Jannie Corner Log Cabin 3.0m x 5.8m - 45mm Logs with Gazebo

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David Clifford Skidmore
Oct 8, 2023
The Jannie log cabin is just what my wife was looking for, we looked at similar cabins with other companies but opted for TUIN and we are not disappointed we opted for the 45mm logs as they would be wider and sturdier we also chose for the roof and floor insulation that was additional but worth the extra cost as once the cabin is erected it would have been too late to insulate, we also had the choice of free shingles for the roof and chose the diamond shingles we also opted for the fitting to be done by Tuin contractors and they knew exactly what they were doing and done a fantastic job overall we are completely satisfied with the Tuin team, but please take note if you ever consider getting the base done yourself whether it be of concrete or wooden frame work it must be perfectly square and level as you have a very small tolerance to play with we got some builders we know and trust to do our concrete base with a brush finish and the Tuin fitter said it was one of the best bases he has fitted on, overall we would recommend Tuin very satisfied.Dave and Elaine Skidmore
Mr. Veselin Palazov
Sep 17, 2023
We are very happy with our purchase. We had 2 hard days trying to put everything together. However, the final result was worth it. We haven't had any major problems from the moment it arrived up until the final result. Thank you so much Tuin!
Mr. Andy Huddy
Sep 2, 2023
As yet i have not been able to erect my log cabin due to constant rain and bad weather its in my garage at the moment but it looks a good quality well made product.
Thank you
Paul Booth
Jun 13, 2023
very good product, easy to assemble. everything fitted as it should. would recommend to anyone
Beverly Holden
Feb 23, 2023
I am so pleased with my Jannie log cabin! The ease of ordering, delivery on time and the instructions were easy to follow. Well done Tuin!
Mr. Derek Mason
Jan 2, 2023
So delighted I bought this. I pondered long and hard on which one to buy but decided on the Jannie. It was a bit daunting seeing all of the individual pieces and we made the decision to treat them with a clear varnish before building which added a few days to the build but was well worth it. Quality is top drawer and goes together really easy as long as the base is perfectly flat. from start of assembly to finishing the shingles took 4 long days but was simple and progress was fast. Everyone who has seen it wants one.
I would buy again in a heartbeat.
Mr. Mark Johnstone
Dec 8, 2022
Overall product excellent although had to have replacement parts sent a couple of times.
Mr. Keith Bloodworth
May 5, 2022
A great pleasure to deal with. A well organised company from order to delivery, offering value for money with a knowledgable staff for which nothing is too much trouble, no matter how many times you seek help. A highly recommended outfit all round.
Mr. Michael Phoenix
Apr 14, 2022
Had reservations about buying online a large ticket item without being able to view it first! Also we have a narrow lane with restricted access so were concerned about delivery. We need not have worried! The product is 1st class and believe me, it is a much superior quality to those found in UK garden centres! The delivery was a site to behold! The width of our access lane is 2m2cm wide and the delivery guy managed to offload a 6mx2m pallet and get it down the lane with impeccable precision! I would not hesitate in recommending this product, this company and indeed would buy again if we needed another! Go for it, you will not be disappointed.
William Thomas
Apr 8, 2022
Pack was delivered expertly by our driver and he placed it right where we asked.
You must take time to sort the timbers into size order. Main construction was straightforward and relatively simple. First time we’d done this and the roof & shingles were a bit tricky but we got there in the end. Really impressed with the quality of the materials, 45mm timbers make a solid construction.
Very Highly recommended.
Mr. David Mackay
Mar 4, 2022
Great purchase. Delivery guy was as star. Myself and my wife erected it without too much difficulty. I added storm braces as an extra a few weeks later due to the winds we sometimes get in the North of Scotland. I decided to clad the roof with red tiles from Lightweight Tiles instead of shingle, again because of our location. Looks great. I would recommend Tuin to anybody planning to buy a log cabin or summerhouse.
Mr. david hughes
Feb 20, 2022
After a lot of research and also seeing a neighbours log cabin from Tuin, we decided on getting the Jannie log cabin with composite foundation beams and black roof shingles. Communication for delivery was excellent and and it arrived on time. I really enjoyed building the cabin - even when I made a few mistakes and had to backtrack a bit to correct them. I also read previous reviews of the Jannie and was helped by the tips from other owners. There are so many handy pages on the Tuin website that I re read to help with the build. I laid larch flooring in the summerhouse part and also installed electrics inside as we wanted to use it year round and five coats of preservative have kept the wood the perfect colour. After 14 months of use, I am still so impressed with the quality of the product and would thoroughly recommend it and Tuin
Jan 30, 2022
Just Perfect, love everything about our summerhouse, only wish we bought a bigger one. Excellent quality, excellent delivery & excellent value for money.
We got a bit confused with insulation as we wanted to insulate the roof, but it can be done with the foil sheet roll type underneath the shingles.
Mrs. Yvonne Richmond
Jan 28, 2022
Received on time, calls day before and enroute were very efficient and saved us all time.
One package delivered and placed on driveway, once we started to unpack noticed a couple of black spots where wood was damp but blog advice read to see how to “clean” it.
Once the build was underway and couple of re starts it was super quick and easy enough for a skilled homer & me labouring to finished the job.
All visitors are super impressed with the quality of the material and the fact its not a “shed” is it?
I’m delighted with it, it now has a mains Electric supply and a small wood burner and its exactly what i envisaged.
Guttering is definitely a requirement.
Ricky Bryce
Oct 9, 2021
Jannie Log Cabin.
The Tuin Team were very helpful and although I had to wait for the Cabin to be available it arrived well packed and without damage.
The wall timbers were well made and fitted together snugly, however the top tapered section of the back wall on one side did not fit as the slot for the inter-locking joint was about 5cm out. As I have done a fair bit of building over the years I was able to recut the timber to fit. Also despite my taking great care to ensure the base was perfectly square, when I fitted the door frame it pushed the walls out of true considerably.
This caused problems with the roof timbers and panels, as I had to cut and adjust them to fit. I did not feel the roof panels were very well made as the edges were rough and not strait.
All in all I am pleased with the end result and thought the cabin was good value , although building it would not be for the faint hearted or inexperienced.

