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May 27, 2024
The product arrived on time - the delivery associate were excellent with great communication.
Unpacking - none of the pieces are marked / coded so ensure you unpack carefully so as not to mix up the pieces. Importantly - we had to use part of the pallet for the roof - so do not discard the pallet until the roof is finished. I was hasty to unload from the pallet and then spent 2-3 hours setting out the roof pieces before building / realising i needed pieces from the pallet.
Be prepared not to use the instructions, I think they are more harm than good, in their current format.
Video - watch the videos with regards to construction and the application of the roof / shingles - this was good.
Make sure you set out all the pieces (there are plenty of spares to confuse you initially), check your measurements twice and be prepared to cut a few pieces (as it says on the instructions).
We built our gazebo by using our imagination and visualising what it should look was a lot easier this way.
We have the gazebo in place now, and it does look fantastic (IMHO). Be careful though, to conform to local planning rules as the height is 2.9m - seek advice locally.
The customer and technical support was great, even though we had to call at least 5 times!
Great value for money, and looks better than the might be worthwhile contacting a builder from the approved list to construct - saves time and frustration.
Mr. Alan Robinson
May 21, 2024
Really pleased with the product, robust and sturdy and easy to assemble. The written instructions received were not great but the hints and tips for assembly on the website were more than useful. Compared to the price of others this is a good value product!
brian lee
Mar 24, 2024
Excellent product and now all together looks amazing real centrepiece for my garden as in other reviews instructions not to clear you can onto their website and the instructions are more clearer and more helpful .
Miss. Samantha Lee
Mar 23, 2024
The finishing gazebo is beautiful my only reasons for 4 stars I think better instruction manual for erecting the gazebo an attaching the shingle tiles in the package would be useful. It took 2 people 1 full day to complete the timber and 2 people 1 full day to complete he shingle tiles
Allan Seymour
Mar 5, 2024
When this Gazebo turned up at our house i thought oh my god where do i start. But if you take an hour to read the instructions online its so easy to erect . Also if you do get stuck along the way just phone the company and they are all willing to help.
You do need 2 people to erect it especially the roof .
Ours is up and looking very smart its so nice to sit under it and have our dinner shared with a glass of wine dont know how we got on without it. You dont need to look anywhere else for excellent customer relationship and quality workmanship.
Richard Saudan
Feb 11, 2024
The gazebo was delivered two weeks late, however when it arrived it was of good quality and I would purchase again.
Mr. Chris Harper
Dec 24, 2023
Excellent vfm,all parts were cut and finished to a high standard. I had no troubles in understanding the instructions and would advise anybody thinking of this as a diy project to watch the vidios on line. The delivery was on time with one of the most helpful drivers I have delt with.
If I had to be really picky I would suggest a purpose cut ridge shingle but that is just my preference. Thanks to all a Tuin and their delivery contractors
Wayne Musker
Nov 12, 2023
Excellent and great quality wooden gazeebo that really looks smart in my garden!! Thanks
Mr. Stephen Massie
Oct 23, 2023
I have not started the build yet as I am just preparing the base. The quality of the product looks very good and was delivered on time, as promised. The after sales service has also been very supportive.
Mrs. Amanda Coates
Sep 18, 2023
This is a really solid and sturdy structure. Great price and quality, would definitely recommend to others.
Mark Medler
Aug 11, 2023
We recently bought and have installed the Grande Open Gazebo (2.9x4.9m). At time of writing the main frame and roof are up but we have yet to do the felt. We are very pleased with the product so far; it’s looking great in the garden and construction has been straightforward if time consuming single handed. The product quality is good and I haven’t come across a single piece of wood that I’d reject. As other reviewers have commented though, I’d recommend thoroughly reviewing the online installation guides (the printed plan that comes with the pack is inadequate and shows a different process for construction). When the pack first arrives the number and different sizes of the various pieces is bewildering, but lay it all out and all becomes clear. Definitely pre-drill everything and worth having both an electric drill and screwdriver to hand. Clamps are invaluable.
Jarrod Mollison
Jun 14, 2023
Really pleased with my purchase. Pretty straightforward to assemble although it would have been easier if the lengths of wood were stamped with a code. We added sides to ours which was always the plan. It would have been cheaper to buy a gazebo with sides from Tuin though. I managed to figure it out and the end result is superb.
Mr. Paul Savory
Apr 8, 2023
hi I bought my grande open gazebo from you after a planning office told me it was to high I customized it with a flat glass roor and it looks great you as a company and your staff were fantastic from start to finish nothing was to much trouble friend are
Jonathan Free
Jan 2, 2023
This is our second gazebo from Tuin. We bought the smaller version of this 3 years ago and it is lasting well. We have yet to assemble the new gazebo but everything we ordered arrived on time, the driver was very helpful and we will assemble as soon as the ground work is complete.

