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Gijs Log Cabin 5.95x4m

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Michael Grimes
May 31, 2023
when confronted with piles of different lengths and shapes of wood the instructions are poor, but common sense kicks in and it is very easy to assemble. Slight damage as you would probably expect but the finished product is very impressive.
I have only the floor to put down can’t wait to move in!
Mr. Michael Flett
Mar 29, 2023
I can't thank Tuin enough for this absolutely stunning Gijs Cabin. The ease of ordering, delivery and build was way beyond expectations, which helped reduce the stress of coordinating the build.
Here is my work Diary of the build:

Day 1:
Delivery driver got the huge but well packed pallet as close to the house as possible, still had to handball 25m though, which took 2 of us 3 hours. This also allowed us to layout in build sequence.

Day 2:
4 of us took 4 hours to build the cabin, it went together so unbelievably easy and super-fast, no doubt helped with me laying out in logical build sequence the day before. We did find a couple of logs with warpage but that was overcome with a bit of shaving and brute force.

Day 3:
It was just 3 of us on the roof, doing the shingles, which took us around 4 hours.
Also realised we had installed the doors inside out, but it was easy enough to remove the doors, chap out the upper plinth and remove the frame, took about 15 minutes.

I went to Tuin on the recommendation of a friend, and I am so happy that I did. I had looked at other companies in the UK (Waltons, Dunster house etc.) but none offered the range and quality of cabins at such low prices.

I have since put in a floor, Tuin was a bit pricy at £800, I did mine for £350. The videos on the website were a great help, watched them several times to get fully up to speed and I think it paid off.

Thank you Tuin, the Gijs is a beautiful building and I will certainly be recommending you to all my family, friends and colleagues.

Gerard carty
Jan 26, 2022
arrived and dropped off exactly where we needed by the driver it was very easy to put up and excellent quality could not be happier with it.
Quality and value like this is hard to find have already recommended them to friends
Richard Higgins
Jan 21, 2022
Extremely happy with the log cabin I ordered. Communication around delivery was excellent and the driver went out of his way to unload it where I needed. The cabin was straightforward to construct, and I mostly managed to do it on my own, recruiting the help of a neighbour for the purlin. 18 months later the cabin is still going strong, and is serving me well while working from home. The price was really amazing for what it included, and the quality of the timber and design.
Steve Milton
Oct 16, 2019
What a fantastic product and what an incredible experience building this cabin.

I bought the Gijs from Tuin after checking all the other suppliers. Definitely best value for money. I went as big as my garden would allow and I don’t regret it one bit.

Not an easy project. My garden slopes, I have no rear garden access and I have pretty average DIY skills. Still, I took the plunge and I am so glad I did.

I had some help with the base. It’s critical to get it square and level. Mine was a block ring with joist beans. The garden drops 1m across the plot so a lot of blocks. Factor in the extra cost if you have a wonky garden like mine.

Delivery was straightforward with the 6m package sat outside my house on the pavement. It pissed down for a week and I got very anxious about the timber getting wet. I needn’t have worried, it did no damage - a few minor warps and some blue staining, but you would not know now it is up.

All of the timber had to come through the house, the longer logs had to come through the front window. Not ideal, but I got it done.

The build was fast, I mean really fast. I started with the composite beam, which I put on a dpc on the block ring. From there the cabin went up in one day. Yep, one day. My brother in law helped and we got the roof timbers on and covered with a tarp and still had time for a few beers afterwards. It was so straightforward. Really, if I can do it anyone can.

I then spent the next week, spraying with 10 gallons of preservative and waterproofing. It did not take long with the sprayer, but waiting between coats was a drag. By the weekend I was ready to tackle the shingles. Daunting but surprisingly straightforward. It took a day to complete. One tip, leave a decent overhang at the sides.

So, roof on, now on to the floor. The worst bit for me. Getting the joists right was a pain. I wish I had spent a little more time on this because there is some spring in my floorboards. I might have to take up the vinyl and put down additional OSB sheeting. I’ll see how it goes. I bought the floorboards but to be honest I would not bother. The supplied joists are narrow and nailing butting floor planks was a faff. As the boards dried the gaps opened a bit, so I would suggest making sure your timber is 100% dry before hammering in the million nails required. Personally, I would go for a real thick OSB if I had my time again. I put vinyl down once finished so the boards do not show anyway. Save your money on this.

Doors and windows were easy. I put in my doors to open inwards, just works better for me.