Ricky Bryce
Tuin reply: Thank you for taking the time to leave some feedback and overall we're happy it went well.

It is true that on occasion the odd bit of "working out" is sometimes required to complete these kits as while the machining is generally very good at times timber in general can require some attention.

Mr. Keith Dorling
Apr 19, 2021
Cabin arrived on time, it was delivered on one very large pallet. The cabin was pretty easy to erect, I'd already laid a level concrete base so once we'd set the cabin out as we wanted it, it went up pretty quickly, a day for the walls and a day for the roof. The roof design has changed and the rafters are now bolted to the top logs which made fixing the roof facias a bit of a faff, we used left over timber to make up some brackets. One thing to be careful of is the long logs are fragile near the middle where the cabin section comes in, one was broken and we broke another when carrying them to the slab from the drive, I couldn't see how these would be a problem we just placed them in the middle of the wall, although you wouldn't want to brake to many as this could be a problem. The doors and windows fitted with no problem, although we did miss the trip angle section by the door and had to go back a bit to fit it. So all in all very pleased, it's really straight forward to erect.
Chris Lunn
Mar 25, 2021
We purchased a Tuin log cabin for our previous house and were very pleased with the overall service. We recently moved house and decided to order another one..
We received our Jannie log cabin fairly late on the expected day. We live in a single track lane approx 400m from the main road and were worried about delivery issues. The driver was superb, he maneuvered his forklift truck and avoided all obstacles, trees, lampposts, cars and a low, narrow bridge with relative ease. The next morning, my wife and I systematically unpacked and checked off our delivery before commencing any work (as instructed). Unfortunately, the foundation beams were all missing. We had to pack the whole cabin up again in order to protect it from the elements.
I tried to phone many times but the office is closed. I sent a personal email, as well as a response using the website, on-line form. To date, I have only received computer driven responses. Are you going to forward the foundation beams or, do I have to go out and buy my own???
The delivery deserves 5*, the quality of goods deserve 5* but customer service has been very poor, hence my 3* overall rating. This may improve if my order is fulfilled in the short term.
If required, I can provide photographic evidence of my order laid out for checking, it is obvious there are no foundation beams.
Tuin reply: We are sorry for your experience. We do admit we are struggling with our current service due to the huge demand for garden related products. This demand is well over 400%. We have taken on 10 more staff but are still training them and this takes time to reach the high levels we require. We try to respond as quickly as possible, especially where aftersales is concerned. We are doing our utmost best but do agree to us failing on occasions in our response times. We look forward to better times, stability and normality for all.
Steve Parrott
Dec 27, 2020
I have to say in such bad trading circumstances I could not have asked for more! Website and order process is very easy to follow

Cabin turned up bang on time and the delivery service was great, very accommodating and placed it exactly where i wanted it, multiple emails and Texts gave confidence all was well.