I recommend adding additional roof rafters. The roof boards are not tongue & groove so this helps reduce the roof board movement (especially during assembly). I also suggest using roofing membrane under the shingles. This gives a long lasting waterproof roof finish.

With these additions these are great gazebos and last year's.
Paul Griffin
Dec 3, 2022
We Love our new Gazebo.
Colin hardaway
Nov 2, 2022
Took two days to assemble this gazebo with help of my son in law, neither of us are professional craftsmen. However if you keep checking the Tuin video it's fairly self explanatory. Once up and the roof covered with the red shingles it looks very sturdy and comments from visitors to our garden have all been VERY complimentary.
we are more than happy with our new garden addition.
Mr. Paul Gatti
Aug 26, 2022
Gazebo kit arrived on schedule and was securely packed. Online build instructions were very good, the instructions that come with the gazebo are fine to help identify where each piece goes. I build mostly on my own with some help however I would recommend 2 people to build. The quality is excellent, much much better than I expected for the price. I would not hesitate in recommending this gazebo - a quality product at an extremely competitive price. Many thanks Tuin!!
Nigel Bradley
Jul 13, 2022
we originally bought and erected one of your gazebos in our last property in 2014 and since moving last year could not wait to do the same in our new garden. This time we used your recommended installers and are very impressed with the quality and service ...if we move again in the future you will be again first on the list for our improvements!
Paul Brixton
May 30, 2022
I have been very impressed with Tuin and the gazebo I purchased. It was the best deal that I could find and the quality is very good. I had one piece of bowed wood but it was replaced with a new piece with in 2 days so very efficient. The gazebo is now built and we are extremely pleased with it. Have and will definitely recommend to others.
Paul Brixton
May 24, 2022
I have gone for the Grande open gazebo from Tuin after looking on line at all the different companies that supply wooden buildings, Tuin came out on top for good value and best reviews. And I have to say I have also been very impressed with the gazebo and service I have had from Tuin. I definitely recommend this gazebo you won't be disappointed.
Mr. Tracy Gamble
May 4, 2022
Our beautiful gazebo was such good value and the quality is superb. We can now sit in the garden no matter what the weather. The delivery service was excellent too!
Mr. Andy Caulfield
Apr 27, 2022
I bought the Grande Gazebo as I wanted something different to having a log cabin.. a place to invite friends and family whenever covid restriction were relaxed to welcome back the rule of 6 and this gazebo is perfect. Its large dimensions offers plenty of space to seat 6 people and more with plenty of room for a small corner bar to entertain. The service, delivery and product are beyong amazing and would recommend Tuin to help provide a fantastic outside space for anyone.
Mr. Joff Lewis
Apr 15, 2022
I could not fault the company or the product. The communication, delivery timescales, the actual delivery and the product were all first class. With simple instructions, two stepladders and a couple of standard tools, myself and my 80-year-old father-in-law put this together in just under two days. Everything was complete and it looks fantastic.
Jo Hall
Mar 23, 2022
We bought 2 Grande Gazebos for our school field to provide shelter for the children. We were so pleased with the end result. They are solid, really impressed with the quality especially for the price. They took a little longer to assemble than planed but the extra time was in the shingle roofing which looks fantastic when finally finished. Delivery was really easy and they were very well packed on the pallet.
Mr. David Ginn
Mar 21, 2022
I purchase the Grande Open Gazebo from Tuin as this was one of the best value for money gazebos that I could find
the delivery slot was given to me and on the week of the delivery the delivery driver call me on the day of delivery with a time that he would be at my house
the delivery driver was very polite and helpful and the unloading and drop off of the gazebo was excellent

