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Mr. Kevin Rafferty
May 22, 2022
After looking around for a summerhouse and being put off by the cheap and fragile look of the majority, I found "TUIN".
I spent days navigating the website,reading reviews,technical details and blog entries,I was convinced these were superior quality and so I ordered the JOS corner summerhouse.
Delivery was chosen by me and gave me time to construct the base.
After unpacking all the component pieces and stacking them ready to build, I was again struck by the quality of timber.Buildingcwas fairly straight forward once the first four or five logs were up and squared off.The roof was a bit more tricky being by myself. Once the rafters were in and squared I needed to call for assistance to get the roof panels in place.Once on and adjusted the fun could start with the shingles .
Having never done shingles before I was a little anxious,however the "blog" videos on the TUIN website were invaluable.
I found if I laid them out on the ground first ,I could visualise the pattern. Once started they flew on with a few nails and glue should last for years. So far very pleased with purchase. Just need to sort the inner floor.
Mr. David Sutherland
Feb 10, 2022
The Jos cabin 28mm is a solid well made timber building and worth every penny spent, The delivery was hassle free even though I live in a cul de sac
Like some of the other reviews you need to see the online videos and read the plan a few times, what would make the build start a lot more straight forward would be to number or a letter on each piece as well as the drawing (plan). saying that it’s only took 3 days to complete (plus the odd downpour) and I treated the sides first that are up against the fence panels the finished cabin really looks the part we are well pleased Tuin as a company and would not hesitate to recommend to family and friends
Mr. Nigel Payne
Dec 26, 2021
After a lot of research, and based on the good reviews of Tuin as a company, we opted to purchase the Jos corner log cabin. Ordering was straight forward and at this point we booked our “delivery” slot.
Delivery of the cabin was confirmed the week before by phone and on the day the driver called about half an hour before delivery. (He was extremely helpful.) The cabin came well packaged and as we unpacked we ticked everything off on the accompanying documents. This is worth doing just to get your head around all the parts and where they go!
Then the build... this is fairly self explanatory for most of the build. However, the reason for the four stars is that instructions could definitely have been better/clearer. We relied heavily on the videos posted to check that we were doing everything correctly, especially the door section and the roof. (And again when we put the self adhesive shingles on) Also on one of the opening windows the holes for the top fixings were not in line and have made the window very difficult to centralise, even after adjustments.
We have made amendments to allow for guttering, which we purchased separately.
Overall we are extremely pleased with all aspects of our purchase. We will post photos on the other review sites.
Thank you! We look forward to using it now.
Mr. Rob Price
Dec 23, 2021
So, so impressed with this. The order process was perfect, and I was kept well informed along the way. Delivery was all as promised and nicely done. The cabin was well packaged with lots of nice touches to keep it from being damaged. I did a little research using the resources on the website so I was ready to do the build when it arrived. I spent a long time making sure we were all square and level which I think paid off as the rest of it flew up and I'm really pleased with the end result. The quality of the cabin shines through, I can see it is going to bring a lot of pleasure! Thanks Tuin, great all round.
Geoff Robins
Nov 27, 2021
Service was faultless. The summerhouse was delivered on time (in fact one day earlier than the stated 2 month lead time).
The driver was helpful and it was very well packed and protected.
The quality is excellent. So much better than the similar sized sheds advertised at half the price. You definitely get what you pay for.
I painted mine before erection to ensure I| didn't miss anything. Actual assembly was quite straightforward and didn't involve much head scratching. The only time I needed help was to put the roof sections on as they are too heavy for one person alone.
Overall, I am very happy with the finished result. It exudes quality.
Don't hesitate if you are thinking of getting one.
Mr. Jim Sayers
Oct 13, 2021
Delivery was excellent, arrived a day early after call from carrier said they could if we wanted! Well packaged with instructions (which could be a bit clearer to be honest). Once the base timber was laid it was very straightforward to construct. Had to email about the triangle price above the door as I had put the top logs on before fitting it but easily resolved due to swift reply from customer service.
The black shingle roof looks great.
Very happy with the finished cabin it's great quality.
Would recommend to others, but do watch all the construction videos and read the tutorials as they have a wealth of information.
Many thanks Tuin
Jim Sayers
Mr. David Williamson
Oct 7, 2021
Brought the jo’s corner cabin after lots of research and review reading. Installed by recommended fitter and absolutely love it! Fitted out as a bar and although small the space is very deceiving! The food shingles look fantastic and although we’ve had very heavy rain no leaks whatsoever! Just put on some guttering to prevent any splash backs onto the logs and I reckon it’ll last a good few years. Slight bowing on door but Tuin have sent some turnbuckles to help sort that out! Delivery was also brilliant! Would definitely recommend.
George Rudnik
May 12, 2021
Having spent a few weeks looking into all sorts of log cabins and sheds we came across your company and the Jos corner cabin which seemed ideal. We have a smallish garden that ended in a point and it was not that attractive as we felt it made the garden feel very narrow. After measuring up we felt it could be just the thing to improve our garden. We ordered in the pandemic and thought we would have to wait until this year but luckily it was ready in December. It was delivered already with an undercoat so after checking we had everything we started painting. Between my wife and I we got building. She followed the instructions and brought all the pieces... Very few mistakes!
It took us about 3 days to get it up with a little help with the roof. The floor we put in later. We love our cabin, its so cosy any peaceful.
Thankyou Tuin for a great product.
Tracey Leadbitter
Apr 14, 2021
We are over the moon with our little log cabin and the excellent service that we had from Tuin. Due to being restricted on space we ordered the Jos corner cabin, we knew what we wanted to do with it but we just were not sure if it would be big enough but it was all we could fit in. The build went really well, just me and my husband, it took us 4 full days from start to finish when the final shingle was on. The wood quality and the way it all went together so easily for a pair of novices was excellent, we learned new skills along the way with me taking on the job of putting the shingles on the roof much to the amazement of the neighbours who were also really impressed with the building and came out with coffee on a regular basis to keep us topped up and also to make nice comments on how beautiful it was. So, what was it we wanted to do with it? we wanted to make it into a little bar, and we have achieved it, it is like a tardis and we have everything we need in there to feel like we have really gone to the pub, especially during lockdown it's been nice to have a little retreat when you can't go anywhere else. I have sent photos to Tuin to show what we managed to achieve in case anyone else is having the same thoughts as us but also being restricted with their space. Thanks Tuin for your excellent delivery service, excellent customer service, brilliant prices and above all build quality with all the extra pieces of wood that were part of the packing but which also allowed us to make some extra shelves and things that were in keeping with the rest of the building, there was no skimping on anything.
christopher julian morrell
Mar 31, 2021
overall very happy!!
online ordering was not really working as it should do - but it happened in the end, delivery was somewhat abrupt - but it all arrived on time. putting it together was actually quite enjoyable - although we have never done anything like this before!! i think the overall result was very high quality"!!

one point to watch out for - if the overall size is critical to you, the internal dimensions are actually quite a bit smaller than the external dimensions because of the "fins" protruding on the corners.

would happily do it all over again and recommend a tuin log cabin to anyone.