The instructions were 'interesting' and sometimes a little lacking in detail but a quick email and call to the office clarified and we easily finished the build in the 3 day suggested time frame (3 of us)

I have fully insulated my cabin with 50mm Celotex (Floor and roof) and the guidance on the help blog is excellent.

I am thrilled with my Cabin :-)

Mrs. Sarah Howley
Jan 31, 2020
After considering a summer house we were told about Tuin from a relative. After looking through the choices we decided upon the Jannie log cabin. Ordering and delivery were very straight forward. The delivery guy from Holland was very helpful and put the large package where we wanted it. After waiting a few weeks for fine weather we embarked on the construction of the log cabin. The instructions were fine to start with but then needed more emphasis on the finer details ie the pyramid roof and door construction. Fit the frame as you build otherwise if you leave it to the end it becomes a lot more awkward. After eventually getting to grips with them the structure took place. A little tip when fitting the fascia boards. Cut some small triangular shims to allow the fascia to sit vertically. Otherwise you have to try and source angled gutter brackets. The shingles were pretty straight forward but needed more diagrams for finishing the eaves and ridge line. Overall really pleased with our new log cabin.
Mr A Burton
Jan 8, 2020
Having researched lots of log cabins we settled on Tuin Jannie because it had a big enough outdoor covered area for a hot tub and a decent sized internal area.
We looked at several manufacturers but every time came back to this one, it wasn’t the cheapest but it does have thicker beams.
What did add to the cost were the ‘extra bits’, we Opted for the resin bearers instead of wood, several tins of wood preserver and paint, thicker floor boards and possibly thicker roof shingles.
We did have a couple of twisted beams but managed to install them without too many issues, we also made a mistake with the door frame and struggled to fit it, once we re-read the instructions it went together fine.
The Dutch delivery driver was great he managed to put the pallet exactly where we wanted it and was polite and friendly.
We treated every piece of wood twice before assembly and once the cabin was built it received 2 more coats of preservative. It was probably overkill but I want it to last hence resin bearers, thicker floor and treated to within an inch of its life.
Mr. Peter Cullen
Oct 14, 2019
Well then, if your thinking of buying a cabin I can’t praise these guys highly enough. What a fantastic kit from which to make your cabin. The delivery was just as they said , a phone call an hour before on delivery day and an articulated lorry turns up with at least a dozen cabin kits on board. The driver was very pleasant he parked about 300 M away due to access issues with his wagon and brought the kit to point of use by forklift truck. Amazing! I don’t know who packs the kits but it is a piece of art , everything packed and protected. Day 1, I transferred the kit from its packing crate to the floor of my garage , I checked the inventory and quality of every piece , something you are required to do. I stacked flat all like parts ready for build. So here is a tip(Not mine theirs) “Level and square”. If you do this you won’t have any issues. Secondly read the instructions carefully. The only issue I had during the build was my own fault, one of the drawing notes caused me an issue , there is a 50 mm offset on Wall Wand 2 on the longest logs. I didn’t see this and built the cabin to head height before realising the front top log would not align. This frustrated me a little as I don’t like doing things twice , must emphasise it was my error. So if you discount the half day I wasted building it wrong and the bit of joinery work I had to do to correct the hard wood plinths, it took a day and two people to build the cabin , put the roof on and make it water tight with a heavy duty poly cover. I went for green square shingles for the roof, they are amazing, just follow the instructions , you can’t go wrong, it took me two full days to tile the roof, probably due to me sitting up there watching the world go by and chatting with the neighbours. The cabin isn’t finished yet and probably won’t be till May next year. My only regret is I wished I’d bought it earlier in the year, it’s far too wet to treat the wood. (Sikkens at the ready though) I should have also purchased a floor but never mind I’ve ordered some wood from the local merchants and I will install a floating floor. I’m just in the process of installing lights inside and out. A point to note, just read their web page and take heed of what they say. I’ve worked in the aircraft industry for over 30 years and I’m used to working to a couple of microns, just to give you a feel of how small that is there are 1000 microns to a mm. Why do I mention this. Because the cabin is made of wood and these guys have got their accuracy of machined joints to a very good standard. (Remember level and square, its extremely important). On a final note this cabin is outstanding and meets / betters all my expectations,everyone who has seen it is astounded by its quality and finish. Well done Tuin!
Mrs. Marie Frayne
Sep 7, 2019
Really great product. Made to an excellent standard out of high quality spruce.