On erecting the gazebo this only took me 2 days as the quality of the product was very good and I did not have to cut or alter any of the timbers to get it to fit

the gazebo is of good quality and is very sturdy

I would recommend buying this product as value for money is excellent

all the way through buying this and the email correspondence has been great
if you want a hassle free gazebo then buy from Tuin
Mr. Terry Griffiths
Mar 11, 2022
The gazebo arrived exactly as promised with efficient and effortless offload and positioning. It took quite a lot of working out some of the components and exactly where they went but it was all there and I had very little hassle when I got going. There were extra bits just in case and it fitted together well. It was not the cheapest gazebo I looked at but it was well worth the money. It looks fantastic, we’ll made and I’m sure it will last for years. Great product, thanks very much for everything.
William Heath
Mar 8, 2022
We searched numerous sites to find the right gazebo for our garden. We finally found Tuin and were even more happy when we found they were only a few miles from where we lived and that the gazebo we wanted was already built as a demo at their site. It was delivered on time and placed where we wanted it. We used the recommended person to build it from the Tuin site. On the first Saturday they dug the holes and payed the concrete on the second Saturday three people arrived and built it all in 6 hours it looks amazing. We couldn’t be happier with our purchase and can highly recommend the company , the product and the guys who built it for us.
Steve Allaway
Feb 27, 2022
After researching many sites for the Gazebo I wanted, Tuin came out on top of my investigations and other reviews, they did not let me down, delivery on time, delivered on forklift exactly where I wanted it. All components were of good quality, the main posts were of exceptional quality. With the help of my son I had all timber up in 2 days. The shingles took me the longest time, but I am an overweight 52 year old trying to do everything off a step ladder, so Was still pleased with finishing the job. The whole project was completed in a week, I added 2 sides myself and lighting , heater and bar and am very happy with the finished gazebo. Value for money easily achieved and I would highly recommend TUIN for any future projects or any friends looking for similar products.
Mr. Christopher Taylor
Feb 11, 2022
Fantastic product, it’s made a lovely addition to my garden can not wait to use it more in the warmer weather.
Paul Holdsworth
Dec 30, 2021
Fantastic product. Delivery went very well and by a very nice man.
Me and my son measured and set the posts in the holders we bought with the kit and built up the framework and roof supports. I then finished it myself including the shingled roof.
I added a gutter to finish it off and we are well pleased with it.
Only complaints are that the post holders are too big for the posts, the plans are poor and if it wasn’t for the fact that I am a competent diyer, it would have been a struggle.
Also the roof boards could be tongued and grooved which would have helped when nailing on the shingles as the butted boards were very springy.
There is a good video by the company with a link on their website.
Besides those minor complaints, I would certainly recommend to anyone and would not hesitate to buy another one. Thanks Tuin.
Paul & Diane Holdsworth
paul knowles
Dec 27, 2021
A good solid gazebo that looks just right in our pub beer garden, and fits in with the countryside setting and old buildings. Would purchase again. Took my handyman about 2.5 days to erect but it looks like it will last a good few years.
Craig Knowles
Dec 11, 2021
After looking at numerous gazebos online, i opted for the tuin one. It took roughly 5-6 wks to arrive. The delivery driver was excellent in dropping it off and very helpful. It took me a couple of hrs to unpack and get the 6 legs up. This is definitely at least a 2man job. I was very disappointed with the legs as they all had big big cracks in them which i will try and fill before i paint it. It certainly looks the part in my garden and overall im pleased with it. There was an extra £80 delivery charge as i live in Cardiff. I would certainly recommend this gazebo to anyone looking to buy one of these
Mr. Terry Merchant
Dec 1, 2021
Very good company service. We experienced the Brexit/Covid delay to the original delivery date. The company kept us informed. Excellent delivery service.
Some additional info on the installation of the roof shingles would help - overall very good
Tuin reply: We're very pleased it went so well and that the wait was worth it in the end.

It may be regarding the shingles that you missed the video we have online but in either case we will take a look to see what else can be included to help with that part of the install

