Jutka Log Cabin 6.8m x 6.8m - 45mm Logs with Gazebo

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Keith Murphy
Jul 18, 2023
The Jutka Gazebo has proved to be a fantastic add to our garden. We built it on a purpose-laid patio and opted to get it professionally painted with a multi-coated product that has really created a fantastic finish to the cabin.

The cabin was built by Ian Grant from Ayrshire. He made a fantastic job of it, was a joy to have working at the house, and stuck to his original price despite a lengthy overrun.

Our only disappointment was the roof. It is a flat roof and holds a very large pool of water. Also the front fascia board was not sealed above and rain poured through behind the board until Ian fitted a metal cap.

It is a real shame that the intended slope on the roof is far too shallow, but for now we are delighted with the look and space that comes with the product.

Any proposals to solve the roof carrying so much water would be gratefully received even if we did have to spend a few more quid getting it resolved

Mr. Audrius Sauspreskis
Nov 27, 2022
Really good quality product
May 19, 2022
It took us 12 months to decide on our log cabin. We researched a lot but kept coming back to this one. The 21 reviews on the website reassured us, as it was a lot of money.
It was a simple process to order, allowing us to refine our order with the options.
Delivery was excellent, I was worried about access considering the size of the lorry as we are rural. It was the last delivery of the day at 6pm, not a problem. Des the driver had a long day but what a lovely man, very happy and professional, thank you.
I am a Carpenter/Builder so I have the skills to erect the cabin myself, its been up three weeks now. The plans where a challenge for me , but the next one will be a piece of cake.
To sum up, it is the perfect choice for us and fits into our garden better than I expected.
The quality is good and we love it.
My wife works from home, so we have had a lot of positive feedback from her clients.
Mr. Craig Provan
May 3, 2022
The product turned up on time. It is really good quality. Communication throughout was good. Will definitely recommend and use again.
Anthony J Sheppard
Mar 5, 2022
Cabin arrived really we’ll wrapped and as described we have used ours non stop through the summer, and with help of a little oil radiator we use it most of the winter as we’ll ! My mate seen mine and ordered one straight away . The instructions could be a little clearer but as long as you take your time it’s fine .
All in all I’m over the moon with my purchase and would definitely recommend to family and friends!
Mr. Paul Nesbit-Bell
Jan 11, 2022
We are very pleased with our purchase from Tuin. Once you get your head around the plans it was a fairly straight forward from then on. I had a mate who is a carpenter help me, and we had it up in a weekend.
The quality is great.
Mr. Les Lovelock
Aug 13, 2021
We ordered the Jutka cabin last year and with the help of wife & son got it built within a few days. It was quite complex in building but with care & good diy skills, doable. We then proceeded to paint etc. We have just added the toilet cubicle and now await the arrival of toilet. Really pleased with the results. The quality is second to none. The way it all slots together is brilliant. I watched installation videos first which really really helped. We installed aircon so have been able to use all season. Really great value. Looking forward to using it with the family. Highly recommended.
Tim Coleman
May 19, 2021
Wow! The cabin is everything we wanted and more. We ordered back in January and have were kept up to date with the delivery schedule, although a short delay, delivered without a hitch, the haulage company were also outstanding negotiating our small roads. We started our build on the 5th of May and two days later we ready for the roof, weather delayed, but the EDPM went on perfectly. The finished cabin now shelters our hot tub on one side and eating area on the other. The main cabin is far bigger than expected. Highly recommend this cabin through Tuin.
Mr. Andrew Hardy
May 11, 2020
Just had the Jukta Gazebo installed and have to say well impressed. From ordering to aftercare enquiries everything is spot on. I used the recommended fitter to build as it was way beyond my capabilities and glad I did. Treated with clear emberdecor and used embalan black on windows door and fascia. Looking for a stain that matches for the rest. Had some holdups due to Covid but once done will be awesome. I’d highly recommend the jukta and ruin.
Mr. Mitchel Clee
Feb 11, 2020
Well manufactured and relatively easy to assemble providing you have a good general level of diy competency. This took 3 of us two days to build up then another day or so to add all the finishing touches and do the flat rubber roof. I feel the instructions could have made certain steps of the construction clearer as we had to go back and retrace our steps once or twice, but overall very happy with the product. For quality and cost I don’t think you will find better elsewhere.
phill perryman
Jan 3, 2020
The build quality is very good and it has gone together very well despite the really poor instructions. If Tuin were to rewrite the instructions with a complete packing list I would give it a 5. It was just myself and wife that put it up so not difficult to construct. We had some guys put in concrete foundations so being level and square really helped. Would I have bought it knowing what I know now? Yes.
Elizabeth Moore
Nov 8, 2018
Wonderful service, both before and during delivery.
I would recommend this company to everyone
Mr. Mark Metters
Sep 20, 2018
I found Tuin online from a search and after a lot of research I decided to order the Jukta. They recommended an installer who turned out to be first class. Tuin’s customer service is second to none, they respond quickly to emails and speaking to them over the phone leaves you in no doubt this is a professional company. Lead time for the Jukta is about 3-4 weeks and you are advised 1 week before delivery from haulage company when the will delivering. The wood they use is slow grown spruce and of very good quality.

