Inglund Log Cabin 3.8x3.2m

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colin meldrum
Aug 29, 2023
Fantastic experience from Start to finish, delivered to the door as advertised, on time, very well packed, fitted together easier than I thought it might. Looks great and will last for ever.
As a complete novice i e mailed a question on the window fitting which was answered with in the hour even when it was after working hours, and a helping link to a video was exactly what I needed.
Can recomended the Tuin guy's to everyone!
Nigel Allam
Apr 16, 2023
We actually took delivery of our cabin in December last year, and it has been barn stored ever since, until....this Easter weekend, myself, my son in law and father in law set-to over a glorious sunny two days and did the construction! The anticipation as we opened the plastic sealed pallet was immense; and from that moment we could tell we were dealing with a quality product from a quality company. As our build is at the top of our paddock to maximise the wonderful Herefordshire countryside views, we had to trailer the logs up in 2 goes, which was very beneficial as it familiarised ourselves with the contents, as we first unpacked half of the weight, and then after taking the other half up the hill, re-loaded the remaining ones.
Following the excellent video tutorial and the construction pamphlet together, we had the base beams and logs installed and squared in about half an hour, and then -voila- an hour or so later we were up to eaves height!
We left it like that over night, and the next day completed the roof rafters and roofing boards (2 nailing and one handing up the boards made this very quick) and hung the doors. Next job this week is to get the shingles on and floor in, and decide what colour to paint it.
I have had great assistance from Tuin support on a ever-so-slight level issue on the base across the front. All in all, a very enjoyable experience and decent sense of achievement! We just have to decide how we want to kit out the interior..
Mr. Peter Thomson
Nov 25, 2022
Overal very pleased with our Inglund log cabin. Delivery was excellant and stress free.
The kit was well packed and had ok instructions that is apart from the window instruction which needed more information. Support during the build including getting replacement parts was good and quick.
Mr. William Ford
Oct 5, 2022
We are pleased with our new log cabin. However, the guys that built it had a few difficulties during construction. Some of the major timbers were bowed and a couple were damaged. Some of the floor boards were damaged too. They managed to lose most of the damaged floorboards, but the bowed logs did cause an issue. They had to take down the cabin after it was partially constructed and start again.

Overall, though, it is a nice thing.
Tuin reply: Thank you for your feedback and that is a shame ref the bowed logs, The best rule of thumb is to ID these right from the start and use them as low down in the walls as possible, The weight of the rest built on top forces them to close up before you know it.

We're also happy to replace them or any other damages as and when reported

We're pleased it turned out ok tho. Please enjoy the building
Mr. Clive Fuller
Sep 6, 2022
I found the whole experience very easy. the delivery driver was very polite, helpful and friendly. the quality of the cabin is very good and easy to erect. highly recommend the company.
Richard Easton
Jun 30, 2022
Great product, good quality materials, simple to erect with good clear instructions. Tuin are really easy to deal with and provide an execellent service from start to finish. I highly recommend tuin and will most certainly deal with them again. It really is an impressive finish
Ms. Pauline Whitney
Jun 10, 2022
Everything arrived as predicted and the delivery company were excellent. Unfortunately we went back into lockdown not long after receiving it so we’ve not been able to build it which is so annoying. But once it’s been erected, when it’s safe if we ever get out of lockdown, I will send a full review.
Mrs. BARBARA Rooney
May 26, 2022
So very pleased with our log cabin. It took 3 days for two people to erect it but it wasn't difficult. We were going to shorten the overhang but decided to keep it as it is. I am glad we did as it looks great.
Mr. Norman Widdop
Apr 24, 2022
Good strong and sturdy construction and nice design. Our son had 3 room cabin earlier in year so we knew what to expect.
Slightly disappointed with having to construct all the window frames on this cabin. Also the amount of spliced wood of varying shades which means we will need to use a darker stain to disguise this, neither of these points related to our sons larger cabin.
