to fit the shingle roof which does take longer than I first thought but well worth the effort for the desired result.
If I had to build one again I think we could probably half that time. Thanks tuin for a great service and product
Mr. James Brady
Jan 8, 2017
What was great.
The Pre sales advice, the web site, the quality of the joinery, and of the actual timber sections. It was also a simple process to place the order. Plus payment was not taken right away.
What was good.
I built the cabin my self with the help of a friend over a couple of days, I didn't actually look at the instructions but rather viewed the very helpful YouTube videos. The build was very easy and straightforward. When the cabin arrived it was well packed and the consumable items and shingles were plenty for the job, I even managed to build a planter from the spare packaging. The driver was most helpful and was able to manoeuvre the pack to minimise the distance I had to carry the stuff and kept me informed of his time of arrival.
I liked that unlike other suppliers all the things like double glazing and shingles were included.
Not so good.
The delivery arrangements I feel were poor. The problem for me was I wanted to be able to plan the build in advance, and although was advised of the delivery week well in advance, the actual day was only told to me on the Friday of the week before. This meant I had to keep the entire week free. The windows on the Karen could be longer.

All in all a company and product I would (and have) recommend.
Thank you.
Arthur Disbury
Jan 3, 2017
Great Service. Cabin arrived on time and undamaged with a driver who couldn't be more pleasant or helpful.The cabin was erected in about 12 hours in total but spread over 4 days due to the lack of usable daylight at this time of year. My only comment would be the lack of written instructions for the construction,however, the cabin was simple to build once started following the detailed instructions on the website.
Eamonn daly
Nov 14, 2016
One of the few company's that actually exceed your expectations. Order process was faultless, delivery driver went out of his way to deliver the cabin, installation adviser was very knowledgeable and on top of that the cabin is fabulous! Very pleased with the end product.
Mr. James Shepherdson
Oct 24, 2016
I bought the Karen 5Mx3.2M cabin after many months looking at a variety of suppliers/options. The Tuin website is brilliant and informative and would recommend hours of browsing the many articles and blogs.
The customer service prior to delivery is great and once I had the delivery date I was at home expecting to spend hours moving things after delivery.
The delivery driver called when he was an hour away and arrived bang on time. He parked in a road off the main road where I live and was just finishing a cup of tea when the Hi-ab Fork lift crabbed into my drive! One gigantic 5m long package was put carefully exactly where I wanted it...so easy. The driver checked the extras with me and off he went.
Having spent weeks sorting out the timber base in my sloping garden the day of the build arrived.
My 17 year old son and I spent about 1.5 hours splitting the pallet and sorting everything out, at 10am on the Saturday we started the build by 5pm it was up complete with all the roofing boards nailed on. It was so easy.
The singles went on next which took a few days as I only spent an hour or so each time, dodgy knees you see.
A coating of Wykabor biocide to stop any rot/fungi/insect issues and I'm now just at the staining stage using SIKKENS Neverending Impressions as recommended by Tuin.
A brilliant product at a great price and everyone who has seen it comments on how substantial it is and how good the quality is.
Forget the rest buy the Best... Tuin all the way.
Mr. Tim Allyn
Oct 16, 2016
This is a great cabin. Easy to put together and very attractive. My suggestion would be to also add a way to insulate the roof as it only comes with 18mm roof boards. Also I'm thinking of adding more windows as natural light is so nice to experience in the cabin
Mr. Martin Ayris Papworth
Oct 8, 2016
Fantastic service with very friendly staff. Delivery was efficient and driver helpful and knowledgeable. Watch the videos on how to construct and it's very simple, it took me 5 hours on my own !! Quality of the wood it's very high, spare logs if one isn't good or warped ( none were). The wrong roof planks had been sent but 1 e mail and within 10 mins phone call received and new ones sent for next day, amazing. Love the cabin , solid , strong and very high quality , would I recommend the cabin and company , defiantly with out hesitation. Than you.
Mr Gerry R
Sep 26, 2016
I am writing to say thank you for my recent purchase of a Karen Log Cabin and to say how pleased I am with the product and the service I received

I am a 100% happy with the Cabin from assembly to the finished product

All went according to plan from placing the order to the follow up information to the delivery

And i must say the red shingles which came free were the icing on the cake

I would like to say to everyone involved well done for making me a very satisfied and also a very happy customer
marc iwaniszewski
Aug 31, 2016
Recently erected the Karen 5x3.2 in my garden and was delighted with the whole process. Delivery was drama less and the quality of the product was first class.My neighbours were also impressed with the product and I think will follow suit in the future
Mr Appleton
Aug 24, 2016
The delivery driver was great,the cabin is a machining of timber masterclass.Two of us erected it in 6 hrs not inc shingles so easy to assemble.We spent 2 hrs prior sorting timber into piles.I have spent my whole life in the timber industry and the quality for the price cannot be bettered.
Mr wells
Aug 9, 2016
The Karen cabin is excellent. I've been meaning to call Tuin to congratulate them on their product. Pre and post sales service is flawless - you get through to the office, not a call centre and questions are dealt with. The cabin is all that I dared hope for and we're thrilled with it. We had it put up by a Tuin recommended team who were quick and great and reasonable. The cabin is chunky solid and lovely, I'd recommend it to everyone.
Mrs. Kirsty Johnston
Aug 4, 2016
We are very happy with our Karen log cabin. It is good quality at a reasonable price. We been really pleased with the service give.
Colin Smith
May 18, 2016
Before buying a log cabin I done alot of research around different companies and the quality of cabin for the price I was looking to spend. Tuin price for the Karen log cabin was in the middle of other companies, cheaper options available but you had to reduce log thickness or quality of glass. I was always told you get what you pay for but I can't see any way Tuin could improve the quality of the Karen log cabin to match the price of the more expensive companies. Communication from Tuin was excellent, I had questions before purchasing this log cabin and then further questions as I built it which I always received a response very quickly answering all my questions in great detail. When you receive the delivery take time to sort the logs out, front, back and sides plus watch all the demo videos 2/3times that Tuin makes available on their site this will help you understand the process of putting your log cabin together. After a couple emails confirming I could lower the height of both front windows by 1 log I had the frame complete. I have used green felt alot over the years with different projects but this time after investing some money into this cabin I wanted to protect it for years to come so I paid the extra for shingles, the roof looks amazing 100% worth the extra money. Tuin excellent company, excellent communication, excellent product, I will be buying again from Tuin for my next cabin project.
May 15, 2016
So glad we bought this cabin. Easy to order, really nice delivery driver (happy to try to put the pallet where ever you want it), easy to put up, excellent quality material and it looks great :-)

It took 1 hour to move and sort the wood (we had to move it form the front to the back of the house). It then took me 2 hours to get the main cabin put up. It then took me about 6 to 8 hours to do the roof boards and shingles.

Despite the effort to fit them get shingles for the roof, they look great. We had the free ones which were straight red ones.

All in all a quality cabin at a great price.