The delivery guy was excellent and really helpful.

The instructions need slight improvement, although the online videos help a lot!
Mr. Chris Clarke
Jun 4, 2019
We researched various companies and their log cabins. The quality and price varied greatly. Tuin looked too good to be true so we paid a visit to Norwich to have a look at some in person.
We spoke to Jamie who could answer all our questions without hesitation.
We ordered our cabin and from that point it all went very smoothly. Harry the delivery driver phoned as promised and got it almost to our door then friendly neighbours helped to move it into the garden!
We had good weather over Easter, so that was our project, we couldn't believe how quick and easy it was to put together.
The only criticism would be that the instructions for the door frame were not very clear.
Friends and neighbours are amazed at the quality and how quickly it has gone from pallet to building! So much so that two neighbours are seriously considering ordering one!
We would not hesitate to recommend Tuin to anyone.
Gary Skilling
May 31, 2019
A superb product. We built our cabin in Aug/Sep 2018 and were very impressed from the off. Painting the cabin probably took longer than the build but that was a necessary evil! It's a good idea to keep some paint as, in the time since being built, we have had to touch-up some areas twice due to the movement of the cabin. The web-site tells us there will be movement however I have been surprised how much this has happened.
Mr. Daldeep Bhurji
Jan 2, 2019
Great quality product.

Goes together easily and is very rigid!

Will buy again in the future and recommend this to others.
Mrs. Clare Scott
Nov 21, 2018
Delighted! Excellent product and can't wait to use it in the spring! Door was difficult to fit but otherwise my diy mad husband put it together without any problems.
May 29, 2018
Great product delivered on time all went together ok instructions ok except for door frame drawing not a lot of help then had a light bulb moment & sorted it .looks great at the bottom of the garden
Stephen Barnes
May 15, 2018
We are very happy with our Jannie Log Cabin. It is perfect in location and looks good, although painting is taking longer than anticipated. We have one negative thing and I am disappointed as I queried Tuin via email on April 10/11 about the quantity of Composite Foundation Beams supplied. Due to the cuts required we have a nasty in eye view of a join. See attached photo. I would have been easier for your nominated installer if the beams had been straight and we had received 6, not 5. Could not attach photo but will send separately if you advise email address to send to. Kevin Binfield, your nominated installer did a good job.
Tuin reply: Thank you Mr Barnes for your review. A member of staff is in contact with you regarding this.
Martin Morrison
Mar 19, 2018
After a little research we purchased a Jannie log cabin with gazebo, mainly because of the dimensions to fit our plot and needs, ordering was very straightforward and no payment was demanded until delivery and confirmation of speck was complete, Delivery was within the 2 week agreed window, in the meantime I read the various items on the webpage about build quality, timber moisture and quality,how easy it was to construct etc. and it all made an interesting read and as it turned out, very relevant as to why Tuin do things in the way they do.
Delivery was very efficient and to the agreed time slot and a big heavy pallet arrived.
On opening the pallet we where very pleasantly surprised how it was all neatly bundled, stacking each component in there respective piles, we started to build, again a complex design but with very comprehensive instructions it all came together very easily, I rang the helpline a couple of times and help was very generously given to confirm a few instructions on the way the door layout was done etc.
All in all a very well made solid garden building for excellent value I don't think you could buy a better, now just waiting for the weather to improve so as to use it.
Mr. Nigel Dodds
Nov 6, 2017
Excellent service on ordering, delivery on time, I put the hole summerhouse and canopy together myself with no problems at all . Very happy with the finish , I would recommend Tuin to anybody . Thanks
Mr. John Avey
Sep 30, 2017
I was very impressed when I made inquires to your office . The young man I spoke to was very helpful . I was also very impressed with the delivery the man put the cargo exactly were wanted it . The cabin itself was erected by direct labour and my wife and I are more than impress with result . I looks great in our garden . Thanks Tuin for a lovely log cabin .
Steve Willson
Jun 3, 2017
Fantastic Product, sales team (Karen) and technical guys even the delivery driver / company were all second to none, i would highly recommend, the product & the company to anyone
Mrs Kathleen Bell
May 16, 2017
What a great buy. It enhances our garden,and we can't wait until the weather warms up so we can show it off to our friends. The delivery was punctual,and the driver was very accommodating when unloading. The log cabin itself was easily assembled on a concrete base.Had grey decking layed inside and out to match the roof shingles,and also,grey guttering.Tuin was extremely helpful on the telephone when we ordered the cabin. It looks as though it will stand the test of time especially after two coats of wood treatment. Had some landscaping done after it was built which really enhances it.
Mr. Stanley Graham
Apr 27, 2017
Cannot believe the quality of the Cabin nothing missing delivered on time
Love the Gazebo and Cabin design
give you the perfect blend of outdoor life
Mr. Peter Temperton
Apr 25, 2017
We've been looking for a long while and decided on the jannie log cabin. From start to finish I've been more than happy.
I decided on using 60x90 angle iron as a foundation beam which was red leaded and painted black, the bottom logs were then sat on black window packers to keep the logs completely away from the slab. First thing we did was treat all the timbers which took a day and a half. The quality of the timber is excellent, the log joints are very precise and putting it together was child's play.
I decided on putting gutter on the the cabin with the fall pipe out of site to the rear.The free felt shingles are top quality and lay perfectly flat. The only trouble we did have was putting the door frame together for the double doors but got there in the end. Iam in the building trade and would definitely recommend tuin and would not hesitate to use them again in the future.
Mr. Colin Mycock
Mar 10, 2017
Very good value for money easy to build and hoping get lots of pleasure for many years
Mr. Ken Cruickshank
Aug 3, 2016
First of all I have to say WOW!
From ordering to delivery and construction, Tuin's service has been second to none.