The delivery was hassle free along with installation. My installer was Philip Osorio who installed the log cabin in 1 day.

All in all, I would definitely recommend Tuin to those who don’t mind spending a little more than a few other companies out there. You won’t regret it.
Steve Kiernan
Jul 8, 2018
I recently purchased the Jutka Gazebo Log Cabin (April 2018) after seeing it at another property and I am delighted with it.
It is amazing value for money and the great summer has meant we have used it almost every day and evening.

The quality of the wood is second to none and it's a very solid structure once assembled.

We installed electricity and a few sockets plus infra red heaters as well so we hope to be able to use it even when it's cold.

We've also added lighting both inside and outside the cabin.

All in all we are delighted with our purchase and would recommend this cabin and Tuin very highly to everybody.
Mr. Nigel Harris
Apr 12, 2018
This was a project that I was looking forward to doing. I did though think, did I bite off more than I could chew. As I was doing all the building of the cabin, the decking, framing and everything else connected to this project...on my own!
8 weeks later and yes it was all worth it. The service from HO was first class and responded to only two issues I had, within hours. The instructions were easy to follow and the quality of the timber was good too. If I was approached by anyone about a Cabin / Summer House then Tuin would be at the top of my recommend list.
My work is done on the cabin now and all is left is a couple of days painting which will be restarted in the Spring next Year. I look forward to many chill out nights up there next year and beyond.
Mr. Darren Taylor
Sep 23, 2017
We took some considerable time in searching and evaluating the building for our project.
The delivery was made yesterday and the Dutch driver was very helpful and professional bearing in mind our rural village location and the associated traffic issues.
Having in packed and moved and stacked the components I'm so far impressed with the quality of the product.
I have studied the instructions and component list and feel confident that the erection and Build will be fairly straightforward. My only comment at this stage is that perhaps it would aid construction if the parts could be labelled somewhere to speed up installation, although I recognise that the Jutka is possibly a little more involved and awkward than other models.
I will update my review once I have erected the building this coming weekend.
Brian Dadson
Aug 15, 2017
Excellent product fits together so easily. Well engineered. Providing you have a level and square base it is great. Would definitely recommend anyone purchasing product. Great value for money excellent product and efficient delivery. 10 out of 10
C. Button
Jul 10, 2017
It has been a lovely . I would like to say I am so pleased with dealing with your company it has been really a great pleasure to deal with such helpfull people nothing was to much trouble .Next year I will be back for a extension . I love my she shed it is all what I wanted.
Mr. Stuart Shutt
Jul 5, 2017
The cabin arrived in a large well packed bundle and it took quite a while to lay out all the pieces to allow assembly. The instructions are a little sketchy and there was a lot of head scratching involved during the assembly process. Overall the quality was very high and everything fitted well. A couple of niggles were that it wasn't very obvious that the square pegs were for the round holes! The reference here is to the square dowels that need hammering into the round holes in the wall logs to pin them together. Also during the assembly process the laying out and subsequent cutting of the roof and supporting beam to fit the front facia really needs some explanation to make sure that the bevels are contently accounted for. The facia boards themselves are really the only let down in the entire pack. The cabin seems to be made wholly of spruce but for some reason OSB has been included in the fascias holding the T&G boards together. This stuff turns to mush in the presence of water and the rear fascia which forms an 'escape' for the water from the sloped roof looks like it will last for no more than a few months. I would highly recommend that this design decision is re-visited and the OSB replaced with solid timber. I will install as supplied but will thoroughly paint and wrap with the easy roofing product. All in all a positive experience and I would be happy to purchase another cabin from this company
John Davis
May 28, 2017
Really good delivery, building well constructed, easy to put up, installed by myself +1 in a weekend, total finish really happy with.
Ms. Tracy Carlisle
Apr 5, 2017
Excellent service excellent log cabin and the delivery was excellent ,really happy with the my log cabin it looks exactly the same as the photos thankyou
Jim Holland
Oct 13, 2016
I cannot rate Tuin highly enough! The Jutka cabin was ideal for the corner of our garden and after much research and deliberation we placed our order with Tuin. The entire order process was very smooth and a full set of plans was sent prior to the cabin delivery - as a complete diy'er this gave me sufficient time to familiarize myself with the parts prior to delivery. On delivery day, my Pallet was delivered to my drive (all 6m in length!) by a very friendly and helpful delivery driver. Two days later I had single handedly erected the cabin including roof covering. This cabin was an absolute joy to build, I am convinced this was down to the quality of the logs and the machining of the joints. I would (and indeed have!) recommend Tuin to anybody thinking about purchasing a log cabin...
Mrs. Deborah Gardner
Jul 19, 2016
This summerhouse comes in a thousand pieces and the instructions are absolutely rubbish.