Mr. Richard Brodie
Sep 7, 2020
Purchased the Jos corner cabin from Tuin, main reason for choosing Tuin was the quality product and service, excellent information given by Tuin during the decision making, and fantastic support all the way to completion of the build, prepared and built the cabin myself and would say fairly easy for a competent person, delighted with the end result currently kitting out the inside now, the Jos was perfect for my space, anyone purchasing from Tuin I would highly recommend reading all the available information, guidance and pointers on the Tuin Website, it is not onerous but it is invaluable and will give you confidence to build and purchase, delivery was seamless, cannot rate Tuin highly enough , well done
Mr. Brian Wakefield
May 8, 2020
The product is exactly what I wanted. It was delivered when expected in excellent condition. It was a pleasure to build with no major problems.
Mr. frank chamberlain
Apr 27, 2020
Firstly the quality is outstanding, value for money unbeatable and it looks great.Delivery was really good as was customer service, they keep you updated all the time, now the minor grumbles this is relatively easy to build , but the instructions not great akin to an early MFI A4 sheet. Tuin really need to look at making them more clearer, next you will not get this finished in a day vague instructions and the amount of similar pieces set you back ,give yourself at least 5days to complete there is a lot to do ,build ,put shingles on roof ,put protection on, lay floor and all the wee fiddlie bits, take your time and do it properly , I would recommend Tuin and I would buy from them again.
Mrs. Sheila CLIFFORD
Feb 1, 2020
Great service great summerhouse and an item that was broken was replaced within 48 hours
Jon Hall
Dec 31, 2019
Great product. Driver was efficient in delivery and caring was well packaged. It took approx four days to erect and paint, and was fairly intuative on what to do. Would advise looking at the videos before starting as this gave good tips.

Using as a garden small office and it provides plenty of room.
Mr. Trevor Dale
Nov 12, 2019
The Jos Cabin is just as good as it looks really well built quite simple to put up, I managed it in about 3 days as the roof was time consuming. The instructions could have been better but I’m quite a good DIY person. I used a jig saw to cut all the roof tiles to size but apart from the odd mistake on my part it went up easy and looks great.
Lynne Trew
Nov 12, 2019
My research for a log cabin was extensive and I finally decided on Tuin. I am very pleased I did as the process from ordering to delivery and assembly today by Philip Osorio has been quite seamless. He did a great job. We still have to treat and complete all the final touches but I am more than pleased. Would certainly recommend both the company and Philip.
Keith Eames
Sep 28, 2019
We are 3 years from ordering and our cabin is as much part of our lives as the shower.

Still looks fantastic, still standing, still a fun place to go to get away from the phone in the house. The shingles look new, the inside still smells of wood (not surprising but you know what I mean).

If I had a bigger garden I would buy another.
Mr. james leyland
Sep 16, 2019
Tuin was recommend to me by my friend who is a joiner. I had looked at various options including buying the timber myself.which on costing would have cost more that the Summer House itself. I made my order, the Summer House arrived very well packed and with all the instructions. My friend arrived and we started to build the Cabin. The most important tips I I can give are
1 Make sure the base is set right and level
2 Two people are required
3 Take your time and follow the instructions you won’t go wrong.
It was simple and easy to erect the quality was first class. It took two half days to finish of that of course included loads of brews stops for dinners etc. My mate who is a fussy joiner was well impressed with the quality, how easy it was to assemble and the cost. So if you want quality at a good price I would highly recommend Tuin.
David Mason
Sep 14, 2019
Definitely five stars for this company, arrangement and organisation, especially the delivery driver Malcolm. I have not opened the package yet having been away. The driver persevered despite the drop being quite difficult with good humour and "can do" attitude. First class.
Ms L Wight
Sep 13, 2019
The delivery was excellent with pleasant, sociable driver, as straight to the door as possible.
I’m a 75 year old woman – and with my husband – we unpacked and categorised the various pieces.
As it was my project, I wanted to do as much of it as possible.
We laid out the plans to identify the pieces. The concrete base had been laid by a professional builder.
Although the composite foundation beams were warped, I managed to get it levelled with diagonals being
2mm out, (good enough for Government work!) then severe rain stopped play!

All corners were squared, first planks in and drilled to the foundation, then the cabin went up very quickly.
Putting the 002 boards up, thought I’d made a mistake, because I had a 002 left over, but realised – no mistake,
the other one was to go above the window. When I was building (with a little help) I found a large gap appeared.
When the rest were put on, the gap disappeared! There were one or two problems inserting the ‘canopy’ parts.
above the door space, but used G-clamps to help.

The roof boards - I had to ask for help – they were extremely heavy. Roof boards now on... but as I would be using
the cabin as a craft room, I put a rubber membrane on, and insulation board which we nailed down, and then the
shingle roof. The heavy rain came back to test the leaks. Still to fit the window catches (hence the gaffer
tape on the frames). We bought floor boarding and cut it to size, then ‘nail-gunned’ down – the easiest part of
the job! We had a qualified electrician to put install sockets and a light. After all the painting has been done –
weather-permitting – I will settle in to my cosy cabin and get on with my craftwork.

This was a really interesting and straightforward, but challenging exercise which I would recommend – even at my age!
Mrs. Patricia Masterson
Aug 1, 2019
My son, son-in-law and I erected the Jos over 3 days. It's a bit daunting when you open the kit - so many bits, a lot of it packing. (Would be helpful to label pieces or mark packing wood?) However, once it was all laid out, it became clearer, and putting it together was easier than expected. The roof was the only bit that caused any problems, but that was probably due to lack of skill. We haven't tackled the shingles yet …