Before I get into the experience I have to repeat what Tuin and other reviewers state.
Do watch the online videos and read the online help links from Tuin, not just once, several times.
This will save you hours of head scratching, trust me I learned the hard way.

First of all the ordering process was easy and hassle free, delivery was bang on time and communication was excellent.

I planned to build the cabin with my wife, we are in our late 40's and neither of us have had any experience in this field.
We had already built a decking base which was fortunately level and square.
The instructions supplied with the cabin are pretty poor to say the least, but this is made up by the online help.
Using the paper plan drawing of the cabin, we were able to work out the starting level and subsequent levels of the walls.
Different sized boards would naturally fit the plan so constructing the cabin up to roof level was no issue.

We came unstuck on the door frame and emailed Tuin for help.
Ten minutes later and we received a detailed reply and help links to the website, which we should have looked at in the first place.
There was a triangular piece above the door with what appeared to be two wooden brackets to support it.
We tried all ways and spent hours trying to get the brackets to support the triangular piece.
Another speedy email response from Tuin informed us that the brackets were actually window sills and nothing to do with the triangular board.

With that embarrassment put to one side we tackled the roof.
Again, using the paper plan drawing we were able to put the roof supports in without issue.
The roof came together well and the shingles went on a breeze, (by this time we'd learned our lesson and watched the online video several times).
As we live in a valley and the cabin would be subject to high winds, we fitted the shingles with the addition of roofing felt bitumen adhesive, well worth the extra effort.

The whole thing was then painted with primer, undercoat and ten year weathershield paint and now looks spectacular.

The quality of the wood and precision joints make the construction a breeze.
The email help and online guides are a godsend.