We spent several days trying to fafham the instructions out and after many calls of complains to Tiun they finally sent out an engineer Wayne.

Wayne was very helpful and then corrected a peice of wood that had been supplied as cut wrong!

Wayne was helpful but Richard was not. He just replied to emails and refused to answer the phone to us. He emailed back with comments like "the instructions are used europewide and others cope" and "read the instructions".

Richard also confused things further by sending a second set of instructions which contradicted the first supplied set.

If Wayne had not been sent to sort this house then we would have demanded our money back and for Tuin clear out site of their giant Jango firewood.

So with the combination of crap instructions and the summerhouse coming in thousands of unmarked pieces of wood I cannot advise you strongly enough to go elsewhere for a summerhouse than buy anything from this company.
Tuin reply: Thank you for your review.

This is a harder building than normal to install and can seem confusing. I tried to help you considerably out of normal working hours to resolve your problems, unfortunately my wife and family do have priority on my days off hence the email communication. Calls are of course responded to during normal office hours when we are open. During the evenings and Sundays we only offer an email service where we try to assist. We are sorry this was not helpful.

Wayne attended site very quickly during normal work hours and gave you a lot of guidance and resolved every issue for you including showing you how to install quickly and easily.

For other customers we strongly suggest with this building and others of a similar complicated nature to have it installed by an experienced recommended installer or to contact us prior to ordering to see exactly what is involved.

Some of our buildings are NOT a simple, unexperienced DIY project without some skills, knowledge and skill set.

Having said that, with an ability to follow a set of plans and a steady, methodical, approach anyone can install these buildings. Please fully read our advice regarding installation here: https://www.tuin.co.uk/blog/tuin-tuindeco-log-cabins-instruction-manual/
Lyndon Cameron
Nov 13, 2015
Delighted with this superb kit and the whole experience from ordering to the delivery and help and advice on the website (plus the extra glue and advice of products to use for the EPDM) so thanks to all the team at Tuin.
Mr. Arjan Roukema
Nov 7, 2015
Absolutely great. The info on the website is fenomenal and a must read and watch. Delivery as planned and after bringing everything back in the garden we started with the foundation beams amd first layer. We built it up to 3 layers, checked all angles and it was so easy after that. Within a few hours we were close to roof level. Next day started with the windows, all easy fit. The wAlls leaned back a bit, but as it said once the top beams are put in it all comes together nicely. Ok the final part was a bit of a puzzle as the roof is flat but sloping. Putting in the roof was perfect fit as well. End with the EPDM. That appears a bit scary as the surface is huge. I bought some addional evo-stik flashband amd used sealant to get it waterproof as can be. Now the painting can begin..... A big thank you for a great product, easy instructions and good service over the phone.