Mr. Ken Griffiths
Mar 23, 2022
We brought the ingulund log cabin. It arrived as planned with a very helpful driver who had to park 2 streets away on a main road and delivered on his fork lift truck. No missing parts. Tuin provided an additional roof joist in case it was damaged during transport. All the blogs on the Tuin site were extremely helpful. Good quality timber and accurately machined so it all slotted together perfectly. We have a will recommend Tuin to friends and family. Great company
Lynn Powdrill powdrill
Dec 18, 2021
I was very pleased with my log cabin. The wood is of exceptional quality and the build was easy following the instructions. All parts were delivered correctly. Information re delivery etc was very good
Mr. Stephen Smith
Dec 10, 2021
This log cabin looks fantastic in our garden a sold construction, and not to difficult to assemble.
Mr. Frank Poulter
Jul 15, 2020
I have just read a review from a Mr. Derek Thomas. It appears that I have the same problem, the door locking does not come even close to the holes on the striker plate, out by approx. 50mm. I have had extreme difficulty contacting Tuin, sometimes a week for an e mail response and no response to my numerous voice messages. On Sat 11th July my installer discovered the problem with the doors. I therefore mailed the out of hours mailbox, and included photographs. An employee called Philip responded very quickly. The conclusion was that he would forward my photographs and e mails to Tuins office on the morning of Mon 13th July. He said that someone from the office would contact me sometime during this week. Under the circumstances, I would have much preferred a Tuin after sales person to contact me today. I am also waiting for two new glass window panes that were broken during delivery. So, I find myself in a similar position as Mr. Thomas, a log cabin built but can't be locked and two broken window panes.
As yet, the after sales service is the only negative thing I can say about Tuin and that negativity is solely based on the extensive response times. it is so important during the build phase, if materials are broken or certain items delivered are wrong, Tuin need to make themselves available in a timely fashion. There is nothing more disconcerting than waiting to find out how the problems are to be solved or when replacements will be delivered
On a positive note, the quality of the material is superb. The out of hours service is brilliant. The delivery service excellent, delivered by a driver called Des. He certainly goes the extra mile, forgive the pun, he is one of the most helpful service providers I've had the pleasure of dealing with.
Even though the after sales need massive improvement, I would not hesitate to recommend Tuin as a supplier, probably one of the best purchases I have made. Even though the shingle roof needs to be completed and the flooring installed it looks absolutely amazing.
The rating so far I would consider to be a 4, it would have been a 5 if after sales was improved.
Derek Thomas
Jul 8, 2020
This is a mixed review. First of all, delivery was fine, quality of material is excellent, the instructions leave a lot to be desired and are quite vague at times. However, using common sense and logic and having an engineering background helps no end.
My issue: The pair of doors were not a match, with the hardware being at least 45mm out across both doors. I took pictures, forwarded them and Ben agreed that they were not compatible, ordered a new set from Holland, and advised it would be a few weeks. That was one month ago. How long does it take to get doors sent over.? Its frustrating when all correspondance is by e mail, and usually takes at least two days to get a reply. The latest e mail exchange just advised that they are still on order. Not that they are on there way, no date for delivery etc. I have a constructed cabin with doors that cannot lock which really makes the cabin not fit for purpose.
I would have thought that completing outstanding issues may have been a priority, but seemingly not. Hopefully the replacement doors may arrive in time for me to enjoy the cabin during the summer.
Tuin reply: Thank you for your review, we do apologise about your door furniture. New doors are on order with Holland and will be with us soon. Things are taking longer during to the pandemic.
Blair Fletcher
Jun 1, 2020
Everything went well from the ordering process through the delivery and unloading process to the construction of the cabin. The cabin is substantial, with 45mm logs and now that it's completed, looks very good in our garden. Living on the west coast of Scotland, we took the view that the standard canopy was too long and cut it back to about half it's design length. To our mind, the summerhouse now looks better balanced than the original design. We took longer to build it than was suggested by your various blogs/instructions, but that was perhaps because we carried out other work in conjunction with the build. There were a couple of glitches during the build , for example one of the roof purlins had been inaccurately milled at the joint with the gable and I had to recut the joint to allow a fit. Other than that, the build was generally straightforward. I think that the instructions would benefit from being read over by someone whose native language is English, and re-printed with slightly more detail and missing out the obvious translation errors. This doesn't seem like a huge task for a company which clearly sells a substantial number of log cabins. This small improvement would make a big difference to amateur builders like ourselves. Other than that, we are very pleased with the service offered by Tuin and the build quality of the cabin.