Please enjoy your new gazebo :)
Mr. Stanley Keller
Nov 22, 2021
Long delay with delivery but we accept this was caused by the pandemic giving rise to staffing and worldwide material shortages. Tuin were quick to respond to requests for updates via email. When the gazebo was finally available communication for delivery was good and having used a recommended installer we are very pleased with the final result.
Mrs. Lisa Pearmain
Nov 16, 2021
Excellent gazebo!
The gazebo kit was delivered on time by a really helpful courier driver who delivered right on to the driveway.
My husband and I (with some help from the kids) built it in a weekend. Instructions not the clearest in some places but we figured it out. Wouldn't hesitate to use Tuin again.
Mrs. Carol Haymarch
Oct 6, 2021
Great service by Tuin delivered on time and straight forward instructions to build. Really pleased with my gazebo lovely addition to the garden.
Chris Barry
Aug 11, 2021
Grande Open Gazebo 2.9mx4.9m appsolutey amazing quality and customer service by Tuin we looked high and low and found Tuin by far the best on the market and also 3times cheaper than any one else .Do your self a favour and don’t look anywhere else because you won’t find better .
Mr. David Berry
Apr 8, 2021
We were really impressed from the assistance we received from ordering to delivery to installation. All questions were answered promptly even with the issues of the pandemic. The installation went really well and was completed in 2 days. What I was really impressed with was there was addition wood left over at the end so if my joiner had made any mistakes there would have been enough material to fix it.
Mrs. Rachel Sargent
Apr 8, 2021
Delivered on time by very helpful driver. Good contact with the company beforehand. The structure is solid and all pieces were there, there was left over tiles. I paid for someone to construct it for me as I have little skills in this area, and I’m glad I did, but it seemed to go up easily enough. Looks superb, I’m am so pleased with it and am showing it off to all my friends and family. Loving it just need more sun now!!
David Spratt
Mar 26, 2021
Very easy to order and delivery arrived as promised. Really helpful delivery driver.
Assembly Instructions supplied were rubbish, but tuin video's really helped. All up now and looking very good
Greg Orrell
Jan 25, 2021
After doing a fair bit of research in the market on garden structures, I opted for the Tuin Grande Open Gazebo and was not disappointed. The price was competitive, the service was excellent and the product quality superb. The instructions and installation videos in particular made the assembly easy - even for a novice DIY'er! Thanks Tuin for a great addition to my garden.
Mr. Bob Grevett
Jan 13, 2021
Grand gazebo. Great product no problems putting it up did take longer than expected for one person but looks goods now complete took out one centre post and put in strengthening on top beam to compensate
Again great product, good service, good delivery by driver. Even used extra wood supplied and pallet to build a lovely outside kitchen under gazebo.
Mr. Rajinder Samrai
Jan 11, 2021
Excellent product very durable and very well priced. I had looked at various comparisons threw other sites but this seemed well priced for what it was and I wasn’t disappointed. Very easy to assemble and straight forward build. Was exactly how it was described and would definitely recommend it.
C E Bates
Oct 16, 2020
Delivery was on schedule and all components were in the pack.

The printed assembly instructions were a little sparse, but the Tuin online videos gave a fully detailed guide. I would endorse the recommendation of fitting the leg braces to the inside face of the ring beam.

The roof boards as supplied were found to be a little short, possibly due to my framing of the roof structure, but four additional uncut boards were supplied with the pack and by inserting these on the third row and cutting the subsequent rows the problem was overcome.

Fixing roof shingles was a new experience for me and I was reluctant to use an inverted tile at the eaves as shown in the video for fear of not having enough to complete the roof, so I used roofing felt as an underlay for the lower courses. In the event there were probably just about enough shingles supplied, one and a half packs left over.

The structure was fastened down with a ground anchor on each leg and has been treated with two coats of Urban Grey wood preservative. A grey Miniflow guttering system has been installed which copes adequately.

The finished structure has lived up to our expectations and has drawn admiring comments from all visitors.
Sep 21, 2020
I love the Grande Gazebo, it's an attractive looking outdoor, undercover wooden structure.
I've used Soveriegn wood stain in mid oak and it has really set the piece off beautifully.
I really would have liked to have been able to purchase wooden sides for winter thoigh and not just the mesh see through material sides that are on offer.
10/10 for the product itself.
More thought for additional side panel choice.

