Gudrun Log Cabin 5.03 x 3.59m - Double Glazed

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Mr. Simon Compton
Mar 10, 2023
We are over the moon with our Log cabin space is fantastic, the whole cabin looks stunning, we did get specialist to make the cabin and treat it inside and out... from ordering to delivery was very organised... very very happy with the end product, i can add photos if you let me know where i can put them?
Dominique Compton
Wayne & Michelle Jones
Aug 13, 2021
We recieved the Gudrun cabin recently. As we will live in a hilly area with narrow roads, i was not looking forward to how the delivery was going to get to our property. The driver was absolutely outstanding in what was difficult circumstances. He managed to get the cabin and place on on the drive for us, i was delighted with his efforts and his skill on the Moffett. TOP TIP: When unloading the cabin from its protective PVC covering we noticed that glass units and window frames were broken. Take a photo in situ, i removed the broken glass and windows and then took photos of the damage. Leave them in situ and take photos of any damage there. The overall package is very large and part of it was sticking out into the lane, so that is the reason why we got it unloaded as soon as, and took the photos later. The damage items was a bit unsettling hence the 4 stars but we are in the process of sorting it out with Tuin. Overall item are of good quality and nothing seems to be missing, yet!!!
Finally, a huge thankyou to the driver for all his efforts
Jul 7, 2020
I placed an order 2weeks ago . I have tried contacting you by telephone and email and have had no response. I had some pre order and delivery enquiries but have heard nothing. I hope the service improves. I nevertheless placed the order as this log cabin was on offer.
Tuin reply: Thank you for your review. We do agree that our service had become poor over this pandemic crisis for which we are extremely sorry.

We have been overwhelmed with enquiries and orders and our staff working from home and social distancing has been struggling. We are trying to recruit new staff to take up the demand but it does take time.

We are pleased to hear you took advantage of one of our offers. These have all been stopped now to slow our sales and enquiries to we can catch up with the backlog and return to our top customer service.

We have also increased our delivery times to also slow enquiries and orders and the backlog. In fact we are trying to put people off buying from us until we can return to normal.

Please be reassured you will be very pleased with your building when installed. You will also be pleased with the low price you paid.

We hope we all return to normal and that future customers will bare with us while we build the teams to cope with the demand and once again offer amazing value for money with heavily discounted products from Tuindeco and the service we were known for up to April this year in 2020.

Mrs. mary alexander
Apr 1, 2020
Very happy with this Log Cabin its very impressive looking. From sale to delivery the service has been great with very friendly well trained staff. My only negative is the lack of paper instructions but on line more than makes up for that and would have liked pieces to have been numbered for easier construction.
Richard F
Mar 2, 2020
This is an awesome building which went together very well. Extremely solid. It did take us a very long time due to exceptional weather conditions and a builder who appeared 'occasionally'. I would recommend Tuin without hesitation.
East cliff landscapes
Feb 26, 2020
Very good quality and great back up from tuin staff. Not an easy build but having built this type of building before everything went as it should. Make sure you start off right and it will end up as it should. Would definitely use tuin again. This one is a wedding venue in Bournemouth for a seafront hotel. Great reviews from everyone who gets married in it !
Mr. Robert McNeil
May 29, 2019
Perhaps, I am being a little harsh with the 4* review. The main reason for this is that we found the instructions very vague and not clear enough. More on that to follow ...

The process of ordering the cabin was very straight forward and the delivery all went smoothly. The logs were securely wrapped and safe from the Scottish elements.

To begin the process of assembling the cabin, we separated all the logs and tried to make note of what was what. We found this quite difficult as some of the pieces were very similar, only very marginal difference. In truth, we didn't really know if there was a difference, but later in the build we realised there was. This could be clearer - could the logs be stamped/labelled perhaps? We also found the one page instructions very vague given the size of this build. We struggled with the doors and had spare pieces that were difficult to ascertain what these were for. They still remain in my log store serving no purpose to this day. Finally, regarding the build, we only realised once we were at the top of the cabin, that we had started the bottom log the wrong way round. This meant that the roof logs did not fit our top log (male/male rather than male/female) - AAGH! We decided not to take the whole cabin down and instead our joiner tweaked the top and the logs to make good. It was a good job he was there. Could you do more to make the instructions easier to follow and more comprehensive?!? C'mon - you get a twenty page booklet with a £20 lego set after all. I did try and use the helpline but it's difficult to describe logs and stuff over the phone!

Having said this about the build, we are delighted with our cabin. It looks stunning and is very high quality. All of our friends and neighbours have commented on this and now have garden envy!! It feels extremely spacious inside, partly because of the shape of the roof. It also stands out to people as the shape is very unique. We love it!!

I would thoroughly recommend this cabin. It breaks from the normal rectangle model and gives you something more individual.