Richard Beard
Dec 6, 2019
Very pleased with our inglund cabin. This is the biggest construction project I've ever attempted & mostly went smoothly. Moving & assembling a (literal) tonne of wood is good exercise!
We've shortened the overhang, partly due to being up north occasionally facing 100mph winds, partly because we prefer the look.
Support from tuin has been brilliant, speedy & helpful responses & the blog info is great - definitely worth taking time to read it before assembly.
I would echo other comments about the window & door fascias, there are some fairly basic diagrams of various types of doors & windows. Would be better if the instruction was specific to the inglund in this respect.
Also a very minor thing, the 3d model pictures of the wall assemblies are generally helpful, but the back wall picture shows too many logs high - I thought there were bits missing!
Only problem now is getting a weather window to treat it all - not easy in northumberland in December.
We're looking forward to spending summer days sitting & admiring the view
Colin Grubb
May 7, 2019
After looking into several different companies we settled for Tuin I ordered the lnglund log cabin it was delivered exactly on time and placed on the drive as requested all the parts were marked for easy assembly, every thing fitted perfectly very happy with finished job
Mr A R Hailwood
Sep 26, 2018
Our delivery driver was very helpful in getting our cabin materials into quite a tight space - definitely not a 'kerbside delivery'
Once unpacked it was quite straight forward to sort out the parts we needed and follow the plan.
Despite poring rain, the build went smoothly, largely due to the precise machining of the logs - if you are forcing it, even with wet wood - you are probably doing it wrong. Very happy with the Tuin experience and would not hesitate to recommend them. The website is an extraordinarily dense source of information and advice. One minor point is that it would be useful to have a little more guidance on installing the door and window facias in the paper instructions. They can be tricky and the facia boards have to be cut to size so it is not immediately obvious where they go. The website is good but you don't want to keep firing up the laptop 'out in the field'
Mr. Stephen Heal
Nov 18, 2017
Service from Tuin has been excellent throughout the buying and building process. Delivery driver was able to manouvre his forklift to the rear of my property and place the package right where I asked. Unpacked and sorted logs, enabled build to go quickly and easily. Once the foundations were sorted the walls build quickly. Could do with some extra instruction about window and door assembly, has to be careful to select correct pieces of timber for them. Do not be tempted to whack down the gable ends, you could end up with problems of gaps in walls! I had to let them back up and then plane them off to suit. If insulating the roof you will need to buy wider timber for the bargeboards. Very pleased with the finished build, now I have to treat it!
Colin Turner
Jun 28, 2016
I'm really thrilled with my log cabin from tuin. It took me just over 2 days to build and fit the felt roof tiles which look amazing. The materials were of superb quality for the price and even a surplus of some items. I did run short of clout nails but being in the North of Scotland I thought I'd better secure the the tiles well! Delivery was on time and exactly as planned. I can't praise the company and product enough.
Brian Ford
Apr 24, 2016
Delighted with this summerhouse. My wife and I erected this in a weekend. Would highly recommend, have started using it already, great place to relax.
Jul 29, 2013
After looking around at garden centers and on line I came across Tuin at the time I had never heard of them but after looking at the brochure and other comments I rang them to see if I could add an extra double door to the Inglund log cabin which the answer was ok so I ordered the cabin and the extra doors came within the two weeks,two large pallets awaited to greet me once returned from work but being all components although quite a lot of items but none that heavy was quickly brought round to the back garden . It went up over the hottest weekend we have had for years the shingles on the roof was the hottest of all baking in the sun you couldn't kneel on them risk of scorching the old knees but now all up and looks great quality very good and strong look forward to making use in the Summer and autumn Thanks again