I had seen a Tuin summerhouse at a friend's house, so knew that they were good quality. I'm very pleased with the Jos and look forward to having a lot of fun in it with my grandchildren.
Mr. David Upton
Jul 4, 2019
I purchased the jos corner cabin and couldn’t be more pleased. The quality is first class and from my research, the prices are reasonable but without any compromise on quality. Called up a few times and everyone very helpful. Even the Dutch driver who delivered the cabin was great. A special mention for Philip Osario who constructed it for me. So efficient and helpful - true “experts” at what they do. And he is so much more reasonably priced than other recommended fitters that I tried. 10/10
R Webster
Jun 13, 2019
We are over the moon with our Jos corner cabin.
My wife has wanted a "she shed" for 3 years and I finally gave in. Delivery was as promised, installation fairly straightforward. My advice is that you read all the advice which is available on line. Also all the video tutorials are also really useful. We have insulated both the roof and floor following just some of the information provided. Used a good quality sadolin Super dec protection, 3 coats applied to ensure we get years of enjoyment from our cabin. I just need to get invited into the cabin now from the wife... Thanks Tuin I have already recommend you to friends and family. We have the official opening tonight as the sofa is been delivered this afternoon.
Karen N
Jun 4, 2019
Good communication and delivery was on…
Good communication and delivery was on time. The log cabin is great quality and have found the videos on YouTube really helpful for putting it together.
Mrs. deborah Russell
May 24, 2019
Just put up a Jos Log Cabin, very happy with the product, arrived on time and packaged very well, help desk very quick to respond when I had a query, my only negative comment is the lack of instructions, if parts had stickers like red green etc and instructions came with it in steps aligned to the stickers it would have been much more helpful as it left you to guess and had we not had our neighbour helping us we would have really struggled especially with the roof! Apart from that great cabin very happy, rating 4 start is due to lack of instructions which is key as for the actual cabin that is a 5
Mr. darren king
May 13, 2019
Our experience with this company has been fantastic. We placed the order online, delivery was exactly as advised with no problems what so ever. The cabin was very well packaged and sealed in a water tight plastic cover. The quality is superb and assembly is reasonably straight forward if you spend some time researching their extremely informative website. We stained ours in the garage before assembly which was a bit time consuming but well worth it in the long run. Overall we are very happy with our log cabin.
Mr. Robert Stanley
May 6, 2019
This is the 2nd Tuin product I have purchased, I ordered and received the Charlotta cabin and thereafter a pleasant experience with that I ordered the Jos corner cabin.
As before, the ordering process was flawless, delivery/communication from the logistics company to arrange delivery and the driver on the day was professional and informative.
The driver dropped the pallet where we asked him.
There was zero damage and the pallet unbelievably well packed.
Having experience with the Charlotta was a big help on assembly day.
We found stipping the pallet and ordering all timbers the same length/dimensions into separate piles a big help.
The cabin went up very easy, the only tricky bit was the door frame but when I say tricky I mean slightly harder than the rest of the assembly.
Don't let the drawings put you off, they look quite complicated but once you get going you can nearly do without them.
I cannot impress how much I rate Tuin and their cabins, I'd be very surprised if you can find the same quality cheaper elsewhere.
Another happy customer, i'm already browsing your shed range so another purchase will be soon!
Ms. Freda Mold
Apr 28, 2019
We ordered the Jos corner cabin which was a perfect size for our garden. Delivery was amazingly swift and easy. I was very worried that they would not be able to deliver it to our garden as the entrance has a tiny slope. However, delivery went very well due to the robust forklift truck used. We were very impressed. The cabin is made from good quality wood, and was relatively easy to put together. The instructions were good and helped by information on he website. We constructed it in 2 days, and painted it on the third. Overall we are delighted with the cabin, and everyone who sees it is impressed with its quality. The free shingle was an additional bonus and gives the cabin a very neat appearance. We ordered the plastic feet - foundation things to help level the structure. These saved hours of time and well worth the money! I would buy again from this company.
Mrs. Eileen RAE
Jan 7, 2019
We bought the Jos Corner Log Cabin, and must say we are absolutely delighted with it.Just wish we had ordered a bigger one.Delivery was as stated and helpful driver.Would certainly recommend a Turn product.
Mr. Malcolm Smith
Nov 21, 2018
I thoroughly enjoyed putting together Jos Cabin and was very impressed with the support videos which helped tremendously. All materials supplied were in good condition and there was never a shortage of timber or shingles.
I would like to send you a picture of the completed cabin which has been painted. We are now the envy of the neighbours with their flat felted roof summerhouses. Many Thanks Malcolm Smith
Mr. Scott McMillan
Oct 19, 2018
Absolutely delighted with our corner cabin. Everything Tuin offer from order through to after sales has been a pleasure. Credit to all from packaging, delivery and all your hard working team behind the scene. You have an excellent product, great range of various cabins and very reasonably priced. The Jos cabin we received has been well admired and enjoyable to construct. My best advice when considering which size or design to choose - consider the size of build in relation to garden space, too big looks too overpowering. I see too many buildings being shoved into corners to maximise space yet give no thought to the required regular preserving. Spend time ensuring a level base and let Tuin supply you a garden space that will be enjoyed for many years.
Mrs. Frances Ryan
Aug 3, 2018
We feel very lucky to have come across Tuin on the internet when searching for log cabins.
From placing the order, which was extremely easy to delivery and assembling the cabin it went so well.
We decided to buy Jos corner log cabin 2.5 x 2.5m. We arranged to have a base put down following the dimensions on the website, which was exactly right. The cabin was delivered as promised and the delivery man couldn't have been more helpful. My husband and I constructed the cabin we are both retired in our 60's and it took us 4 days. We had our son's help with the roof and shingles. We took a further 2 days painting the cabin, and we are having electricity put in the cabin this weekend.
We feel a great deal of satisfaction looking at our cabin, we are enjoying the cabin which looks lovely, and so are our grandchildren.
The product fitted together so well and we had very few problems, all solved easily over a cup of tea.
We highly recommend Tuin Log Cabins and look forward to enjoying the cabin for many years to come.
Mrs. Anne Dexter
Jul 23, 2018
This was bought for my son to have his own outdoor cabin, but it will grow with him/us into adulthood. Ordering was straight forward & delivery company were very helpful. We built the cabin ourselves - having never done anything like this we were wary, but as tuin continually say just trust the instructions, take it step by step and go for it! We were a bit confused about the door frame, contacted tuin and got an immediate response - sorted! We had to contact them a couple of times and each time the response was fab/ very helpful and never were we made feel like a nuisance. It took us 3 days to complete and what a sense of achievement! I would and do recommend tuin.
We also ordered a gazebo which we will build next week and are hoping the build goes as well!!
Jul 19, 2018
Excellent log cabin. Looks fab!. Useful to have two people building it. Just finished painting it and it really enhances my Garden. Can't wait decorate and furnish it inside. Tuin were very helpful from point of order straight through to delivery. Brilliant!
May 11, 2018
Awesome little cabin, have a matching annexe on the back for bikes .. Perfect.
Mr. Matt Roberts
Apr 20, 2018
I've just finished building my Jos corner log cabin and it's been great fun. Everything fitted as it should and it looks great. I can't praise Tuin enough for the information and videos which are available to help you through the process. Also the encouragement within the information to give it a go. I just wish I had space for another cabin. I'd build another tomorrow.
Mr. dean hancock
Mar 14, 2018
Looks stunning built and is brilliant quality.
I struggled with the door frame. The instructions I would rate as poor for the door assembly as they are not item specific for this cabin. They do not help with the door sill and corner above the door. I did get help from Tuin when I emailed them ( by the way the call back was instant! - thanks)
The door frame is difficult on this cabin due to the door being at an angle - meeting on the corner. I got there in the end and prior to building the adjoining sides I suggest build the door and frame. So you know it’s all straight. Then you can detach the door from the frame and slide this onto the two walls. This would have helped me greatly. But I think a video from tuin would really help with the assembly of the door frame with the triangular area above the door.