Mrs. Lita Laycock
Oct 31, 2019
Very helpful in the ordering process even when we changed our mind regarding the size that was more suitable for the garden. The delivery was on time and kept us informed about it. Weather has delayed final assembly, but the quality is impressive.
Mr. Peter King
Sep 12, 2019
This is an excellent product and is ideal here as the location suffers from a lot of wind blowing across the valley. Well worth the extra money.
Mr. David Butler
Aug 22, 2019
Quality product that's as good as the brochure, Just make sure you download the full instructions and the assembly will be a lot easier. There were too many screws and not enough nails but this is a very minor issue, once complete its very solid, we are putting a table tennis table under ours
Mr. James Wright
Jul 26, 2019
I have been really pleased with this purchase. I looked at a number of sites and gazebos before deciding on this one and I’m glad I did. I put this up with my neighbour and it was pretty straightforward. I did make one error although confess it’s was due to me not reading the instructions properly. The finish gazebo is exceptional and very sturdy. If feels like a lot more gazebo than I paid for. I’m thinking of getting another one to balance up my garden. Definitely would recommend the gazebo and Tuin who were very good throughout.
Mr. Lewis Nevin
Jun 15, 2019
Great product. Took two of us to build but was relatively straight forward using the online guide. The roof shingles give it a great finish as well.
Ian Manns
Jun 10, 2019
Delivery was great, driver placed pallett exactly where I asked, he was friendly and extremely efficient.
The product, where do I start, unpacking was easy as pallet packed very sensibly. The timber for the cost was great quality, I had read the website before receiving it and expected some natural defects but nothing was warped or miss sized.
Building it, again the help on the website was great fully recommend reading this before installing. Took me and a friend a day to build and me an additional day to add the shingles.
Will add photos but I am so happy and have recommended many people at my work to Tuin.
Make sure you have enough clamps before you start!
Mr. Paul Hulbert
Jun 3, 2019
The ordering process was very straight forward with instant acknowledgement of my order, my only criticism is I would have liked an acknowledgment of my preferred delivery date, after a few weeks of putting my order in 1 week to go I phoned to confirm the delivery date which was all fine.
Delivery was excellent we live at the bottom of a close so we had concerns of getting the lorry down but the driver parked at the top and brought it down on the forklift and placed it exactly where we wanted it in the garden, he was very skilled and careful and took his time, I’m sorry I haven’t got his name but he done a great job.
Quality of the Gazebo is fantastic, I found the instructions easy to read, it was quick to put up about 3 days but the shingles took about the same, I modified mine with roof windows which means a lot more cuts on the shingles. You need to read website so you understand what you are getting ie cracks in the timber etc. I also filled in the back and sides I will post some pictures. It looks fantastic and I have only had great comments when people see it. I looked at different companies for a few weeks there were a couple cheaper but you could see the timbers were a lot smaller, I think you could easily pay 50% more elsewhere for something of this quality, it looks good, it looks substantial and we have already enjoyed a few party’s in the Gazebo. I can recommend this 5 stars.
Mr. Richard Dowling
Apr 17, 2019
This is the second product I’ve had from Tuin! Firstly I had a log cabin which was a great price, great quality and easy to erect! So I decided to use tuin again for my gazebo, the grande open gazebo is not only also great quality and fairly easy to erect it looks stunning! I look forward to my next tuin product which will be one of there saunas... great company, products and after service!! Highly rated!!
Mr. David Willoughby
Apr 1, 2019
Excellent gazebo, extremely robust and easy to put together. Has been a fabulous addition to our garden, that everyone comments on when they visit. We were slightly short of shingles but after a quick call Tyin sent another pack, completely surpassed my expectations. Would highly recommend this company for the quality of the products and the superb service. Thank you
Chris Richards
Jan 8, 2019
The Grand Open Gazebo was delivered on a pallet neatly packed. The gent who delivered it was professional and placed the pallet exactly where I wanted it. I employed a builder and assistant to erect the structure. On first examination we noticed that the large posts had cracks in them - not a problem as this is to be expected. The build of the structure, from start to completion with shingles took 4 days. some "tweaking" was required. The roof slats were not accurately cut, some needed to be trimmed by sawing, some were shorter than the ideal length. This meant that there were uneven gaps where the roof slats me at the corners. This was not too much of a problem in my case as the structure was topped off with shingles so the gaps are hidden. I was surprised at this as I thought that no sawing would be required. The builder was of the opinion that it would have been preferable to have uncut roof slats so the they could be accurately cut on site. The completed structure is solid and has drawn favourable comments from everyone who has seen it. Overall I am satisfied with the gazebo, but the downside as mentioned above is the uneven roof slat length. It could not have been left like that if shingles were not attached which covered the gaps. Value for money good, delivery and staff excellent. I would recommend the product.
Mr. Shane Phillips
Jan 2, 2019
I've recently received and constructed this gazebo from Tuin and can honestly say that I'm very impressed. The quality of the materials supplied, the ease of construction and the finished result are faultless and I'm very happy.
If I had to find something to pick up on it would be the instructions supplied not being very helpful but in all fairness to Tuin their on line instructions and support make up for this tenfold.
Customer service was 5* as when the item was delivered there was damaged caused to one leg from the forklift that delivered. One email later and an apologetic and prompt response from Tuin a new leg arrived the following day.
Can't fault the product or the customer service and would highly recommend to anyone.
Mine will shortly have a hot tub under so looking forward to enjoying the finished result.
Thanks Tuin.
Mr. Kier Sore
Nov 26, 2018
Very impressed with the finished product once erected by the garden services company that maintain the garden. They did not seem to have any problems erecting it. It is now the centre piece of our garden
Crispin edmonds
Sep 20, 2018
Very pleased with the finished product...just what we wanted. Wooden frame was hard work to build but the instructions and video were suitable. Shingles were tricky caused mainly by the location of the gazebo but I made a mistake by not having enough overhang and hence the water missed the gutters. I sorted it out though. The gutters were not easy to fit mainly because the instructions were inadequate and I did not understand the correct method until half way through the job. Nevertheless a bit of creative glueing and badging saw the guttering completed. Nice product TUIN but please review some of the instructions.
Mr. Robert Patrick
Jul 12, 2018
Sales: Changed the product after order this was done with no problem.
Product: Very good quality and fairly straight forward to build i did watch the yotube video a few times.
I would recommend this product and Company.