So, you think I must be nearly there. Wrong. I had to deck the verandah. What a fabulous feature this is on the Gijs - 6m x 2m. The deck was a big job because of the slope and cost more than I had budgeted. It took two weeks. Then there was paint. OMG what a nightmare. I used Cuprinol garden shades. Really good paint but there was acres to cover. I did two coats on all interior walls and the front. It took me two weeks. The ceiling was a real chore. It looks great, but you need a lot of patience.

So everything done. Oh yes I insulated under the floor but not the roof. Do the roof! On hot sunny days the shed does get very hot. It was 35 degrees and just about bearable with the windows open and a fan on, but wish I had insulated the outside of the roof boards. Personally, I think Tuin should include in the kit.

I had the electrics connected by a qualified pro. I ran the cables around the outside of the shed - so no ugly wires inside. I did my own broadband install. A steep learning curve to configure the router and make up a 25m CAT5 cable.

So, the furnishings were then purchased - all salvaged second hand stuff from FB Market Place and junk shops. I built my bar from leftover timber. And.... finally the Frinton Arms opened on 17th August. 3 months from start to finish.

Some of the build was a real chore at the time but looking back, I feel really proud of my build. I learned such a lot of new skills, surprising myself along the way. Next time I will be perfect, haha.

I spent around £10k in all. The Gijs was less than one third of the budget (I did a lot of decking and landscaping). But for what I have now, that is a complete bargain. The Gijs cabin is fantastic - a great space.

Come and visit! Have a pint in the Frinton Arms. Thanks Tuin, I have recommended you to my jealous visitors. Your product is simply supetb.