Backtracking the delivery was very good with the friendly driver helping me even move some to the rear of my house- I think supplying tea helped!
Loads of spare wood!
So impressed with everything from Tuin

Many thanks
Mr. Vincent yip
Dec 29, 2017
I purchased the Jos Corner Log Cabin from Tuin. The whole process was an absolutely delight. I purchased the log cabin in 09/17, and deliberated waited for few months to ensure that everything is good before writing this review.

First of all, the price of the product is excellent. For a similar product elsewhere, it would have cost me quite a few hundred pounds, but with no better quality. The wood quality was excellent. All the joints were perfect fit. There was not a single part of the product that I felt was not right.

I purchased the Carefree Protectant from Tuin as well. Because of how my log cabin was going to sit, I decided to coat the 2 back panels with the protectant first before putting it up. It was hardwork, but I believe that it was worth it.

I found some of the tips and video extremely useful with the website.

I was planning to build this summerhouse as a back office at my house. I was planning to put up a twin wall all round the log cabin. It was absolutely vital to go through some of the insulation blogs for the roof and floor insulation. The blog "Dealing with Expansion / Contraction in Log Cabins" was most useful in explaining how to leave expansion slat in batton for the inner wall. Most builders would not have any experience in this. Certainly this will cause problems in the future.

For some reasons, there were 2 gaps in the side panel of the wall. They were not bad, and were hardly noticeable. I made some contacts with Tuin on an out-of-hour support on Saturday or Sunday. First, I was surprised that there were replies. Secondly, they were extremely helpful. Certainly they have a lot of experience in dealing with log cabins.

I cannot fault Tuin at all. They were top class in every level. The quality of the cabin was excellent. This really stand out from the other supplier. It had been 4 months now, and my cabin is still standing up nicely. It has been serving us very well too.
Mr. Philip Gadd
Dec 7, 2017
Great product.Easy to order.Delivered on time.The guy who delivered was really helpful.
The only slight criticism would be the instructions on fitting around the door could be easier.Other then that brilliant
Trevor Bennett
Nov 20, 2017
Good service and good product. Very happy
Mel Seth
Oct 30, 2017
A good quality product delivered promptly and politely. Had no real issues with the build as it is pretty straight forward. One or two slightly less than perfect pieces but nothing untoward or detracting from the finished article. (certainly nothing that a quick bit of sand papering couldn’t fettle). Overall a good value, easy to erect product. Would certainly buy from them again.
Tim Laws
Oct 26, 2017
I have no experience of building log cabins nor am I a joiner, so it was with some trepidation that I plus my wife decided we could assemble the cabin. The neighbours now have a serious case of "Cabin Envy". here are some thoughts about the cabin itself - Excellent quality throughout. Everything is excellent right from the courteous delivery man through to the technical advice when I made an extra purchase (Brass Finnial for the roof). My recommendation is to watch all the videos on line and take notes. We only became confused when we omitted a step that was clearly explained in one of the videos - our fault.. This was easily rectified. The hardest part was getting a really flat base with no fall, but thats concrete for you! I would have no hesitation in recommending this product and this company, they just do things properly. Now a really hard descision in consultation with the Design Director (i.e. Mrs Laws) what colour to paint the cabin, if at all.
Ms. Sue Adams
Oct 16, 2017
Now that it's up and painted, I'm delighted with my corner cabin - it looks great!
Delivery was on time and very efficient - the driver placed the pallet exactly where I wanted it, even working around next door's builders.
A friend and I built it together over a couple of days, and would have been even quicker if we hadn't had to partially dismantle it because we hadn't read the instructions properly! Everything fitted together perfectly and nothing was missing. We had some trouble getting the cabin and door frame absolutely square. Now the door and windows stick a little but I am going to wait until it settles down before trying to correct this.
My only criticism of the instructions is that it's not clear when to use nails and when to use screws.
I put the shingles on, installed the floor and painted it myself, and if I can do it, anyone can. As Richard says, it's easy!
Peter Hinchliffe
Oct 13, 2017
extremely pleased with this product. Looks great, quite easy to erect but roof took a little longer. Customer service very helpful when contacted. Has been admired by neighbours.Delivered exactly as arranged and driver extremely helpful (used forklift to deliver cabin as lorry unable to reach property) and polite. Would definitely recommend and would buy from Tuin again.
Mr. Lawrence Cornaby
Sep 25, 2017
My cabin arrived from Holland on a large pallet, the driver Otto was very helpful in putting it half way down my driveway so it would be nearer for me to take it to the back of the property. I was very impressed with the quality of materials and had most of the cabin built in half a day, I put the wooden roof on next day and fitted all the shingles. The cabin looks fantastic with the sadolin superdec paint I used on it, ( two coats) after I had put preserver on it, next I had insulated the Base before fitting the floor of which I purchased with the cabin from Tuin, to buy locally it would have cost me more, also there were some boards left over, plenty of materials to complete job properly. I just have to choose a colour for inside now to fully complete the job. We are very pleased with buying the 'Jos' log cabin from Tuin. I have had one neighbor asking about price for one like mine, also several visitors and friends are very impressed with quality and build of my cabin. Thank you Tuin, I think I have made a very good choice
Mr. Paul Wainwright
Aug 15, 2017
Overall I am really pleased with the cabin, there are one or two things that could be improved but these are relatively minor or amusing, and I have had some very complimentary comments from neighbours, friends and family. Starting with the delivery, not sure if I misread or misinterpreted the way in which it would be delivered but the package of 3.3m could not be carried length ways and after a number of attempts to get up the steep drive it had to be left on the grass verge. Movement into the garage was not too arduous though, each piece being very manageable. Building took me and my 20 year old son 1 day, to get the structure up (without any arguments), which I then covered with a tarpaulin until I completed the roof shingles. Some of the instructions could be improved by clearly labelling which wall they related too, but as I say I feel that this is relatively minor and am overall very happy with the product look and quality and it was a great father/son experience to build something together.
David Straube
Jul 29, 2017
I am very pleased with my purchase of the Jos Corner Log Cabin.
All processes up to and including the delivery went very smoothly and the driver was very helpful.
The technical information on your website is excellent and this has enabled me to construct the cabin, on my own, over the course of two days, with a minimum of fuss. My only remaining task is to fit the roof shingles when the weather improves.
My neighbours have also followed the build with great interest and I will not be surprised to see one or two more cabins arriving in the area.
An excellent product, competitively priced, very pleasing to the eye, and great service. Many Thanks..
Ms. Sarah Almond
Jul 10, 2017
Perfect for a garden corner, the windows are a great size too and the door is wide with a big window, I love it!
Mr. Roger Saxton
Jul 3, 2017
Met all my expectations after reading reviews and watching videos etc. The delivery was on time and the driver very helpful. Unpacked components and checked them off against list - nothing missing. Spent a lot of time ensuring base was square and level, absolutely essential and well worth the effort. Cabin erected in half day with window and door frames fitted. The windows and door were not fitted into the frames and there were no specific instructions on how to do it - took a little time to decipher. Roof took another half day to fit. Shingles took me another full day but worth the time and effort. Fitted a wooden floor of the same very high quality and it looks great. Just need to be told what colour it is to be painted and it will be complete. Great product exceptional value for money.
Patricia Sweeting
Jun 26, 2017
Really pleased with how with how well it has gone together. Was a bit overwhelmed when I unpacked all the pieces, but sorted it out into relevant piles according to length etc and labelled them all. Just need to finish the last quarter of the roof and decide on flooring and finish painting and I am ready to enjoy it as a lovely summer house. Found the videos hints and tips on your website really helpful. P.S. my husband helped me with the heavy bits of the build we are no spring chickens so we think anyone could manage the build.
Mr. Bob Moseley
Jun 3, 2017
Over all the product is not to bad but I have some issues with the construction detail sheet.
Firstly there is nothing showing what size the cill needs to be to on the diagonal door section. All a bit trial and error.
The door hinges are another problem. They have been let in to deep which makes the door Hingebound and have to be packed out so not to bind on the hinge side
Now it is all painted it looks good.
Ms. Diane Bywell
Jun 1, 2017
Delivered from Holland by a lovely smiley guy called Steve who actually had clogs on!
I was erected by John Heard who did a fab job.
We are so pleased with our corner summer house.