Robert Patrick
Mrs. Sonia Hargrave
Jul 4, 2018
Great value for money easy to erect everything great from delivery to erected well pleased
Mr. christopher mcgill
Jun 20, 2018
Quality is excellent and will last for years.
All timber is thick, solid and well treated. Took me a day and half to build, i find laying all the boards out easier prior to building.
Looks grand with hot tub under and i would highly recomend to anyone.

Also customer service is 5 star
Mr. Neil Hames
May 31, 2018
This was my second purchase from Tuin after being very well pleased with the Aiste Log Cabin I bought last year.
After unpacking and laying out all the pieces for easy identification, it was easy to assemble with a friend. It now compliments the log cabin and everybody thinks its great. I have now added a patio heater which allows us to make full use of it even when the evening turns a bit cooler.
Well made and good value.
Tony Bosustow
May 21, 2018
A first class product that I would fully recommend. High quality and very sturdy.
Andrew Birch
May 8, 2018
Best purchase I have ever made! And so happy I went to Tuin although they were the cheapest there backup service was exceptional, prompt and understanding. The gazebo is excellent quality, clearly labelled and the free shingles makes it a wow factor. Buy it you won't regret it.
Ms. Ruby Ghag
Apr 23, 2018
Brilliant gazebo. Spacious, sturdy and easy to assemble (according to my builder). Delivery was also good, well communicated and timely.
Louis Howson
Mar 27, 2018
This product excellent value for money. Dealing with the company was a pleasure. Company delivered quality product on time as agreed. Would recommend this company to anyone seeking to obtain good quality products
Alan Marshall
Mar 6, 2018
Very happy with the delivery, the driver was excellent.
I inspected and labelled all the parts and I'm very pleased with the quality of the timbers.
Unfortunately due to the bad weather I'm not planning on assembling the gazebo until April.
I am confident that by following the excellent video's the build will be trouble free.
A good product on both price and quality.
Mr. Michael Young
Feb 25, 2018
I am happy with delivery times and the cooperation of delivery company. All appears to be ok but because of bad weather I have been unable to check the wood closely. I have no doubt all will be good when I get to uncover the product in good weather Thank you.
Mr. James Hicklin
Nov 14, 2017
I bought the grande gazebo and after looking around it was by far the best on price and quality.
It took one day to construct and it's straight forward enough.
It took another day to install the shingles.
I'm very pleased with the end result.
The delivery service is great also.
phillip shewell
Oct 11, 2017
Fantastic item. Delivery on time as promised and unloaded exactly where I wanted it. I used the services of Richard and his workmate Gary, the local installers recommended by Tuin. They were fantastic...arriving on time and building the whole thing from top to bottom in a day. My friends and neighbours comment on how nice it looks too. Very happy with the whole process. Thanks a million.
Mr. John Topliss
Oct 4, 2017
Great product, great service. We used a couple of carpenters and they enjoyed the project. The gazebo was better than we anticipated. It allowed light through, and even made our deck look bigger.
Mrs Dawn Fothergill
Sep 30, 2017
The Tuin service was excellent throughout from order to delivery. The Grande Open gazebo is very sturdy and looks great now it's up. The installation took a little longer than anticipated, mainly due to the individual roof tiles but now it's done, it's been admired by many. We're looking forward to using it!
Mr. david mccracken
Aug 8, 2017
So glad I decided to purchase a Gazebo from Tuin. From the advice given online I found assembly of the base, structure and roof very straightforward. Delivery of the Gazebo went smoothly with the wagon driver being ever so helpful by alleviating any stress on my part. The finished Gazebo is presently admired by everyone who sees it. The quality is there for everyone to see and I tend to show off my pride in building such a marvel. Great product, so happy with the end result.
Mr. Gary Whittaker
Aug 3, 2017
Fantastic gazebo were enjoying it so much this summer, all arrived as ordered and a great couple of days assembling, the videos on the site helped immensely so no real problems at all, wonderfull and now planning for a second one for a jacuzzi
Mr. John Beamish
Jul 15, 2017
Extremely pleased with our gazebo, it has totally transformed our garden. Excellent sturdy kit. Service from Tuin has been very good. Gazebo was delivered a day earlier than agreed, when nobody was at home! Therefore I was unable to check the condition as instructed, luckily we found no problems. Our builder was so impressed with the finished gazebo he has added pictures to his own Facebook page. Read the instructions carefully, they are not the clearest! Overall we are delighted and would recommend this product to anyone.
Mr. William Glennie
Jul 1, 2017
Product arrived very well packed and on time. Instructions were difficult to follow but after a few reads and a fair bit of preparation it's enough to lead you to completion. Excellent quality of wood and materials with more than enough screws and fixings. More guidance needed for the roof as if your not experienced it's tricky finishing the corners.
Otherwise it's an exellent product offering exceptional value for money.
Emma Valentine
Jun 25, 2017
Finally I product that does exactly as it says on the tin!
I couldn't be more thrilled with our new gazebo. It looks stunning. Easy to put together with the step by step instructions you can print off the website. The ladies in the call centre very helpful. Makes a refreshing change for a company to be so professional in every step of the way. We will be ordering more from you in the future.
Mr. Mike Sands
Jun 23, 2017
The Gazebo arrived as scheduled with a very helpful driver. The instructions had got a bit wet but not really a problem. All prices accounted for in fact it seemed there were a few roofing pieces too many. Construction asserted on a prepared decking. It took me on my own 3.5 days to put up. The frame went up easily and quickly. The roofing boards were a little bit more interesting with some needing to be cut to fit. The shingles took a day and a half but they really make a great impact. A few nails more would have stopped me going to buy some and I also purchased some longer felt nails to go through the multiple layers on the top and hips. It looks great and I am very happy with its solidity. Thanks
Mr. Stephen Alderman
Jun 13, 2017
Very pleasantly surprised by the quality of the wood used. The unit took two full days to put together including the roof shingles. Totally transformed our garden and use it all the time. Totally weatherproof but would recommend guttering. Would have no hesitations recommending, excellent quality.
Helen Norman-Knipe
Jun 10, 2017
We had seen some reviews which say this gazebo was easy to put together and others that found it more difficult. We fall into the second camp. You definitely need 2 of everything - ladders, drills, acro props, clamps, pairs of hands, etc, etc. My husband is a seasoned diy-er and I was his assistant for passing things and making tea and there was a lot of swearing from both of us during this installation! To be honest it was a relief when it was all over with but we are more than pleased with how it now looks and our neighbours are impressed. The delivery service was second to none, and Tuin themselves were quick to respond to a call when we found some damaged items on the pallet, although the replacements didn't arrive for 5 days. Although this is the end of the gazebo installation, we now intend building a kitchen and seating area underneath so will add pics when finally complete. Would recommend Tuin.
Paul Hickson
Jun 9, 2017
Had gazebo assembled at weekend and looks great particularly with the red shingles. Great value for money and good service as only 2 pieces were slightly damaged and replaced promptly.
Mr. Lee Derbidge
May 29, 2017
What a great purchase!

