Helge with Shed Annexe 3.5x5.0m

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Mr. Matthew Hope
Dec 20, 2021
Amazing quality log cabin. Would love another one if I had the room
Mr. savio correia-afonso
Sep 12, 2021
The purchase and delivery were seamless, great email communication and arrived as per schedule.
The Tuin Helge itself is an awesome summerhouse/shed, my builder was very impressed with the quality of the wood and we did not require any clarification, regarding instructions.
The epdm roofing is great and has my builder totally converted, he is now using the material on other roofing projects.
Thank you very much Tuin
Jan 14, 2019
Excellent product made up of well made componenets which fit together well to provide the shed and summer house which is esactly what I needed. Instructions, when combined with the online information were very gfood.
Derek Weston
Dec 3, 2013
After placing an order for the Helge Cabin which was an easy process we then waited for it to turn up which it did on the correct day the driver put the pallet exactly where I wanted it I started to unload the pallet to take it through to the back garden and I found some items that were not on the delivery list I phone the company and was passed to Richard there tec guy who answered all my questions and instilled confidence in to me to under take the task of the build he also said just bring the timber through and put it in to respective piles which he said would help with the build as you would not have to search for any items the following day we started to erect the cabin referring to the drawings and the written detail we soon had a problem after about 4 hours we started to run into problems I phoned and spoke to Richard who said take a picture and email him and he would take a look 20 minutes later I had a reply I had put one timber in the wrong place so I quickly rectified this and then it flew up I had a couple of issues with the latter part of the build but again Richard came to the rescue would I recommend the produce and the company YES I would very impressed and have no reason to complain about anything quality product or backup are all excellent
Derek Weston
West Sussex
Ray Foley
Nov 12, 2013
This log cabin fits together superbly and the timber is beautifully machined. Very happy with it and Tuin