Thank you !

Diane & James
Mr. Keith Chapman
May 7, 2017
This is an excellent product which is very well made and self build is well explained in the instructions provided. I had no problems in construction - where there were queries these were answered by the on line comments and videos. My only complaint is that Tuin are out of stock of the green Carefree product- which is my intended finish. I am hoping this is replenished soon
Andrew debanks
Apr 16, 2017
Really pleased with the cabin. Easy to put up my self over a couple of evenings and was fun to build. The roof shingles really set it off nicely although it was a boring and tidious job putting them on. i would defiantly recommend spending the little extra for one of these cabins apposed to a cheaper shed with windows (summer house) often supplied by many d i y stores.
Dr. alan whitehead
Apr 11, 2017
I am very pleased with my Jos cabin. It did involve a lot of work preparing the
horizontal concrete foundation. The
timber was very good quality and nothing was missing. The shingle roofing looks very smart. My next door
neighbour may be another of your customers. A very satisfying project.
Mr. alan murray
Apr 6, 2017
Have now built Jos Cabin. Very pleased with this product. Am now in process of fitting shingles which is quite slow as never done anything similar before. Still have to treat with wood finish product. Excellent product and very good back-up from Tuin!
John Griffin
Jan 22, 2017
After months of looking for a corner summerhouse that suited my needs and budget, I found the perfect product on the Tuin website, which I discovered by chance while surfing the net. The Jos ticked all my boxes: high quality materials and fittings; simple to follow DIY instruction booklet and telephone/online support if needed (viewed excellent roof tiling video); ideal size; attractive style; pitched roof with a choice of attractive roof tiles in different shapes and colours; free delivery; very competitive price with special offer. I visited the Tuin warehouse in Brooke to view the cabins on display and was very impressed - the staff were helpful and informative and the build quality and materials used for the cabins on display were far superior to anything I had seen elsewhere. Excellent value for money. It took me a couple of days to put it together with just a bit of help from a friend to do the roof. I opted for the wooden floor extra which looks great and is more comfortable underfoot. I painted the exterior two colours to match an existing building and the interior with polyurethane matt varnish and am very pleased with the result.
Mrs Lynn Roberts
Jan 11, 2017
We ordered our Jos 2.5x 2.5 cabin and found the process very easy. There was a slight delay with the expected delivery date but we were kept informed all the way and it wasn't a problem.
The delivery day came and the gentleman who brought it was wonderful, very friendly and helpful.
A local joiner, who we use, assembled the cabin for us and he was very impressed with the quality. Believe me this is saying something as Chris is a bit of a perfectionist.
We have a small garden and the cabin fits lovely in the corner without taking up too much room but is plenty big enough inside. Looking forward to spending many hours in there with a good book, a cuppa or even a cheeky glass of something!
I would highly recommend Tuin....great from start to finish.
David Elliott
Nov 20, 2016
We visited the site at Brooke and the staff were very helpful. The order process went smoothly although delivery was delayed slightly. The delivery driver was really careful and helpful. All the logs etc were unpacked a stored flat in the garage. Upon inspection one of the starter logs had a bevelled bottom edge. Tuin sent a replacement the next day and whilst one of the "slots" was incorrectly cut that was easily fixed with wood filler. Erecting the cabin is itself fairly easy and quickly achieved(not helped by the side elevations in the drawings being identical). Most of the difficulties we faced arose from the patio upon which the cabin was to go not being flat - slope to one back corner. Much time was spent getting the foundation beams level - plastic shims (pack of various sizes) from Screwfix proved a good purchase to solve the issues. Placing the roof pieces correctly can be tricky but with patience you get there. The roof shingles cannot be done quickly and do take time. The video helps greatly. Equally the 3 coats of Carefree on the outside and inside take time but give a very nice finish, "clear" gives a light honey colour. Because the existing patio was both larger than the base and sloping we put a DPM under the foundation beams and also under the main floor (as per the tip given). Nevertheless we had a concern about water entering under the foundation and tried to seal the beans to the patio with wickes acrylic sealant - it has not worked and failed to "cure". I am going to try CT1 to solve that issue. All in all a well made product at a fair price. I do take issue with those who say they get the cabin "finished" in a few days. Yes the basic cabin can be erected quickly, the shingles take maybe 1.5 days. However the painting (multiple coats) outside and inside and the floor do take up most of the time and I suggested potential buyers plan for this. The finished cabin does look good I just now need the spring to arrive to enjoy it!
Annette Broadhurst
Nov 13, 2016
So pleased that I took the time to review the alternatives. I cannot rate this product highly enough. My Jos cabin was delivered on the date stated and the fork lift was able to exactly place it on the drive. The building of the cabin, which was carried out by my 2 brothers and husband, took 2 days to fully complete. It wasn't always straightforward and I think this could have been improved by IKEA style picture instructions. One of the best bits of advice to is to unpack the contents, place like for like sections in their own individual pile and tick each piece off the checklist. The quality of the timber, shingles and door & window furniture is excellent. I have given it an initial coat of Sadolin Superdec just to seal it. I will give it a second coat in the spring. Love the result. I would definitely recommend your product and would like an excuse to buy another, but sadly my garden is too small. Great buy.
Ann Thomson
Oct 16, 2016
Excellent, well designed product. The local joiner who built cabin was so impressed that he brought another customer to view and examine the cabin prior to her ordering. He is also seriously considering purchasing one for himself. The cabin is the perfect size and style and enhances my small garden.
Mr. Ian Crawshaw
Oct 3, 2016
I found the video guides very helpful and truthful before buying the corner cabin. It made laying the base and preparing the site much easier than it might have been. The site was easy to navigate and laid out in a logical way. Delivery and unpacking again went smoothly due to the helpful advice on the web site. Cabin is now up and looks nice.
Mrs. Catherine Kimmins
Oct 2, 2016
Bought the Jos corner log cabin for my wee boy so he & his friends had somewhere to hangout.
Found the cabin really easy to build & an enjoyable experience. Once the first pieces were down & the levels right it was so easy to build. All the pieces just interlocked together without any issue. Instructions were good and the you tube videos helped if we were unsure. We sent an email to the team cause we thought we were a bit missing they responded straight away & put us straight, our mistake but they were extremely helpful and knowledgeable.
Shingles took a bit of time but once you worked out what you were doing it was a breeze.
I would definitely recommend Tuin. I'm hoping one of our friends or family will buy one so we can help build.