The delivery time compared to other sites was much quicker, it was well organised and the delivery company were punctual and very helpful.

The Gazebo itself is excellent, very sturdy and looks superb, we opted for the black felt roofing in rectangular finish and its very good and looks amazing.

All in all it was the best price we found for a quality product online and we are over the moon with it, Well Done
David Cox
May 19, 2017
What a fantastic product, professionally delivered, l found the gazebo easy to erect on my own, I'm 71 so no spring chicken. Everything fitted beautifully all screws and nails supplied, from start to finish a joy to build.
I ran out of shingle tiles, l think l gave the tiles too much overlap, l contacted your company and the staff were very helpful and are sending me extra shingles to finish the gazebo. Well you guys are a pleasure to deal with. We have had a lot of friends admire the gazebo and have given them your details. Thanks again DC
P Wallas
May 9, 2017
Overall the gazebo is value for money compared to other prices online this reflects the quality of the design like anything to buy you pay for what you get. The most important things for the non experience joiner is that the instructions are not very clear or detailed just highlighting the key stages in erecting the gazebo and it's not a one man job. They provide shingles within the price which is really good and supply more than enough again no instructions to install. The full gazebo took two days to fully complete this included concreting the post fixings. 7/10 on product just for the price and looks the part when complete.
Tuin reply: Thank you for your review. We are sorry you have had problems with your install. We do send additional instructions with your order confirmation. Please see these advice pages referenced that assist with these aspects if the plans supplied or the instructions on the shingles packaging are not enough:

We will endeavour to make these links clearer on future order confirmations and the product pages.