Wish I could post my pictures and videos - I think you might like it.
carl porter
Sep 14, 2019
Excellent product, delivery driver couldn't have been more helpful. Looking forward to many years enjoying our cabin.
Mr. JC Gray
Jul 30, 2019
The communication was excellent from the Tuin staff during the purchase and delivery of my cabin.
The lorry driver was also most helpful in placing the enormous pallet on my driveway.
The assembly of the cabin was straightforward once all the various components were identified. The quality of the machining meant that all the parts fitted with the minimum of trouble, enabling the most of the cabin to be erected in one day and fully water tight and treated in under a week.
I would thoroughly recommend Tuin to any thinking of purchasing a log cabin.
Jul 2, 2019
delivery to us 2 days early was the start to a fantastic install. Our delivery driver was fabulous and without his help and experience we would have been in big trouble.
Installation instructions were easy to follow making installation easy for 2 people.
Finish of the shed is of an excellent standard.
Tuin's customer service could not be faulted and I would happily buy from them again.
Mrs. Anne Hinchey
May 1, 2019
We are OVER THE MOON with this cabin. it is exactly what we hoped for. The quality is superb and we managed to put it all up in one day! Instructions are included and are clear. We are so happy and would recommend it to anyone (in fact we have been - to everyone who visits and admires it!).
Mr. Paul Hunt
Feb 14, 2019
We bought the Gijs cabin to be used as a visitor centre at our small independent donkey sanctuary it is a very lovely thing and the whole process was great, easy to order, the driver Harry was extremely helpful as well as being very pleasant to deal with. The cabin was built in a day, shingles and floor the next and looks amazing! It takes longer to paint than build and everyone says when they see it what good quality it is we are very pleased and proud. Reccomended TUIN to a neighbouring friend who bought one shortly after. We are just putting in some internal fittings then we will send you some pictures. Thank you TUIN! Hayling Island Donkey Sanctuary
Mrs. Ruth Jones
Jan 12, 2019
We are absolutely delighted with our Tuin Log Cabin. We have been planning a summer house/ log cabin in our large garden since we moved into ours house many years ago and after careful consideration of many companies and products decided on a Tuin 5.95 x 4m log cabin due to the quality and thickness of the logs and the robust locking system used.
We carefully prepared the base (taking careful consideration of the helpful hints and tips on the web site. NB The base has too be flat and square. Then waiting apprehensively for delivery. We need not have worried, the delivery arrived on time and in one large package which was professional unloaded by the driver right into the place we had prepared. Many trips later we had unloaded our cabin (helpful hint, identify each component from the drawing and write with pencil inside the joint on each part, also take care to stack with components you want first on top .) My husband and I constructed the cabin up to the roof truss (purlings) in one day. Each part fitted together perfectly. It then took another few of days to fit the roof planks, shingles and floor joist but we took our time to get it right. It was an enjoyable experience and can't be happier with our scandie retreat. Thank-you.
Lydia Harnisch
Dec 3, 2018
I had a lovely and PERFECT journey, from choosing the log cabin, to ordering it, to delivery and lastly with the end product. A beautiful log cabin in my garden.
The whole experience with Tuin is PERFECT.
My neighbour recommended Tuin and I checked out the website. I found absolutely everything I was looking for. A very good, user friendly and accurate website. All descriptions, sizes, details and so on are correct and was exactly what I needed to make the right decision.
So; 5 stars from me for everything, Website, building instructions and quality of timber. Thank you Tuin.
Mark Hayman
May 15, 2018
Perfect from start to finish! Easy to order, faultless delivery and simple to put together. Despite never having built a log cabin before I managed to build this one by myself. The diagrams are simple to follow and Tuin's online help is second to none. If you are considering paying somebody to build it for you, think again and don't waste your money! Watch the videos Tuin have made and read their advice and away you go - it'll be up in no time! Excellent quality product with a service to match. I could not recommend Tuin enough. I just need a bigger garden now so I can build another one :)
Mr. G Jenkins
Apr 25, 2018
The log cabin was extremely well made, all the pieces were there and the instructions were easy to follow. I had help to build mine from a builder who had built a couple before and he said this was the best quality log cabin he had built, much better than rivals we had priced up that cost more than this one. All round great log cabin would recommend them to everyone.
Mar 4, 2018
Very happy with cabin. My biggest worry was delivery. Because I live in a cul de sac Yet 1 hour before delivery driver called to say he would be there. I was waiting for a second call to say he couldn’t get in my street but then I noticed he was driving down street on fork truck. My worries were for nothing.
The cabin was easy to assemble. I had it up roof and shingles on in 3 days. Plus I had to make modifications too the overhang. The overhang was 2 meters bit I reduced it to 800mm. Overall very very happy with service from start to finish.
Mr. Dale Masterman
Jan 28, 2017
Well impressed with my purchase of Gijs log cabin from tuin.Have put cabin up in no time took me and daughters boyfriend a couple of days to get to roof level.T and G roof and shingles took another couple of days as I insulated roof with 50 mm kingspan and 65mm felt nails. Cabin was water tight within 4 days. Only tools I needed to purchase for install was a couple of rubber hammers. Tuin website very helpful with choice of treatment etc used Cuprinol preserver and sikkens hls/filter 7 treatment very happy with Finnish .Thankyou tuin if u are thinking of getting a log cabin look no gutter quality and price second to none
Mr. Dale Masterman
Oct 4, 2016
Great quality,great value and very happy with my puchase
Ian mcmillan
Sep 25, 2016
One of the best cabins out simple to put up came on time all the parts were there idiot proof instructions . Myself and a friend had it up in three days added a decking put the electrics in all done in less than a week only o e little problem the beam for the bottom of the Windows is not marked so just make sure you put aside for when needed as you don't want to have to take the cabin down as you put it in the wrong place very easy build and a great result would and will yous Tuin again first class
Mr Troy Germain
Jul 13, 2016
We were a bit worried to start with ordering such an expensive item from the internet without seeing it but need not have been. We ordered the 6m x 4m Gijs log cabin which arrived on the day expected. One pack of flooring was missing which after a quick email to Tuin a new pack was sent to us the following day. We are extremely happy with the cabin which has now been erected and have had numerous good comments from our neighbours. Our cabin came with free shingles for the roof which I would highly recommend as these give the cabin a real top quality finish. We contacted Tuin on a couple of occassions whilst erecting the cabin and Tuin were extremely quick to respond and give us advice. Our cabin is high quality and good value for money compared to others we have seen on the internet and would highly recommend the Gijs cabin and Tuin to all my family and friends.
Mr. William Mcferren
Apr 24, 2016
Srrvice was first class no problems whatsoever,cabin looks great and went together with ease , recomend Tuin to anyone wanting log cabin.
Mr Crighton
Mar 14, 2016
Very happy with my purchase. Good quality, sturdy construction and relatively simple and quick to build. Highly recomended I would say, an excellent studio space for any artist.
Ron Blurton
Mar 8, 2016
Very recently bought the Gijs log cabin wow this has got to be the best. The whole experience was great from the initial order to the excellent way in which the product was delivered. 10 out of 10 have already recomended tuin cabins to several friends.
Mr. Adam Shroff
Jan 24, 2016
We we're very pleased with our Gijs Log cabin it was pretty straight forward to put together and the instructions were self explanatory. One of the beams was slightly damaged from the forklift driver but we managed to hide it around the back. Apart from this we are very happy with our purchase and would not hesitate to use your company in the future.
Mr. Mark Smith
Oct 17, 2015
Great cabin, easily assembled, quick delivery very pleased with it.