Overall this was a breeze to construct with some minor fettling here and there, mainly the roof boards.
But we now have a summer house and outside gazebo in one and will enjoy it for many years to come.
Whitney Griffiths
Apr 30, 2016
Excellent cabin and ideal for our uses. Roof construction a little tricky but overall easy to build. Very attractive and sensible design.
Mr. Barrie Quittenton
Apr 30, 2016
I have been building my Jannie log cabin over the last 2 to 3 weeks.It looks absolutely awesome.I am 61 years old and have built this completely on my own.I have had no help what so ever,but it has gone up like a dream.balancing on a ladder with 20 foot logs is no easy task,and the shingles were difficult because the pitch of the roof was so steep.I have almost finished the build and it is absolutely perfect,for the position in the garden.I will send some photos when I've finished.
Mr. ronald goddard
Feb 18, 2016
I ordered the Jennie log cabin as it offered useful cabin space and a gazebo under one roof. The concept of the log cabin appealed as it looks so much better than an ordinary summer house, construction could not be easier. The logs are precision cut and go together perfectly. The Jannie has some quite large logs but there were no issues during construction. The whole building was constructed, including roof in a single day by two of us. The roof shingles took another day. It should be noted that this was during the winter months when daylight hours were restricted.
Tuin are one of the best companies I have ever done business with and should be used as an example of how businesses should be run.
Ron Goddard
Feb 1, 2016
Following an absolute disasteruous attempt to purchase exactly the same building (Janine) last year from another supplier - I had to claim my money back through my credit card - I cannot emphasise how I am impressed with Tuin. The order and delivery was perfect. Despite reading on here about poor instructions We found them good enough to be able to erect the building in a day without any trouble. Well... Ok the door frame stumped us good and proper! But as has already been said help was at hand even late at night. For anyone looking at this for guidance there was one simple instruction that is needed. The two strips of wood with slats in are to make up the difference between a 28mm cabin and a 45mm one... the rest then falls into place. You also need to make sure the 2 V shape strips 0f wood with pre drilled holes for the door hinges is fitted to the outer of the frame on each side.
We fitted the roof tiles on day 2, with another morning for the door frame. Had it been summer it would have been a 2 day build, but losing the light at 4.30pm didn't help! I chose to treat the panels prior to build, allowing me to cover all the joints and ends, something you can't do when it's built. It did take me a good day and a half though. thoroughly reccomemend Tuin, just wish I had found them sooner. Don't buy from anyone else!
Mr. Martin Cottrell
Dec 13, 2015
We purchased a Jannie Log Cabin in September this year having been inspired to create something different in the garden that supported our love of big cats, lions & tigers. The Jannie Cabin itself is exceptionally well made and the instructions were reasonably simple to follow.

Although we got stuck on the door frame assembly, Richard and one of his tech team responded quickly and even sent us a hand drawing explain what we needed to do and how to assemble the frame. This must have been spot on as when we hung the doors we had a lovely 1mm gap all the way round. We are so pleased with the Cabin, we have now pushed on and turned it into our very own African Hut, we have posted a review on Facebook and all are friends think it's awesome.

If your going to do one of these and add bits to a cabin as we have, you must follow Tuins Golden Rules, there is loads of self help on the website which gives you information about how natural wood products move and how the cabin will expand & contract and change as the moisture content changes etc. We just heeded their good advice, did not fix through any of the logs and created slip joints on everything we needed to. The African shelf we built in the roof apex is supported by carrying the weight to the ground via independent poles and over the door head which was suitably reinforced so it would bear the weight.

The vaulted roof beams have been strengthened by adding to the width as well as the depth of the roof timbers so this becomes self supporting too.

Don't throw the packing pallet away, we found some great timber here to make lots of little extras and finish the cabin with style.

Thanks again Tuin, Richard & the team, we will be back next year when we put up a beach hut in the garden !!!
Scott M
Sep 3, 2015
Cabin arrived in less than the stated delivery time. All parts were there and in good condition. As in many other reviews the instructions that came with the pack were limited but with the online instructions it was fairly easy to get to grips with everything. I e-mailed and called for some extra advice and got immediate answers. Anyone with basic DIY knowledge should get on fine. We (myself & my Wife!) got the cabin built up to the maximum wall height in a few hours with no problems at all. The roof was the part that took the most time and the shingles took even longer but all in all if I put all the time together it took me only 2 complete days to finish and another 2 to paint. I still have a few minor adjustments to make but I am more than happy with the end result and quality of the material. We now have an excellent outside space to protect us from the Scottish weather and I now have my own bar!
Ray Thomas
Jul 22, 2015
Now finished. Putting on the shingles was a long job and I was short a pack but Tuin provided this in 24 hours. The end result is simply amazing. A very high quality product from a company you can trust. Look no further!
Ray Thomas
Jun 3, 2015
The quality is stunning. Very high quality timber, fixtures and fittings. On the whole, not difficult to put up so long as you have a good base (in my case, concrete, which I'd recommend given the sheer weight of the cabin). The wall beams are a doddle. You must sort them into different sizes so you can quickly select what you need and then whack it in with a rubber hammer (essential). Very few were out of true and the great thing about the cabin system is that it corrects and straightens itself as you go along, especially if you use any bent or twisted ones early on.