We are pleased to hear the building is value for money when complete.
Mr. Robert Teale
Jan 6, 2017
Very pleased with the gazebo. It looks magnificent and is going to be a great addition to our garden. The erection was a little more tricky than I had anticipated particularly getting the ridge to stay put!. I also made the mistake of laying concrete pad stones before taking delivery and miscalculated the centres of the six posts. I would have made a better job if there was a more detail plan available showing the dimension of the post centres instead of only the overall sizes.
Mr. Peter O\'Connor
Oct 24, 2016
This is a fantastic product. Beware. It looks much bigger when up! Delivery was during the period we requested and the driver got in touch 20 minutes before. Customer service was first class.
Mrs. deborah tordoff
Oct 22, 2016
Really pleased with the gazebo delivery driver very helpful .unfortunately plans could do with being more informative you have to go on the blog which is quite good to help plans needs updating it would make things a lot easier 97335
Mrs. Caroline Thomas
Sep 22, 2016
Gazebo arrived promptly and efficiently. Sadly 1 piece damaged in transit but dealt with swiftly by Tuin and a replacement piece arrived the next day. Gazebo is great quality and looks fantastic in situ. Would recommend a professional to erect as complex for an amateur to construct. Great product, fantastic service. Would highly recommend Tuin.
Jun 26, 2016
Absolutely great ... two people managed to put the frame and the roof in just one day. Easy to follow instructions .... prior to delivery we were informed about the day and time delivery would arrive... not many companies can guarantee ... overall very please and will recommend to our friends
Mrs. Lizette Gunston
Jun 19, 2016
The gazebo looks wonderful in the garden. We had builders put it up and they did the frame in a couple of hours. The roof was a bit more tricky as none of the wood planks were marked but it was easy enough to for them to figure out. They commented that it was really good quality wood. Delivery was on time and as expected. I would recommend this gazebo.
brian lee
Jun 7, 2016
Excellent product now all up. Found the website very helpful videos and explaining all details how to put it up and how to put the roof felt shingles on.
Sherrie Jerome
Jun 3, 2016
Delivery was on time and the delivery driver was helpful. The gazebo is now up and ready for use. Really pleased it is like having another room outside and with the free shingles it finishes it off lovely. Had people in to put the gazebo up and all seemed ok with instructions
Mr. Brian Wakefield
Apr 1, 2016
Am really pleased. The order process was very simple and everything happened as expected. The delivery person was very helpful. The instructions are very limited but it went together with no problems or wrong parts. The completed product is excellent.
Rob walker
Mar 20, 2016
Gazebo is now up and well pleased with the look,limited instructions to construct but fairly easy to put up.The key piece of advice is pre drill holes before screwing in the large screws and make sure you have a good screwdriver drill .
Mr. Michael Francis
Sep 7, 2015
I was looking for a gazebo for our garden which would have to be the right size and of course the right price was also important. We saw the Grande Open and thought it looked really good and would look good in our garden. So we decided to order online, however I had some difficulty with this so I decided to ring the main number even though I called out of hours someone contacted me almost straight away and sorted out the order issue which was great. The delivery was made in good time (as this was one of our stipulations) straight to our doorstep which given that we are over 200 plus miles away was a great service. I would recommend Tuin to anyone who asks as the service was top class and the pricing makes it affordable.
Mr. Paul Slawson
Aug 29, 2015
Great product very chunky and sturdy frame. Once I had ground prepared it took best part of a day to put up. Then about another day to install the roof shingles (extra product). Now it's all finished, it looks great and I'm delighted with the quality.
Jul 3, 2015
Great product, as previous reviews you have to download full instructions. We had some wrong roof timbers and the replacements were sent the next working day, great service and Thanks to Richard who always answered emailed questions within minutes
Mr. Colin Whitewick
Jun 23, 2015
Very pleased with Gazebo all good finish on wooden parts easy to construct
Mr. paul subbiani
Jun 12, 2015
Great service, great end product, but let down by poor instructions with no guidance. Wasted a lot of time.
Miss Nikki Swanson
May 15, 2015
Absolutely thrilled with gazebo. Quickly and professionally delivered. Just waiting for an estimate to erect it ready for the summer.