Gretel Log Cabin Gazebo 7.9 x 2.5m

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Jul 26, 2021
Just finished building my Gretel Cabin, really happy with the outcome! Quality of the structure is excellent and had no issues with the build (one of the beams needed drilling, but not a problem). Instructions are a bit vague, more like general assembly drawings than instructions (also would be better printed on separate pages rather than back to back) but once you get your head around it all, the cabin soon starts to fly up. Can be easily built by a good DIY'er with basic knowledge and tools, no need to pay for a builder.
Build time; 2 full days to build structure and roof, 2 full days to add roof underlay/shingles/guttering, and probably a day to add wood preserve and top coat. This was a 1 man build with help lifting some of the larger sections into place.
Would recommend this product (and other Tuin buildings if all the same quality).
Jul 1, 2021
Fantastic cabin, the only down side is we had issues with complaints with a particular neighbour about height, so the roof was altered to suit regulations but I have to say this might even look better than original design…
Mr. Tony Slade
Sep 23, 2016
Generally more than satisfied with this excellent product, one or two parts were incorrectly drilled and the overall level on drawings/instructions could be better (think Lego !) in explaining initial steps and clarity of parts.

I good result all the same and I would recommend Tuin products without hesitation.
Mrs gitsham
Aug 11, 2016
Absolutely thrilled with our log cabin now fully stained so glad we didn't pay someone to build it because 3 of us took 1 day to build it was so easy just managed to get half the roof on the first day and the rest the day after emailed out of ours team because we thought not enough roof planks but after en almost immediate response realised our planks were wider phew thanks soooooo much getting ready for hot tub fitting now