Mar 23, 2019
A very well designed, easy to assemble Summerhouse. The whole construction is quality and solid. Needs better guidance for the door and window installation, if it’s not just a simple “slot-in” unit like the video shows on YouTube.

I’d defo buy more from
Tuin. Great product.
Mr. Mike Reid
Jan 20, 2019
In a way it is a bit early to be asked to write a review as our Gudrun cabin is not yet complete but we are very pleased with progress to date. We had a great deal of assistance from Tuin in deciding what to order and the delivery was bang on time and to the position we wanted.

We had initially thought of building the cabin ourselves but in the end decided on using a recommended contractor. Their work has been quick and efficient and hours of indecision on how to do the build have been avoided. As guide to other buyers it takes about eight "competent" man days to build a Gudren.

So we are waiting for the floor to go in, but can report that the building is an excellent buy and that having a vaulted ceiling is a real "head turner". This cabin is brilliant.
Kirk Hughes
Sep 23, 2018
What can I say but outstanding? From the very start Tuin and the support team were very helpful answering any questions I sent them and the replies were always quick, same day and fully answered.
They offered very good advice and made me feel like I was making the right choice buying from them.
The cabin itself arrived on time and slotted together nicely without any major issues. The instructions could of been a little clearer in my opinion but once you get your head around them, it does all make sense. The quality of the spruce is amazing, solid and very robust. I opted for the profiled rubber footings/base level over the wood so there was no real risk of wood rotting or getting damp.
Double glazed doors and windows are fantastic and very secure.
All in all, everything went as I expected and in fact Tuin exceeded expectations in every area from initial conversations to delivery and after sales. The quality is of the product is also above expectation so if you are unsure, don't be TUIN are by far the best around.

Mr. chris gowman
Jul 26, 2018
My cabin is virtually finished and I am delighted. We built it off a concrete base laid with 2.5 cubic metre of redimix concrete. The shape of the cabin means that it was not the most straight forward build and I was assisted by a builder, or maybe it was the other way around.
David Holbrook
Jul 11, 2018
Only short delivery time from order - 3 weeks, and arrived on time.
Do be ready for the building erection and as near delivery as possible while in its 'factory condition' - it's timber and it WILL move given time.
Check the quantity of the items when unpacked and laid out as there is some spare included which you may find useful if a component has split or deformed.
The structure elements were well machined and easy to assemble taking note of the drawings, instructions, hints and tips and online videos - study before commencement saves loads of time. The dimensions on the precut items were very accurate. The only item that required adjustment was the ridge beam in the metal hubs that needed 35mm. packings to bring it up to the roof beam levels on this more complicated roof design.
I did find some annoying elements with the windows and doors. Half the glazing beads had been left with a very rough sawn finish on the face side through bad milling, one window sash seemed impossible to line up and operate until I found it was way out of square (about 10mm over the diagonals) so had to unglaze and reset with glazing packing to correct.
The doors also needed some attention with hinge pivots binding on the stiles making them impossible to mount without taking off the hardware and planning down the arrises. As these are bifolding doors they do need that extra attention. Two doors had quite serious winding in them despite care to stack flat and level in the dry until required.
However don't expect top rate joinery, this is after all a glorified shed!
After all said and done, we are pleased with the building and it certainly does look good and substantial.
One oddity - I ordered 2 metal roof finials which I expected to suit the shape of the roof but was sent square ones! So I've made lead caps for each hip and bedded a matching ridge tile on top of the roof.
This building is OK for the experienced DIYer, otherwise get professional installation.
Happy building.
Phil John
May 9, 2018
We are delighted with our Gudrun cabin. After a great deal of investigation we chose this cabin because it provides fantastic space and is a very good price compared to options from other companies. It’s added an extra dimension to our garden with plenty of room for all our family, including infants crawling around. It’s cosy with the doors and windows closed and airy when they are open, so we use it all year round.

Trevor Ponman
Apr 26, 2018
The Gudrun is a very good-looking cabin. It's an interesting octagonal shape with bifold doors along the front. There is, however a price to pay for the unusual shape - the roof is a bit of a swine to assemble and the shingles require a lot of trimming due to the complex shape. The walls slot together very nicely, and go up quickly once one masters the way the bottom layer is assembled. The instructions for assembly really need improvement. There is loads of good advice on the Tuin web site, but most of it is general to the wide range of Tuin cabins. The specifics for the Gudrun come with the delivery - unhelpfully packed in the middle of the plastic wrapped kit, so one has to unwrap it all to get to them. These specific instructions consist entirely of diagrams - some words would be a great help! I think that almost anyone would hit problems with the assembly. However, when we did the staff at Tuin were very helpful and helped us resolve our problems with some technical advice in a speedy fashion.
Mrs. carole rawle
Nov 20, 2016
I purchased the Gudrun Log Cabin and it is excellent, I am so pleased with it. The quality and style is wonderful and will be a really useful addition to our garden.