Great quality & looks amazing in our garden.

Thanks the all at Tuin
Mr Robert F
Sep 7, 2016
I ordered a Tuin cabin (the Jos) primarily because the prices were on a par with, or not much more than other Summer Houses which seemed to be of far inferior quality and the Tuin cabins got nothing but excellent reviews. As well as that, the amount of information on the website and the incredibly responsive email service made the whole experience easy (from pres-sales and ordering through to assembly).

I was a little worried about delivery as I live on a fairly narrow street in a pallisaded terrace with a raised front garden, so wasn’t sure what to expect. In the end the driver (who had come all the way from Holland) brought my pallet down the street on his little mobile forklift (the lorry was parked some distance away) and we quickly established that there was no way he could get it onto the front garden. So he left it on the street, and then my son and I were up against the clock unpacking it all and getting it round the back of the house before 1) it started to hammer with rain and 2) the neighbours started to complain!

We got it all shifted and sorted in no time at all and used the plastic covering to protect from the rain – which seemed to last about a week! This at least gave me time to lay the foundation beams (I ordered profile tanalised) and to start treating the bottom few logs before I started. Because of the constant rain, I ended up treating the logs as I went along and this seemed to work out OK. I had some hiccups along the way – one of the windows didn’t quite shut properly, so we tried to adjust the hinges as advised via email and this helped a little, but in the end it took the mouse sander to sort it out fully. Then the door frame gave me a headache as the profiled foundation beams didn’t allow it to drop down as far as it needed to in order to be level with the bottom log. This was fixed by taking a notch out of the profile on the beams either side, which I figured would be preferable to taking a notch out of the door frame! Worth noting though if you order the Jos and the profiled beams.

Having successfully completed the awlls and the rafters, the roof panels were an interesting proposition. Given how everything so far has been precision engineered and fits together perfectly, the roof panels have very much NOT been precision engineered. I guess this is because you cover them up anyway so it’s not critical but it seemed odd that the instructions warned you to be prepared to have to cut the final roof panel to fit! Luckily I didn’t have to do this and they all came together in the end, but there are still a couple where the cross beams are a good inch short of what they should be which means you end up with gaps in the roof line. Good for ventilation but not so good for keeping it spider free! I must remember to stick some mesh over these gaps. Easily sorted.

Then it was on to the shingles – part of the job I was expecting to be easy, which it was in terms of skill required, but physically exhausting and tricky to be clambering around up there with a hammer and stanley knife. Nonetheless it was worth the effort (and the pockets/pants/patio full of tiny bits of shingle gravel) as it looks amazing when finished.

Thankfully by this point the weather had turned and I got to treat the rest of the logs at my leisure, plus I got the floorboards down last week, which I was in no hurry to do as I’d laid it on a large area of pre-existing decking. It’s definitely much nicer to have a proper floor down with damp proofing and insulation to keep the warmth in.

I built the whole thing on my own all apart from fitting the rafters which is nigh on impossible to do alone. Elapsed time was several weeks but I think I could have done it in 2-3 days non stop if the weather had allowed and I’d booked the time off work. A very satisfying project and thankfully finished in plenty of time to enjoy the warm nights. Piles of wood left over too, so I’ve made a window box for the outside and window sills for the inside, plus a small drinks table. The rest will probably end up in the wood burner when winter comes!

One final note – if you buy a Tuin cabin it will come with a set of fitting drawings, but these are not always 100% clear and I noticed a couple of mistakes in them, so don’t struggle alone with the paper instructions, make sure you take advantage of the excellent email support if you’re not sure of something. They will generally point you to the correct bit of the website – which I thought I’d read from start to finish about 100 times but there are still little nuggets hidden away on there which you are bound to miss. I had emails answered within minutes on evenings at the weekend, which I really wasn’t expecting so I can’t say enough good things about the customer service.
Mr. Antony Wright
Aug 21, 2016
Excellent product no bad parts and fitted together and stained by myself in two days. Make sure watch the links on how to put together as instructions aren't the best. I made contact with Tuin as the delivery company never got in touch at all even though i rang them 3 times and asked for them to give me a time window on delivery. I specifically asked for the driver to call an hr out but when he arrived he said he wasn't told too. My point is the delivery company could do better. Apart from that the driver dropped where i asked and was very helpful. Very happy with the end result. Thanks
Mr. Ashley Harrison
Jul 18, 2016
Overall very please with our Jos Cabin. Assembly is not quick, but with care was not too difficult, and the result looks great. Only one small thing of concern is the glass in the door and windows - it is very thin and I think will have to be replaced for safety.
Only other negative was delivery - cabin arrived a day earlier than scheduled with very little warning. It was then offloaded and left on the footpath at the end of the drive, completely blocking the car in. This meant that the cabin had to be removed from its packaging and manually moved and restacked in a suitable location until we could assemble at the weekend.
Overall though, happy with our purchase.
Jane & John King
Jul 7, 2016
Whilst we were researching summer houses on the internet we came across the Tuin website and discovering they were just up the road in Norfolk, we decided to go and visit and see for ourselves. We are so glad we did. We met Richard who is a mine of information on everything, including planning permission. Who knew you could possibly need planning permission to put a summerhouse in the garden? Not us but Richard put us straight and kept us on the right side of the planning regs. We ordered a Jos cabin and it was delivered bang on time by a great driver who got his little forklift up our drive to place our pallet exactly where we needed it. The cabin was built by husband and daughter and went up in two days, the expertly cut logs made it very straight forward. Shingling the roof took another two days but absolutely finish the roof perfectly. They give the roof a very professional look. The part that took the longest - painting! We used Sadolin superdec and put four coats on the outside. The incessant rain and the time between coats made it seem like it was taking forever but it was worth it. The cabin now looks absolutely smashing, we love it (especially the dog!) and could not be happier with our purchase. From start to finish Tuin were great, the videos were very helpful and if we couldn't find a video then the Tuin team answered our queries very quickly, even at the weekend. Fantastic product, excellent quality and value for money, would recommend Tuin to everyone. Thank you.
Jun 14, 2016
Great quality, good instructions, easy to build, excellent communication, very happy. Beautiful finish to my garden.
Mrs. louise mairs
Jun 9, 2016
We are delighted with our cabin. A good size and fantastically well designed. Great quality materials. I love the overhang at the front. Very Dutch. Our builder was very impressed with the quality too. Great service. Great product. Recommended!
Steven Horner
May 9, 2016
Excellent quality log cabin for the price. I have another log cabin from another supplier which was twice the price and this is almost as good.

