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Robin Vance
May 11, 2023
Comms and delivery were great. Easy to put together and looks fantastic. Super solid unit and even with torrential rain since building it is perfectly dry inside. The thicker logs also retain temperature well so will only need heating in cold winter months. Perfect workshop.
Susan Stock
Jul 4, 2022
Cabin arrived on time. Delivery driver was brilliant - managed to navigate a very restricted space at the front of our semi-detached house. The wood was packaged very well and was easy to unpack - the pieces were easy to identify. We spent a lot of time getting the foundation and first layer of wood planks laid accurately. After that it took one day to get the rest of the walls, doors and windows in place, with one and a half people working. Then it took a further day to install the roof planks. Some of the planks were bowed but only one was problematic - the rest sorted themselves out once the weight of the remaining planks 'took hold'. We are now sealing and painting the cabin. We are fitting 40mm insulation and a layer of OSB on top of the supplied roof. Overall, our only small concern was the one plank that would not sit down straight - though now we know what we know we would have sorted the planks so as to use the most bowed lower down. Overall I'd give a 95% positive report.
Mr. Darren Morley
May 9, 2022
We ordered the log cabin online, which said was in stock, but we got a reply a few days later saying it was out of stock. But we were promised it would arrive as soon as possible. We were very pleased with the service and it arrived within a few days of the original date. We built the shed ourselves and it was very simple to follow.
Mr. Ian Roche
Feb 7, 2022
Really pleased with this cabin. Great quality timber & other materials. Easy to follow instructions. Easier to construct than I thought it would be. It took me 4 days to put together from start to finish, on my own. Also very very helpful blogs.
Joel Scott
May 30, 2021
I’ve had the log cabin up a couple of years now. When installing it I read all the articles provided by tuin, and was confident enough I could put it together. The only problem I had was with one length which had a big twist in it; others had smaller twists or bends which could be manipulated. The team were responsive and supported me with the problematic one. Two years on and aside from a couple of parts getting mouldy which I keep having to remove and the door handle which didn’t last long, I’m very pleased with the cabin. I hope to get a friend to go with it soon from tuin. I wanted to add a picture, but don’t have the option on this review page.
Steve Foster
Dec 24, 2020
Great cabin, once the base was sorted got the cabin up in about 3 hours, roof boards next day, insulated floors and ceiling. Window and doors only needed a small adjustment ,
which was easy enough. Well worth watching the videos on this site, saves you worrying about any small twists of the logs etc which all settles into place once assembled. Well worth the money. Treated it myself , but with hindsight would pay for it to be treated, took me about four days in the garage to do. There’s a lot of wood with this size of cabin. Had a few floorboards over and roofing boards which was good. Very pleased with the cabin, don’t underestimate the work on the base, insulation and electrics. well worth doing if like me you want to use the cabin all year round. All in all found the building of the cabin the easiest part.
Clive Baillie
Nov 20, 2020
Wow, absolutely fantastic, product and service! Started to look for a cabin end of last year (before covid!) to be used as home gym. Phoned a few companies after looking on line and doing some research, narrowed it down between 3 different companies that did cabins 4m x 4m. Tuin had very good reviews (now I can see why) emailed them some questions and always got a response but never got "pestered " with follow up calls, which was and is refreshing. I also contacted another company who apparently are one of the biggest in the UK, their words, after making inquiries I would get cold calls off them every couple of weeks for months (up until I ordered off Tuin in August this year).
Ordering was simple, no deposit required, payment being taken a week or so before delivery, other companies wanted between 30 and 50% deposit upfront. Due to the Pandemic delivery times were a bit longer than usual, however it arrived on the date that was promised.
Delivery was by class 1 truck (never seen a truck that big manage our street before) and to get up our cul de sac a moffit forklift was used, no dramas whatsoever , the packaged was well sealed so left it on the drive for a couple of days till I could move it into the garden.
Before delivery I had read all the blogs and watched all the instructional videos on the Tuin website, a must in my opinion if you have never put up a cabin before. Before assembly I stacked everything in logical order and checked for any missing items, this made the job so much easier.
Putting up the cabin was pretty straightforward, easier than I expected, and only took my son and myself a day and half to do (excluding shingles). We were surprised with how everything fitted together so well, no warped or twisted/cracked logs at all.
We are so pleased with the end result, can't believe how sturdy and solid it is, even the doors which I thought might be thin style shed doors were heavy solid items as is the window and fit perfectly.
Once it is all complete (floor still to go in and cabin still needs painting and trim to go on) I will send in a complete blog with photos.
There is probably no need for Tuin to advertise, since I put it up last weekend I have had a couple of neighbours inquire already where I got it, one will be ordering next year (to be used as a bar, win win!).
To sum up, definitely recommend the Gunda cabin and also Tuin the company!!
Mrs. Julie Nicholson
Nov 16, 2020
Fantastic cabin, looks amazing and so solid. We are confident we will use it all year round as it retains the heat well! Slightly disappointed with the door and windows flimsy compared to rest of cabin and despite professional fitting still not great
Mr. Andrew Bennett
Nov 5, 2020
Really good communication regarding delivery, cabin came well packed we assembled ourselves and went up well, we love it so much.
Mr. Stuart Kenwood
Apr 12, 2020
Tuin has been amazing with the advise both before and after my purchase of the GUNDA 4x4 log cabin. If you are thinking of getting a cabin or garden building then I can’t recommend Tuin enough. The Cabin itself is fantastic, unfortunately a window was damaged in transit but it was sorted with no fuss. I’m so pleased I chose Tuin and have recommend to manager already as he is thinking of getting a cabin. Thanks to all the team at Tuin.
Andrew Wild
Jun 17, 2019
Absolute excellent service. Arrived on the appointed day and off loaded to my drive. Great product well thought out and easy to erect. Its taken me 12 months to get the cabin fitted out with all the extras I wanted but a fantastic basic cabin to work with which was erected easily in a couple of days with the comprehensive instructions and guidance. I would certainly buy from Tuin again.
Mr. Peter Lawson
Sep 4, 2018
I was really impressed with the product and service from Tuin. The delivery driver was great - (he phoned the day before and asked if he could deliver that evening which was nice), really friendly and got the cabin down a cul de sac with no issues.