After that it gets trickier. The written instructions are pretty useless and leave you scratching your head over the detail. The online video is very good and is worth watching at least twice before beginning the build. But it's generic - not specific to the Jannie - so many points of detail, especially with regard to the roof beams, you have to figure out yourself. I found that it wasn't clear exactly how the beams marry up to the hexagon on the ridge beam, and spent a long time faffing about with them. Eventually I could get them to fit on one side only by packing the joint with 1 cm timber inserts. Some things I wasted a lot of time figuring out when a few lines of text would have been enough to straighten me out. For example, nobody tells you that the first row of roof planks is tongue only, no groove. Makes sense I know, but if this had been pointed out I'd have saved an hour or so.

The other point is to make sure you have a friend to help you. I did the whole thing single handed (and I'm 69 next month) except for help putting up the apex (which weighs a ton) and first fixing the apex beam. Unavoidable in my case but everything becomes harder if you do it solo - so much running back and forth to fix and refix, when two would make everything easier.

I haven't done yet - still have the shingles to fix and the floor to finish off, but already the building looks fabulous. It's beautifully engineered, and a lot of thought has gone into the design and finish. I couldn't be more pleased.

Just a couple of final points. I emailed customer service once to check on finishes, and got an instant reply on a Sunday evening! Very reassuring, and impressive.

The delivery driver was brilliant. He had to park his vehicle half a mile away because access was impossible any closer, and deliver his massive load on the demountable fork lift, firstly on public roads, and then along a slippery unmade track. He dropped it as close as he could get to my garden gate, a heroic feat!

So, to sum up, a superb cabin from a great company, which you must be very proud to work for. Not cheap, but good stuff never is, is it? Made to last, it looks virtually indestructible.
May 25, 2015
We are over the moon with our purchase of the jannie log cabin, the machining was spot on,the timbers were straight and true.myself a carpenter and a non skilled lad had this erected in a few hours. However the instructions to the shed itself were vague but it was a case of process of elimination.The instructions to the door set were even worse BUT the Tuin team were very helpful as were the on line videos
Mr. Jason Raffill
May 18, 2015
Excellent service by Tuin team, had a few questions on erecting the the door frame etc so contacted Tuin team and recieved an email drawing in no time. Also ran out of shingles for the roof, recieved a full pack delivered the following day. Excellent product and service, would recommend....
Mr. Steve Barnes
Mar 11, 2015
I have been in the building trade for many years and in my opinion the quality of the product is excellent combined with a first class service from the company.
Mr. Paul Salmon
Oct 26, 2014
We bought the Jannie cabin from Tuin after looking at several different types of cabin from various suppliers. We chose this as the price was good, quality appeared to be very good and there was a wealth of sensible and useful advice on the website.

The whole ordering process was very straightforward and the cabin arrived more quickly than expected.

Overall quality is excellent, been very impressed. The instruction could be better, there were a few bits that took some working out. Between three of us we had it built in a day and a half and then I spent a week of evening finishing the roof shingles and fitting the floor.

Overall very impressed with the cabin and the service received. Email were answered very quickly even over weekend when I had queries.

I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Tuin to anyone.
Mr A Sandall-Ball
Aug 18, 2014
The first thing to notice was the accuracy of the cutting and machining. The cabin went together without a single problem. The finished cabin is very solid and excellent quality. The instructions are very basic indeed and take a while to understand, some instructions on how to fit the roof would be of benefit. The extent of our DIY up till now has been limited to flat pack furniture, so this cabin cannot be to difficult for anyone with a bit of particle know how.
When we did have a question Richard was very quick to reply and was very helpful indeed.
I would not hesitate in recommending Tuin log cabins to anyone.
Lee Pepper
Jun 4, 2014
The delivery was on early, and on time! This is a really lovely log cabin, and the wood thickness makes it a really strong structure. I had a few frustrations with the instructions, which are poor to say the least! That said, Richard and his time were absolutely superb on the phone with my queries, and they were also very quick to respond, even out of hours over the bank holiday period! (THANKYOU!)..Would buy from again..Lee