There are some excellent instructions and videos on the website which came in handy.

I had a couple of problems, one with the window dividers which make it look like 4 panes from a distance are hard to paint the glass side without getting it all over the glass, would be better if the customer fitted those and could paint before fitting.

My only other problem was with the bearers/base I paid for profiled tanalised bearers and wish they had come pre-cut. It's a hassle cutting the angles for the door. Installation would have been so much faster if these were pre-cut and expected them to be when paying extra for them. It would have been easier to use the standard bearers.
Mrs. Clare Taylor
May 2, 2016
Nice looking cabin now it's complete. Not an easy build for one person but my husband did it. Following the instructions to the letter and being methodical certainly helped and although some parts were a real physical challenge for one person it is possible to build it that way. The door frame was quite problematic during the build. Probably due to wet and cold weather conditions but it required dismantling the frame several times to ensure a good fit. Some adjustments were made with Tuin's exceptional telephone support. Further adjustments were made (several weeks later) due to door frame expansion lifting the wall timbers to the point of seeing daylight through the cabin wall. At least the experience of dismantling the door frame during construction came in handy at this point. It was an easy enough fix although completely unexpected and probably just a fluke.
Screw fittings for the door handle were very poor quality alloy. One slip of the screwdriver and the heads were destroyed. Given that it is not a heavy job, fitting a handle, no extremes of force required, they were really not up to the job.
Overall, this is a good product. For people not experienced in cabin building it is a lot to take on, even with the magnificent tips Tuin provide on the website. However, it is achievable and we are proud of the building and the fact we did it.
Mrs. Kim Neill
Feb 27, 2016
I ordered the Jos corner cabin on a Monday and it was shipped and delivered the following Monday by a very polite and helpful delivery man.
Looking at the flat pack and the instructions we decided to get a professional assembler recommended by Tuin. It was John Heard from Urban Decor of Bury Lancs. His team came down and had it assembled in a couple of days. The best thing we ever did, they added floor insulation a DPC under the base and cut and fitted a mortice lock on the door. They’ve done a great job, were polite, friendly and punctual. John also suggested the finishing touch would be a finial on the crown of the roof, he is coming back to fit it as soon as we receive it from Tuin.
As for the cabin itself I’m really impressed with the quality and nearly half the price of something similar we’ve been looking at locally and twice the thickness of the timber.
I can’t recommend Tuin products enough if this is an example.
My decorator has given it two coats of Cuprinol of our chosen colour and it now looks superb. Friends and neighbours have commented on the quality. If you are thinking of purchasing a garden building you won’t be disappointed with Tuin.
Mrs. Ann Smith
Jan 4, 2016
Having spent a long time looking for a cabin I happened upon Tuin. Having seen the raves reviews I had no hesitation in ordering the Jos.
Our garden is not large but it sits at the bottom of the garden and with the corner looks up the garden as if it had always been there.
We found the videos excellent to help with building the cabi, although not always easy to find. perhaps the could come under a heading of building advice.
I had occasions when I need to contact Tuin and the were so helpful. I sent an email on a Sunday not expecting to get an answer. Was wrong Richard got straight in touch and after couple of questions my problems was solved.
We did have a problem with the windows not closing completely, Having sent photos of the problem there was no hesitation in the windows being replaced.
Excellent service from begging to end and the quality is excellent too.
Looking forward to the spring when I will be able to use our lovely cabin. Thanks to all the great staff who were so helpful.
miss H Smith
Dec 8, 2015
From the time I phoned Tuin I found staff very helpful answering all my questions with helpful advice and care. on the date of delivery the driver phoned me 1/2 an hour as promised to arrange were I wanted my log cabin to be placed, he did a fantastic job taking it carefully down the side of my home. we made the decision to build it our selves as we had good easy to follow instructions plus a very good web site showing us the bits we was unsure of it took us 2 days as we are Not professionals I am so happy with the result and the quality is fantastic we are the envy of our friends now I fully recommend this company to anyone their goods are quality and they are there to help from beginning to end thank you all
Mr. Richard Brown
Oct 30, 2015
Really happy with the purchase for the following reasons; easy ordering process, excellent delivery arrangements, helpful delivery driver, easy to install, high quality wood, looks fantastic especially with the roof shingles, really helpful customer service when I had to call with some installation questions, very good price! I did install on my own and it took about 18 hours (not including painting) but of course two people would have been much easier!
Mrs. Linda Tift
Oct 28, 2015
Delivery was very calm and efficient. Very well packaged and protected which was very good for me as it was over a week before it could be erected. Hit a couple of problems when Jos was being built but very easily resolved by the Tuin team. Fits perfectly in the corner of my garden but wish I had room for the bigger version! Looks great and the shingle roof is the icing on the cake! Had many admirers and would highly recommend Tuin to anyone considering a log cabin/ shed. Excellent.
Mr. Andrew Turton
Oct 17, 2015
Delivery was a surprise as I didn't realise the strange foreign telephone number calling me was the driver of the delivery vehicle. Be aware it may be a Dutch number. Apart from that, delivery was good. The driver used a nearby pub car park for his vehicle then used the fork-lift to bring my cabin to my home as the road is a cul-de-sac and a little narrow. The cabin was fairly easy to errect after working out how to lay the base. The roof shingles really finish the cabin off a treat and it looks a quality cabin. I was a little apprehensive that the cabin may be a little large for my garden, but this was just the perfect size. Certainly worth the investment when computed to other slightly cheaper summerhouses on the market. It's just a shame that pre-painted or pre-treated options are available, or they weren't when I inquired; now that would be the icing on the cake!!!
Mr. Andrew Bishop
Sep 15, 2015
After a great deal of research I opted for a Jos corner cabin. Delivery was very good from a helpful informative driver. Acces to my property is not straight forward but it was delivered on time to exactly were I wanted it with no fuss. The weather was not good when it was delivered but it was well packed and protected from the elements until I got a break in the weather to construct the cabin. The instructions were very easy to follow and we easily had it built within a day and a half. I did have a couple of warped and broken boards but I managed to get around that so didn't contact Tuin for replacements. I hadn't fitted roof shingles before but watched the video and they proved to be very easy to fit and really complement the cabin. All together a great product that really complements the garden. Thanks.
Mr. Ian Hall
Sep 8, 2015
The whole experience from enquiring about the product , ordering and delivery went really well . Everything i asked about recieved a satisfacory and full reply , and no question went unanswered .
The delivery driver gave me ample notice he was on his way , and i dont know where he parked , because i live on a tight cul de sac, but my package arrived complete and undamaged .