The cabin went together very easily - I was a bit dubious that it could actually be done in a day, but within 5 hours we had the cabin up and the roof boards on - no issues at all.

Working great as a home office

Really impressed with the finished product - would be happy to recommend.
Mr. Daniel Giblin
Dec 2, 2017
I have just moved house and as the new place did not have a garage I was planning on building myself a workshop. When I investigated the cost of materials and took into account the time taken to build it it was going to be a long time before I could use it.
I decided to look at sheds and workshops online and made locally. The locally built sheds were very expensive and not made to the standard I required. The online search was much more successful, l found the Tuin website almost immediately and while I was impressed with the range of cabins and buildings the most impressive part of the site was the section dealing with reviews and the comments about the after sales service.
When I searched through the range of cabins I was amazed how good the prices were (I could not buy the materials that cheaply), so I was even more surprised when I found that they had a sale on and I could get a 4m x 4m Gunda log cabin with 40mm logs for under £1500. The other great point was that delivery was free, except that they only delivered to mainland UK. I contacted a local haulier (Readers Transport IoW) who said that it could be delivered to their depot in Eastleigh and they would deliver it to my house on the Isle of Wight at a very reasonable price.
I contacted Tuin to find out the size and weight of the pallet and had a reply within 30 minutes, they also said that it would not be a problem to deliver it to the depot. Once I ordered the Gunda cabin the whole process went incredibly quickly, the cabin delivery was flawless. My son and I took an hour and a half to unload the pallet on a Saturday morning and after looking at all the components we thought it would take a couple of days to build, so we could not believe it when we had it built by 4.00pm on the same day (apart from the free shingles - another bonus).
I used the support information and video to make the build as simple as possible. The information about building the base was extremely good so I decided to use a timber frame built from 150mm x 50mm to support the cabin and with the dimensions supplied by Tuin it fitted the perfectly (just make sure to measure across the corners).
I can thoroughly recommend the whole Tuin experience from search through to completion as a very rewarding time, the quality of the timber is excellent, the joints all fitted well and the fixtures and fittings are all included.
Thank you Tuin
Paul Kay
Jul 8, 2017
Decided to visit tuin, see there set up and brand. Wasn't disappointed helpful staff at site. Drove 45mins home. Placed the order on-line simple process easy navigation. Phoned by delivery company. No hassles, great customer service. Assembled today very straight forward a few little niggles, but nothing that didn't take 5 mins to sort. Easy process even for me as an amateur, very happy with cabin, service and delivery. Would 100% recommend for value and promptness.
george clark
Jun 19, 2017
i have just purchased the Gunda log cabin and i am more than satisfied with with it it was so easy to build after i was re sent the drawings the lock was faulty but was sent a new one return of post as for the delivery the driver was very helpful and placed the cabin where i wanted it i would recommend this company any time the quality of the timber was as expected and of a good quality thanks for a wonderfull cabin george clark
Mike Crombie
May 4, 2017
fabulous cabin for the get the shingles free is a total bonus.after getting the base square and level the built is a cakewalk.
Mar 28, 2017
Very happy with the cabin.Quite easy to erect also. Only two gripes I had was the kit arrived with no instructions and the faceings were to small for the window ! Otherwise an excellent buy. Would recommend tuin products
Mr. Robert Crossland
Oct 30, 2016
We are extremely happy with the quality of our Rhein Five 40mm log cabin and with the overall experience of buying from Tuin.

We had researched other cabin companies and chose Tuin for three reasons:
1. There were many more positive customer reviews online for Tuin than other suppliers.
2. The wealth of helpful information on the site/blog reassured us that there would be support available if we needed it.
3. The price was reasonable for the level of quality.

The customer service received in the purchase and construction of our cabin was first rate.
– The ordering and delivery date selection went very smoothly.
– The delivery driver was extremely pleasant and helpful.
– Before and during assembly we emailed several queries to Tuin and had replies extremely quickly. We even received a phone call on a Sunday to help resolve one small issue.

Assembly was very easy, although more information to help identify which timber was to be used for the doors/window frames and fascias and trim would have saved us some time. (The detailed inventory supplied covers only the basic parts of the cabin and roof.)
The door and window furniture supplied isn’t top quality, but it does the job perfectly well.

We would highly recommend Tuin and will almost certainly buy from them again.
Mr. carl barr
Mar 27, 2016
Quality log cabin at a very reasonable price. The instructions that come with the cabin are not comprehensive enough, however the video on the website was of great help. It went together very easy, I erected the cabin in one day on my own. The roof and shingles took another day each. Very pleased with this product.
Paul Mitchell
Feb 6, 2016
Excellent product , good quality with a very high standard of finish and good quality locks for the doors and windows , delivery was well organised, the driver rang me an hour before he arrived and delivered as close as he could to the house , we used a recommended installer and this was proved the right choice , installed in a day by polite and friendly men .