my only gripe came when i came to build the cabin , and that was that the build plans were vague on which side was which, and although i thought i had took my time and understood them fully, i ended up building the left on the right and vice versa, which meant looking at the drawings and getting the final logs in to come level, caused me some head scratching .
Oh and that i needed to slide the logs down the door frame, rather than slide the door frame in last , like the plan suggested .
But its gone together really well,( i built it single handedly ) and im really pleased with how it looks , really good value for money compared to some others ive seen .
Mr. ricky hughes
Sep 7, 2015
What a great bit of kit built this with a mate in approx 10 hours .building went together like a dream only issue would be is the glass .would of thought these buildings would come with toughened glass as standard especially with the windows being quite big.other than this minor thing nothing wrong with this building at all looking forward to enjoying the man cave know
Mrs Lesley Agar
Sep 5, 2015
Excellent customer service. Excellent delivery. Excellent product !!!!99533
Mr. Alan Rodger
Aug 18, 2015
Could not fault anything with the cabin from order to delivery everything was well organised. Erection of the cabin was so easy it is worthwhile watching the videos a few times are there are some good tips in them. One point to notice your foundations must be level and square once this is done your cabin should go up no problem. Would like to attach some pictures to this review but doesn't appear to be any link to do this once again a five star product.
Mr. David Fordham
Jul 13, 2015
What a product, very pleased. Everything was easy, from ordering to assembly. We were concerned about delivery access but the driver handled it with ease. After preparation of base the construction of the cabin took no time at all. It was the painting that took for ever but very pleased with result. We now have a quality product that will give us many years of use.
Mr. peter gouldby
Jul 7, 2015
I am very impressed with the quality of the log cabin.The delivery took place on the scheduled day and the driver phoned me an hour before the delivery as arranged.He was very helpful and was able to get his fork lift up to the top of the drive.I checked the order and everything was present apart from one window stay which was sent promptly when I emailed Tuin.The after sales service was excellent and whenever I had a problem with the construction I got a helpful informative answer within minutes.I found the online videos very helpful in reinforcing the instructions and the one which shows Richard fitting shingles to a pyramid roof invaluable.I have felt very supported throughout the whole process and would have no hesitation in recommending Tuin as first class operators.
Ian Lindsay
Jun 26, 2015
100% satisfied with Tuin from start to finish. Delivery was straightforward despite living in a narrow Victorian street as the cabin was forklifted from a wider nearby road. One of the logs was damaged when I opened the pack but a free replacement arrived without questions within 2 days.

Once I’d unpacked I could see that construction was going to take longer than I had planned for and so I decided to ask Philip Robinson (Tuin recommended installer) to construct and the cabin looks superb.

It’s obvious that the company is run by people who genuinely care on the end result as small things such as a willingness to answer emails outside of office hours goes a long way to making a big difference.
Brenda Waterman
Jun 17, 2015
The promptness and efficiency of the delivery was amazing, especially in a narrow road such as ours and the parked vehicles in the surrounding streets. Obviously done it all before. The packaging was watertight which was useful as we were going on holiday and had to leave the package on the driveway whilst we were away. Once the base was laid properly and squarely, every thing else went up quite quickly. The overall finish was very good and it looks just as good as the on-line pictures especially with a coat of Forget-me-not blue paint.
Mr. Peter Taylor
Jun 14, 2015
From the point of submitting my order, to that of delivery, I commend all personnel involved in the transaction. Any enquiries I made was corresponded in a quick and courteous manner. The cabin was assembled in accordance with instructions provided and on line. The product joints and connections ensured a very secure assembly. I thank all involved and Highly recommend Tuin and there Cabins.
Mrs. Fiona Knapp
May 31, 2015
We really struggled with the instructions, you tube videos etc, as they were for the Daniel cabin, not the Jos, which didn't have a foundation beam under the door! Keeping everything square was difficult. Once a couple of hours were wasted trying to find the non existent beam, things grew quite quickly. It did take us more than two days to put together, and there is still snagging to do, and a floor to put in. However, one coat of stain down and I'm getting lots of compliments.
(Tuin comments - A foundation should be under every part of the cabin and was not missing)
Miss. Sarah Warner
May 28, 2015
Very quick delivery even after an unfortunate problem with the delivery vehicle. I was highly delighted to receive my log cabin early on the Wednesday morning. The cabin with instructions was pretty easy to put together even for me ;).

Absolutely delighted with the finished product. Great value and excellent customer service from Tuin.
Mr. John Lewis
May 6, 2015
I am very pleased with the final result of my Jos Corner Log Cabin. I found the staff to be very helpful when I came across difficulties. Overall I think the cabin is very good value for money and it is good quality. I would recommend the cabin which went up quite well.
Ms. Ah Kam Goh
Mar 16, 2015
I bought two Joss log cabins, of which they had been joined together
to form a good, looking integral pair.
Tuin website has a clear and informative layout. The prices are reasonable and
the services are prompt, friendly and helpful. The materials are of good qualities.
I am very pleased with the outcome.
Clive Goldsmith
Mar 13, 2015
The log cabin is exceptional value delivery was on time, one pack of roof shingles was missing but was sent out the next day. very pleased with the service received.
Nicola Stavely
Mar 6, 2015
We're very pleased with the cabin and service we received. The roof boards needed cutting a little which is apparently normal. The plans received showed us where everything needed to go but the website instructions helped the most. Really pleased thank you.
Mr. Stephen Garley
Mar 4, 2015
All delivered quickly and well wrapped, thank you
Mr. James Johnston
Aug 8, 2014
This is an outstanding bit of kit. Fits like a glove. Materials are first rate, I am not sure how they do it for the money. My friend and I really enjoyed constructing it. I am very happy with my cabin and would love to do it all again.